It was horrible saying bye to Mum just in case I died – 18th August 2002

Sunday 18th  Work was as boring as usual this week, although I did get to do a lot of plans. I got told I was good at doing them and it must be genetic cos my dad does good plans. Malcolm said I “draw mean plans” twice as fast as Dad but I doubt they’re as good cos he knows what he’s doing and I don’t really!

Rosie came back to work this week. She’s who I was replacing for a while. She’s going to do teacher training in Hull but had to come back for 3 weeks which she owes them. She seems nice. I got to go out on site this week too which was quite good. It was dye tracing in drains at a school in Harthill, Cheshire.

Jonas said he might be working at Reading Festival with Paul. He sounded really disappointed when I said I could only “probably” go to Scotland with him. He said I’ve got to go. I do want to but it depends on the house thing. I spoke to Jonas again on Wednesday and I was worrying about our student house, Reading and stuff. I then worried that he’s probably go off me for worrying.

My mates and I did the pub quiz on Wednesday as well. We won 2 bottles of wine.

On Friday, I woke up feeling very ill. I had a temperature and just felt generally rough. This worried me greatly because once we got back to the office after being out on site on Tuesday, Malcolm told me and Darren that he’s seen rats about. He said to be cautious if we felt fluey in about 3 days because we’d been around the drains and sewage works. Shiiiit!!

I went to Jonas’s anyway, hoping it was just a 24 hour bug. It was horrible saying bye to Mum just in case I died of Weil’s disease. I felt like I was going to pass out on the train. I’d taken some Panadol but it just made me feel numb.

Jonas was very worried about me when I explained. He wanted to take me to casualty but I refused because I would’ve felt stupid and wasted people’s time had it been nothing. Instead, I rang NHS Direct. The nurse who rang back said I could have leptospirosis and to see a doctor as soon as I could.

Jonas’s mum was very kind and let us have her bed. They were all being really nice to me and I felt guilty for being a burden. I hope they don’t catch anything!

I felt better yesterday. My temperature had gone but I had a sore throat with white bits on my tonsils to replace it. Jonas still wanted me to see a doctor but I didn’t. We went to Lincoln for the day and it was very hot. I had no energy so we didn’t stay long but it was a nice day. I bought Archie a horse posing pouch that neighs for his birthday from Ann Summers. He said he measures up to ‘stallion’ on a chart we have so I thought it was fitting!

I really wanted a snog from Jonas all day but due to me being ill, I didn’t get one.

I felt better still this morning. I’ve decided to go home tomorrow though. Jonas and I went for a walk along the river and then had a drive. We did some “stuff” when we got back to Jonas’s and I got lots of snogs. 🙂

Jonas is a bit worried about his resit tomorrow.


He just has to add something slightly pervy – 11th August 2002

Sunday 11th  I got paid £262.50 for working at Tor on Monday. That was nice because I was bored again for most of the week. Last week I was asked to post brochures to the people who are being interviewed this week. I’d had trouble getting them in the post box cos they were too big so I kind of bent them and shoved them in. I’d been worried they’d got stuck at the top of the post box and nobody would get them.

Well, on Tuesday, Malcolm told me they had arrived but everyone had had to pay £1.50 because they were too heavy for a 1st class stamp. Oops! Nobody told me and I had asked Janet and she said to send them 1st class so I though that’s what she meant!

Some bloke told Malcolm I was a “nice young lady” too because I’d been helpful on the phone. That made me feel less stupid and thick!

Jonas has made me some CD racks at work. I thought I’d better get him stuff from my work so I filled up an envelope full of paperclips and elastic bands and stuff. 🙂

I texted loads of people from uni while I was bored at work but not many people replied. I’d been in touch with Katy already but other than her, only Violet and Sally replied. Vi said she’s passed all her exams and wants to go back to uni and stop working. Sally said, “Helloooo” at the start of hers (maybe she’s not heard from many people!) and told me she’s in Cornwall at the moment. Kevin also replied later on and told me he’s working for his mum and trying to lose his beer belly. Yuck! He repulses me sooo much!!

