It’s unfair that we are not paid for being someone’s slave for 2 weeks – 13th & 14th July 1998

Monday 13th Even though I don’t particularly like Miss C, I like the kids. I got a picture off Leanne D today.

I thought it was really sweet.

I got a big hug off Michael A too when he came in after playtime. Stacey is also in the process of doing me a picture. Lewis keeps asking me to say Llanfair PG etc. coz I had to pronounce it for the class last week and he and Paul L are fascinated by it.

Emma and Freddie have fallen out slightly. When they went to Warrington, the subject of Austria got brought up and they had some disagreement over something about it. Emma had already been told one thing and Freddie told her another. It was summit to do with Simon Bell fancying Emma and Freddie being rejected by her. I wasn’t really following.


P.S. My dad’s brill! He’s paying me £80 a week for doing work experience coz he things it’s unfair that we are not paid for being someone’s slave for 2 weeks. He says it is all part of work, earning money. I like his view on it – a lot!

[He even made me weekly payslips!]


Tuesday 14th There was another lad at Longford today. He was doing rugby with some older kids. He smiled at me but that was it coz he wasn’t there long. He wasn’t bad but wasn’t as nice as Finn.

Hayley and I went in the Sports Club tonight in hope of seeing Finn but there was hardly anyone in there so we left there disappointed.

I got another picture off Stacey today. I’ve no idea what it’s meant to be but it’s a nice thought!

[Any ideas?!]


I was thinking about Finn. Babe! – 8th & 9th July 1998

Wednesday 8th I had an even better day at work today. We were doing the mosaic thing again but it was mostly finishing off in the morning. I thought that Finn and Adam weren’t coming coz every time I heard the door open it wasn’t them. Eventually they arrived but they went up the other end.

After break, I went up and helped them with the caterpillar and so did Bella. We were just sticking on loose tiles, cleaning them and painting the grout black. They looked good when they were finished. We were all just talking and messing about a bit.

We went home for lunch and Adam walked with me and Bella. They were talking. I was thinking about Finn. Babe!

It was even better in the afternoon coz Adam didn’t come back coz he had to go to school but Finn came back and was there when we arrived, although I didn’t expect he would be. We carried on with the caterpillar and then a photographer came from the Warrington Guardian came. We had to carry out all the flagstones and lay them on the grass then all the kids lay on their stomachs behind them. Then when we went back inside it was all tidying up. We had to sweep our area, put the tiles in a storeroom, chip the tiles off the ones that didn’t get finished and then we had a game of rounders at the end of it all.

All day Finn was being nice to me. He and Bella kept having water and cement fights and he kept taking the piss out of her saying ‘wicked’ all the time and her injuring kids. At the start of the afternoon, Bella went off to help sort summit with a woman who was tidying stuff and Finn and I were left. He just brushed stuff into a pile for me to get in the dustpan. Then he went off to store spare tiles and I had nowt to do.

I wandered up to where he was and he beckoned me over to help carry boxes and stuff. We then decided to go out and see what Bella was up to. She was chipping off bits of tile so we helped. A bit. Bella slapped his arm for some reason and he had a hand mark and kept showing me. She then shoved a kid against a wall accidentally and he cut his finger and Finn kept getting me to agree with him that she was snidey. I did, of course.

We all went in again and started tidying around the sink area. I was mopping up water with paper towels and Finn got a paint brush (one of those big, soft ones) and started tickling my nose with it gently. I told him to get off (nicely) and he did it on my cheek instead.

He also put some black paint on my arm gently and looked at me. I tried to do it back but there was none left in the bottle.

All day he was stood really close to me and was usually touching me. He’s so gorgeous I just didn’t mind. I could also see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye and smiling to himself a bit.

When we were playing rounders, he got picked before Bella and I did and then then he said summit to the kid and I got picked. The kid wouldn’t have known my name. Bella was on the other team and I think he thinks she’s soft anyway coz she was moaning about a broken nail, being wet and coz I wasn’t on her team.

Anyway, we were fielding 1st. I went to 3rd base, he went to 1st base but moved to field over my side and he came closer and closer in towards me. I wasn’t complaining! It was our turn to bat and he stood by me in the queue. I missed 1st time then I got a rounder (yeah!) but then he got 2 more for our team.

