I still had my tights on when I got home – 9th October 1999

[My friend, Cat, was the subject of the MAJOR GOSSIP and she has very bravely agreed to share her entire diary entries about said MAJOR GOSSIP so, for the next few posts, you’ll be getting her side of the story too…]

My Saturday 9th MAJOR GOSSIP!! Freda phoned me up this afternoon to sort out bowling tonight and she told me some of the things that had happened at this Natalie girl’s 18th last night.

One thing was that Dougie snogged this geekyish girl called Amanda Bryan in College 2. The other thing was that Cat Elliot lost her virginity. What’s going on? The world’s gone mad!!

I really can’t believe it about Cat. Freda said that Cat got really drunk and to start with was going after Dougie. Then later on she went off with a complete geek from College 2 called Chris something. Freda said that someone ran in and said 2 people were shagging outside so she went to see and it was Cat and Chris up against a fence.

She said they did it twice.

Freda also said he tried to put his hand up Cat’s top but she told him not to and he kept telling her she was beautiful.

The worst part is that they didn’t use any protection as far as people know. How can one of the cleverest girls I know be so stupid? I feel really sorry for her now. This is the girl who’s parents won’t even let her watch South Park!

Freda said she phoned Cat before but Cat couldn’t remember anything and had a panic attack when Freda told her what happened. Then she said, “What am I going to do? I’ll have to kill myself!”

Great, so Cat’s gone suicidal. That’s all we need. If she is pregnant then she probably would top herself. I’m worried about her now. I can’t even begin to imagine how she’s feeling now. It’s all so unexpected. Cat’s the last person I thought this’d happen to.

We went bowling this evening. There were loads of fit lads but nowt happened with any of them. There were 2 which I think had their eyes on Hayley and I but some other girls came along.

Big Touchy-Feely Creepy Paul has chosen his next victim – Lucy Jacobs. Yuk!

Hayley kept telling people I was her best mate. I felt like telling her to fuck off but I didn’t.

A fight broke out while we were there with a load of lads and the bouncer-type men chucked them out. They kept trying to come back in but then a big police van arrived and a few were taken away. [#Warrington]


Cat’s Saturday 9th


[Cat thinks this says: Fri late got pissed. Went with Chris. Will go sleep. Luv Cat]

Well, I just got such a shock, which will tell you a bit about last night; I don’t remember writing that!

(About 20 minutes later)
Oh my God. I thought THAT was a shock. Freda rang. She says everyone think I shagged Chris Kelly-Banks – twice!

I have to stay calm. I KNOW I did nothing of the sort, we just got off a few times (JUST kissed, touched etc).

I know that because, for a start, I’d KNOW if I’d done it, wouldn’t I, and also I remember telling him we weren’t going to have sex, and he said he didn’t intend to.

And thirdly, I still had my tights on when I got home, so if that isn’t proof, I don’t know what IS.

Trouble is, Freda’s told everyone in the WORLD. I’ll just have to try and play it cool.

This is so annoying. As long as he thinks the same thing as me, I should be ok. It’s going to be a long month of waiting though…

Oh, and by the way, as of today I am


(10:30pm ish)
Natalie came round to see if I was ok earlier, which was really nice of her considering she got off with Dougie last night and I was throwing myself at him all evening. She’s going around to Chris’s tomorrow to find out what he thinks happened, so that should help ease my mind. (I HOPE!!)

I’ve been praying most of the afternoon.

Oh, I forgot to mention before, but to add to my problems I’ve got to try and hid two huge, red lovebites on my neck.

Otherwise I’m surprising cheerful. Probably because I know I didn’t do what they think I did. Natalie fully believes I didn’t, so it can’t have been that clear cut.

“Go and get in a car with Jake” – 5th & 6th October 1999

Tuesday 5th Aled surprised me again today. He actually admitted to being nervous about going to the dentist. He’s got to have 2 fillings and was going on all day about how he didn’t want an injection. I just didn’t think he was the type of lad to admit stuff like that for fear of being called soft. I thought it was quite sweet.

