I stuck a piece of ham to his window – 29th September 2002

Sunday 29th  My housemates and I went out to Camel Club on Monday night. It was really good because loads of people were out. Magic (I don’t know his real name) told me I looked sexy and I got a hug and a peck on the cheek from Jake. Jonas was with me so I could flaunt the fact that I couldn’t give a toss about Jake anymore.

[There I am, out in Camel. It’s still there apparently.]

Jonas’s flatmates were being nice to me as well. They used to be a bit funny and off with me sometimes but I think they’ve got used to me now. I got hugs off Dave and Paul and then one off Ben off my course.

Jonas left early but he went back to mine and was in bed waiting for me when I got back. He shaved his head and I can’t quite get used to it. It’s not too bad but I really liked his spiky hair.

Jonas stayed over at mine again on Tuesday because all my mates went out. We talked a lot and did stuff too. Kevin was very miserable when he got back. He was moaning that he wished he was 30 and stuff. Jen and Archie said he’d been depressing all night.

It was our first day back at uni on Wednesday. 3 new lads (Pete, Imran and David) have joined our course. They all seem okay. I’ve got modules which clash on my timetable so I might have to change Microbiology to Noise & Radioactivity. Ugh! It’s got physics in it and I’m not good at that.

It was kind of an introduction to Year 2 this week so we spent most of Thursday in a talk about our Supervised Work Experience (SWE) next year. We got a free lunch though. That night I went into town with Jen, Danny, Alexa and her housemate Gemma. It wasn’t a late night because it was a bit boring. When we got back to our house I was a bit drunk and had a quick dance on Kevin’s car bonnet.

Jen broke his wing mirror deliberately which I thought was a bit out of order. At least I didn’t damage his car. I stuck a piece of ham to his window and a sweet from the bottom of my shoe under his door handle.

This Thursday I’d been going out with Jonas for 10 months! Wow! 🙂

On Friday, we had presentations from the 4th years on their SWE placement they’ve just done. I’ve done a CV but I can’t do the bloody personal statement bit. We went to see that Van Wilder film on Friday night. It was quite good. Kevin didn’t came because he apparently had a date.

Kevin’s being such a dick. He TOLD (not asked) Jen and Archie that I broke his wing mirror. Jen should’ve put him straight. I bet he tells Ben and everyone too.

I talked to Jonas about the SWE when I went round to his. We don’t want to be split up. He sounded disappointed when I said I didn’t want to live with him until after uni. This could be the last chance I get to live with all my mates before we all get jobs though.

I left Jonas’s at about 3pm yesterday but I didn’t want to go. I ignored Kevin when I got back because he’s a knob. I collected some glass from Betty’s broken window for Jonas too.

I made Kevin mop the floor today. He’s done fuck all except lounge about since we moved in so I had a go at him for that.

Mum, Dad and Abby came to bring me some drawers. They brought Mollie with them too. Dad said someone’s wanting to build houses behind our house in the field. I don’t want that. I took them to see Jonas’s house and they were quite impressed.

Jonas had a bbq at his this evening but I didn’t stay long. He told me he was upset when I said I didn’t want to live with him. He said he would like to live with me and marry me. He said that quietly and looking away but grinning like he was embarrassed. Aww! He said he understands but it’s been very intense for the last 10 months so after a year and a half he’ll probably be ready for more. I would like all that eventually.


EVERYTHING was magnolia – 22nd September 2002

Sunday 22nd  Jonas moved into his student house on Monday. His address is:

12 Belmont Street

He came over to our house for a bit. We were painting so it was a bit of a mess. I don’t think he was all that impressed. I’m not surprised after seeing his house.

After painting my room yellow, I decided to go round to Jonas’s. I have to say I’m slightly jealous. It’s more like a hotel than a student house! It’s very, very nice and pretty big. There are 8 bedrooms, 2 showers, 2 toilets, a living room, a basement, a utility room and a very big kitchen with everything in it. It’s all brand new as well because they’re the first lot to live in it since it’s been done up.

I wanted to stay with him that night but we decided we’d better stay with our housemates. I got a message from him when I was in bed though, asking me to tell him to come to my bed. It was a bit too late unfortunately.