Some little girl threw the bat as she ran and it came spinning and hurtling towards Finn’s head. He just ducked out of the way as it skimmed his head. I nearly swore extremely loudly but remembered there were kids about so changed it to flipping heck. It was so bloody close though!

Finn kept saying he had to go coz he had to get food from Marks + Spencer for a camping trip. He didn’t go, he came back in with us, said bye and left just before we did. I’ll probably never see him again now. I tried to get a photo but I think he put his hand in front of the camera or walked off it.

He wears like a gold chain round his neck and a cygnet ring but it sort of looks nice on him. I really liked him as well. You see, you never know where you could meet someone.

I got loads of info about him as well today. I found out:

  • He’s 17.
  • He’s called Finn Ashworth which I found out when he was signing a tile for a girl.
  • He’s lived near there all his life and I heard some girl said, “You live in Duckson Grove, don’t you?” to him.

So, when I got in tonight, I got the phone book and looked him up. He’s under J Ashworth and his address is 45 Duckson Grove and his phone number’s (01925) ******.

I also found out he played cricket at the Sports Club but he’s not in the club. He likes cricket and rugby but not football.

Then I started thinking about one of the reasons why I wouldn’t go out with Ralph. It was because of the fit lads in the Sports Club whilst the World Cup was on. There was one particular lad that Hayley mentioned who played cricket there who she’d seen a couple of times. She said she’d seen him on a bus which was going or coming from the direction of where he lives. Funnily enough, the description she gave me fits Finn. I think it’s him you know.

There’s also an explanation as to why he wasn’t watching the World Cup there – he doesn’t like football. Also, he’s not there every time the club is as Finn’s not actually in the club. It’s gotta be him.

I phoned Hayley up and told her. She said the same thing. Maybe I will see him again. The only thing is that if I did I bet he’ll have forgotten me or he’ll be with his mates and won’t say hi. It’s unlikely we’d be there at the same time though. There’s a chance it might not be him too. I hope it is and he recognises me and talks to me.

I’m so worried that the photo didn’t come out and I’ll never see him again.


[We were so deprived. Teenagers now can gaze at their beloveds all they like with some simple social media stalking. What luxury! Even if Facebook etc had existed in the ’90s, at the speed our dial-up internet chugged along at, there was no way I could’ve had a successful internet stalking mission in my allotted time (half an hour from 7 pm) anyway.]

Thursday 9th I want Finn.

I’ve been pretty miserable all day and Miss C made me feel worse. All you have to do is look at her face and you’re suicidal! No, maybe she doesn’t have a very good life but it’s still no need to take it out on the kids.

I still want Finn. He’s not gonna come back.


I accidentally (NOT!) knocked into Finn – 7th July 1998

Tuesday 7th I had a much better day at Longford today. I could just wear scruffy clothes coz I was helping the artist and kids with a mosaic. It looks really good so far. I helped two littler ones, Jake and Misha. They were really cute but needed a lot of help coz they had a centipede to do which stretched over 3 flagstones.

There was this bloke called Alan C helping. At one point he came up to me and said, “Are you Tess Simpson? Because Susan recognised you. Is your mum a teacher?” It took me a while to twig who it was and who Susan was but then I realised it was one of the kids and I realised that he was her dad. I then remembered that she used to go to Mum’s school and that’s why I thought I recognised her when she smiled at me first thing in the morning. I always wondered where she’d gone and I always remembered her name, Susan Rainbow C.

The afternoon was better still. I was just sat there putting bits of tile into cement and these 2 lads walked in. One was tall, fat and reminded me of Fred Elliott off Corrie and the other was pretty gorgeous. He was tallish with blonde hair and a bit of a tan. I found out their names by listening out for them. The Fred one was Adam and the nice one was Finn.

Bella was at the other end of the corridor working on a caterpillar and Adam went up there with her. Finn sat in the group next to me. I was thinking, “Yes, yes, yes!” and “Oh my God, what do I do?” I just carried on. Then the 2 lads he was with went off and I accidentally (NOT!) knocked into Finn on my way to the bin as he stepped back slightly into my way (that could’ve been deliberate too).

