He thinks the gap in my teeth is sexy! – 15th to 17th November 2000

Wednesday 15th I’ve had 2 offers from universities! It was really good opening the letters to find out they want me! I got them from:

Hull > Conditional offer > 12 points
Sheffield > Conditional offer > grades B, C and C


Thursday 16th I got a letter from UCAS today to say they’ve received 2 application forms from me. I phoned them up and they confirmed it. Apparently someone’s sent them the copy that should be in college too!

Jake told me thought that he thinks the gap in my teeth is sexy! I don’t think so!

I’ve got a cold. 😦


Friday 17th  The college all went in school uniform today for Children In Need cos it was non-uniform day for the school!


[Left to right: Back – Suzie, me, Sarah and Cat. Karen. Front – Isaac and Hayley.]

My voice has gone funny but Jake told me it’s nice husky (cos of my cold!) and then that I’m beautiful and then that he liked my hair how I wore it with my uniform (in 2 small bunches!).



SHIT SHIT SHIT PLEASE HELP!! – 8th December 1999

Wednesday 8th Lizzie dumped Brett this morning. It wasn’t unexpected for me but I don’t think poor Brett saw it coming. She’s been going off him for a while now but she said last night was the final straw. I got a text message last night from her explaining what he’d said. It said, “OH MY GOD! I JUST GOT A MESSAGE FROM BRETT ASKING IF I WOULD SLEEP WITH HIM! OH SHIT WHAT SHOULD I DO? SHIT SHIT SHIT PLEASE HELP!!”

Basically it panicked her slightly! So this morning she dumped him via text message. It just said stuff about how she thought they shouldn’t see each other anymore because they wanted different things out of their relationship and stuff like that. She got one from him later apologising and asking why and saying he’d gone home from school because he felt sick. I reckon he just didn’t want his mates to see him being reduced to a jabbering wreck by a girl!

I do feel sorry for him though. He really, really likes Lizzie and he must be so gutted. It’s like what happened to Oscar all over again except she dumped Oscar because he wouldn’t do much whereas Brett wants to do more.

Speaking of Oscar, I spoke to him at lunch to tell him the news of the break up but he said he didn’t care because he is getting a new girlfriend on Monday. It sounds like he’s ordered her from an Argos catalogue!! Apparently she works at McDonald’s with him, is called Dion and is nice. That was all I could get out of him except that he’s happy.

Later this evening, Lizzie phoned and said Brett had phoned her and started asking why again and asking if there was anything he could do to get back with her. He also said that it’d take him about 18 months to get over her because it took him ages to get over his last girlfriend and he loved Lizzie more.

He then asked if she’d cried. She told me she felt like a right hard cow when she said no. Well, I think Brett’s being a bit wet really! He won’t get anywhere using the soppy approach with Lizzie.


How the hell did I get a B in French? – 26th & 27th August 1999

Thursday 26th I’m so happy, relieved and shocked now I’ve finally got my results. I was really, really nervous this morning and when I got to school at about 10:00am, I was absolutely wetting myself. We all filed into the canteen where different tables were set up for different surname initials. I went to my one where Miss Ph and Mrs L were sat.

It took a while before my turn because there were forms to fill in but finally I sat down and got handed my results. There were 3 sheets of paper stapled together (because of the different exam boards). I couldn’t believe it when I looked through and I couldn’t stop smiling and I couldn’t concentrate on the questions asked so this form could be filled in. They just wanted to know where I was going next term and what subjects I was taking. I said Biology, Geography and Sports Studies because the grades I’ve got meant I could do the ones I wanted to.

These are the grades I got:

Science: double award – A
Science: double award – A [This was a combo of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and we got 2 grades for some reason.]
Food Tech – A
Business Studies – B (combined with Food Tech for a grade B overall)
English – B (speaking and listening)
English Literature – B
French – B
Geography – A
Physical Education – C
Art – A
Mathematics – B

I really can’t believe some of those grades! How the hell did I get a B in French [this question still stands] and an A in Science?! I’m so unbelievably pleased with those results. I’ve not stopped smiling all day!