I missed Jonas all this week really badly and couldn’t wait to see him. He keeps telling me he loves me 🙂 mmm! I went to Gainsborough on Friday but missed my connection in Sheffield by seconds. That meant I had to wait an hour but it was very, very, very nice seeing Jonas when I eventually arrived. We went to bed quite early and did stuff.

Yesterday, Jonas drive us to Huddersfield. We saw our houses again. My room looks so bloody small! When we got back to Jonas’s, we watched Lord of the Rings then went downstairs and sat in the dimmed light and cuddled, listening to Lene Marlin’s album Playing My Game. It was very nice. It was all perfect and lovely and was one of those times I didn’t want to end.

Jonas said he was trying to be romantic and wanted to dance with me. We basically just cuddled standing up instead. He said he wishes he could come home to me after work. 🙂 He then said he wanted to lie naked in a big silky bed. Typical Jonas! He just has to add something slightly pervy! 🙂 I didn’t want to leave and he didn’t want me to go.

Today, Jonas mentioned going up to Forres (and maybe Wick for a bit) in September. I really want to go but I’m worried about it clashing with moving into our house in Huddersfield.

We went to Meadowhall in Sheffield for a bit and Laura was sick. Nice. It’s not as good as the Trafford Centre.

I really hate leaving Jonas and he really didn’t want me to go. I got him to a text from him with “Love u” at the end. 🙂


I didn’t want any awkward silences – 4th August 2002

Sunday 4th  Worked this week and it wasn’t too bad. I got to go out on site in Haydock and I got to draw lots of plans. I like doing that.

Jonas got his mobile working so I rang him. We had a long conversation about him not phoning me and he said he’s definitely not going off me.

This week, my friends and I came 2nd in the pub quiz again. We prefer 2nd prize to 1st prize cos we got alcohol and winners get a meal vouchers. We also went to see Men in Black 2 which is good but not as good as the first one.

On Friday, Jonas came to visit me again. We went out in Manchester with Cat, Cat’s boyfriend Jerry Johnson, Archie and Isaac. It was okay but most people we invited didn’t come and Cat just snogged Jerry all night. That meant I couldn’t do the same to Jonas cos Archie and Isaac don’t really know each other and I didn’t want any awkward silences. Jonas did keep grabbing me and saying he loved me which was nice.

We stayed in Jerry’s flat which is a bit small and boring but it saved us a taxi fare. Jonas and I got the spare room and got up to 5 in it.

Yesterday, Jerry brought us home which was nice and Jonas and I went to Chester cos Jonas wanted to see the city walls and stuff. It was a nice day out but we had to leave because a nasty looking black cloud started heading our way. We stopped off to see Oulton Park quickly on the way back.

Jonas stayed in my bed until 7am ish which I liked. It was really nice and cosy.

Today I went to see Men in Black 2 again at the Trafford Centre with Jonas. I saw 2 people who used to be in Swing Band at school. When we got back to mine, we tried to do stuff but it didn’t really work. Neither of us wanted Jonas to leave but unfortunately he had to.

It was also the end of the Commonwealth Games today. That’s a shame cos I’ve enjoyed them. Manchester was very lively when we went out too.


Wrapper from a lolly I bought when I went to see MIB2 with my friends. It’s cute!

A dog called Ballsniffer – 28th July 2002

Sunday 28th  I didn’t have a great time at work at the beginning of this week. For a start it was boring and then Malcolm said I should’ve asked about work I had to do the next day earlier on. I couldn’t because they were all busy. Then on Tuesday, I actually cried (not in front of anyone) because Malcolm was using me as a skivvy to make cups of tea and stuff while I was trying to get loads of more important work done for Janet.

Jonas and my friends made me feel better though. I spoke to Jonas on the phone and we were talking about maybe going on holiday together somewhere. I really miss him lots.

On Tuesday, my friends and I went to Heath Farm pub in Congleton for tea because it’s a 2 for 1 pub which is what The Green Dragon is going to be soon. Everyone who works there wanted to see what they were like. We went to Floyd’s afterwards. The lads are really funny sometimes and they make me laugh.

Work improved on Wednesday. I was shown how to draw plans on Corel Draw 8 then I had to do one myself for Janet. I enjoyed it actually, plus I got to sit upstairs on my own so I had no-one watching me if I felt like texting Jonas or something!