I finished painting my room on Tuesday so Archie and I started painting the coving, cupboards and ceiling white in the kitchen and living room. Jen now works at Argos in Leeds so she wasn’t there much to help. She’s been painting her room lilac. We decided to do stuff white because EVERYTHING was magnolia. It got to the point when even the wooden handles on the kitchen cupboards made a nice change! If it’s possible to have magnoliamadness, we had it.

Archie and I went shopping for house stuff and nearly died of exhaustion dragging all the stuff back from town, up the steps on the hill and to our house. We bought things like throws for the dead-looking sofa. It all looks much better now.

We’ve not had heating yet and it’s quite cold. The gasman came on Monday, messed up the carpet with oily stuff (so we’ve named him Gary the Twat), told us he couldn’t find the pressure release valve and he’d come back the next day. One Tuesday 2 of them came and still couldn’t find it. Apparently it’ll be 7-10 days for the part to arrive. Oh joy.

[Attempting to keep warm]

I stayed at Jonas’s on his futon (is that how you spell it?!) bed on Tuesday night. It’s not very comfy. It was nice being with Jonas though.

We went all artistic on Wednesday and started drawing our weather map of the British Isles on the living room wall. Well, I did it actually. I put a grid over an atlas map and Archie and Jonas gridded the wall. Using the map, I then drew it onto the wall. It looks good so far and it’s damn accurate.

Archie and I started painting it the next day. I did the detailed bits round the edges and Archie did the big bits. It was finished by Friday. It looks sooo good! I’m very, very pleased with it. I’ll be gutted if they paint over it next year. It looks like we’ve stuck it on, not drawn and painted it ourselves. All we need now is the weather symbols. Mum said she’ll laminate them so I’ll do some on the computer soon.

I had to talk about stuff with Jonas on Thursday. He stayed at mine. I’ve been a bit paranoid about us being ‘comfortable’ because that’s the point when Jake got bored and I don’t want the same happening. Jonas and I both like it though so that’s good. We don’t have to be nervous or worry about how much we like each other because we know. 🙂 We know each other better and have the ‘friend’ thing at the same time. I think I annoyed him a bit because I’ve been jokingly suspicious of his housemate Vicky who he’s started to call ‘Vic’.

As Jonas was leaving on Friday morning, he was talking to Jen about how it’s difficult to nick Ford cards because she said she couldn’t see Jonas’s. He explained it was behind the wall but when he went to get in Betty (the car), she had gone and there was glass everywhere. He was very upset. Jen has a Ford Fiesta too but hers is alarmed and Betty wasn’t. Poor Jonas.

Kevin moved in yesterday. Woohoo. Jonas had a bbq at his so we all went round there. It was quite good. I spoke to Katy that night too. She moved into her house this weekend. We all went to Milton Hall Student Union after the bbq. Jonas’s mate Pierced Sam has his latest piercing in the back of his neck.

We stayed in bed until 1pm-ish today, just talking and cuddling. Jonas said he can imagine being with me for a long time. He said he’ll try not to let us split up next year when he gets a job and I do my work placement.

Jonas said he’s told Pierced Sam and his other housemate, Uriel, that we’ve never really fallen our and they were shocked. We think it’s good and nice. We don’t even annoy each other. Even my mates annoy me sometimes. 🙂


It smells horribly of damp and mould and stuff – 16th September 2002

Sunday 16th  Jonas brought me home from his house on Monday and ended up staying the night. It was nice being able to cuddle him in my bed. Ooh, I love Jonas! He left at about 1pm the next day because I’d agreed to go back to work at Tor Environmental Consultancy for a few days. It wasn’t too bad because they had lots for me to do. It was only 4 hours too.

Mum told me that’s Abby’s very depressed because she’s got thrush (nice) and her ex-boyfriend Connor is being really horrible. For some reason, she’s decided she likes him again but he’s not all that bothered about her. Mum also said that she liked Jonas’s mum and sister. I hope they liked her. She asked if she’ll be coming to visit me one day in Scotland.

I finished work (again!) on Thursday. Malcolm (the boss guy) said he’s very pleased with all my plans and stuff.

I spent Friday packing up my stuff for moving into the house in Huddersfield. I’m actually quite worried that my room’s crap compared to all the others. Nobody really wanted it as much as the others because it’s long and narrow.

Yesterday, I moved into:

20 Cross Lane
Primrose Hill

I was the first one there. Jen and Archie arrived shortly after but Kevin isn’t coming until later on in the week. My room’s not half as bad as I remember. Kevin’s room is the worst! It’s in the basement and it smells horribly of damp and mould and stuff. He was really smug about getting that room too. Hee hee! 🙂 He now also has a black wardrobe from my room (I have his white one!) and a waterproof mattress from Archie’s room.