I ran into the school car park to tell my mum and she said that’d been the longest wait she’d ever had but was so pleased when I showed her what I’ve got. We phoned Abby and she was pleased too but is now worried she won’t do as well next year (course she will!) and then drove round to where Dad’s working and told him. He said he’d just been talking to Mr B about it before I came. He was glad as well.

Most of my friends got what they wanted or better…

  • Hayley got one A and the rest Cs and Bs (well, she got a D in Business but it combined with Food Tech for a C)
  • Emma got one B and the rest As
  • Dougie got 9 A*s and the rest As (pretty good, hey?!)
  • Cat got 7 A*s and the rest As (good one again!)
  • Lizzie got mostly Bs and Cs with a couple of As and possibly a D (I can’t quite remember)

I know what quite a few other people got but I can’t be bothered writing it all down.

When I got home, Dougie phoned and asked me if I wanted to go to the cinema with him, Stuart Hobbs, Brian Short and Stuart’s sad older brother to see Austin Powers 2. They seemed to be all the people that were going and I’m not sure why they asked me, although he did say I could ask other people.

I didn’t end up going though because I went bowling instead with Freda, Lizzie, Cat, Poppy, Lucy, Karen and Hayley. It was quite good because we went on the dodgems and stuff too. When we were getting out shoes back, the bloke working there was messing about and kept giving me the wrong shoes. I don’t know why but he only did it to me and Lizzie.

Afterwards, we got the bus back to Poppy’s, bought a Chinese takeaway, ate chocolate cake and drank white wine (there was no champagne!).

I got this card from Hayley and her parents which I thought was really nice of them. ↓


When I got home this evening, I had to phone Auntie G and Auntie S so I did. I got congratulations off Auntie G and squeals from Wick! Auntie S said that she told me at the barbecue in Wick that she’d give me a fiver for ever A I got. That should make me £25 richer! I don’t remember her saying that but I’m not going to argue. Grandma S also said she’d give me some money. This is cool! I never knew passing exams had all these benefits!

I spoke to Rhian later on tonight because she’d been at MADD (Music, Art, Dance and Drama) earlier. I got more squeals off her but no news on Duncan unfortunately.

Anyway, I’m going to catch up on a bit of sleep now.


Friday 27th I’ve been bored for most of today because Mum and Abby went to Southport for a textiles project of Abby’s and Dad was at work.

I did get this card and a top present of Mum and Dad though for doing well in exams. ↓


They bought me a mobile phone. I have to say, I do feel a bit guilty because it must’ve been expensive but they kept telling me I deserved it. My parents are so cool!

I went to the cinema tonight with Freda, Hayley, Poppy, Lizzie, Sarah, Karen and Cat to see the South Park movie. It is so funny!! There’s a lot of swearing so Tom and Minnie had better not see it, even though they want to! We finally got to see what Kenny looks like and hear him speak briefly. He’s so cute! I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many people laugh in a cinema before.ugh in a cinema before.


I got my hopes up about a possible better social life – 14th July 1999

[On the off chance you’ve been wondering, I’ve not keeled over from my Mozambican spider bite, I’ve just been mega-ridic busy with work and visitors and weekends away and cats and things. Diary posts will be a wee bit sparse for another couple of weeks as the mega-ridic busy-ness continues but I’ll hopefully get back to normal at some point in November. Soz.]

Wednesday 14th The Au Revoir 2 concert at the Legion tonight seemed to go pretty well. Not as many people turned up as usual but it didn’t really matter.

I got disappointed again this evening after I got my hopes up about a possible better social life. I’d heard Emma and Davis and people talking about going to town on Friday night but I’ve got used to just ignoring the arrangements coz they don’t tend to involve me however much I’d like to go – a bit more exciting than going to the Sports Club!

Anyway, tonight, Ed came up to me at the interval and said, “Are you coming to town on Friday night?” It was a sort of ‘if-you’re-not-going-do-you-want-to?’ type of question so I just sort of shrugged and someone else talked to us instead. To add to that, Emma was waving me over to go and sit down next to her at a table with Davis and Charlie Wilson and some others so that made me feel like I was wanted and in with the crowd.

