It would’ve looked very dodgy! – 1st to 3rd March 2002

Friday 1st  Jonas and I stayed in bed for ages this morning and cuddled lots. We then set up a bed on the floor by the telly out of sofa cushions so we could watch the F1 in the early hours of the morning. I’m not really into it but Jonas is kind of obsessed and wanted me to stay up and watch it with him. I don’t mind really.

We got through levels and then we both got a bit paranoid and needed each other’s reassurance which worked. Jonas was saying he’s useless (he’s not!) and I was worrying he’s going to think I’m boring like his ex Natasha was if I don’t do everything he wants to try. We were okay after chatting about it though.


Saturday 2nd  Jonas and I stayed in bed for quite a lot of the day but then shifted ourselves and went into town to have a look in the new Kingsgate shopping centre that’s just opened opposite uni. We weren’t all that impressed by it cos a lot of the shops weren’t even open and the ones that were are either sports shops or health food places. Hopefully it’ll improve.

We then went back to Jonas’s and ended up staying awake until about 5am to watch the F1 stuff. I got a bit bored by it and I think we both fell asleep before the end. Jonas got all excited when the commentator (I can’t remember what he’s called but he has a look of Satan/the Count off Sesame Street!) said it’s the true fans that stay up so late.

For some reason Jonas also said he wanted to “make love rampantly”. Maybe he was trying to keep me awake!


Sunday 3rd  Jonas came round to mine today. When it got dark we decided to go for a drive. We found a nice dark farm track and went up it but the car got stuck in the mud. I had to get out and push but it didn’t work so Jonas (mid-panic cos if we’d asked for help it would’ve looked very dodgy!) dismantled a bit of stone wall and put it under the wheels. Thankfully it worked.

Instead, we stopped at the top of Storthes Hall Lane (just left of it) and did some stuff. Then a big Land Rover thing stopped in front of us. We panicked again and put our clothes back on very fast. We weren’t having much luck really. Grrr!!

We went back to mine and melted some chocolate and then had a shower to wash it off!


He asked if we could try a 69 – 25th to 28th February 2002

Monday 25th  Jonas met me after uni today and we went for a drive in his car once it got dark. We stopped on Castle Hill with a nice view of Huddersfield at night, put the front seat forward and then got on the back seat and did stuff. 🙂 Hee hee!

Well, we did until some other car came and it stopped right by us. I’d been paranoid people driving past could see in so when someone stopped we both grabbed our clothes and drove off (dressed of course!). It was fun!

We went back to Jonas’s afterwards and he kept growling and tugging at my clothes but we fell asleep in the end.


Tuesday 26th  Tonight Jonas said, “Can I ask you a question?” so when I cautiously said yes he asked if we could try a 69! I felt manky and I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to so I told him “not now”. He’ll probably ask again but I think I’d rather he didn’t! He still said I was great and sexy and called me a “sex kitten” even though I refused.

Earlier on when I was running down a hill, Jonas said it was like Baywatch! I think not!!


Wednesday 27th  Jonas stayed over last night and again tonight. He told me he’d never go with anyone else cos he’ll never find anyone like me because I’m “perfect”. That’s sooo sweet! 🙂 He said he loves me too and I’m great and stuff and we had a shower together.

I wasn’t expecting to see him tonight but I phoned him and he decided to come round. It was while I was watching Sex and the City and there was a soppy bit which made me really want to see Jonas. It was nice when I did. I like him having a car!


Thursday 28th  Jonas picked me up after uni and took me bck to his house. We just cuddled because we’ve both got colds and were tired.


Everyone was just plain weird – 24th February 2002

Sunday 24th  Before we headed back to Huddersfield, Jonas’s mum made us a big Sunday lunch. Mmm! I’ve certainly been well fed anyway! I also got an Easter egg 🙂 Very nice!

On the way back, we went to see Jonas’s dad cos he’s going to the Falklands for 6 months soon (RAF). As usual, I ended up having to meet loads of people in Newton on Trent where he lives, like I had done in Gainsborough.

I didn’t feel quite as welcome at his dad’s or anywhere else there for some reason. Everyone (except his dad) seemed a bit more miserable and didn’t speak to me quite as much.

Jonas had various little kids wanting him to teach them skateboarding stuff and then I was dragged round to inbred Katy’s house (she fancies him and it’s obvious) where everyone was just plain weird. He had hold of a baby and was being talked to by people and I was just stood there like a lemon. There were some awkward silences and I got the feeling even Jonas wanted to leave.