I couldn’t get hold of Jonas that evening but I had a missed call while I was doing The Green Dragon pub quiz. I rang Jonas back and he told me he’s had his phone nicked. It was on the kitchen worktop at his dad’s while they were out at the front and someone went in the back door and took it. He said he wants a cuddle and a kiss and a cry. Aww, poor Jonas! He said he loves me and misses me and wants to go back to uni. He told me he’s unhappy when he’s not with me cos I make him happy. 🙂 He said he thinks about me all the time and does try to text me but his phone deletes stuff while he’s thinking about what to say.

Work wasn’t too bad again on Thursday. Janet sent me and Darren out to find hoover bags on our lunch break which Darren was not amused by. He had a bit of a moan about Malcolm and Janet and said he used to go out for hot meals at lunch but nobody does anymore. He said if I ever fancied it then to say so. That was nice and I hope and think it was totally innocent. Just in case it wasn’t, I dropped Jonas and the fact he’s my boyfriend into a conversation.

It was the opening ceremony for the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games. It made me feel proud to live near Manchester and I wish I couldn’t been a volunteer.

Jonas phoned me and said his phone was found in a car park so he’s got it back. He told me he loves me. 🙂

On Friday, I went into town with Lizzie and Karen. It was good but pretty uneventful. We played Suck & Blow with beer mats, much to the delight of the lads and bouncers stood near us, Karen fell over and Karen pulled some lad. That was it.

Jonas came to my house yesterday. We did The Run pub crawl with a few people which was funny, e.g. Isaac said he wants a dog called Ballsniffer which will be his own breed called a crotch hound. Ok, it was funny at the time anyway. Neil Kennedy analysed mine and Jonas’s relationship saying (from what he saw that night) Jonas is the daft one and I’m more sensible. I think it alternates to be honest!

Jonas said he likes my mates and we seem to have similar friends to each other. He slept in my bed until 5am ish. I liked having him in there but I didn’t want Mum seeing. He talks in his sleep which is cute!

Before Jonas went home today, we watched the Formula 1 and I drove us (not very well – I got Jonas to park for me!) to the Trafford Centre to see Austin Powers 3 at the cinema. It was very good and very funny. My driving home wasn’t too bad but I could tell Jonas was lying when he said he was impressed and felt relaxed!

I got a bit upset when he was leaving today. I hate not seeing him during the week. He said he loves me and will text and ring me cos he shouldn’t be too busy.

Over the last few nights I’ve been getting a funny feeling when I’ve been falling asleep. I’ve had it before about a year and a half ago when I lost the sensation in my legs. It’s horrible. I get a funny rushing feeling, kind of like when something makes you jump but I don’t actually jump. It stopped me sleeping the other night and I had extra weird dreamy things when I was half asleep. I don’t like it. I hope there’s nothing wrong with me like my heart stops or something.


I DO NOT want an office job – 21st July 2002

Sunday 21st  I started work at Tor Environmental Consultancy on Tuesday. It was an okay first day and everyone seems nice enough. There’s Malcolm Michaels (the owner and Head Consultant), Janet Hill (another consultant), Darren Spen (Assistant Consultant) and Kathleen Burley (Office Manager). I just got shown the basics, e.g. how to work the photocopier, and got odd jobs to do like filing stuff and posting letters.

By Wednesday I’d decided I DO NOT want an office job when I finish uni. I don’t mind being in one for a bit but not all day, every day. Malcolm, Janet and Darren are out on site all the time so being an Environmental Consultant might suit me. It was just incredibly boring over the last couple of days. 8 hours doesn’t half drag! People spoke to me a bit on Thursday which was good and I’d been asked to work on Saturday. I’d get £7.50 per hour but I’d already said I’d see Jonas.

We won wine at The Green Dragon pub quiz on Wednesday night. Everyone was impressed by my good-sounding job until I told them how boring it can get.

I watched Graham Norton on TV this weekend and somebody sent in a picture of the sign for the village of Twatt on Orkney. I was going to do that one day!

I went to Gainsborough on Friday. We stayed at Jonas’s mum’s house but went round to his dad’s new and empty house for a bath (once we’d got the spiders out) and other stuff which was nice and fun. It was sooo nice to see him!