Jen didn’t stay the night because she didn’t have all her stuff. Archie and I stayed up really late, mainly taking the piss out of Kevin. We’d best get it out of the way, I suppose!

[It was much quicker to draw it than wait to get my camera film finished and developed.]

We’ve decided to use the spare room to put all our books in but nobody’s computer. They’ve agreed to let me use the wardrobe in there because I’ve got less storage space.

I’m tired today because I was scared last night so I slept (not very well) with the light on. We went to Ikea today and started discussing plans to put a weather map of Great Britain on the living room wall. It’d be cool! I’ve said I wanted to be a weather girl so I could use it to practice on!

Mum, Dad and Abby came again to put some shelves up in my room. I spoke to Jonas and he said he’s been gardening and getting paid for it. He said he’s excited about moving in. I bet his house is really nice. He said he can’t wait to see me tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him either. I’m going to want to stay in the same bed as him but Jen has already commented that she’ll either see loads of Jonas or none of me. I’m a bit worried she’s going to have a problem with it. I really want to see Jonas. I don’t want to miss anything here though.


Our mums met! – 2nd September 2002

Sunday 2nd 

Wow! I can’t believe I’m on diary number 26! I’ve been writing them for about 6 years now.

My boyfriend Jonas got back from working at Reading Festival on Monday. He said I’m going with him next time. I think he enjoyed it. So much so he didn’t have time to get me a present apparently! He said he loves me and can’t wait to see me. 🙂

I got to go out on site at work (at Tor Environmental Consultancy) on Wednesday. It was just to an old landfill site to get water samples but it was better than staying in the office. I get to draw plans for it soon.

I phoned up the people whose student house I’m moving into in Huddersfield next year. They said we can move in on 14th Sept. That’s good because it means I can go to Scotland with Jonas.

I was my last day of work on Thursday. WOOHOO!! 🙂 It’s been boring at times but I’ve learnt stuff related to my uni course and I got paid more than working in a pub. It should look good on my CV too. The marketing person, Rosie, was also leaving so we got bought lunch in a pub and got given cards. I had a £10 book token in mine for uni. They asked if I might be able to go back sometime so I probably will.

On Friday, Mum and Abby took me to Jonas’s house in Gainsborough so I could go to Scotland. That meant our mums met! It was pretty weird but my mum talked lots which was good and made it ok.

Yesterday, Jonas drove me, his mum and his sister Laura up to Forres near Inverness. He lived there before he came to uni and his dad’s still at RAF Kinloss. The journey wasn’t bad. We stopped at Jedburgh and had a wander round. Laura got travel sick as the roads got windy but earned herself £10 for keeping everything down!

Forres is very nice. My mum told me my dad played football there once and liked it. That evening we went out to a few pubs with Jonas’s mates. There was a band playing which they knew so we went to see them too. I met all Jonas’s mates who hadn’t been at T in the Park and they all seem nice enough. We stayed in Jonas’s dad’s living room thing on a sofa bed.

Today I went to Inverness with Jonas, Laura and their dad. We intended to see a film but they were on at weird times so we’d missed them. I met Laura’s mate Lindsey (who’s Josh’s mate’s sister) in Tesco car park. She’d lost her voice but still managed to talk lots!

Josh’s dad took us all for a meal at a pub in Findhorn.

We then went bowling with Jonas’s mates in Elgin. That was fun! I beat 3 lads first time round.


“There’s something inside that I need to release” – 25th August 2002

Sunday 25th  I didn’t go home from Jonas’s until Monday this week. After my leptospirosis scare, I still wasn’t feeling up to working so I rang in sick. I spoke to Kathleen and she said Darren was also off with something similar. Jonas had to go to Huddersfield for his exam resit so he took me with him and Mum picked me up so I didn’t have to get the train.

