It wasn’t too bad in isolation – 5th June 2001

Tuesday 5th I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by the Ecology & Physiology resit biology papers today but the Continuity of Life paper (which I haven’t got any form of grade in and need to) was a bit of a disaster. I revised it pretty hard but nothing from my notes seemed to fit in as the answers to the questions. Bollocks! I really need a grade.

I had bloody Cat sat next to me moaning cos she thought she’s going to get a B. Stupid cow! There’s the rest of us who’ll be ecstatic if we get a D and she’s going to probably throw herself off college of she doesn’t get the top grade! Grrr!

I only had Physiology this morning which was an hour and half long so I had to sit in isolation with Rachael Hollins for 2 and a half hours to stop us talking to people who had it in the afternoon. You’d have thought the exam board would realise people do resits and not put 4 biology exams in one afternoon.

It wasn’t too bad in isolation. We just sat and talked and slagged off twisted bitch Hayley and ate. It was a bit boring after a while though but at least I wasn’t on my own.

Yey! Robbie Taylor passed his driving test today with only 4 minor faults. That means they’re getting a car on Sunday.

I went in the new college block after my exam. It’s really hot and white and smells new. It’s really ugly from the outside but quite nice inside.

I met Jake at about 4:30 outside college and we walked back to my house. We didn’t do all that much except watch TV and cuddle. Mmm! 🙂


Crap, crap, crap! – 4th June 2001

Monday 4th AAARRGGHHH!!!!! I’ve got one day (ONE DAY!!!) to go until 3 biology exams. No actually, it’s not even a day because they’re all tomorrow. Crap, crap, crap! I know nothing! I’ve been staring at my notes but none of the info is sticking in my brain. This is not good.

My problem is that I don’t panic about exams (until the day before when my brain is void of all biology) so I don’t revise until the last minute. Shit. I’m never going to pass.

I’ve worked out that from the 4 modules I’ve already done (2 of which I’m resitting tomorrow), I’ve got  marks which means I’ve already got an N (i.e. I’ve got no grade but almost an E → N = Near miss). So, to get an E I need 28 marks out of the 2 modules I’ve not done yet. However, I really need a D or more to get the 14 points I need to get into uni but for a D I need 88 marks. Not going to happen.

If I get an E in biology, I could really do with a B in geography but to get that I need 114 marks from the modules this summer. Ha ha!! No chance!

Oh God! I’m going to end up getting stuck working in Little Chef or something with Mr L. Nooooooo!!!

Abby had a maths tutoring thing near Birchwood at 5:15pm so Mum dropped me, Mollie and Jake off for a walk round Risley Moss (I’ve not been there since I did orienteering at GCSE for P.E.!). We saw rabbits which Mollie took great pleasure in chasing and a jay. It was really nice actually cos there was nobody there. We went into the big tower bird hide thing and Mollie came too. I didn’t even realise the area of land it looks over existed. There aren’t many places round Birchwood now that don’t have rabbit warren-style housing estates and business parks on them actually.


[I was back at Risley Moss for a work day in February this year…]

Risley Moss

Hate biology. Brain gone numb. – 2nd & 3rd June 2001

Saturday 2nd Jake and I went to see Captain Corelli’s Mandolin at the Trafford Centre cinema this evening. It was a good film, I just don’t like seeing people getting shot/hanged cos it’s pretty realistic and I like to think (even though it’s not true) that things like that don’t happen cos it upsets me.

The worry of who we’ll be sharing a flat thing with at uni came up today. Well, actually it was more me worrying about who Jake’ll be sharing with really. He’s decided he doesn’t want to share with all lads which obviously means girls will be involved. It wouldn’t be as bad if he wasn’t so damn good looking but he is and girls ALWAYS fancy him.

I’m just so scared that one day he’ll find someone who he prefers to me and she likes him too. I trust him but I don’t trust other girls not to try anything on. I don’t like the thought of other girls liking him. I mean, even some of my mates have openly admitted that they either fancy or fancied him at some point.

He doesn’t really have to worry about lads queuing up for me though cos I don’t exactly stand out as much as he does.

Ugh, it’s ages away yet. I’ll worry about it nearer the time!


Sunday 3rd Ugh. Revision overload. Hate biology. Brain gone numb. Never going to get a grade.