We went to Lincoln yesterday with Jonas’s sister. It was thundery and we get very, very wet. When we got back and dried off we got up to 5 in his sofa bed. His room looks quite good now, even though it’s very small. Jonas said he’ll never dump me and he wants to buy me a toe ring. I remembered that at T in the Park he said it could be like a secret engagement ring! 🙂 He also said he loves me sooo much. Yey!

Before I left we did stuff together and then Jonas had to speak to a policewoman about his dad’s house being robbed. I watched the F1 while that went on and Michael Schumacher won the whole damn thing. Boring and predictable.

It was horrible saying goodbye to Jonas at the station today. Neither of us wanted me to go. I hate leaving him cos I love him so much.


I was ready to punch the knobhead in the balls – 15th July 2002 – Part 2

Monday 15th continued  On Saturday morning we made our way to the arena and over to the NME Stage. We watched lots of bands such as:

  • Hundred Reasons
  • A
  • Idlewild
  • Less Than Jake
  • Hoobastank

They were all very good. We got pretty near to the front and there was a TV camera pointing at us loads. We wandered round all the stalls and over to the main stage to see The Hives.

We watched Athlete in King Tut’s Wah Wah tent too. They were cool.

Back at the NME Stage we saw a mini whirlwind come across us, pick up some litter and swirl it round really high up. I saw Rhian too. She didn’t take her phone so I couldn’t find her again after that.

I really, really hate portaloos now. I dread going to the toilet because they’re sooo disgusting. I’ve hardly drunk any alcohol so I don’t need to pee as much. It’s certainly a good incentive to remain sober!

The last band we saw was Oasis. I like them a lot but they definitely weren’t as entertaining to us as some of the less well known bands.

We sat around our group of tents after that and Jonas and his mates played guitars and sang. Ross, Fraser, Andrew and Neil are in a band called The Gloria Flaw and they want us to see them do a gig in Forres one day. Apparently Jonas is mentioned on their website cos he was in a band with some of them once.

When we went to bed, Jonas was saying that he wanted to go to Gretna Green to get married. 🙂 He was jokingly saying it but said he meant it.

Sunday was good but not brilliant. Jonas and I missed a band called Biffy Clyro that Jonas’s mates know and really like because we were stood in a queue for the cash machine for 2 and a half hours. It was ridiculous! Cheeky little bastards kept pushing in at the front so they rest of us who’d politely waited were stuck for bloody ages. The security guy at the front must’ve been blind!

I got very, very pissed off when a lanky guy pushed in right in front of me and Jonas. I asked him to get out of the queue and he started trying to deny he’d done it. The woman behind us saw him and was annoyed so he started on Jonas. He couldn’t have hit him very well because he was obviously pissed but I was ready to punch the knobhead in the balls if I’d needed to. I didn’t.

That afternoon we watched Foo Fighters then Green Day who were excellent. It was so good! We just missed out on getting in the mosh pit bit were as close as we could be otherwise. They got people up on stage to play their instruments and the lad with green hair who played the bass had a sister stood right by us.

That evening we sat around singing and stuff again. A couple of other people joined in too. I was a wee bit tipsy but not too bad. When we went to bed, Jonas asked me how long I thought we should’ve been going out before we did stuff without anything. I asked why and he said it’s more personal. I then asked how he knew and he told me he did it without anything the first time he ever had sex. I’m not impressed. He said he’d get checked out for diseases if I wanted. He then got all upset about it and said he’s worried about it before. We made up and he said he still wants to marry me. 🙂 I’m very cautious about it anyway. I’m not sure it’s worth the risks really.

This morning we packed up our tent and stuff, said goodbye to the Forres lot and left Kinross. I didn’t really want to go cos it’s been a good weekend. I had a small go at Jonas for his driving but then felt guilty and apologised. Jonas said it didn’t matter. He stopped at mine for tea and said he didn’t want to leave. I hope I can see him again at the weekend.

I’m a bit nervous about starting my job tomorrow. EEK!