I was glad when we did cos I really did feel like crying and I found myself being slightly annoyed at Jonas for putting me through it all when I thought I was done meeting people. I got over it pretty quickly though cos it’s not his fault really. I did feel like going home home and seeing my family though.

Jonas came back to my flat for a bit. He said he wanted to stay and play with me but he wouldn’t cos I had work to do. We cuddled for a bit though.

This morning was nice before we left. We were lying in his bed and Jonas went all cuddly and said it was really nice. Mmm! 🙂 He said he loves me a few times too.


This had been what I was dreading – 23rd February 2002

Saturday 23rd  I was woken up with a bacon butty this morning which was very nice. Jonas’s mum and sister have made me feel welcome which is nice.

Jonas spent ages today trying to get his car started so he could take his sister and 3 mates (probably ones that fancy him) into town but it wouldn’t. We ended up walking and wandering round for a bit. We saw various family members and I was introduced. They all seem okay.

I didn’t know beforehand but Jonas was going round to his nan’s where his mum, sister and a couple of aunties also were. I had no choice but to go too. This had been what I was dreading (meeting loads of people) but it actually wasn’t too bad. They were all nice and spoke to me and laughed a lot so, again, I felt quite welcome and not like I was in the way (like I used to feel at Jake’s house). Laura said she liked my socks too!

It’s a good job his family are all nice because this evening they threw a surprise party for his mum’s 40th at his cousin Emma’s house and, yes, I had to go! It’s a good job he didn’t warn me before yesterday because I really would’ve not wanted to go at the thought of meeting ALL his family! I was quite glad I did though cos I know now I don’t really need to be scared, I don’t think.

It was weird being at the party at first cos everyone else knew each other. Jonas wandered off a few times but somebody usually spoke to me. He was quite sweet with the little kids but one of them wasn’t too pleased at us doing her dinosaur colouring book! Fairy nuff, I suppose!

It was absolutely freezing outside so Jonas’s mum leant me her mittens. We got a lift back in the end though.


Doesn’t she ever learn?! – 22nd February 2002

Friday 22nd  Abby and Julia went home this afternoon and I began to pack for my scary weekend of meeting Jonas’s family.

I felt a bit ill this morning. My head felt funny but not like a hangover. Maybe I was subconsciously making an excuse not to go to Gainsborough!

I had a message from Cat this afternoon informing me that she’s been snogging and stuff with Dan from Dawsons where she works who’s 29 and married with a baby on the way. Doesn’t she ever learn?!

Jonas turned up eventually and my stomach started doing somersaults. He took me to the car and introduced me to his dad and his sister who both seemed okay but were ill and so sat/slept quietly in the back all the way with the odd cough or sniffle.

Jonas and his dad did leave me in the car with Laura (his sister) before we set off and that was a bit awkward so I was glad when we got going and I had Jonas to talk to as well. He dropped his dad off at his house and then we carried on to his mum’s. We all talked a bit more then.

Jonas hasn’t been to the house his mum lives in now so that made me feel a bit better cos he didn’t know where stuff was either His dog (Griff) seemed quite pleased to see him but his mum wasn’t there. She arrived back from work (at the wig factory!) and got us all some tea. She seems very nice and talked to me quite a bit.

Jonas and I got the spare room and a sofa bed. It was small but I didn’t really mind cos it was comfy and cosy and warm!


Rotating-shouldered dodgy thrusting – 20th & 21st February 2002

Wednesday 20th  Jen and I looked round a house today for 4 people but Kevin and Archie thought it was more important to go climbing. Like they couldn’t have done it any time. And I had warned them.

The guy picked us up from uni and took us to the house which was pretty nearby. It was better than the 3 I saw the other day but still not brilliant. They had a sofa and TV in the kitchen which was weird and it was a bit cold. All other 4 bedroom houses David Bottomly Properties had were gone but he said they were buying another one next week and he’ll contact me. I hope we don’t miss out on seeing it.

Jen and I went to McDonald’s and she told me Tom who works with her thinks I’m fit!

I had lots of cuddles with Jonas this evening. 🙂


Thursday 21st  My sister and her mate Julia Dennis arrived in Huddersfield this afternoon. Julia is considering going to Hudds Uni herself so Abby sorted it out for them to come and stay so she could test out the nightlife.

We started off in the Arb and then made out way on the bus to Revolution (which was almost empty) and then Rock Café where Jonas met up with us.  

‘Coincidentally’, Abby’s ex-boyfriend Connor was visiting Jake this weekend too so we also saw them in Rock Café and sat with them for a bit until Jonas arrived. We then went to Sharkey’s for a while before ending up in Bar Non where most people were.