I went to the pub with Jake, Connor and Abby tonight for a game of pool. We went to The George in Denny’s village so Denny and Nigel Groves were in there too. I talked to Denny for a bit then nearly fell asleep due to brain numbness.

I asked for a pint of diesel but instead I got a little glass of bright pink stuff with a slice of lemon and ice. Couldn’t be bothered complaining so I drank it. God knows what it was though!


So miserable and short – 1st June 2001

Friday 1st A few of us did The Run tonight but it wasn’t very interesting really. It was still good though.

Emma’s trying to organise a camping trip in July for 2 weeks. Jake and I might possibly be able to go for the 2nd weekend when we get back from Barcelona but nothing’s definite yet.

Emma told me and Jake that we’re a good sort of couple to be around because we don’t make people around us feel uncomfortable. That’s good to hear cos I sometimes worry that people are wishing they were elsewhere when we’re together. I suppose we’re not constantly snogging and stuff in front of people though.

We’ve all decided we don’t like the people who run The Mossland. They’re very miserable and chuck us out as soon as last orders is done. My dad told me most people take the piss out of them due to them being so miserable and short! 🙂

I found out that Gethin and Nell are a couple! This is likely to confuse many people cos Nell’s a lesbian and Gethin’s gay and they’ve both been very open about these facts recently. It must be either for attention seeking purposes (not surprising as Gethin’s involved) or a wind up. Hmm.


My mum is so top! – 29th & 31st May 2001

Tuesday 29th Ooh! Sarah phoned me this afternoon saying Michael went round to hers this morning to say goodbye before he went home. While he was there he told her he was thinking of getting a last minute fight to Portugal for a week in the summer. He then said, “Will you come with me?” to her and she said yes! She seems quite excited but she is a bit worried that it could be a bit awkward. I told her that it might not be so bad by then though cos they should see quite a bit of each other after exams.

She said he was showing her pictures of the villa his family have in Portugal and she says it’s really nice. He showed her piccys of his house too which she seemed pretty impressed with due to its size!

Aah, I think they make a really nice couple. I hope it lasts. I’d quite like one of my friends to have a proper boyfriend actually. Not only would it stop her whinging about not having one but maybe they’d be more understanding and not make me feel so guilty for having Jake. I mean, ok, he is drop dead gorgeous but I don’t like people being jealous and making me feel like I don’t deserve him, whether I do or not.

Jake also rang me this afternoon and I ended up in floods of tears on the end of the phone to him cos of the sheer dread of having a driving lesson today. I really shouldn’t have got so worked up about it but it was a bit of a disaster last week.

However, my lesson didn’t turn out too badly. I didn’t stall quite as much and he only complained about little things like not looking in my mirrors in the correct order. I mainly had to do reversing. I don’t think it was too bad but he still didn’t give me much positive feedback. Aarrgghh! Scary! That’s come from my Sports Studies! I actually know something! Yay!

I saw Jake briefly before he went to Venture Scouts (aww, sweet!) and he kept telling me I’m “yummy”! 🙂 Mmm!


Thursday 31st (P. [period] on Wednesday)

I went to the Trafford Centre with my mum today in search of a dress for my leaving do for college. I found a skirt and top instead in Debenhams which match so it looks like a dress. They’re very nice. They’re just black but with sparkly bits on and the top’s very strappy and the skirt’s three quarter length. I’m pleased with them.

31-05-01 Tess & Cat

My mum is so top! I’ve been looking at a really nice vest top in the O’Neill shop in Manchester every time I’ve been in and I saw it today in Free Spirit. Mum saw me look at it, made me try it on and then bought it for me. Then when we were in Selfridges, I tried on some of the shorts in the Quiksilver section and she bought me them too. Then she spotted a really nice light pink three quarter length skirt on the next rack and made me try it on cos she liked it. I liked it too and she bought it for me! 🙂

I did feel a bit guilty cos she spent quite a lot of money on me but she says she doesn’t mind buying me clothes cos she buys Abby loads and my leaving do outfit wasn’t as expensive as we thought it’d be.

