They seem to be joined at the mouth – 27th February 1998

Friday 27th Well, there were only 5 of us that went to the cinema, well, 4 really coz you may as well count Emma and Freddie as one coz they seem to be joined at the mouth at the moment!

Dougie and Hayley also came and we went to see ‘In and Out’ which was quite a good film.


[Via Wikipedia]

Dougie did give us a lift back in the end which was good coz my mum ended up taking everyone but Dougie. I got on quite well with Dougie actually. I can talk to him more now I don’t fancy him as much.

We were all gonna go ice skating tomorrow too but we’re not now. Jez quite fancied coming but Ferny couldn’t coz he’s gotta walk round Dartmoor for some reason and Ralph doesn’t want to.

Oh shit! I’ve just realised, I forgot to tell Dougie and Freddie I wasn’t being serious when I said I fancied Ralph. I hope they forgot.

I gave Dougie and Freddie love letters that Becky the Year 9 wrote after school. They were really daft. All stuff about sun cream and The Full Monty. Hayley told Dougie who it was off but I’m still keeping Freddie guessing.


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