On the way home, Mum told me that Auntie S and Uncle G have split up. Weird. I didn’t know what to say because I was very, very shocked. I didn’t expect that at all. Apparently Uncle G was really unhappy for the last few years when Grandma L lived with them. When the internet broke, he was really funny about giving Auntie S his password so they could get it fixed. When she got it, she found emails and stuff from some woman. He promised her he’d stop speaking to the woman but more recently she found more. Apparently he’s also been spending money they haven’t really got, drinking lots and being really nasty to Rhian, e.g. threatening to check her out without much reason.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I left work early which was good. There wasn’t much for me to do and I still didn’t feel 100%. I did the quiz with my mates on Wednesday night and we came 2nd….. Again! I rang Jonas too. He’s in Reading because he’s working at the festival. He said the girls aren’t minging (when I asked) and that while he was playing cards, one of them “jokingly” said to move in closer so they could abuse him. Grrr!! I trust him but not them. I don’t like the thought of them trying anything. He said he loves me anyway and wished I was there and blew kisses down the phone. He said it’s cute that I don’t like hanging up first.

Thursday’s night out in Manchester was, well, different. We went to a school disco at The Ritz for Archie’s birthday. Quite a few of my mates came so we went to Isaac’s student house in Manchester to get changed. I felt really daft walking all the way to The Ritz and getting on a bus in my school uniform and we got some funny looks and dodgy comments.

[Isaac, Sarah, Michael, me and Archie looking pretty sober. Must’ve been early on…]

Cat and Jerry annoyed me quite a lot after about 10 minutes of getting into The Ritz. They went all snobby, saying it was a shithole and that they wanted to leave. I explained I had to wait for Archie and that it’d liven up later but they kept going on at me. I think Archie got it right when he said Jerry has misjudged the age he needs to act to fit in and had gone for 9 rather than 19. Gimp. Cat’s just become middle aged. They didn’t really socialise much either. They just stood at the edge, whispering and snogging.

I had a good night anyway, dancing with Lizzie, Archie, Denny and Isaac. All was well up until about 2am when the place closed and we couldn’t find Denny. Isaac went off to find him and we all waited outside. A while later, the bouncers carried someone out and dumped them on the pavement. It was Denny and he was totally unconscious and trying to be sick. A nurse guy said he’d found him in the toilers, choking on his own vomit and that he would’ve died had he not been found.

Isaac was also lying on the pavement making very loud throwing up noises. He was also drunk and the exhaustion after carrying Denny out took it all out of him. Denny was put into the recovery position and some large woman was trying to wake him up and had his head rested in her cleavage.

The ambulances turned up for Denny and Isaac so Lizzie and I went with Denny and Sarah and Michael went with Isaac. Some scary scally woman was yelling at me and Lizzie saying we should’ve done something to help and we weren’t very good friends so the paramedics shut the doors in her face. Hah! There was nothing else we really could do for him.

We were in hospital until 7am. During that time, Denny had had 3 saline drips (after the nurse said 1 should bring him round) and then eventually woke up, undoing his trousers, saying, “Explode..… I’m gonna explode….. There’s something inside that I need to release”, meaning he needed a wee. A doctor unhooked him from the drip which made him bleed everywhere, then he spent about half an hour in the loo!

[Sneaky picture for reminding him every birthday etc. Useful.]

Isaac was sick very, very loudly. He was making awful roaring noises and, after he threw up in a bin, the nurses chucked him out.

The whole night was totally surreal but funny at the same time (once we knew Denny wasn’t gonna die). However, I did feel really ashamed and guilty that one of my mates got that drunk and took up a bed and the hospital’s time (it was Manchester Royal Infirmary) when someone seriously ill might have needed it.

I finally got to bed at 8am after Lizzie’s dad picked up and we had to sit in the car with Denny stinking of sick!

Last night we all had a gathering at Cat’s house. Jerry’s laugh goes through me. He really annoyed me again. He tries way too hard to fit in and insults people as though he’s a mate. If he was a good friend he could get away with it but he isn’t so everyone just gets offended instead. They kept whispering and slagged off Lizzie loads. Jerry hardly knows her and is just going off what Cat says. It’s really mean. I like Lizzie.

Rocky said Cat told him Jerry is “the love of my life”. She’s only known him a few months. At least she’s happy anyway. He’s okay really.

Today was pretty boring. I made a paper Celtic pattern thing for Jonas like the one I did for my Art GCSE but that was it. I hope he likes it.

See you in diary number 26!

Bye! 🙂

I didn’t want any awkward silences – 4th August 2002

Sunday 4th  Worked this week and it wasn’t too bad. I got to go out on site in Haydock and I got to draw lots of plans. I like doing that.

