I think Ralph does fancy Hayley (Sob!) – 26th January 1998

Monday 26th P. [Period]

I’ve had a pretty varied day today. Nowt happened int morning, it all started at lunch. Emma and I went in C Block to watch (not do) the skiing exercises and Ed and Dougie were in a Music practice room. We told Ed they were on and he went in the gym and joined in. Dougie was then left on his own and Emma and I kept out of the gym because Mrs L would’ve made us join in.

Dougie beckoned us into the room so we went. He wanted us to listen to him on the piano but we ended up looking down the back of it and finding half a watch. Then we looked in the air vents for rats. Emma reckoned she saw one. Yeah right!

In the afternoon I had Science. It was Chemistry with Mr M. I’d only done half the homework coz I’d forgotten to draw out a results table so he made me (and Rachael Hollins coz she’d done the same) stay in at the end of the lesson. I wasn’t bothered and I was kind of hoping that I’d get a detention because then I wouldn’t get a platinum award at the end of the year and have to go up and get it in front of the whole school.

But, I didn’t really want to waste a lunch in a classroom. [Prime stalking time.] I got off and so did Rachael coz he said it was a 1st offence so he’d give us a chance. I’ve just got to remember to hand my book in now.

After school we had a flute lesson so Emma and I thought we’d go to the garage [petrol station] for food. I slowed her down by nicking her pen coz I knew that we’d get to walk past Ralph. It paid off in the end coz I went over and gave him the pen and we started talking. He came to the garage with us so we thought we’d walk back to Emma’s house with him.

All the way there, Ralph and I were mithering her for a Mint Imperial but, being the stingy cow she is, she wouldn’t even give us one between us! After all the times she’s scrubbed [borrowed] money off me too.

We were just pissing about in Emma’s garden for a bit and I got shut in the garage with Ralph but not for long coz I think Emma started getting jealous.

I think Ralph does fancy Hayley (Sob!) but I can’t decide what he thinks of me. (Sniffle!) Hmmm, (I’ve got a cold, I’m not crying. Much.) I wonder.