Well, I’m very pleased with all my new clothes. 🙂


We hid her bra under a bucket – 28th May 2001

Monday 28th Today was sooo good! Actually, it didn’t start off too well cos Karen demanded us to all be at her house for 9am so, because my parents were still in bed and there were no buses cos it’s a bank holiday, I had to walk there in the pouring rain with big heavy bottles of drinks in my bag. I gave up at the end of Crofters Lane and rang Sarah to see where she was. Luckily Michael had picked her up and was going to drive past me so I got a lift with them.

Then I got a phone call from Jake saying he was stuck at home and wouldn’t be able to go unless someone could pick him up. Nobody volunteered so he got pissed off with me (cos I was the one talking to him) which wasn’t very fair, saying that he always used to ferry them about when he had a car. That was a good point. Eventually it was decided that Michael would get Jake and Karen would go to Asda and get more food. Jake cheered up after that.

We were just about to get going when someone decided we needed spades (?!) so we took a detour to Cat’s house to get some and ended up with 2 huge garden spades.

Once we finally set off, the day began to improve. As we neared Ainsdale, the rain began to stop and eventually we saw some sunlight in the distance. Nine of us went in the end. There was me, Jake, Isaac, Denny, Michael, Sarah, Lizzie, Cat and Karen, and we all get on (even though Karen can be very annoying) so that probably helped it to be a good day.

When we finally arrived, we looked like we were on some sort of major expedition on the walk from the cars to the beach. We had 5 disposable barbecues, a little pavilion thing, rugs, a big groundsheet, bags of food and drink, towels, changes of clothes and loads more! We got some funny looks from golfers and dog walkers!

There was a weird yellow substance in all the puddles on the way to the beach. This worried me and Cat cos it looked a bit dodgy. We intended to get a sample and force some chemistry teacher at school to analyse it just in case we were in danger but nobody wanted to touch it. Oh well. Maybe we’re better off not knowing!

When we reached the sand dunes, we found a nice little hollow and put the groundsheet down and all the other stuff. We set up the pavilion/shelter thingy on a flatter bit and the barbecues away from anything flammable. We don’t think we were really allowed barbecues there but there was no-one about and the ground was damp and we were starving so we started lunch. Mmm, I love barbecues and it was really good having one on the beach! We all felt like we were on that Survivor programme that’s on ITV at the moment! (Well, except we weren’t voting people off the beach and doing loads of stupid tasks and things.)


[Cat, Lizzie, Isaac, Karen, Jake, me, Denny & Sarah]

After lunch, the weather warmed up a bit and we actually caught a glimpse of blue sky. So, we all decided to go to the sea for a paddle. However, when we got there, there were loads of dead things floating about, brown water and a layer of yellowish foam. I decided not to go in too far due to this but Lizzie, Isaac, Karen and Cat waded right out.

Minging sea

It was pretty windy and so the waves were quite big and the tide was coming in. I kept losing sight of the 4 of them and they were drifting along the beach. They eventually swam back and were soaking. Cat said she could feel currents under them and it was hard swimming back. Glad I didn’t go in. I’m also suspicious (due to the colour and consistency of the water) that a sewage pipe may not be too far away!

When we got back to our little camp thing, I started digging a big hole. Lizzie also dug a smaller hole in which she buried Karen’s trainers! Other people helped me dig and it ended up really deep. I was proud. My shoulders now hurt though!

Tess in sand hole

I’m sure we shouldn’t have done it cos I remember from the Biology field trip that the dunes are protected or something. Oops.

Karen had hung her bra up on the shelter thing (it wasn’t even wet) and was wandering around wearing only a towel and a cardigan with only one button done up, obviously trying to show off her body to the lads there. This annoyed the rest of us so when she wandered off somewhere, we hid her bra under a bucket (childish, I know!) and replaced it with Cat’s which was wet and about 3 times the size of Karen’s. She didn’t notice until she went to put it on! Then we all felt a bit mean (except Lizzie who though it was hilariously funny) so we replaced Cat’s bra with Karen’s again. She must’ve eventually noticed cos a while later it’d gone. Well, unless it blew away!

Lizzie began to bury Denny’s legs while he was trying to sunbathe but she ended up modelling him a giant penis out of sand which wrapped around his sand legs and went on for miles. We called it Denny’s Anaconda cos we decided that to catch females it would wrap itself around them etc!

