I was intending to keep my options open for the night (lad-wise) – 5th February 2000

Saturday 5th I had quite a good night last night. No, actually, it was great!!

Sarah, Hayley, Cat and I had planned a night out. We were going to go to The Dog then on to The Plough again but over the last week that had to change. Cat was going to Amanda Bryan’s 18th birthday party at The Coach and Horses and Hayley decided at the last minute that she didn’t want to go to The Dog for some reason and that she’d just do the pubs in her village. So instead, Sarah and I decided to just go straight to The Coach.

When the taxi dropped us off in her village, we rang Hayley to tell her we’d arrived and I also rang Floyd Miller because he lives round the corner and really fancies Sarah. He came for a bit but then went home because it was obvious that Sarah just wasn’t interested.

Hayley eventually arrived and a girl called Vanessa Wood tagged along with us too because she was also gatecrashing.

There were loads of people from college there when we arrived and it was really lively. Amanda had booked the room upstairs so not many extra people could get away with going. She didn’t mind us though.

I was intending to keep my options open for the night (lad-wise) until I spotted Jake Taylor. He’s gorgeous and loads of people fancy him, including me recently, and he’s a really nice lad too. I didn’t seriously think I had a chance with him because stuff hardly ever happens the way I want it to so I didn’t even bother trying to get with him.

Davis Nolan, Maz P and Dougie were trying to convince me and Keira Osbourne to do a strip when Emma came over and asked me if I liked Jake. I was slightly drunk so I sort of nodded and she went. Vanessa then came over and said, “Do you like Jake?” I just said he was alright or something and she told me to go over and talk to him with her.

I spoke to Emma again later and she told me that Jake said he would snog me but he thought I was a bit shy and that he did like me. She also said that he was constantly looking at me so I turned round and he actually was!

I got dragged onto the dance floor a while later and Emma kept trying to get me to dance nearer Jake. When I didn’t, she decided to push us into on another. It didn’t really work because he was pretty much sober and I hadn’t had all that much by that time.

A few minutes later he was dancing with Maisie Jones. I was pretty gutted because I thought I’d missed my chance but somebody dragged Maisie away from him and the next thing I knew, it was me dancing with him.

We just got closer and closer and ended up snogging. It didn’t last long though because people started clapping and whistling and stuff which made us both laugh. We snogged for a bit longer and then I went to speak to Hayley.

The next thing I remember was being back with Jake again off the dancefloor so I sent him to get me a drink. He came back with my drink and sat on a chair and pulled me onto his knee. We were sat talking for ages, although I can’t really remember what about.

Every time I left him to go and speak to someone, he came to find me and just held my hand or put his arm around me. He’s so lovely!

Most of the time in The Coach is a bit of a blur but things do keep coming back to me so if I remember anything, I’ll have to write it down another time.

Eventually people started leaving the party so a few of us (me, Jake, Dougie, Lizzie, Sarah, Hayley, Cat and Emma) headed for The Plough. We ended up standing around the back entrance of The Coach for ages and Jake was helping me not walk in the puddles because it was so dark.

He kept saying he wished he had his car then we wouldn’t have to go home in taxis. I wish he’d had his car too!

He kept telling me that he’d only had a couple of pints and I was quite flattered to hear that because it means he didn’t just get with me because he was drunk. He was just stood behind me for ages too with his arms round me, holding my hands because I was shivering.

We made a move a bit later after Dougie had phoned a taxi for himself, Lizzie and Jake. They’d ordered it to be at Emma’s within the next hour and the rest of us (although I didn’t know) were getting a taxi from the chippy because we had to walk Hayley home.

My mates headed towards Hayley’s and Emma, Lizzie and Dougie headed for Emma’s. Jake kept trying to persuade me to just go in his taxi but I explained that Cat and Sarah were staying over at mine.

We had a goodbye snog but then I realised Cat etc. had gone. Instead, Dougie changed for his taxi to go to the chippy too so Jake and I were quite pleased about that because it meant we had a bit longer together.

We found my mates and Jake ate all their chips and I snogged him a few more times while we waited for our taxis. I started shivering again so he put my hands in his coat pockets and his hands in my coat pockets. He’s so sweet!

Danny Barnes turned up in his car so Jake went to speak to him for a bit. He came back eating something which I discovered was a mint the next time we snogged!

We thought the taxi had arrived and that I had to leave so I tried to make the most of the few seconds we had left. Fortunately it wasn’t our taxi so I just sat on a bench with Jake for a bit longer. When I really did have to go, he was making little whining noises as if he didn’t want me to leave. I certainly didn’t want to leave but I had to so he just snogged me one last time and said, “See you on Monday.”

I’d forgotten I had to face him in college! I have not got a clue what’s going to happen now but I really like him.

Other stuff happened at the party too.

  • Charlie Wilson tried it on with me but ended up snogging Freda.
  • Ste Rollinson, who my sister fancies, also tried it on but I had to reject him because of Abby and he snogged Hayley later.
  • Hayley also snogged Nathan which I can’t say I’m pleased about.
  • Lizzie snogged Gethin and also Dougie later on which means we’re never going to hear the end of it!

Yesterday day I had a message off Reevesy saying, “DO I MAKE U FFEL HORNY BABY YEAH.” I ignored it until I got drunk and then I sent him one saying, “YEAH U DO MAKE ME HORNY BABY! I WANT U BAD! BY THE WAY, I AM SLIGHTLY PISSED! NO OFFENCE. LUV U! TESSIE xxsnogxx 🙂 x”. I wish I hadn’t done that now.