A pair of jeans and a yellow space hopper – 15th July 2002 – Part 1

Monday 15th  I got offered a job at Tor Environmental Consultancy last Tuesday. It’s the job of Office Assistant. The main boss guy, Malcolm Michaels, used to live next door but one (he still lives in the village), knows Dad and helped me with my A-level Geography project. He must’ve remembered what I’m doing at uni and offered me the job before he handed it over to the Job Centre. Cool! It’s £5 an hour and 4 days a week.

I went shopping with Denny to Cheshire Oaks last week too. He wanted to get himself some “sexy-ass summer shit” and wanted the opinion of someone else. I got a pair of jeans and a yellow space hopper while I was there.

I phoned Jonas when I got back and he said he’d spoken to his mate Ross in Forres about T in the Park. Apparently there are 3 minibuses going from Forres. EEK!! That’s a lot of Jonas’s mates to meet. My cousin Rhian’s going too but won’t get there until Saturday. I’m a bit nervous of going now. They know all the bands and I don’t really. Judging by the amount of girls Jonas pointed out in his yearbook who fancied him, I’m worried they may get a bit bitchy too. He said they’re mainly skaters so I might not fit in. Jonas said he won’t leave me out though.

They might think I’m too quiet as well if I don’t say much for fear of embarrassing myself. I can’t help being worried and I don’t want Jonas to think less of me for doing it. He doesn’t seem to worry very much but I do all the time. I think he thinks I’m a bit stupid for worrying.

I’m also not convinced that he likes me as much as I like him at the moment. I’m probably just being paranoid though. He said he’s looking forward to seeing me and loves me and we did have a laugh about me worrying on the phone.

I went to The Green Dragon pub quiz after speaking to Jonas with Denny, Rocky and Floyd.  We won a bottle of red wine. Yay!

Ooh, I’ve just remembered something Jonas said. I told him if his mates don’t like me then I don’t have to see them again. He then said it depends on us because he might be going to see them at Christmas and I could go too. 🙂

On Thursday I went to the Trafford Centre and did The Run [pub crawl]. Jonas told me his dad’s house has been burgled. All his camera equipment’s gone along with Jonas’s CDs. Poor them.

On Friday I set off for T in the Park with Jonas. It was at Balado near Kinross and it was a good drive up there. When we arrived we got our sparkly green wristbands, found Jonas’s mates and set up the tent. It turns out his mates are all really nice and kind of reminded me of my lot.

However, Jonas was kind of forcing me to speak to people, like the one girl (Fiona) and I didn’t know what to say. It was ok though. We did stuff in the tent when we went to bed but Jonas was really stoned. We didn’t really get all that much sleep cos we were near the fairground and it had crappy dance music going on all night. There were lots of drunk people staggering past out tent too which made me a bit more nervous as I had visions of one falling on us.

He said it was just hormones – 7th July 2002

Sunday 7th  I went to Mum’s primary school this week to help her with the visits from the children going to into her class next year. That’s about all I’ve done actually.

On Friday I got the train to Lincoln to see Jonas again. I avoided the Huddersfield route but ended up getting stuck in Sheffield for an hour after a train there made toilet stops at each station because the train loos were broken. I got to Gainsborough eventually and Jonas was waiting on the platform. He gave me a kiss and asked for a hug and was very smiley. I’d been pissed off when I spoke to him on the phone because of the trains but he didn’t seem to care.

When we arrived at his auntie’s house, we watched the film Road Trip and got up to level 5. Yesterday we walked into Gainsborough but there’s not much to do. We went to sleep for a bit and then Jonas asked me if I had any secretary-style clothes. Jonas sighed (nicely) and when I asked why, he said it was because he’s “content like this”. It was very nice. 🙂 He bleached his hair yesterday as well but it didn’t go too blonde which I’m quite glad about!

Jonas’s cousin Emma came round with baby Joseph and Jonas was really sweet with him He’s really cute.

Jonas told me lots that he loves me and missed me when I wasn’t with him.

We went to Jonas’s mum’s for Sunday lunch today. We then went back to his auntie’s to check the train times and dye Jonas’s hair red. I’ve ended up with red streaks in mine too cos Jonas persuaded me to let him put some in. He said he loves me and didn’t want me to go.