Since this business with Lindsey Bullman and Lena leaving me and Hayley out, and Emma (my ex-best friend, however much I’d rather it was how it was before) going along with it all so she wouldn’t be the next one rejected, I’ve not really felt like part of a group (even though I’ve got loads of friends) and groups tend to be more fun.

Well, I was sat there with them in the interval and I was quite enjoying myself and then they started talking about Friday, saying that Emma, Suzanna, Ed, Davis, Gavin Bilson and maybe Robert Osbourne were going to town. So when we got back to our seats on stage, I asked Emma what was going on on Friday night and I explained that Ed had just asked if I was going. I was really expecting her to give a full explanation and ask me if I was going to go. I wished I hadn’t bothered mentioning it coz all I got was, “Oh, er, we’re just going to town.” Then she shut up.

I thought nothing of it really until the concert was over. Then Emma went straight over to Ed and started talking to him. I was stood behind her and I don’t think she realised but I’m sure part of what she said was, “Why did you ask her?” I could’ve been wrong and I probably wouldn’t have taken much notice and just passed it off as a conversation which had nothing to do with me if Ed hadn’t have been glancing, wide-eyed between me and Emma once he saw me behind her. Also, Emma said to Ed, “Ooh, I’d better shut up now!” once she saw me.

If that didn’t make them look guilty enough then the fact that Emma rushed off home and straight past me certainly did. Normally she’d at least have said goodbye. Oh well, I won’t be expecting any invitations out again and even if I get any I won’t get my hopes up too much.

At least Ed asked me I suppose. He came and talked to me before leaving as well but with no mention of Friday, just who we thought might be gay in our year!! I like Ed (but just in a friend kind of way). Not many people do like him really. That’s something we seem to have in common.

It’s usually for no reason that people don’t seem to want to associate with me. Well, not one that I can come up with anyway. Actually, with most people I’m not bothered what they think of me but I think it hurts my feelings more when Emma doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere with me anymore because we used to be such good friends until quite recently.

Mind you, some of the reasons I’d like to still be best mates with her for maybe aren’t exactly because of Emma herself. I think it’s more because of the good times out she seems to have and the people she has them with e.g. Ewan Swann sometimes.

It’s just tough really coz there’s not a lot I can do about any of this.


Almost the spit of ‘Where’s Wally?’ – 7th & 8th July 1999

Wednesday 7th I’ve not exactly had the best of days today. I went to the Trafford Centre with Hayley coz I need a swimming cossie and a new pair of trousers to go to Zoe’s party in coz the zip got jammed on the ones I would’ve worn and Mum had to cut me out! I got the cossie and Zoe’s present but no trousers. I dunno what I’m going to where now! That party’s destined to not be a very good one, basically coz no lads seem to be going.

Anyway, back to my bad day. Hayley and I kept giving each other static shocks that really hurt whenever we brushed past each other, I kept tripping over around nice lads and I had lettuce out of my Big Mac all over me when this lad on the next table kept looking at me.

On the way there we read the bus timetable wrong so we waited an hour for a bus and on the way back we missed one by about 2 mins. The next was due in an hour’s time so after about 40 minutes I got bored, told Hayley to stay where she was and went back in HMV to get that Savage Garden ‘The Animal Song’ CD.

HMV was further away than I thought and had quite a long queue in it. I then couldn’t find the escalators down to the bus stations so I had to run through Debenhams only to round the corner to see Hayley waving at me to hurry up. I legged it and she got on a bus but I didn’t see which one so I ran straight past it. The driver beeped the horn so I realised.

Then I couldn’t remember where I was going so everyone on the bus (which was full by the way) was laughing at me! I then discovered I had no change and had to give him a £5 note. I dropped all the change he gave me making the bus erupt in laughter again. It was pretty embarrassing. Then, just to top it off, I had 2 old women sat behind me, whinging that they were probably going to miss their connecting bus coz of the delay (my fault!). I suppose it was lucky I caught the bus in the first place and we did get back earlier than expected.

I phoned Cat Elliot before about orchestra rehearsals tomorrow and she was telling me about Freda’s trip to the cinema with Trevor. Ha! Ha! Ha! I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but this is the lad who is almost the spit of ‘Where’s Wally?’ Cat told me that Freda said it went quite well, the reason being that nothing happened between them. Apparently Rochelle Jenkins went too so Freda ignored Trevor. Can’t blame her really!


