He does have his advantages such as his six-pack – 12th July 1998

Sunday 12th I am so unbelievably bored. There’s absolutely nothing to do at home, Emma’s gone to Warrington with her very own Tellytubbie, sorry, Freddie and it’s raining outside and nobody will give me a lift anywhere, even though there’s nowhere to go.

I’ve got a cold too which is making me feel worse. Plus I woke up at about 5:00 am and lay there for ages thinking weird things coz I was still half asleep. One side of my nose is all blocked up and I can’t breathe properly. I’ve lost all my Hall’s Soothers too which I bought before I got a cold coz I got addicted to them and Lucozade. [How have I not got a mouth full of fillings?!] Ah, I just found ‘em in my pocket.

I got told a crap joke by Hayley last night whilst we were babysitting her nieces. It’s just so unfunny and very depressing considering it’s not that long ago since it happened. It goes:-

David Beckham walked into a pub. The barman comes and asks what he’s having. Beckham says, “I’ll just have a half then I’ll be off.”

Hilarious innit? NOT! I’ve heard much better ones than that. You’d get more laughs out of a knock knock joke than that.

It’s the World Cup final today. France vs Brazil. It was the 3rd place play off last night too between Holland and Croatia. Croatia won 2-1. I reckon Brazil are gonna win tonight although I think I’d rather France won it coz then everyone in Paris will be in a good mood when we go and Brazil won it in ’94. I wouldn’t be too bothered of Brazil did win it again though.

I think I’m glad I didn’t go out with Ralph coz I think I’d probably have been constantly sick but I would have felt snidey dumping him after I’d finally got round to going out with him. I think we should just stay mates.

As for Finn, well, I may as well just forget about him (even though I can’t). The day and a half it lasted was good and I would still fancy him if I saw him again but that’s not very likely. I may as well stick to people who are around more.

There’s still Ferny but Ralph and Freddie reckon he’s a monk so I’ve not got much chance with him. I must admit he is a bit weird. I mean, how many teenage boys do you know who worship George Michael?

As well as that, he spends most of his spare time either playing cricket or walking round hills and stuff with air cadets coz he wants to be in the SAS. Not only that but he supports Man City (although he must have guts coz he wears the shirt in public) and he is an alcohol-free zone. That’s pretty unusual considering he had Rab and Jamsey, sorry, Neil and Ralph as friends!

[Me, Ralph, Freddie and Emma. Via BBC]

[From left to right: Me, Ralph, Freddie and Emma. Via BBC]

Oh well, I s’pose he does have his advantages such as his six-pack. He is nice to me too sometimes but I doubt that means anything.

Why can’t I just find a nice lad who likes me, who will stick around for as long as I want and who is just perfect? I know why – coz there isn’t one that exists for me.

Well, I’ll just go away and continue to be bored on my own for the rest of the day.


P.S. I’ve just remembered who Finn said some people think he looks like. Gary Barlow. I can see a slight look of him but not totally. Finn’s far more gorgeous. I know I said I’d try and forget about him but, as I also said, I can’t.

P.P.S. France just beat Brazil 3-0 in the World Cup final and they were down to 10 men int 2nd half.

Emma phoned a slapperish mate of hers – 20th-23rd June 1998

Saturday 20th I went into town with Emma this morning and I got the Space album Tin Planet and Vindaloo.

[I knew I’d need them one day. I’m going to claim they were carefully archived for educational purposes. Consider this a history lesson.]

Ralph and Freddie came to her house later but I only walked to the end of her lane with them coz Mum booked us a meal tonight. Ralph was just being normal.

The meal was at some French restaurant in Lymm. It was nice but I got too hot and bored when Mum and Dad took ages drinking coffee at the end. I was really bothered about missing summit at Emma’s and I really wanted to ring her to see if I had.

Mum is really annoyed with me and Abby now coz we were being annoying tonight. Sorry Mum!

I did ring Emma and as I thought, she was pissed. We’d seen Ralph and Freddie on their bikes on the way home so I knew they’d gone. She told me she couldn’t really remember much but Ralph did keep saying he wanted me there and he tried to ring me at about 7:00 but Emma put the phone down for him after a couple of rings. We weren’t home anyway. He was going to get me to go back to Emma’s.

He also kept saying he really wanted to go with [snog] someone so Emma phoned a slapperish mate of hers, Suzanna. She didn’t turn up which I’m glad about. I don’t want anyone else to have Ralph. He’s mine… well… maybe one day.


Monday 22nd SHIT! That one word sums up the whole of this evening and how I’m feeling right now. I can’t be arsed explaining now coz it’ll get me so wound up. I’ll have you a clue:-

England – 1, Romania – 2


Tuesday 23rd Sorry for that little outburst yesterday but I had a reason. So did the rest of England. Bloody Romania! I watched it in the Sports Club with Hayley. We were the only girls in there. It was so bloody disappointing when we went 2-1 down after equalising like that.

I tell you, Glen Hoddle should’ve had Beckham and Owen from the start to speed up the tempo from the early stages. [Eesh. Where was I getting this shite from?!] I don’t want to go into any details about the chance Sheringham had with the ball by his feet, a couple of yards from an open goal coz it’s too depressing. They have to beat Colombia or they’re coming home.

Scotland have come home too soon. They’re out after tonight’s 3-0 defeat to Morocca. That’s really upset me too. Bugger! They did well up until now.

Ralph wants me, Emma and Freddie to go to a barbeque at his house on Sunday. We’ll see.