I might’ve given him food poisoning – 22nd to 24th March 2002

Friday 22nd  I was at Jonas’s today. We were in bed for quite a while We got to level 5 but he ignored me so I was in a bit of a mood for a while. I snapped out of it cos it’s not really his fault and I felt mean.

We had a walk round Greenhead Park for a while which was nice and watched people on the skate park.


Saturday 23rd  Jonas came back to mine today. We got bored though because most people have gone home so we decided to go for a walk in the woods with a picnic. It’s really nice there and there’s a river which we followed. It was fun climbing trees and hills and stuff and trying to spot magpies cos Jonas reckons he’s never seen one in Britain. When we got back to Storthes we lay in a field for a bit, completely knackered after climbing a hill. It was nice.

Tonight, Jonas felt really ill. I think I might’ve given him food poisoning with lasagne. He felt sick and stuff but said it helped when I rubbed his tummy. He was worrying me though cos he was breathing funny and stopped breathing altogether sometimes.

He’s taken some photos of me off my wall and my Miffy bag to take home with him. He said it’s weird how we met and have stuff like music etc. in common.


Sunday 24th  I don’t want to not see Jonas for 3 weeks. I wasn’t sure how much I’d miss him last night but I will miss him sooo much. I love Jonas! We kept telling each other we love each other and hugging and saying we’ll miss us. I got in his car before he went and he said he’ll write a song for me (cool!) and told me he never used to be as happy as he is now because of me! 🙂 MmmJonas!! When he left I got a kiss through the window and I ran down to the road so I could wave goodbye.

Dad picked me up this afternoon and we stopped off at the Meadowview home Grandma’s been put in after wandering and getting found by a man who called the police when she couldn’t find her house. It’s not very nice in there, Mum says, and Grandma’s confused.


She’s just stalking him! – 21st March 2002

Thursday 21st  The bus was late after uni today so I had a long conversation with Ben which mainly consisted of him moaning about Kevin. He’s a bit sick of Kevin following him round everywhere and inviting himself places and showing off about stuff. I feel a bit sorry for Kevin now. I didn’t realise other people had a problem with him too.

Ben also said his ex, Jody, is going out with Jake. That’s who I saw him with the other week after Bar Non. Ben said they call her Dopey cos she is and she isn’t too hard to pull. She’d told Ben she’s got a new boyfriend and Kevin said it was Jake.

It made me think and wonder if Jake and other people talk about me and slag me off to people like Jonas does about his exes. I wonder if Jake has still got pictures and letters from me. He had some on display when we started uni.

I failed (probably) my Microbiology test today.

We all went out to Bar Non tonight. I saw Storecard and Jake. Jake hugged me hello and we talked for quite a while. I asked about Jody and he said he doesn’t want a girlfriend and she’s just stalking him! He flatmate told him she gets “attached” to people. She’s from the Isle of Man and has gone back already. He said she’s too quiet (I wasn’t too quiet apparently) and he’s got too much on.

He said he wants to come to Manchester if we go at Easter and he’s probably going to Canada in a year out. He’s going skiing at Easter. Grr! I’m jealous! He snogged Sophie from Archie’s flat apparently. He kissed me on the cheek when I left. Hmm.

Bronwen and Sophie were slagging off Jake’s girly flatmates with me in Wetherspoons. : ) Fun!


Ghosts and weird people – 19th & 20th March 2002

Tuesday 19th  Everybody went out tonight. Oh, except me. I decided too late that I wanted to join them but everyone had already gone and Jonas was with me. I felt left out but I like being with Jonas. He had no money left so he couldn’t come out either. Instead we went for a drive.

Jonas kept asking if I was missing out because of him but, even if I was, that’s my choice. I’d rather be with him but then I still don’t like missing stuff. I can’t have it both ways though (until he gets some money maybe!). I don’t want to be knackered on the fieldtrip tomorrow either.

