Drop dead gorgeous! – 21st – 24th December 1997

Sunday 21st I’m in Wick now. I’m sitting writing this in Rhian’s bedroom whist she and Abby are pissing about with a majorette’s baton. Now Rhian is trying to see what I’m writing so I’m just going to turn away.

That’s better.

I had the day off school on Friday for no reason really except to get sorted for coming here. I took my hamster round to Cat’s and she said I hasn’t missed much.

We travelled all day yesterday and stayed in the Royal Dunkeld Hotel for the night. It was really nice. Then we travelled all day here today. There’s no snow which is disappointing.


Monday 22nd Man Utd beat Newcastle 1-0 last night. Andy Cole scored. I forgot to mention it yesterday.

Rhian, Abby and I went down the town today coz Rhian had some MAD (Music, Arts + Drama) thing on the back of a lorry in the Market Square so Abby and I arranged to meet Dad outside Boots so we could get some more Xmas pressies for Mum. We got quite a few.

I saw this Kenny Blaine who Rhian worships. My 1st reaction was, “Urgh, gross!!!” He is. He’s a complete minger! He looks camp too. I dunno why. I think it was the tight leather jacket and his walk.

I also think I saw Ben McFarlane. He’s my Auntie S’s friend’s son and drop dead gorgeous! He was wearing a baseball cap and sports gear.

I’ve had my cousin Tom mithering us all day to play Scattergories with him and we’ve managed not to give in yet!


Wednesday 24th Xmas Eve!

We went down the town again today to take more cards to people. I saw Ben McFarlane again (it was him on Monday) and I had to cycle slowly past him and his mate. He didn’t have a cap on but he had a bright blue Adidas sweatshirt. Abby and Rhian think he’s minging but I don’t.

As we were passing them, he did turn round and summit about him reminded me of Harry Preston from school.

Tonight we helped Auntie S set out carrot tops and mud for our little cousins Tom and Minnie tomorrow.

[The carrot tops and mud totally fooled them into thinking Rudoph and co had been in their garden. They failed to notice the ‘reindeer droppings’ were raisins or Nesquik cereal too, THE IDIOTS.]

December 1997 - Xmas bye

Lying on my back with my legs in the air – 14th August 1997

[The title of this one may be misleading if your mind is firmly planted in the gutter.]

Thursday 14th Dad came back up here on the plane today and we went to the airport to pick him up.

August 1997 - Plane

He seemed to enjoy the flight even though there was a slight delay. The dog was so pleased to see him then she started yapping at him as if she was telling him off for going away!

We rode down to the town today in search of some music which (unbelievably) we found. [It seems I was constantly pleasantly surprised by Wick. An advantage of being a pessimist, I s’pose.] It was 2 CDs, Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

and Meredith Brooks – Bitch.

As we were going, we passed Ben McFarlane. He looked even more gorgeous today wearing his baseball cap. Why is it that now I’ve seen him I’m going home soon? It’s so annoying!

I’m sore all over now. The 3 of us were going down a stony dirt track at top speed. It was steep and I swerved and went flying over my bike handlebars! Rhian crashed into the back of me and ended up hanging over a steep drop. She was only hanging on by a piece of rock whilst I was rolling over and tumbling down this dirt track!

Abby was behind us watching and sniggering and Rhian started yelling 4 help and that she couldn’t feel her leg that was trapped under her bike. I stopped falling and was lying on my back with my legs in the air, waiting for the pain to kick in. Then I started sliding so Abby was trying to stop both of us. She got me up first then pulled Rhian up.

I checked myself and I had a graze on my left elbow, cuts on both knees, a cut on my left shin and a bleeding flap of skin on the palm of my hand. It all had grit in it and was really stinging. Rhian had a big bruise on her shin so we both limped back home together!


I don’t like Clementine – 3rd August 1997

Sunday 3rd I didn’t see anything of Alex today but his dad and dog were out in the garden. [Definitely worth noting.]

Rhian, Abby and I went to the pool again today coz they had the float out. It looks like this:-

July 1997 - Float

It was really good and one of the lifeguards got out a freezing cold hosepipe!

This afternoon, we wandered round to Clementine Catt’s with Rhian and watched them play rounders. They all went inside and didn’t ask me or Abby to come in! I don’t like Clementine or her sister and friends.

Abby and I just sat on a wall outside their house and engraved ‘MUFC rule!’ and ‘I ♥ (etc)’ and ‘Catts R prats’ into the wall. [Revenge is sweet (but quite mild). I hope it’s still there.]

This evening we made ourselves up. I was looking quite nice actually!


He is nice. Really, REALLY nice! – 24th-31st July 1997

July 1997 - Fit list

Thursday 24th I spent most of today at Grandma S’s but this evening my cousin Rhian came with ther dad down to stay for a bit. She’ll go back up to Caithness with us when we go.


Saturday 26th We’ve not really done much today but I dumped Chris B on the computer. I emailed him and said it was pointless!

We were on it a bit today and I’ve been talking to another Chris in Lincolnshire.

Rhian, Abby and I have been making loads of cards this evening. They’re dead good we think and we’re gonna try and sell them in Caithness.


Sunday 27th Rhian, Abby and I went to see The Lost World at the cinema. It was nowhere near as good as Jurassic Park.

On the way home, we saw 3 people riding their bikes. The last one was Dougie’s middle sister and I turned round and Dougie and his mum were with her too!


Tuesday 29th We went to WaterWorld today. Hayley was going to come but she couldn’t coz it’s her period.

It was a long journey [An hour and a half at the most. I’m not sure that even warrants the use of ‘journey’.] but it was dead good when we got there. There were all sorts of flumes and stuff and there was a wave machine.

I’ve been packing all afternoon ready to go to Caithness so I’d better get on with it and pack this diary. [Quite a risk to take it when I was going to be surrounded by little cousins.]


Wednesday 30th I’m in the Atholl Palace Hotel now. Rhian, Abby and I are in a room of our own and Mum, Dad and the dog are in another. We have just travelled from 11:30am to about 5:00pm to Pitlochry where we are stopping overnight. [THAT counts as a journey.]

There is this gorgeous boy in the hotel. I’ve only seen him from a distance but I can just tell. [I’d developed a bat-like ability to detect fit boy prey that I couldn’t even see clearly.]


Thursday 31st Our journey has ended and we’re in Wick now at Auntie S’s house.

I saw that boy this morning in the hotel at breakfast. He is nice. Really, REALLY nice! He has blonde hair and a good tan. I was going out of the dining room and I glanced up at him and he was staring at me! […In disbelief at my head-to-toe sportswear in the dining room of a nice hotel, perhaps.] There is no “I’m sure” coz he definitely was!

I could hear music (pop) coming from across the road to Auntie S’s where this lad Alex used to live. He’s moved to Shetland now but his dad’s still there coz he can’t get a transfer so I thought Alex might be visiting.