I was talking to Ken Dronfield yesterday afternoon and he told me that when Paul Nutt delivered my Valentine’s card last year, he shouted back to Ken, “Oh fuck, it’s a gravel drive!” and he legged it to the door, posted the card and ran off again.

Oh, I’ve just remembered. I was stood with Jake and he told someone he was going to get me a Valentine’s card. Do I get him one or not?!


P.S. Since I wrote that stuff about last night, I’ve remembered more and I also have additions from today.

To begin with, I rediscovered a school photo of the year above me on the computer from when they were in Year 11. My sister borrowed it off someone because she fancies most of the lads on it and she scanned it onto the computer. Anyway, this is Jake. →


It’s a bit blurred but it’s better than nothing. That was taken before he bleached his hair! It’s back to normal now though.

I remembered telling him about some of my mates going clubbing to Canal Street in Manchester (Julian and Freda and a few others) and he was trying to put me off going clubbing for some reason. I’m not entirely sure why though.

Today, Abby was on the phone to her mate Jacqueline and she works with Jake’s mate, Samantha Breck. Apparently, Samantha said that Jake really likes me and had done for quite a while. Jac also said that Samantha said I’d better not mess him about because she’ll have to speak to me if I do or something.

I found out later on that she’d actually said not to mess him about and that if I decided to go out with him (not that he’s asked) then I’ve got to know exactly what I’m taking on. You see, his mum’s got cancer and hasn’t got much longer to live. It’s awful really. I just wouldn’t know what to say to him if anything happened but I can’t reject him because of that. I really like him.

Jac said later that Samantha wasn’t threatening me or anything, she’s just a bit concerned. So am I now.

I’ve just remembered that last night we got onto the subject of the Austria ski trip and he kept telling me that he’d asked me to dance at the disco there but I’d said no. I really don’t remember that!

Siamese twins, joined at the gob – 21st March 1998

Saturday 21st I’ve had a pretty bad day. I went ice skating for the day and, I’m telling you, it’s jinxed! Every time (well, the last few times) I go, it’s been awful. Either the wrong people turn up or nobody does. Today was different I s’pose but it’s the people that ruined it.

Emma wanted to get there (Altrincham) for 12:00 noon coz she wanted to get a Mother’s Day card. We took her and, on the way, she got me in trouble with my mum by mentioning that I’d stopped Zoe from coming.

The rink didn’t open ‘til 2:00pm so we said we’d meet everyone else there then. Freddie and only Freddie turned up at that time and I panicked thinking that I’d be stuck with them 2 snogging the faces off each other. Luckily, Sarah did come but later coz of traffic jams.

It was ok until Sarah told me she had to go earlier than the rest of us. She did and then I really was stuck with Emma and Freddie. [My comeuppance for stopping Zoe coming along.] I got sick of them (in more ways than one) and decided I wasn’t, no way, going home with them on the bus so I phoned Mum. I used the excuse that my knee was hurting as well as the truth that the others didn’t want to leave so early. She got pretty annoyed [Too bloody right!] that she’d have to come out and pick me up and I had to wait about an hour with the two that could be Siamese twins, joined at the gob.

My dad came eventually and said Mum had forgiven me and that it didn’t matter.

I can’t believe Emma sometimes! She promised me she wouldn’t leave me on my own and she did. Bitch! I dunno why I bothered going in the first place coz I knew she wouldn’t keep her word.

This is the ski trip for next year: →


I want to go but none of my mates are and it’s dead expensive. My sis is going though.

Blurry Ferny

[Never mind Ferny, I think I can just make out that petrol was 61.9p per litre!!]

And this is a picture if Ferny legging it down that road for some reason. I got it off Freda. Not a great pic.


Dougie snogged his girlfriend in the car park – 15th December 1997

Monday 15th Hello again. There was a concert on at lunch organised by my mates Lucy and Poppy and just to show them how much I appreciate their friendship, I didn’t go! I couldn’t be bothered. There was nobody interesting in it and it cost 30p.

So instead I went to the shop with Freda. Then we went in the Music rooms so she could do some homework coz the library was shut. She told me to go and look at Rob Waterfield with a wig on so I went down the corridor but he’d gone.

I heard people talking and getting closer and I thought I heard Ralph. I waited for a bit until the first person came round the corner. It was David Ingle so I knew Ralph wouldn’t be far behind so I legged it back into the Music room.

I bloody well forgot they were using it as a form room whilst the mock exams were on and they came in. Ralph went up to Mr P and said, “Sir, can we practice The Full Monty?” I burst out laughing and everyone looked at me until Ralph started taking his coat off then everyone’s attention went back onto him.

Jez was stood behind me and I asked him if he was doing The Full Monty thing in the assembly too. He muttered summit about not knowing.

We had the afternoon off so we could set up for Presentation Evening. It was boring. I asked Dougie afterwards if he’d told Ralph about the ‘All I Want For Christmas Is Ralph’ thing. He said he’d told Jez so Ralph probably knows now.

I had to get back to school at 7:00pm and do this Presentation Evening. It’s all speeches and people going up and getting books and stuff.

Becky the Year 9 told me that Dougie snogged his girlfriend in the car park in Warrington. Damn it!

I told Mr P that Emma had been with [snogged] Davis too so she’s been threatening to say summit to Ralph in P.S.E. tomorrow.