We drove past Visage to see if we could see any of my mates (we didn’t) and then went up to Castle Hill. It was dark and I was a bit scared of ghosts and weird people but we got out of the car and walked up to the tower. I’m sure I saw the door open! We stood at the top of the hill for a bit cos you can see nearly all of Huddersfield, trying to pick out places we knew like the uni buildings. It was quite nice cos Jonas was stood behind me hugging me, until I got scared again and ran back to the car. Jonas said he enjoyed it.

When we got back, we watched TV for a bit then went to bed. We got to level 5 but had to stop cos it was hurting me a bit for some reason.


Wednesday 20th  We had a Water Science fieldtrip to a pond today, kick-sampling again. The lecturer guy stopped me at one point and told me to hold out my hand. I wasn’t all that keen until I saw a leg sticking out of his hand. It was a toad. I bet he expected me to scream and run away!

Kevin was annoying me a bit. He kept going on about catching fish (seriously) and going in the muddy bit even though we’d been told not to cos we’d sink.

Jonas came round this evening. I spoke to my mum and sister too. Abby’s got her driving test just before mine but won’t tell me when.


We quite fancy the idea of a barbed wire toilet seat – 14th to 18th March 2002

Thursday 14th  Jen, Archie and I went to Bar Non tonight. We were discussing stuff about the house we might be living in next year and how we’re going to decorate it. We quite fancy the idea of a barbed wire toilet seat!

Archie kept being all flirty with me and pinching my arse. He said mine’s nicer than Bronwen’s too and I know how much he fancies her. I felt a bit guilty, like I was doing stuff behind Jonas’s back, even though I wasn’t.

I saw Layla’s mate Claire out as well as Storecard. They both spoke to me briefly.

I was pretty pissed and so were the other two. Jonas picked up all up and we nicked a couple of road signs:

Jonas and I went up to my flat first and he said I was cute when I was pouting for a kiss and flapping my arms about. I think I lay on the kitchen floor too which is not recommended due to lumps of chicken korma and stuff being on it too. We got some of my things and went to his house.


Friday 15th  We stayed at Jonas’s most of the day but I managed to get a bit of my Microbiology coursework done.


Saturday 16th  Jonas got up very early (for the first time since I’ve known him!) to watch the F1. I didn’t. We stayed in (apart from a trip to the uni library) and played Worms on the Playstation a lot.

Jonas said it won’t be right not seeing me for 3 weeks over Easter and sleeping on his own. He’s right.


Sunday 17th Jonas got up very early AGAIN to watch the F1. He came with me back to Storthes later on. We saw Jake there with his girl flatmates and when I thought I’d lost my keys, Jonas was driving right up behind them through the car park when they were in the car in front of us. My keys were actually in a plaster box in my bag.

Jonas was all cuddly tonight. We did stuff.


Monday 18th  I had a very evil maths (statistics) test today. I couldn’t do much of it at all. The last question was worth 20 marks and I ran out of time before I started it. I know I’ve failed that one.

Jonas stayed at mine again. 🙂


Levels 1-4 on the street in daylight – 9th to 13th March 2002

Saturday 9th  I stayed at Jonas’s last night and slept on his floor with him (on a mattress). We stayed there most of the day before going to the cinema and watching Monsters Inc. It was very good! I liked For the Birds at the beginning too. It was funny!

We ate McDonald’s stuff in the car afterwards and then went back to Jonas’s to bed.


Sunday 10th  Jonas came back to mine today. Cat rang me and told me she and Dan did levels 1-4 on the street in daylight in Warrington. Okay!


Monday 11th  After our lectures today, Jen and I went on a shopping trip to Leeds. It was only £3 on the train and was very good for shops. I bought some nice big trousers and black bracelets from H&M. The trousers were from Ark I think.

We saw a lad out of Jake’s flat in Leeds and then again when we got back to Huddersfield. I think Jen quite fancies him!


Tuesday 12th  Jonas stayed over and we did stuff.


Wednesday 13th  I had a Water Science kick sampling field trip today. I quite enjoyed it cos it was a nice day. I got sent into the river with waders on while the lads in my group stood at the edge and took notes. We (well I) caught a lot of creatures but I felt a bit guilty cos all the poor little bugs are going to be put in alcohol so we can see them in the lab later.