Jonas started dancing on the table things and at one point he was up there at the same time as Kevin and Jake which was a bit weird. They were making Jonas look good with their gimpy dance moves – Jake with his rotating-shouldered dodgy thrusting, and Kevin with his twisting and weird knee thing with flailing arms!

Jonas was trying to get me up there but I was nowhere near pissed enough and refused, at which point Bronwen said, “I’ll dance with you, Jonas” and he held her hand to pull her up. Then Jake jumped up there again to dance with Bronwen. Then Jonas, who I think noticed I was less than impressed, got down.

Jonas and I got a bit bored and hot so we went outside and ended up stood outside the train station. Jonas said he loves me loads of times and said he’s never felt this way about anyone 🙂 and that it’s not fair (I think he meant that he can’t help it or something). He also said if I ever want a break, I can. I’m not sure what made him say that though.

When waiting for Abby and Julia, we saw Jonas’s mates Colin and Kieran who were with a lad called Matt out of my Geography lectures.


We lost £4 in Wetherspoons trying to get a curry-flavoured condom – 17th to 19th February 2002

Sunday 17th  Jonas stayed at mine all day and we just cuddled lots and he told me he loved me lots. 🙂 Mmm!! He also disagreed with me when I said “yuck!” as I looked at myself in the mirror, even though I did look a mess.

Archie, Jonas and I went to look at 3 houses this evening. We couldn’t get hold of Jen and Kevin so Jonas came along for the extra opinion. We all, however, agreed that all 3 houses were manky and very cramped (compared to Jonas’s) and none of us were impressed by them. The area seemed okay but we were expecting older stone terraced houses but they were 1950s/1960s ones on an estate with particularly hideous wallpaper and carpet and just no room between bedrooms.

When we were at my flat, Jonas put my lab coat on me and my strappy shoes. According to him it was quite sexy but I can’t say I agreed really!


Monday 18th  I wasn’t going to go out tonight but I ended up being persuaded (it didn’t take much!) by Jen. We were very pissed and we lost £4 in Wetherspoons trying to get a curry-flavoured condom out of the machines in the toilets. We also explained at the bar so we could get it back!

Camel was boring so we went back to Storthes. Jonas came too and started ranting about animals and how it’s not dogs faults when they become dangerous. It started after we were watching some American crap called When Good Pets Turn Bad.

Jonas informed me that his auntie also wants to meet me and thinks I may become her niece in law!


Tuesday 19th  Jonas stayed in my bed this morning when I went to lectures and was still there when I got back 3 hours later.

After house-hunting for 5 people, Archie told me today that Matt (whoever he is) won’t be living with us after all. I then got incredibly stressed and annoyed cos everybody’s leaving it to me and there’s actually fewer houses for 4 students than 5 so they’ve probably all gone.

Jonas cuddled me and told me to lie back and relax. It’s much nicer having him there. He said I’m great and told me he loves me again. 🙂


I gave him his thong and he actually wore it – 14th & 16th February 2002

Thursday 14th  Jonas came round to my flat with Valentine’s stuff this evening. He got me a nice card, a Beanie Baby dog, a Toblerone and he made me Chinese stuff for tea. 🙂

I gave him his thong and he actually wore it, even when we went out with Archie and his flatmates! He showed people too. (Not all of it cos it’s a bit see-through but just the top with the bow on.)

I was talking to Hazel a lot again but her boyfriend was there too.

I saw Hugo Pratt (Jake’s rich mate from Knutsford who didn’t like me much) at the bar buying champagne. Sad bastard!

Jonas came back to my flat and we did stuff but we were a bit too drunk.


Friday 15th  Jonas saw my email to my friends about being scared of meeting his family and going to a party with his mates and how I didn’t really want to do either. His face fell and I felt absolutely awful. He kept saying how he doesn’t want to pressure me and he felt guilty which made me feel even worse.

The party was cancelled tonight so I was quite pleased about that and I got to stay at Jonas’s so we had an early night. 🙂


Saturday 16th  Jonas came back to mine this evening. Jake brought back my drinking games and was stood in the flat doorway talking to me for quite a while. He said Hugo was being a prick with all his champagne on Thursday and he told me what his brother’s up to and told me more about his house.

When I went back into my room, I got lots of cuddles with Jonas. I hope he doesn’t feel threatened by Jake cos there’s no need.

We were doing stuff but then we just stopped. Jonas kept saying he was useless. I THINK NOT!!! He then kept telling me I’m beautiful and great and he love me 🙂 and kept growling at me! I love being with him!

We also had a shower together but didn’t do anything in it.