Thursday 8th It was the Summer Prom concert at school tonight so I had to go in to school today for rehearsals. Emma came and brought Suzanna with her. I’ve not seen Suzanna for a while. She’s alright really. They were telling me about London and how it was only “okay” coz they had to see all the sights like Buckingham Palace for Drew.

They said he was a bit weird but alright and he fancies Keira Osborne and she likes him but he’s got a girlfriend back home. The 3 of us then sat in the Drama Studio and laughed at Davis’s singing.

The concert itself tonight seemed to go well but it was a bit on the boring side coz it’s all choir and orchestra and stuff. I’ve got to do it all again tomorrow night too. It gets so hot I the Drama Studio too but we have to sit and watch everyone.


Ferny raised his eyebrows at me in an appreciative way – 1st July 1999

[Helloooo! Sorry for the lack of diary action over the last couple of weeks. I’m now back from my holidizzles, complete with a venomous Mozambican spider bite. Whilst I wait for the resulting superpowers to make themselves known, I’ll get back to 1999 where I’ve just had my prom…]

Thursday 1st Had the prom now. It was pretty crap really. The teachers have been making a big deal out of it for a while now and it was a bit of a let down actually. Everyone looked really good though. Especially Ferny. He looked sort of James Bond-style with his black suit and bow tie. Very nice though!

I decided my dress was okay after all. It kind of looked like that →


with flowers and it was light blue.


[This is me in the dress. It went ever so well with my red and navy Kangol rucksack. NOT!]

The food there was minging so I ate the bread. The starter was prawn cocktail which was okay but the main course was weird. It was chicken which looked okay until I turned it over. I think it had an artery or summit still attached! The chicken was covered in crisps and there was a very dodgy looking sausage wrapped in bacon. I think the veg was genetically modified so I didn’t eat it. Good excuse!

The pudding was meant to be raspberry cheesecake but all it was was a biscuit covered with squirty cream, very sour raspberries and a tiny chocolate leaf thing. We did get birthday cake too coz it was Jim Brackenhurst’s and Marie Irvine’s birthdays today.

After the food, Mr M embarrassed a few people then Ewan Swann, Adrian Ford, Gethin Turner, Gemma Crowther and Amina D’s did some speeches about how wonderful we all were and how great the teachers have been blah, blah, blah. Cringe!!!

Then we just got to dance. Lizzie and Oscar snogged finally. About time too! Freda went with a complete geek called Trevor which we’re never going to let her forget! Ha ha ha!!! ← evil laughter!

I talked to Aled Brownlee most of the way back and he was being quite nice again.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, Ferny raised his eyebrows at me in an appreciative way!

Anyway, I’m going now coz it’s already about 1:00am and it’ll take me half an hour or so to get my hair back to normal.


EXAMS ARE OVER!!! – 27th & 28th June 1999

Sunday 27th I’ve not really done a lot today coz something’s gone wrong with my neck! Mum says I must have pulled a muscle or something because I can’t tip my head back or turn it to the left without a certain amount of pain!

I went online tonight. I’ve not been on properly for a few days and I thought it was about time I mailed Adam. I’d just started typing it out when I got that woman saying “you have company” or whatever. I expected it to be Barney actually but when I checked it was Adam.

I thought maybe I should ignore him like Hayley suggested but then I decided it wouldn’t be fair seeing as it probably wasn’t actually his fault about Alton Towers. So I said, “Hi”. I got “hey” back so I asked a question but he didn’t answer me for ages so I thought he might be in a mood with me instead for not mailing him or summit.

I was so relieved when he spoke again. I’ve printed out the conversation again coz we got onto the subject of meeting up again and he seemed to quite like the idea of coming here. I couldn’t be bothered writing it all so it’s on there. ↓

[It’s 3 pages and mostly boring but here’s a sample…]



Monday 28th


Yeah! I had my last one this afternoon. It was an hour long Business Studies paper and seemed okay. I also got all my text books handed in so I can get my results in August.