Denny's anaconda

Cat then made Lizzie a cleavage out of sand (she hasn’t got one in real life) and put Cat’s bra over it. It looked quite good actually, in a realistic sort of way.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Michael had wandered down to the beach… alone. I went up on the sand dunes to have a quick look at how they were progressing and I was very pleased to see that they were holding hand. 🙂

I went and sat in my hole for a bit cos it was getting windy and I was getting a bit sand-blasted. I then began to dig a lemming hole (well, obviously they live in snow but I like lemmings and it seemed about the right size for one) which ended up the length of my arm. Then Jake started digging downwards and the tunnels met up and we could hold hands. It was really good!

Lemming hole diagram



Sarah snogged Michael when they were on the beach. She told me when we were having another barbecue for tea.

When it began to get cold and our eyes contained more sand than we could stand and our hair became matted and our clothes wouldn’t dry, we dug up Karen’s trainers and decided to go home.

We stopped off at some pub with a Wacky Warehouse to get a drink and make use of the toilets on the way back. Then in the car park, the 5 of us (me, Jake, Michael, Sarah and Cat) in Michael’s car were just putting stuff in the boot and Karen wouldn’t even wait for 2 mins. She just said, “You know where you’re going, don’t you?” and then zoomed off. We didn’t know where we were going at all and got lost somewhere round Bootle.

Eventually we found our way back to the East Lancs and stopped off at Mr L’s house on the way so we could see where he lives. The house was all dark so we turned round in his drive and I had a look over his garden fence. Just grass and a scrubby little path.

Wonder if his wife’s chucked him out. Hope so. Hope he’s having to sleep in a bin liner in a patch of brambles by the motorway so he has easy access to his potential new job at Little Chef! Ha ha ha!!! 🙂


We had a brief kickboxing-style fight – 27th May 2001

Sunday 27th Jake left quite early this morning but he said even though it scared him a bit when he woke up and I was there, it was a nice sort of scared!

Grandma S and Auntie G came round here today for a joint birthday meal between my mum (50 on 21st May), my Grandma (80 on 24th May) and my sister (17 on 28th May).

Abby and I fell out afterwards cos she found out Dad gave me £20 for a taxi back last night. I genuinely forgot about it so it was too late once Abby and Connor had gone when I paid our taxi driver with it. She was yelling at me, saying I was lying that I’d forgotten and should’ve told her, blah blah blah… so I shoved her out of my room. We had a brief kickboxing-style fight which I was quite proud of myself for cos it seemed automatic! Abby ended up getting yelled at by Mum and Dad cos the agreement was meant to be that we all got in a taxi together and they didn’t.

Jake came round after tea so we could go to Freda’s house together when Sarah picked us up. He gave me a little bag, necklace and a belt thing that his dad brought back from Peru. I didn’t realise they were for me at first, I thought he might have just been showing me them cos he muttered something but I couldn’t tell what. He’s left them here though so I think they must be for me. I’ve left them out, not put them away, just in case I’m wrong. It’s just I never see his dad and I thought he didn’t like me so I’m a bit confused. I kind of feel guilty though cos I didn’t tell Jake to say thank you cos I didn’t know they were a present. I didn’t want to ask Jake either cos I’d have felt stupid if they weren’t! Maybe I’ll try and confirm it when he’s drunk or something.

Michael Amhurst came to Freda’s house too because he’s staying at his sister’s near here (instead of at home near Kendal) cos he’s coming to Ainsdale beach with us tomorrow. I left him and Sarah alone in the living room and me and a few others went round the side of the house and saw through the window that they were snogging! About time too!!! 🙂


Freda's gathering

[Isaac, Jake, me, Sarah, Michael, Cat & Gethin at Freda’s house.]

Stripping off and prancing round – 26th May 2001

Saturday 26th Jake and I went to Ronan Keating’s concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester tonight. It was really, really good! Jake was definitely in the minority as most people there were female and the few blokes there were either gay or looked like they’d been dragged there by their girlfriends. It was the other way round with us though cos he was the one who suggested it first. I did want to go though.


There was some boyband on called Fixate first who were okay but obviously miming and just like every other boyband under the sun!