I know how much you like wearing my underwear – 12th & 13th February 2002

Tuesday 12th  Jonas stayed at mine again tonight. I noticed him looking at me and he said he was looking at how beautiful I am and thinking, “Oh man…” (in a good way) 🙂 . I also got lots of nice cuddles off him and he told me he likes me waffling on about stuff. He can’t really complain though cos he does it too!

I started feeling a bit sick and dizzy. I was okay again later on though. Maybe it was just tiredness.

We just talked after that and Jonas told me I’m the longest-lasting girlfriend he’s had, as well as his best. 🙂 That’s nice to know. Perhaps one day (hopefully) he’ll be the longest-lasting boyfriend I’ve had. We’ll have to be together for a good while yet though if that’s going to happen.

Jonas still wants me to go to Lincoln with him and he said he’s mentioned it to his mum and sister, and they’re looking forward to meeting me. I’m quite scared of meeting them though.

Jonas gave me a black beady bracelet of his to replace the one I lost in Camel. He’s wearing my necklace with a little blue flower on it too. It’s a bit girly but he can get away with it.


Wednesday 13th  I had a pretty boring day today. Kevin and Jen still aren’t speaking and Jen even said she might not live with us next year because of him.

I bought Jonas some Valentine’s stuff today after lectures. It took me ages trying to find a card and I ended up buying 2 because I couldn’t decide. One was a list of how to please a woman which I intended to change to fit me. For example, “Buy her lots of wine + chocolates” I would’ve crossed out wine and written in “snakebite” or something.

The other was one of those with a black and white old photo of a bloke and a woman walking along a beach, and he’s wearing a rather feminine bathing suit. Underneath was the caption, “When Tarquin said he wanted to get into her swimsuit, this was not what she expected”. (Or something like that.) I ended up writing in that one for him because I bought him a thong from Topshop as a joke. I keep coming into my room and finding Jonas sitting there in my bra so I thought I’d get him some girly underwear of his own! The card kind of went along with that theme too. I drew a picture of the thong in the card to make him notice the theme more.

I put the thong in a box and wrote, “I know how much you like wearing my underwear so…..” on the lid and “…I got you some of your own! :)” inside. I hope he doesn’t get offended!

I phoned up some more houses this evening and we’ve arranged to look round 3 owned by the same bloke whose number was put on a leaflet sent round Storthes.

Jen and I then went up to the Arb and saw Jake in there with a mate. He said he’s got a house and is living with 6 lads. He got it from the same bloke as I rang and he said his is brand new and really nice. He said the others are older but not bad either and their all opposite his.

Jake also embarrassed me in front of the others by asking if I still had that weird thing when my legs went numb and told them how I used to read the medical dictionary all the time. Bastard! There was no need for that! I’m not sure I want to live opposite him.


The bus driver had a major tantrum – 8th to 11th February 2002

Friday 8th  I stayed at Jonas’s. He made me tea and food and we cuddled lots and fell asleep really quickly though.


Saturday 9th  After being at Jonas’s for most of the day, we came back to mine. He kept asking for cuddles and said “I love you” a couple of times 🙂 out of the blue.

While I was watching TV, Jonas did my hair (strangely) and tied me up and then, after a struggle, managed to get a photo of me.

He wants me to go to Lincoln with him to get his car because it’s “what you do” when you’re with someone, i.e. meet their parents. (Eek!)


Sunday 10th  Jonas stayed at mine until about 3pm and we cuddled and kissed lots and he said “I love you” as he left. I then went round to Archie’s to try and sort out house stuff.


Monday 11th  I went to Camel without Jonas tonight (no money). Storecard was there and was trying to get me to snog him and stuff, saying Jonas wouldn’t find out. I didn’t of course!

Jen and I also got chatted up by some old [I bet he was about 23] southern bloke who claimed he was a fireman. Yuck! Some lad also tried beckoning me over to him as I was walking past but I didn’t go.

I was dancing with Archie and Jen most of the time and I lost the beady bracelet Jonas gave to me. I was annoyed with myself and searched for it everywhere but couldn’t find it. He hasn’t given me much of his yet so I wanted to keep it.

Ben was in Camel and asked me why I always run away from him. I don’t. He was very pissed.

I also spilt my drink (well, threw it really) over Kevin’s white shirt (it was snakebite and blackcurrent!) cos he was being nasty and ignoring Jen and she was upset.

On the way home, the bus driver had a major tantrum cos people were ringing the stop button. He kept stopping and turning the bus round and threatening to chuck us all off.

I rang Jonas when I got in but didn’t say much cos it was late.