Jonas got his mobile working so I rang him. We had a long conversation about him not phoning me and he said he’s definitely not going off me.

This week, my friends and I came 2nd in the pub quiz again. We prefer 2nd prize to 1st prize cos we got alcohol and winners get a meal vouchers. We also went to see Men in Black 2 which is good but not as good as the first one.

On Friday, Jonas came to visit me again. We went out in Manchester with Cat, Cat’s boyfriend Jerry Johnson, Archie and Isaac. It was okay but most people we invited didn’t come and Cat just snogged Jerry all night. That meant I couldn’t do the same to Jonas cos Archie and Isaac don’t really know each other and I didn’t want any awkward silences. Jonas did keep grabbing me and saying he loved me which was nice.

We stayed in Jerry’s flat which is a bit small and boring but it saved us a taxi fare. Jonas and I got the spare room and got up to 5 in it.

Yesterday, Jerry brought us home which was nice and Jonas and I went to Chester cos Jonas wanted to see the city walls and stuff. It was a nice day out but we had to leave because a nasty looking black cloud started heading our way. We stopped off to see Oulton Park quickly on the way back.

Jonas stayed in my bed until 7am ish which I liked. It was really nice and cosy.

Today I went to see Men in Black 2 again at the Trafford Centre with Jonas. I saw 2 people who used to be in Swing Band at school. When we got back to mine, we tried to do stuff but it didn’t really work. Neither of us wanted Jonas to leave but unfortunately he had to.

It was also the end of the Commonwealth Games today. That’s a shame cos I’ve enjoyed them. Manchester was very lively when we went out too.


Wrapper from a lolly I bought when I went to see MIB2 with my friends. It’s cute!

I DO NOT want an office job – 21st July 2002

Sunday 21st  I started work at Tor Environmental Consultancy on Tuesday. It was an okay first day and everyone seems nice enough. There’s Malcolm Michaels (the owner and Head Consultant), Janet Hill (another consultant), Darren Spen (Assistant Consultant) and Kathleen Burley (Office Manager). I just got shown the basics, e.g. how to work the photocopier, and got odd jobs to do like filing stuff and posting letters.

By Wednesday I’d decided I DO NOT want an office job when I finish uni. I don’t mind being in one for a bit but not all day, every day. Malcolm, Janet and Darren are out on site all the time so being an Environmental Consultant might suit me. It was just incredibly boring over the last couple of days. 8 hours doesn’t half drag! People spoke to me a bit on Thursday which was good and I’d been asked to work on Saturday. I’d get £7.50 per hour but I’d already said I’d see Jonas.

We won wine at The Green Dragon pub quiz on Wednesday night. Everyone was impressed by my good-sounding job until I told them how boring it can get.

I watched Graham Norton on TV this weekend and somebody sent in a picture of the sign for the village of Twatt on Orkney. I was going to do that one day!

I went to Gainsborough on Friday. We stayed at Jonas’s mum’s house but went round to his dad’s new and empty house for a bath (once we’d got the spiders out) and other stuff which was nice and fun. It was sooo nice to see him!

We went to Lincoln yesterday with Jonas’s sister. It was thundery and we get very, very wet. When we got back and dried off we got up to 5 in his sofa bed. His room looks quite good now, even though it’s very small. Jonas said he’ll never dump me and he wants to buy me a toe ring. I remembered that at T in the Park he said it could be like a secret engagement ring! 🙂 He also said he loves me sooo much. Yey!

Before I left we did stuff together and then Jonas had to speak to a policewoman about his dad’s house being robbed. I watched the F1 while that went on and Michael Schumacher won the whole damn thing. Boring and predictable.

It was horrible saying goodbye to Jonas at the station today. Neither of us wanted me to go. I hate leaving him cos I love him so much.


I was ready to punch the knobhead in the balls – 15th July 2002 – Part 2

Monday 15th continued  On Saturday morning we made our way to the arena and over to the NME Stage. We watched lots of bands such as:

  • Hundred Reasons
  • A
  • Idlewild
  • Less Than Jake
  • Hoobastank

They were all very good. We got pretty near to the front and there was a TV camera pointing at us loads. We wandered round all the stalls and over to the main stage to see The Hives.

We watched Athlete in King Tut’s Wah Wah tent too. They were cool.

Back at the NME Stage we saw a mini whirlwind come across us, pick up some litter and swirl it round really high up. I saw Rhian too. She didn’t take her phone so I couldn’t find her again after that.