Ronan was REALLY good though! He can actually sing really well live and he added some Boyzone songs and one by Blur at the end. When Rollercoaster was sung [I regret including the video as I don’t like the song and it’s now well and truly stuck in my head], he flew (on ropes of course!) over to a little stage in the middle. He kept doing little jigs and stuff. So cute! I’m glad Jake likes him! 🙂 That’s sweet cos most lads wouldn’t admit it!

After the concert, Jake and I met up with Connor and Abby cos they wanted us to show them round Manchester at night. We went in a few places but stayed mainly in Bar 38 cos we could sit outside. There were loads of people that kept stripping off and prancing round on the grassy bit which was quite amusing too!

Connor and Abby wanted to go into Infinity but Jake and I were pretty knackered so we went to get a taxi home. We wanted a black cab cos most others looked really dodgy but we eventually got bored of waiting and so just got in the next one that came along. The driver was really funny (he didn’t mean to be!) and started going on about how he’d had 15 points on his licence and stuff! He did stop though when Jake was about to wet himself! It only cost us £20 as well. It cost the other two £29 in a black cab.

Jake ended up staying in our spare room cos he had no more money to get home. I couldn’t sleep so I sneaked into the spare room. He woke up and said I could get in with him but must have gone straight back to sleep again cos he woke up again about 5 mins later and asked how long I’d been there! He was quite pleased to see me. 🙂 We just snuggled up all night and eventually started kissing and stuff.


Karen blew up one of the 9 condoms – 25th May 2001

Friday 25th Hmm, I can’t decide whether I’ve failed my Geography decision making exercise exam today or not. It seemed pretty straightforward which worries me slightly as that usually indicates that I’ve done something wrong. I know I didn’t use enough of the information out of the resource pack though.

I finally texted Jake back this afternoon after last night as if everything was normal cos I wanted to know if he was coming out tonight. He did.

We all just did The Run [a pub crawl]. It was good but pretty uneventful and Karen annoyed the hell out of us all. She and Sarah were driving so we didn’t have to walk which was good. Karen blew up one of the 9 condoms she bought from various machines and stuck it out of her sunroof so I stuck with Sarah!

After being talked down to and made to feel stupid all night by Karen, she suddenly demanded that we moved to the next pub. She said if we weren’t at the car in 2 minutes then she’d go without us. We all stayed in the pub! 🙂


I DO NOT trust all the tarty little College 1 girls – 24th May 2001

Thursday 24th I failed my 2nd exam this morning. It was General Studies again, only this time the paper had French, some strange comprehension thing on weather (which I should’ve known from Geography but didn’t), a choice of essay (I wrote one about “fragile Earth” or something), a case study about education and another section I think but I can’t remember what it was on.

There’s no way I could’ve passed it cos I didn’t know any of the answers and I couldn’t see Cat’s paper quite as well today, plus I ran out of time because there was so much to read through.

After the exam, a big group of us went and sat on the school field. The College 1s were behind a bush having a barbecue so we avoided them cos we could see Mr B marching over in their direction. They had to move it but we did see him emerge carrying a plate and I’m sure he was still chewing! Anyway, I am now severely sunburnt. Oww!!

Grrr!! Jake rang me before and told me that he’s going to Julia Dennis’s party tonight with Connor cos my sister’s going and Connor doesn’t want to turn up on his own. He promises they’re only staying for half an hour and then he and Connor are going to the pub.

I don’t like the idea of him going at all though. I trust him but I DO NOT trust all the tarty little College 1 girls who are going to be there. Half an hour is long enough for them to fling themselves at him. Plus they’ll probably take great delight in telling me that he was there and asking where I was and they might even gossip that maybe we’ve split up. Bitches! Hang on, that might not happen…. stop thinking, Tessa!

Still, I don’t want him to go. He always comes to parties and out with my mates with me but do I ever get invited anywhere with him? No! He doesn’t even want me to see Radiant Dan (from his Canada trip) when he meets up with him. I’m beginning to get a bit paranoid! Maybe I’m really embarrassing or something?!?

I’m annoyed with him now cos he says he’s definitely going to Julia’s.


Ahh, sweet… but I’m not replying! I’ll let him think I’m still annoyed for a while and maybe it’ll teach him not to piss off to any parties without me!