Jonas stayed over and said he’ll miss me at Easter. I’ll miss him too.


Diseased little nether regions – 8th March 2002

Friday 8th  I got really upset this morning when Jonas told me that Sid called me ‘Testicles’ to him and all his mates. I was upset out of anger more than anything else cos I really thought people would’ve grown out of taking the piss out of my name by now. It just reminded me so much of the sad, immature people at school who used to say it and if Sid had been there this morning I would’ve kicked him right in his diseased little nether regions. Fucker!

Actually, I think Sid was calling me that outside Bar Non last night. Yeah, he was, I remember now. Bastard! He was yelling “Testicles” at me to try and get my attention but I chose to ignore him until he called me by my name. If I remember rightly, Jonas (who was stood with him) didn’t say much to stop him. I didn’t run off in a huff like Sid would’ve done.

Ooh, I’m sooo pissed off with him! I would’ve been so embarrassed if I’d been sober (I was a bit anyway) cos there were loads of people about. I hope nobody I know heard him and says it too. Mind you, I bet he looked like a bit of a prick standing there yelling “Testicles!” for no apparent reason!!

The other thing Knobhead Geeky Sid said is that he hates Northerners because we’re “rude”. Erm… and taking the piss out of someone’s name and sulking at every possible opportunity isn’t? I think it is.

Jonas heard me crying in the shower this morning (although I’m not sure how!) and came in. He then started being nice to me which made me happy so I couldn’t stop crying!


Throwing up into a plant pot – 7th March 2002

Thursday 7th  Archie persuaded me to go out tonight with him and his flatmates. We started off in Wetherspoons and then we were driven round the corner to Bar Non by Bronwen.

Jonas ended up joining us too. He was meant to be going to Camel with his mates but it was apparently too quiet so some of them came to Bar Non instead.

However, Hazel dumped her boyfriend (and Archie’s mate from home), Kenny, who was soon after bladdered and throwing up into a plant pot. He was then chucked out by the bouncers who came back in and asked one of us to check he was okay. Jonas volunteered and ended up outside with him for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, Hazel was all over Kevin (she said she snogged him a few weeks ago) and dragging me round to find Jake cos she fancies the pants off him. I spoke to him a bit too and told him I’ve got my driving test at Easter.

Geeky Sid was outside with Jonas when we left and was being a bit of a twat. He hadn’t been there when I’d kept checking Jonas was alright outside so he must’ve been in Bar Non somewhere. Whenever I spoke to Sid he’d take whatever I said the wrong way, even if it was perfectly innocent, so he kept huffing like a little girl and walking off. Jonas kept following him too.

An example of what I said was when Sid was all over me and Jonas, asking if we could have a threesome. He was joking (I hope!) so I said, “Hmm, I think I’d rather it involved Archie!” who was stood nearby. It was so obvious I wasn’t being serious and anyone else would’ve known I was messing about but Sid took major offence and went off in a sulk.

Jonas came back to mine again and reminded me how sensitive Sid is. He also told me Sid had to pay a visit to the doctor’s recently because he’s caught something dodgy off some girl he slept with! I’ve been sworn to secrecy now (dammit!).


Running around outside like maniacs – 4th to 6th March 2002

Monday 4th  When I woke Jonas up this morning he went all mad and weird but it was funny. It was quite early so I think he was still dreaming!


Tuesday 5th  Jonas stayed at mine again tonight. We’ve taken to sleeping on the floor on my camp bed mattress that my sister left cos there’s more room.

Even though I’ve come on my period, Jonas said he didn’t care about doing stuff to me anyway. I wasn’t all that keen though.

Jen went to Visage tonight with Archie and Alexa (Jen’s flatmate) and people. I’m not please cos she didn’t mention it to me really. I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway cos my cold’s still making me feel a bit ill. Someone could still have invited me though.


Wednesday 6th  Jonas stayed at mine again tonight and I’m very glad he did cos the whole of Storthes Hall had a power cut and I would’ve been scared on my own. We think it was the wind that caused it cos it was very strong.

