It smells horribly of damp and mould and stuff – 16th September 2002

Sunday 16th  Jonas brought me home from his house on Monday and ended up staying the night. It was nice being able to cuddle him in my bed. Ooh, I love Jonas! He left at about 1pm the next day because I’d agreed to go back to work at Tor Environmental Consultancy for a few days. It wasn’t too bad because they had lots for me to do. It was only 4 hours too.

Mum told me that’s Abby’s very depressed because she’s got thrush (nice) and her ex-boyfriend Connor is being really horrible. For some reason, she’s decided she likes him again but he’s not all that bothered about her. Mum also said that she liked Jonas’s mum and sister. I hope they liked her. She asked if she’ll be coming to visit me one day in Scotland.

I finished work (again!) on Thursday. Malcolm (the boss guy) said he’s very pleased with all my plans and stuff.

I spent Friday packing up my stuff for moving into the house in Huddersfield. I’m actually quite worried that my room’s crap compared to all the others. Nobody really wanted it as much as the others because it’s long and narrow.

Yesterday, I moved into:

20 Cross Lane
Primrose Hill

I was the first one there. Jen and Archie arrived shortly after but Kevin isn’t coming until later on in the week. My room’s not half as bad as I remember. Kevin’s room is the worst! It’s in the basement and it smells horribly of damp and mould and stuff. He was really smug about getting that room too. Hee hee! 🙂 He now also has a black wardrobe from my room (I have his white one!) and a waterproof mattress from Archie’s room.

Jen didn’t stay the night because she didn’t have all her stuff. Archie and I stayed up really late, mainly taking the piss out of Kevin. We’d best get it out of the way, I suppose!

[It was much quicker to draw it than wait to get my camera film finished and developed.]

We’ve decided to use the spare room to put all our books in but nobody’s computer. They’ve agreed to let me use the wardrobe in there because I’ve got less storage space.

I’m tired today because I was scared last night so I slept (not very well) with the light on. We went to Ikea today and started discussing plans to put a weather map of Great Britain on the living room wall. It’d be cool! I’ve said I wanted to be a weather girl so I could use it to practice on!

Mum, Dad and Abby came again to put some shelves up in my room. I spoke to Jonas and he said he’s been gardening and getting paid for it. He said he’s excited about moving in. I bet his house is really nice. He said he can’t wait to see me tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him either. I’m going to want to stay in the same bed as him but Jen has already commented that she’ll either see loads of Jonas or none of me. I’m a bit worried she’s going to have a problem with it. I really want to see Jonas. I don’t want to miss anything here though.