I really, really hate portaloos now. I dread going to the toilet because they’re sooo disgusting. I’ve hardly drunk any alcohol so I don’t need to pee as much. It’s certainly a good incentive to remain sober!

The last band we saw was Oasis. I like them a lot but they definitely weren’t as entertaining to us as some of the less well known bands.

We sat around our group of tents after that and Jonas and his mates played guitars and sang. Ross, Fraser, Andrew and Neil are in a band called The Gloria Flaw and they want us to see them do a gig in Forres one day. Apparently Jonas is mentioned on their website cos he was in a band with some of them once.

When we went to bed, Jonas was saying that he wanted to go to Gretna Green to get married. 🙂 He was jokingly saying it but said he meant it.

Sunday was good but not brilliant. Jonas and I missed a band called Biffy Clyro that Jonas’s mates know and really like because we were stood in a queue for the cash machine for 2 and a half hours. It was ridiculous! Cheeky little bastards kept pushing in at the front so they rest of us who’d politely waited were stuck for bloody ages. The security guy at the front must’ve been blind!

I got very, very pissed off when a lanky guy pushed in right in front of me and Jonas. I asked him to get out of the queue and he started trying to deny he’d done it. The woman behind us saw him and was annoyed so he started on Jonas. He couldn’t have hit him very well because he was obviously pissed but I was ready to punch the knobhead in the balls if I’d needed to. I didn’t.

That afternoon we watched Foo Fighters then Green Day who were excellent. It was so good! We just missed out on getting in the mosh pit bit were as close as we could be otherwise. They got people up on stage to play their instruments and the lad with green hair who played the bass had a sister stood right by us.

That evening we sat around singing and stuff again. A couple of other people joined in too. I was a wee bit tipsy but not too bad. When we went to bed, Jonas asked me how long I thought we should’ve been going out before we did stuff without anything. I asked why and he said it’s more personal. I then asked how he knew and he told me he did it without anything the first time he ever had sex. I’m not impressed. He said he’d get checked out for diseases if I wanted. He then got all upset about it and said he’s worried about it before. We made up and he said he still wants to marry me. 🙂 I’m very cautious about it anyway. I’m not sure it’s worth the risks really.

This morning we packed up our tent and stuff, said goodbye to the Forres lot and left Kinross. I didn’t really want to go cos it’s been a good weekend. I had a small go at Jonas for his driving but then felt guilty and apologised. Jonas said it didn’t matter. He stopped at mine for tea and said he didn’t want to leave. I hope I can see him again at the weekend.

I’m a bit nervous about starting my job tomorrow. EEK!


A pair of jeans and a yellow space hopper – 15th July 2002 – Part 1

Monday 15th  I got offered a job at Tor Environmental Consultancy last Tuesday. It’s the job of Office Assistant. The main boss guy, Malcolm Michaels, used to live next door but one (he still lives in the village), knows Dad and helped me with my A-level Geography project. He must’ve remembered what I’m doing at uni and offered me the job before he handed it over to the Job Centre. Cool! It’s £5 an hour and 4 days a week.

I went shopping with Denny to Cheshire Oaks last week too. He wanted to get himself some “sexy-ass summer shit” and wanted the opinion of someone else. I got a pair of jeans and a yellow space hopper while I was there.

I phoned Jonas when I got back and he said he’d spoken to his mate Ross in Forres about T in the Park. Apparently there are 3 minibuses going from Forres. EEK!! That’s a lot of Jonas’s mates to meet. My cousin Rhian’s going too but won’t get there until Saturday. I’m a bit nervous of going now. They know all the bands and I don’t really. Judging by the amount of girls Jonas pointed out in his yearbook who fancied him, I’m worried they may get a bit bitchy too. He said they’re mainly skaters so I might not fit in. Jonas said he won’t leave me out though.

They might think I’m too quiet as well if I don’t say much for fear of embarrassing myself. I can’t help being worried and I don’t want Jonas to think less of me for doing it. He doesn’t seem to worry very much but I do all the time. I think he thinks I’m a bit stupid for worrying.

I’m also not convinced that he likes me as much as I like him at the moment. I’m probably just being paranoid though. He said he’s looking forward to seeing me and loves me and we did have a laugh about me worrying on the phone.