We were both working away, occasionally exchanging glances and smiles when one of the kids said summit funny. Eventually, I spoke and said summit like, “You’ll probably end up doing most of it on your own, you know.” He started saying about how he’d never done it before and I asked why he was here. He said he was from the college (must be 16 or 17) and just helping out and that he might do it again tomorrow in the afternoon with his mate.

He returned the question and I told him I was on 2 weeks work experience and I was helping with the art all day tomorrow. He then decided he was helping all day so he could miss lessons. His mate then came over and said that he knew Bella coz she lived down the road and they had a quick whisper and he went again.

After break, Finn and I went up the other end and the 4 of us ended up working on one together. We kept glancing at each other at the same time and he was being quite nice to me. He was asking my opinion on stuff and seemed to like it when I agreed. It reminded me a bit of when Ralph 1st fancied me but I don’t think Finn does and there’s only one more day and he probably won’t even come.

He said bye afterwards.


P.S. [Time for some stalker notes…] I also found out that Finn has one sister in Year 9 at the high school near Longford Primary.

There was this bloke taking photos as well and Finn and I were stood close and had to squash up further.

On her way out of school, Mrs J said to me and Bella, “I see you’ve found boyfriends.” Huh, not Adam, maybe Finn but I’m having him!

My Auntie S phoned tonight and said that Uncle R had phoned her and told her that my cousin David has turned into Kevin (a Harry Enfield character) at the age of 10. You see, he went on a trip with cubs or scouts or summit to Brussels and before he went, Uncle R and Auntie M told him to enjoy himself, be careful, not go off on his own and not talk to strangers. All the usual parent stuff! They were worrying about him for days and finally he phoned. The conversation went summit like this:-

(R&M = Uncle R & Auntie M, D = David)

R&M: David, hi, how are you?
D: Alright.
R&M: Well, is it interesting where you’ve been?
D: Boring.
R&M: Where are you now then?
D: Netherlands.
R&M: The Netherlands! What are you doing there?
D: Day trip.
R&M: Well, where’ve you been? What’s there?
D: Windmills.
R&M: Who are you with now?
D: On my own.
R&M: On your own?! What do you mean you’re on your own?! Where’s everyone else?
D: Round the corner.
R&M: Well, who’s by the phone box?
D: A man in a mac. Bye.

Well, you can just imagine what they were thinking. I’m sure they had visions of flashers and stuff. He got home okay though, I think.

Suzanna the Slapper’s going to snog him – 6th July 1998

Monday 6th I fell out with Ralph over the phone yesterday. I’d been helping with Emma’s sister’s swimming party (I can open my eyes under water now) and when we got back, Emma and I were bored so we rang Ralph.

It started off ok but then, as usual when I start a conversation with Ralph, he started getting all deep and meaningful on me. He kept saying that I was self-centred and that I was always cold with him. That’s not true at all. Ok, I admit to being awkward but that was only coz I was embarrassed. He’s just far too sensitive and takes everything I say the wrong way. Sometimes when I do say something nice, he thinks it has some sort of double-meaning or that I’m just being sarcastic.

I don’t want to be really nice though coz it’d just encourage him and then he’d probably ask questions again and I’d get embarrassed and he’d end up getting disappointed.

Now Suzanna the Slapper’s going to snog him on Saturday so he’ll forget all about me and I’ll end up regretting it coz I’ve got no chance with anyone else (meaning Ferny).

I had my 1st day of work experience today at Longford Primary School. It was quite good but tiring. I mostly listened to kids read and did group work with them. Some are really sweet. I don’t particularly like Miss C though (the teacher I was with) coz she was really miserable, never smiled and was strict with the kids.

She always had summit for me to do though which was good and she explained stuff clearly enough to me. She had them calling me Miss Simpson though which I didn’t really like. I just wanted to tell them to call me Tess but I was scared of what she’d say.

I’m glad Bella Jameson’s there too coz it’s someone to talk to and we can go to her house at lunch. We’re with the artist tomorrow so that should be different.