I got in a slight strop/panic cos I thought I was going to miss my train (I didn’t) but he said it didn’t matter. He’s really good when it comes to putting up with any moods I get into! He said last week’s huff didn’t matter either cos it was just hormones. At least he realised why it was. Most lads probably wouldn’t. He’s very understanding.

I do enjoy being with Jonas on my own in a whole house. It’s really nice. 🙂 When I got home, I had an email from him and I phoned him to say night night.


Practising kissing on his hand – 30th June 2002

Sunday 30th  Jonas turned up at Storthes earlier than expected on Monday which was a very nice surprise. It was sooooo nice to see him and we cuddled lots. We talked and kissed lots as well which was nice. He said he’d been practising kissing on his hand cos he couldn’t remember what it was like! I got a bit upset because I didn’t want him to leave again.

We talked about my work placement and him starting work and he said if we can get through that then who knows what could happen! He said 80% of students marry people they met at uni 🙂 I went to uni with him on Tuesday. He had a presentation of his work or something so I wandered round and met him after it. He’s a bit of a swot really! He’s the only one who turned up.

We cuddled and did stuff again and he helped me pack my stuff to go home. He went and then I went. I haven’t handed my key in yet but I will soon. I’m not that fussed about leaving Storthes cos there’s nobody there and it’s boring.

I went to the Trafford Centre on Wednesday then town on Thursday night for Lizzie’s birthday. It was good because Warrington’s improved since I left. Mr Smith’s has been done up too. Some dancy-crap singer called Kelly Llorenna or something came down on a stage from the ceiling so we did the YMCA to her. We also met Cat’s 32 year old ‘boy’friend that she found on the internet. He seems ok and looks a bit like Cat! Lizzie and I pretended to pole dance round Sarah and Isaac and I took the piss out of scallies by imitating their dancing. That’s always fun!

On Friday, Abby drove me to Warrington Central station so I could go to Gainsborough but there were train strikes so none were direct to Huddersfield where I wanted to change. My phone battery had died so it was just by chance I spotted Abby. While deciding what to do, I saw Cat and Lizzie so Cat let me charge my phone in Dawsons where she works.

I decided to go to Jonas’s anyway and had to change trains at Manchester Piccadilly. I got completely lost but eventually found the right platform but had to wait for ages. There was another guy trying to get to Hull but couldn’t find his train. I tried to help but couldn’t and I felt really sorry for him.

I eventually got to Huddersfield but only to find there were no trains going to Lincoln. They’d all been cancelled. I was pretty pissed off and didn’t know what to do so I went to Storthes. I manages to get hold of Jonas and he very kindly offered to pick me up. I did make it to Gainsborough in the end!

Jonas told me his auntie’s house is haunted (thanks, Jonas!) so I was glad when I wasn’t on my own. They’ve got lots of cats so I blamed noises on them to make me feel better! We were very pleased to see each other and had a nice snuggle up on the sofa watching TV. It was very nice having the whole house to ourselves and a double bed.

Jonas was at work til 2pm on Saturday so I was scared all morning! We went to Cleethorpes to the beach but the sea was really far out. We walked along the sand anyway. That evening we had a BBQ at his mum’s and I met her boyfriend Mike. Laura gave me a belt too which was nice of her cos she doesn’t wear it anymore. We went to see his dad briefly too.

After Gainsborough, Jonas drove me to Huddersfield and we said goodbye. Mum and Dad then came and cleared out my room. I handed my key in so I’ve officially left Storthes. EEK! I don’t want anyone else to have my room but I am looking forward to living in a house. I’ve left my 1st year accommodation and it only seems 2 minutes since I moved in!

Goodbye Room 5, Flat 5, Block D, Boothroyd Court!


I went without a shower for 3 days – 22nd June 2002

Saturday 22nd  The fieldtrip was hell. Last year they went to Malta, the Geography lot went to Switzerland and we get dumped in South Wales. Woohoo.

The place we stayed in was awful. From the outside it looked okay but once inside, ugh! It was freezing cold, the rooms were tiny and full of midges and it was just generally crap. I shared a room with Jen and Sally which we were very pleased about cos we could’ve been with the old people. However, we couldn’t actually get into our room at first due to the door handle being knackered. Once we did get in, the stuff we put on the floor (mainly clothes) ended up damp because of a wet patch across half the room.