He’s also ended up being a rep for his form. They have to go to meetings and put our opinions forward and stuff. He said he didn’t really want to do it but he put his hand up as a joke and then Julian seconded him.

We had a fire practice in last lesson. I got to see Trotter so I was quite happy about that. There were loads of people stood between where I was in my form on the all-weather pitch and where he was but at one point there was a big gap all the way through so I looked at him and he looked at me and glanced away. That happened a couple of times.

I really do like him. Lizzie reckons he’d be really nice looking if he toned his sideys down a bit. I like them the way they are.

Big Touchy-Feely Creepy Paul told Zoe he liked her yesterday. Sarah’s really upset about it. She hasn’t actually said so but I could tell.

Lizzie’s probably going to go somewhere with Brett at the weekend. He phoned last night and asked if she wanted to go somewhere and she said yes. Poor Oscar! He’s not got a clue what’s really going on.


Wednesday 6th I’ve found another lad now to add to the list of lads I fancy. There’s Aled Brownlee and Darren Lawton (Trotter) and now there’s Jake Taylor. There’s a problem with the new one though – Cat likes him too.

I didn’t like him during today at school which is when I found out Cat did. There was a secret which she told Lizzie and I narrowed it down to being that she fancied a College 2 lad last week. Then today I did a lot of mithering and eventually found out it was Jake that she liked, although it was only this evening that I decided I liked him myself.

There was meant to be a bowling trip with college tonight but it got cancelled because hardly anyone was going but Aled, Oscar, Lizzie, Cat, Freda, Zoe, Bridget, Zack Bain, Denzel Chadwick, Harvey Anson, Julian Olsen, Karen and I all went anyway. When we arrived I spotted some College 2s and then realised Jake was with them. This made Cat happy.

I commented how he was actually quite nice looking and Freda heard and twisted it and decided to tell everyone I fancied him (I do now). She started shouting stuff like, “Do you really fancy Jake, Tess?!” when he walked past and told his mates I fancied him. Jake then kept looking over at me, probably to see if I was looking at him, which I was but only to see if he was looking at me, which he was.

After I’d won a bowling game against Lizzie, Oscar and Aled, we ate and then headed for the dodgems and arcade bit. Jake and co were over there and, just as people were beginning to climb into the dodgems, one of Jake’s mates came over and said, “Are you Tess?” I said yes and then he said, “Go and get in a car with Jake.”

If I hadn’t known Cat fancied him and if he didn’t think I fancied him, I might well have done but Lizzie cut in and said, “No, it’s Cat that fancies him.” Meanwhile, Jake had wandered over and heard this and, I don’t mean to sound big-headed or anything, but I’m sure he looked a bit disappointed! Nothing interested happened in the end though.

We had to go back to Oscar’s afterwards because that’s where we dumped our bags. I saw his mum and dad and they were introduced to Lizzie again.

Nothing seemed to be happening with Aled and me either. I don’t think he likes me that way. He acts more like he fancies Lizzie than me. He has re-invited me to stay over at his house with Lizzie and his mates sometime soon though.


“Man, I feel like a woman” – 29th & 30th September 1999

Wednesday 29th Freda brought her bloody photos in again today. I think she’s doing it deliberately to embarrass people. Even Oscar’s little brother (he’s in Year 7) has seen them.

Aled and Julian nearly gave me a heart attack on my way home. I knew they were walking behind me somewhere but I didn’t expect them to be right behind me so when they yelled, “Wicked Bitch of the West!” I nearly choked on my bloody lolly! Of course, Aled found this rather amusing and called me dizzy too because he said they’d been shouting “Tessa!” for ages. I’d been miles away as usual. I always get into deep thought on my way home and them making me jump like that brought me crashing back down to earth.