I kept hearing screams from the direction of the kitchen so Jonas and I went to see who was there. All my flatmates except Marc (who was at the cinema) were huddled round the kitchen table.

Lewis had put cling film over the kitchen door because he was convinced the mentally ill people from before it was a student village were going to come and haunt us. Violet lit a candle and we all stayed in the kitchen watching loads of people running around outside like maniacs with torches.

I haven’t had the best of days really. After the power came back on, we had not hot water, no phones working and then no water at all. I also spent 4 hours this afternoon doing Water Science maths calculations which made my brain hurt.


It would’ve looked very dodgy! – 1st to 3rd March 2002

Friday 1st  Jonas and I stayed in bed for ages this morning and cuddled lots. We then set up a bed on the floor by the telly out of sofa cushions so we could watch the F1 in the early hours of the morning. I’m not really into it but Jonas is kind of obsessed and wanted me to stay up and watch it with him. I don’t mind really.

We got through levels and then we both got a bit paranoid and needed each other’s reassurance which worked. Jonas was saying he’s useless (he’s not!) and I was worrying he’s going to think I’m boring like his ex Natasha was if I don’t do everything he wants to try. We were okay after chatting about it though.


Saturday 2nd  Jonas and I stayed in bed for quite a lot of the day but then shifted ourselves and went into town to have a look in the new Kingsgate shopping centre that’s just opened opposite uni. We weren’t all that impressed by it cos a lot of the shops weren’t even open and the ones that were are either sports shops or health food places. Hopefully it’ll improve.

We then went back to Jonas’s and ended up staying awake until about 5am to watch the F1 stuff. I got a bit bored by it and I think we both fell asleep before the end. Jonas got all excited when the commentator (I can’t remember what he’s called but he has a look of Satan/the Count off Sesame Street!) said it’s the true fans that stay up so late.

For some reason Jonas also said he wanted to “make love rampantly”. Maybe he was trying to keep me awake!


Sunday 3rd  Jonas came round to mine today. When it got dark we decided to go for a drive. We found a nice dark farm track and went up it but the car got stuck in the mud. I had to get out and push but it didn’t work so Jonas (mid-panic cos if we’d asked for help it would’ve looked very dodgy!) dismantled a bit of stone wall and put it under the wheels. Thankfully it worked.

Instead, we stopped at the top of Storthes Hall Lane (just left of it) and did some stuff. Then a big Land Rover thing stopped in front of us. We panicked again and put our clothes back on very fast. We weren’t having much luck really. Grrr!!

We went back to mine and melted some chocolate and then had a shower to wash it off!


He asked if we could try a 69 – 25th to 28th February 2002

Monday 25th  Jonas met me after uni today and we went for a drive in his car once it got dark. We stopped on Castle Hill with a nice view of Huddersfield at night, put the front seat forward and then got on the back seat and did stuff. 🙂 Hee hee!

Well, we did until some other car came and it stopped right by us. I’d been paranoid people driving past could see in so when someone stopped we both grabbed our clothes and drove off (dressed of course!). It was fun!

We went back to Jonas’s afterwards and he kept growling and tugging at my clothes but we fell asleep in the end.


Tuesday 26th  Tonight Jonas said, “Can I ask you a question?” so when I cautiously said yes he asked if we could try a 69! I felt manky and I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to so I told him “not now”. He’ll probably ask again but I think I’d rather he didn’t! He still said I was great and sexy and called me a “sex kitten” even though I refused.

Earlier on when I was running down a hill, Jonas said it was like Baywatch! I think not!!


Wednesday 27th  Jonas stayed over last night and again tonight. He told me he’d never go with anyone else cos he’ll never find anyone like me because I’m “perfect”. That’s sooo sweet! 🙂 He said he loves me too and I’m great and stuff and we had a shower together.

I wasn’t expecting to see him tonight but I phoned him and he decided to come round. It was while I was watching Sex and the City and there was a soppy bit which made me really want to see Jonas. It was nice when I did. I like him having a car!


Thursday 28th  Jonas picked me up after uni and took me bck to his house. We just cuddled because we’ve both got colds and were tired.