Maz has a blue knob – 11th May

Friday 11th A group of us just went in a few of the pubs on The Run [a pub crawl] tonight. We started in The Dog then went to The Woodman then The Grey Hen (from which I ended up with a Tetley’s ashtray in my bag!) and then The Green Dragon. I decided to go in The Dragon because I wasn’t the only one going in who’d fairly recently quit. Cat and Denny also handed in their notice not so long ago so it was a kind of safety in numbers thing, just in case we saw the evil managers.

Cat and I tried to get Sarah a blue condom out of the machine in the toilets as a joke (cos apparently Maz has a blue knob) but we only got a red one and a yellow one. I gave the yellow one to Jake but I don’t know what he did with it. Cat kept the other one.

When we went out of the The Dragon, I laid all the signs stood on the grass face down on the floor in the hope that they’ll lose business because I think it was advertising a quiz night or something!

It was quite a good night and a cheap one too because I got pretty pissed on only 4 pints of diesel! 🙂 I’m not really sure what was good about it, it was just a funny night e.g. some guy in The Dog had a really strange curly wig which kept us amused for ages by just looking at it!

Jake came back to mine afterwards and we just lay on the floor in the dining room. Nothing happened because his taxi came.


Good boyfriend material – 4th April 2001

Wednesday 4th
1 day to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

P. [Period]

Sarah sent Michael Amhurst an email this morning to tell him not to get his hopes up basically about anything happening between them cos she’s still not got over Maz and is hoping to see him over Easter. Not only had she wasted a good lad opportunity but the silly cow says that the Maz bit is true! I don’t believe her sometimes!

Jake rang at about 5:20 pm. He said he’ll be skiing for the last time today cos he’s not going to have time to ski tomorrow. Even though it’s their last day, Jake says they’ll all decided not to get too pissed tonight cos they don’t want to be travelling with hangovers. I wonder how many of them’ll manage to stick to that!

He told me he’s bought another pair of skis while he’s been there but said I can’t have his others very seriously when I jokingly asked. Fine!

Rob (his roommate) wanted to speak to me and so Jake put him on. He sounded nice and cheerful and said he’d heard a lot about me and seen all the photos. I pointed out that I wasn’t exactly pleased when I found out my photos were on the wall but he said they aren’t awful and that I really look like someone he knows at home. He said he’s got loads of pictures of his girlfriend too, told me it was nice speaking to me then put Jake back on.

He got excited about coming home and I told him I was still a bit worried but he said that’s probably normal cos he was worried a bit about seeing me in Valkenburg. He said he’ll understand that I’ll want to see my friends and stuff, and said that he can always see his mates who are back from uni. He said that some Dan lad from Canada lives around here so he’ll probably meet up with him too. Apparently he’s single and probably good boyfriend material so maybe some of my mates would quite like him!


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