That’s the worst mark I’ve ever had – 26th February 1998

Thursday 26th I’ve had non-Man U supporters yelling “3-2!” at me all day. One of which was Hayley. She’s said to Emma that now, Ferny’s out and Dougie’s in. Apparently I was there but I can’t remember.

I had a few shocks in Geography today. Two were ok, one was awful. The good ones were my test mark which was a B – 71%. It wasn’t brilliant but, considering I hadn’t revised, I was quite pleased. Then Dougie came up to me and said, “Do you fancy coming to the cinema on Friday night?” I nearly collapsed but then he explained that Freddie, Ralph and Ferny were going too.

The bad shock was my inquiry mark – D5. Fucking hell!!! That’s the worst mark I’ve ever had and it was a practice for our GCSE coursework. I’m in major trouble if I do that on the next one coz from now on they count towards our exams. I mean, I wasn’t expecting a good mark for this one coz I’d missed off a few parts like the intro and conclusion and I hadn’t really tried hard except on the night before I had to hand it in. Oh shit, I’m really gonna have to knuckle down for the next one.

Tomorrow it looks like we are going to the cinema. That’s me, Hayley. Emma, Freddie, Ralph, Dougie and Ferny I think. We’re seeing ‘In and Out’ at 6:40pm. We (me, Hayley and Emma) can get there (using my mum) but can’t get back again. My mum said she’ll only do one way and I don’t want her picking us up just in case the lads want a lift but she thinks Emma’s parents are bringing us back. They can’t. We’re gonna try and make Dougie (or someone else with a big car) feel sorry for us at the end of the night so hopefully we can get back with them. Somehow I can’t see it working out quite like that!


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