I went to The Green Dragon pub quiz after speaking to Jonas with Denny, Rocky and Floyd.  We won a bottle of red wine. Yay!

Ooh, I’ve just remembered something Jonas said. I told him if his mates don’t like me then I don’t have to see them again. He then said it depends on us because he might be going to see them at Christmas and I could go too. 🙂

On Thursday I went to the Trafford Centre and did The Run [pub crawl]. Jonas told me his dad’s house has been burgled. All his camera equipment’s gone along with Jonas’s CDs. Poor them.

On Friday I set off for T in the Park with Jonas. It was at Balado near Kinross and it was a good drive up there. When we arrived we got our sparkly green wristbands, found Jonas’s mates and set up the tent. It turns out his mates are all really nice and kind of reminded me of my lot.

However, Jonas was kind of forcing me to speak to people, like the one girl (Fiona) and I didn’t know what to say. It was ok though. We did stuff in the tent when we went to bed but Jonas was really stoned. We didn’t really get all that much sleep cos we were near the fairground and it had crappy dance music going on all night. There were lots of drunk people staggering past out tent too which made me a bit more nervous as I had visions of one falling on us.

Practising kissing on his hand – 30th June 2002

Sunday 30th  Jonas turned up at Storthes earlier than expected on Monday which was a very nice surprise. It was sooooo nice to see him and we cuddled lots. We talked and kissed lots as well which was nice. He said he’d been practising kissing on his hand cos he couldn’t remember what it was like! I got a bit upset because I didn’t want him to leave again.

We talked about my work placement and him starting work and he said if we can get through that then who knows what could happen! He said 80% of students marry people they met at uni 🙂 I went to uni with him on Tuesday. He had a presentation of his work or something so I wandered round and met him after it. He’s a bit of a swot really! He’s the only one who turned up.

We cuddled and did stuff again and he helped me pack my stuff to go home. He went and then I went. I haven’t handed my key in yet but I will soon. I’m not that fussed about leaving Storthes cos there’s nobody there and it’s boring.

I went to the Trafford Centre on Wednesday then town on Thursday night for Lizzie’s birthday. It was good because Warrington’s improved since I left. Mr Smith’s has been done up too. Some dancy-crap singer called Kelly Llorenna or something came down on a stage from the ceiling so we did the YMCA to her. We also met Cat’s 32 year old ‘boy’friend that she found on the internet. He seems ok and looks a bit like Cat! Lizzie and I pretended to pole dance round Sarah and Isaac and I took the piss out of scallies by imitating their dancing. That’s always fun!

On Friday, Abby drove me to Warrington Central station so I could go to Gainsborough but there were train strikes so none were direct to Huddersfield where I wanted to change. My phone battery had died so it was just by chance I spotted Abby. While deciding what to do, I saw Cat and Lizzie so Cat let me charge my phone in Dawsons where she works.

I decided to go to Jonas’s anyway and had to change trains at Manchester Piccadilly. I got completely lost but eventually found the right platform but had to wait for ages. There was another guy trying to get to Hull but couldn’t find his train. I tried to help but couldn’t and I felt really sorry for him.

I eventually got to Huddersfield but only to find there were no trains going to Lincoln. They’d all been cancelled. I was pretty pissed off and didn’t know what to do so I went to Storthes. I manages to get hold of Jonas and he very kindly offered to pick me up. I did make it to Gainsborough in the end!

Jonas told me his auntie’s house is haunted (thanks, Jonas!) so I was glad when I wasn’t on my own. They’ve got lots of cats so I blamed noises on them to make me feel better! We were very pleased to see each other and had a nice snuggle up on the sofa watching TV. It was very nice having the whole house to ourselves and a double bed.

Jonas was at work til 2pm on Saturday so I was scared all morning! We went to Cleethorpes to the beach but the sea was really far out. We walked along the sand anyway. That evening we had a BBQ at his mum’s and I met her boyfriend Mike. Laura gave me a belt too which was nice of her cos she doesn’t wear it anymore. We went to see his dad briefly too.

After Gainsborough, Jonas drove me to Huddersfield and we said goodbye. Mum and Dad then came and cleared out my room. I handed my key in so I’ve officially left Storthes. EEK! I don’t want anyone else to have my room but I am looking forward to living in a house. I’ve left my 1st year accommodation and it only seems 2 minutes since I moved in!

Goodbye Room 5, Flat 5, Block D, Boothroyd Court!