I saw John Baker walked past my house towards his on the other side of the road at about 8:10pm. He’s so nice looking! He was walking his golden labrador type dog and had a bright red fleecy thing on. I’ll have to watch out for him in the future!


This time next week I’ll be dead in a ditch – 17th June 1999

Thursday 17th I was doing a bit of Business Studies revision online and I came across this in the marketing section, I think. ↓


My mum says it might be a good omen but I’m not so sure!!

Just think, by this time next Thursday anything could’ve happened. I should have been to Alton Towers to meet Adam and his lot but summit might happen so I can’t go or maybe I’ll chicken out of meeting him.

Maybe I will go anyway but I still won’t see him coz something’s happened to him or he’s chickened out!

Maybe I will go and I will see him and we won’t get on and by this time next week I’ll be dead in a ditch somewhere or lying in hospital.

Maybe we’ll decide we never want to speak to each other again or maybe we won’t want to leave each other.

Whatever’s going to happen, it’s a scary thought not knowing. I really don’t know what to expect. There are so many things that could go on and I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see!


Friday 18th Oh well, so much for the good omen! That Business Studies paper was solid. I seriously think I’ve failed!

After the exam, Lizzie and Sarah both came back to my house again so they could get changed for going to LA Bowl. We got a bus and met Oscar Price, Aled B, Sean Fields, Dev W, Zack Bain, Julian O and Freda there. It’s a good job it was quiet coz I would have been so embarrassed if anyone I knew saw me with some of those people! Some are so sad! I know it’s snidey but it’s true!

I surprised myself yet again by actually doing quite well. My first two goes were both strikes!

After that, we hung around the arcades for a bit, went to KFC and then got the bus home. Lizzie, Sarah, me and Oscar stayed in his village for a bit then came back to my house. My parents didn’t seem too suspicious about the lad but I think my mum had seen Lizzie and him holding hands. (They still haven’t snogged yet!)


They’ve bloody done it!!! – 25th-27th May 1999

Tuesday 25th I had my multiple choice Geography exam today. It was solid! You could hear the groans echo round the examination room as the people doing the higher paper opened it up to reveal the questions!

I went back to Ed’s with Emma, Cat Elliot and Davis Nolan after the exam coz we only had an hour or so before Swing Band started. Davis and I have never really got on before but recently he’s started being really nice to me and he kept tickling me and stuff and he even had his arm round me at one point today. He’s with Emma though sort of so it doesn’t worry me much, it’s just more weird than anything else but then he’s American so that can explain a lot!! Only joking!

He kept questioning me on Ollie, asking me if he was good and stuff. I squirmed my way out of answering the question though somehow! He was quite gentle with me (Ollie this is) but I’d probably have enjoyed it more if I’d actually fancied the lad!

Paul Nutt, this freak who fancies me, turned up at my house earlier with Abby’s mate Roxanna and went with them to walk Roxy’s dogs. He’d better not come back again.


Wednesday 26th They’ve done it!! They’ve bloody done it!!! Manchester Utd have won the treble! I just can’t believe it!

I was gutted when the 90th minute ticked by and they were still 1-0 down to Bayern Munich but then Sheringham equalised and Solskjaer scored the winner! I was totally convinced they’d lost it and I’d managed to make myself feel a bit better with the thought that at least they’d won the double but then they went and won the bleeding match!

The upsetting thing is that it was Peter Schmeichel’s last ever match for them. Also, they can’t get better!

Mum said she was about my age when Man Utd did it last time… weird hey?! I should be going to Manchester to see the bus with Freda and Lizzie tomorrow. Lizzie’s dad’s in Barcelona now and he said he’d get us programmes.

The P.E. paper seemed okay today. Mum was talking to the wife of a Geography teacher today and he’d said that the intermediate multiple choice Geography paper was hard. That makes me feel a bit better but I’ve got the other one tomorrow.


Thursday 27th It still hasn’t sunk in properly as to what Man U achieved last night. I still keep cheering every time those goals are replayed now! I’m so proud to be a follower of theirs and I went to Manchester again with Freda, Bronwen Groves and Lizzie B to see the bus with the players and all 3 of their trophies. There was a lot of standing about but we saw them and the atmosphere was brilliant, as usual. I was just glad to be a part of it.