The Wicked Bitch of the West thing was Julian’s idea. He’s been calling me that for a while now because I’ve been taking the piss out of him a bit about Kala L and stuff. Lizzie’s the Wicked Bitch of the East because she does the same. Sad boy! I’m not really bothered though, I thought it was quite funny but it’s worn off a bit now.

Also on my way home, this red, old Ford Fiesta drove past. It beeped from behind me and then I saw there were 3 lads in it, one of which was hanging out of the passenger window shouting something at me which I couldn’t hear. It kind of reminded me of certain parts of our holiday in Wick this year,

Just before I reached home I saw the same car back out of next door’s driveway. They went back towards school and one lad stuck his tongue out at me. They must be mates with the lad next door. I don’t think they saw where I lived.


Thursday 30th I found out Patrick Campbell complimented me the other week. Hayley said at lunch that she thought he liked me because when she told him she wasn’t speaking to me, he asked why and said I had lovely eyes. He said that in Belgium too.

Oscar made me laugh today. He didn’t mean to though. He was sat on a table behind me at break and suddenly I heard him sing, “Man, I feel like a woman”. It completely cracked me up. He just had that Shania Twain song stuck in his head. I don’t think he thought about what words he was actually singing!

I saw quite a bit of Trotter today. I also found out off a sheet on the noticeboard that his birthday is 8th July 1982. It was mostly in my last free period that I saw him. I went in the downstairs common room and he was in there. Zoe said he kept looking over and he was watching me as I went out of the room. He went off with his mates at one point and came back eating a Chupa Chups lolly like the ones I’ve been constantly eating. I really do like him. Quite a few people agree with me that he’s quite nice looking. I wish he really did like me too.

I also still quite like Aled. He was on his own in the last free period so I was going from the upstairs common room to the downstairs pool room (common room). He just sat and talked to me about complete rubbish as usual. I was talking about how I seemed to attract freaks at one point and, as I was walking out of the room, Zoe said, “That includes you, Aled!” His response was, “I’m not a freak!” Zoe then pointed out that he didn’t actually deny he liked me.

Later on, Rani came up and saw Aled and I sat talking. She started saying stuff like, “Why don’t you two just go out? It’s so obvious you like each other. You might as well. Just ask her out.” It shut us both up. It was so embarrassing. Stupid cow!

Later still, I said I was off home but he told me to wait and walk with him and Julian. I did.


I kept waffling on about him – 28th August 1999

Saturday 29th Not a lot happened during the day, I just played about with my mobile phone. This evening though, Mum and Dad went out to Louise B’s wedding do so Abby had her friends round and Hayley came too. We just talked, went on the internet, played Pictionary and The Game of Life, and at one point decided to ring Rhian. She wasn’t at home, she was at Laura’s so Abby phoned there.

Duncan answered. He told Abby they weren’t there but then I decided I might as well speak to him. I wish I hadn’t now. I was just asking where Rhian was and stuff and he told me they were over the road then Hayley decided she wanted to speak and grabbed the phone off me. She started saying how I kept waffling on about him and how I started whining every time I saw the name Duncan on TV and stuff.

She told me afterwards that he sounded pleased but I tend not to believe much that Hayley tells me. She was probably just trying to avoid trouble with me.

I got the phone back and told him to ignore her and apologised for her and he said something about her being crazy. Then I mentioned I had a mobile phone now and asked if he wanted the number. He said, “Not just now, I’m just in the middle of something actually” or summit. I apologised and we said goodbye.

It really sounded like he was trying to get rid of me. That’s why I regretted speaking. He didn’t actually ask to speak to me either. Oh, but I still really like him and miss him so much.

I suppose h e could’ve been doing homework or something because he said he’d been busy with it when I said how I hadn’t heard from him for a while. Fair enough. I should’ve asked him what he was doing really, just to keep my mind at ease.

Rhian never phoned back either. I could’ve found out off her what he was doing otherwise.