After a particularly unpleasant tea on the 1st night, Sally, Jen and I decided to have a shower. We found some in the block that were pretty nasty looking with brown patches on the walls and hair clogging up the plug, but we were told they were for staff and ours were across the car park. The ones for us were 10 times worse. They were cold with muddy puddles full of grass on the floor, a vast collection of dead insects scattered around, cobwebs in the windows and brown/yellow stains everywhere. They looked like they hadn’t been cleaned for years. The showers themselves were pathetic trickles that took about 10 minutes to warm up and we later found out the water came from a stream (probably full of dead sheep).

If being traumatised by having daddy long legs flying round in the shower wasn’t enough, on my way out I spotted it. The biggest fucking moth I have EVER seen was sat on the door to get out. It was kind of sparrow-sized and I was sooo scared of it flying at me. It stayed there all week too and even the lads were scared to shift the thing. At one point I went without a shower for 3 days just cos of the moth!

We were out doing fieldtrips every day. Some were awful, e.g. when Dr V took 2 hours to explain something that could’ve taken 5 minutes while we were being eaten alive by midges and missing our dinner. Some, like the trips to the beach and rock pools, I quite enjoyed. We visited Port Talbot steelworks (Corus), sand dunes and rock pools at the Gower Peninsula, mud, beaches and a pub.

The fieldtrips would’ve been much more bearable had we not had Dr V rambling on and on and on. Just as you thought he’d stopped talking, he started again, usually due to an old person or Ben asking a question. Even the other lecturers got bored!

Another annoying thing about the damn trip was that we missed most of the World Cup. Just before we had to do our presentations on the last day (ours was on the rock pools – me, Jen and Sally did it) we got to watch England lose to Brazil on a tiny fuzzy black and white TV. Oh joy.

The whole trip just got to the point when it was so bad it was funny. On nights, we were working til 11:30pm and watched Archie trying to force down a shepherd’s pie, which he hates. Poor Julie even had to have her birthday there.

I got to know people I’d never really spoken to before and I found I got on really well with Sally. We talked loads and I found out she knows Pierced Sam who’s living with Jonas next year. We’ve got the same taste in lads, clothes, music and hate talking to our parents about lad stuff. She’s been going out with her boyfriend Harvey for a long time too. It’s just weird how I’ve never really bothered with her before because we’ve mainly stuck with people we met in Freshers Week.

Kevin managed to not only piss me off this week but piss off just about everyone else there too. Most people got to know and like each other more but Kevin just annoyed everyone. Here is a list of examples:

  • Jen was telling us how her Scalextric has trucks on it and we were all quite impressed. Kevin then felt the need to better her and reeled of loads of cars he’s got on his.
  • When we had a quiz, Kevin was so determined that his team beat me, Jen, Archie and Sally that he even pissed Ben off who was a member of his team. Ben later told me (on one of his many night time rants in our room about Kevin) that he was actually hoping we’d beat them because of Kevin!
  • Jen put the tiniest bit of vodka in Archie’s pint and Kevin said very loudly how immature it was, I think in the hope Archie might be grateful.
  • Kevin basically said people from council estates are scum. Jen lives on a council estate.

There were many more incidences of Kevin being a prick but I’d be here forever if I wrote them all down.

Ooh, I’ve just remembered another… During our presentation of our project, Kevin said to Archie, “I bet that’s all she’s gonna do” about me when I was changing slides. He was wrong. Grrr! However, Rick and Ben called Kevin “Shit” all week. It started cos they’d called him “Tidy Ida” for folding his underwear and stuff. He didn’t like that so Rick pointed out they could call him much worse, e.g. Shit. Ha ha!

Ben also commented on the fact that Kevin always goes on about the size of his speakers. Ben started saying stuff like, “Which speakers are those then? I don’t think I’ve ever heard you mention them.” Hee hee!

I spoke to Jonas twice when I was in Wales. He said he loves me and misses me but wasn’t doing much but working in a wood yard. He said I could stay at his auntie’s house with him while he looks after it. I did get a bit upset once cos I missed him a lot. I can’t wait to see him.