Some people think the great Sir Matt Busby was watching over Utd last night coz it would have been his 90th birthday and the 2 goals came in the 90th minute. They could well be right!!

If there are any replays on TV of the celebrations in Manchester today, just look out for a big blue inflatable alien which we had with us and I should be around it with my white away shirt on.


We went down Golders Lane afterwards coz we had a bottle of champagne and there were police down there and they were peeling the number plate off this car to reveal another one. They told us to put our seatbelts on and to keep the alien inside the car instead of sticking it out of the sunroof!

The Geography exam was solid again today and even Mrs C said it was a very hard paper. Well, there goes my A! Never mind.


The news has even reached Newcastle!! – 24th May 1999

Monday 24th The English Lit exam which I had this morning didn’t seem too bad actually but I’ll decide once and for all how hard it was when I get my results back!

A few people were asking me if it was true about me and Ollie but only my mates. I told a couple of people, like Bella, but only because I thought they already knew. I did see Ollie himself a couple of times but I don’t think he wanted to see me any more than I wanted to see him!

Nothing happened with Lizzie and Oscar P as far as they told me coz he left quite soon after I did.

I’ve scanned the letter I’ve written to my internet mate Adam Cunliffe and I’ve stuck it over the page. I didn’t scan the first one I sent him coz I didn’t think about it but I wished I had coz I can’t remember what I wrote. That’s why I did this one.


Hi Adam,

How’s life treating you in Stoke-on-Trent? It’s not been too bad here at the moment actually, there’s quite a lot of stuff that’s been happening. It’s usually so boring round here with it being the centre of absolutely nothing and all but with it being the last week of school and stuff, it’s actually been quite lively for once!! There’s been people staggering about Warrington all weekend… my mates included! Well, you know about Friday’s party anyway and that was the only bit of gossip I’m sure you’d really be interested in. Believe me, I’m regretting it now after about 50 people were questioning me before the English exam this morning!

I’m going to Wembley next Monday!!! Can’t wait, even if it is only Bolton v Watford! My dad got us tickets yesterday so we’re going down to London on Sunday and we’ll stay overnight at my auntie’s house. Should be good, I’ve not been for a while.

You asked if I had ABBA Gold, remember? Well, I have got it actually! I dunno where it is but it’s around somewhere. It’s probably at the bottom of a drawer somewhere with all the other CDs that I hide whenever anyone comes round!

I’ve not got any photos that I can send you now either but everyone’s had their camera at school at some point over the last week or so and at that bloody party so I should have some more I can send to you soon. I’ve got loads of my friends too but the film’s not been developed yet so you’ll have to wait for those ones as well. Sorry! You’ve got the ones I scanned for you and they’ll do for now. Oh yeah, Lizzie Bond is still single. Just thought I’d let you know coz I think she’s coming with me.

I should be using this time I’ve got off school to do some serious revision, not writing to you. Buy hey, you’re worth it!! I’ve got Geography and P.E. to look forward to for the rest of this week and I can’t afford to fail them coz I want to take them for A Level. Everyone else seems to be going round panicking about these exams but I just can’t get wound up about them. I mean, I want to do well but it’s not [The printer chopped a line or two off so the sentence stops here.]

Right, I’d better go. I think the dog wants to be taken for a walk because she’s sitting here staring at me and she keeps following me every time I get up!

So, good luck with the rest of your exams, write back and I should be seeing you soon!

Loads of love
Tess xxx

I might go online in bit and see if he’s on. I can use that BBC Bitesize thing for revision while I’m at it.

Speaking of the internet, I was talking to this lad called GeordieChris last night and earlier today. He’s someone that Emma knows I’ve met him once and he seems ok. He lives in Newcastle and he used to come and visit his dad down here until he recently moved up there too. Anyway, apparently Emma’s been filling him in on the details of Friday night. So no the news has even reached Newcastle!!

That ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ song by Shanks and Bigfoot (I think), which I really like, keeps coming on the radio and stuff and it now reminds me of the last day of school and Ollie coz I was humming it to myself all day Friday. I’ll probably go off it now!