It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m all alone – 14th February 2001


It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m all alone 😦 Well, I might as well be anyway!

I had an open day at Sheffield Uni today so Mum came with me and we went on the train. It was okay but a bit boring as usual. That’s the last one I’m going to now. I’m not going to Hull cos you have to sort a tour out yourself and I’m not that bothered about seeing it anyway.

Some nice student lads took us round the department but I wasn’t really paying much attention cos I could see the dry ski slope out of the windows and I really want to go skiing!

Jake didn’t ring me tonight cos I wouldn’t have been back in time and he was shadowing a lesson anyway.


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I really, really, really, really like him now!! – 14th February 2000

Monday 14th Wow!! Jake bought me so much stuff! It made me feel extremely stingey!

I was absolutely wetting myself about giving him my present and how he’d react. I think he was a bit disappointed actually but he didn’t say so. It was quite embarrassing when he gave me mine because a small crowd had gathered!

He came in the room with a massive plastic bag from The Discovery Store and presented me with a big red rose. Then he began to empty the contents of the bag. The first thing he got out and give me was a gorgeous white teddy bear holding a heart.

Bhakti told me later on that he and Hugo hadn’t shut up about Sarah and me when she was shopping with them and that Jake had been cuddling all the bears in the shop to see which one was the nicest! He was sat there going extremely pink in the cheeks as she was telling me this.

The bear he bought me looks something like this:-


I love it! It’s so sweet! I just feel really guilty for not getting him something more.

The next thing he got out was a red bag covered in gold hearts. Inside it was a glass jar containing a strawberry scented candle with wax in the shape of strawberries making it up and two soaps, one in the shape of a heart and another like the candle.

The gift tag on the bag was this one:


It’s a bit soppy but really, really nice what it says inside.

That gift tag was nothing compared to what it said inside the Valentine’s card he gave me.

His writing’s so nice inside that, at first, I thought it was printed in!

I bet he was really disappointed with my card because all I put inside was “Love Tessa xxx”. I did it in a rush this morning and I would have written more if I’d had time but even then I wasn’t expecting a poem off him. I get that nice feeling in my stomach every time I read it! I hope he realises how much I like him.

Later on, Sarah found a receipt in her bag from Hugo so she looked in mine and was successful in finding one: 

To be honest, I was relieved to find out that he only spent £6 on the bear!

Hugo’s beginning to scare Sarah now. He keeps phoning her and sending her messages saying he’s falling in love with her and that he wants to go further with her. He’s only ever seen the girl once!

Jake also had a call from Hugo after college and, as I was speaking to him, he asked why Jake was still at college so I asked him for Hugo and he said, “Because you’re here”. Aaaahh, so sweet! I really, really, really, really like him now!!

According to Emma, Sinead Holt in my year said that I got the biggest and best Valentine’s present in the whole college. Cool! [It more than made up for the previous Valentine’s Day.] 

I ended up getting a lift home off Mum so I had to tell her who the presents were off. She just kept smiling and says he must think a lot of me and keeps asking if he’s nice. I say yes, of course! I don’t think she realises I’m actually going out with him though.


P.S. I’ve just remembered: Jake told me that his whole Geography class was calling him stingey because Sian Dell had told them all he didn’t come to watch me in the RNCM concert yesterday. I’m bloody well glad he didn’t!

Europe stinks! – 13th & 14th February 1998

Friday 13th – Saturday 14th I had Friday morning off and went into school with Emma. My mum took us on the way back to work. We grabbed some seats near the front of the coach at the top and left our bags there and went down to say bye to Mum.

It was boiling when we set off coz the heating was turned on and the driver didn’t know how to switch it off.

As we were leaving school, Jez said, “Tess, Dougie wants to wave you goodbye.” He must think I still fancy Dougie.


We were on the coach for ages. It was nice to get off for a bit on the ferry to Calais and it was calm too. When we got back on the coach again, we switched drivers and they knew how to turn the heaters off and put the air conditioning on.

Europe stinks! It really does. [Sorry to the whole of Europe for that sweeping statement.] Every 5 mins through France, Belgium and Germany there was some awful smell. Yuk!

Ralph and Freddie were being perverted as usual and taking the piss out of Emma all the time. They were sat behind Rachael Hollins and Georgia Dean and they wouldn’t let Rachael go to sleep. Jez then started teasing me and Ralph.

I really do fancy Ferny now and I talked to him a bit. Rani was sat behind me and in front of Ferny and she kept asking him if he liked me. He kept changing his answer and eventually said yes but I dunno if he was being serious or not.

I found out that Ferny’s birthday is on 26th March (Aries) and Jez’s address is 112 Hazel Lane. It’s some bungalow by the shops.

We arrived at the hotel in Austria in the afternoon and had to go and get our skis before our rooms. We were queuing up for hours. They wanted to know your shoe size and weight in kg. I know I’m 9 stone but I had no idea in kg. Neither did anyone so the teachers had to work it out. I had ok ski boots but these mingin’ bright pink skis. I certainly wouldn’t lose them!

When we got our keys to the rooms we only had a room for 6 and there were 7 of us. Lucy volunteered to go in someone else’s room so that was easily sorted. We unpacked and went down for tea. It looked gross but was really nice. Everyone was saying it was llama coz there were 2 in the field when we arrived and only one at tea.

After tea we kept visiting Ralph and Freddie’s room and they came down to us more. I gave Ferny a Crème Egg and told him it was a Valentine’s pressie.