He’s all tanned, blonde and gorgeous – 4th & 6th September 1998

Friday 4th Oh no! I think I’m starting to like Jim Brackenhurst a.k.a. Farmer Giles. It was just in P.E. today. He’s all tanned, blonde and gorgeous. Plus Abby keeps going on about him and that’s made me think about him being alright. Then when I was walking home, a bus went past and guess who was turned around on the back seat staring at me. He must’ve been looking at me coz there was no-one else around. If anyone like Ralph finds out I like Jim, I’ll never here the end of it.

Ferny was making me paranoid in P.E. He was sat there with Mal Johansson and Gethin Turner and they were pointing in my directing and Ferny kept looking at me.

This new P.E. teacher, Mr B, is a clone of Ferny. Well, he can’t be coz he’s nowhere near as nice as the real thing. They’ve just got the same sort of features like dark hair gelled to one side, quite tall, big nose etc.

I’ve had to keep quiet about Emma and Freddie all day coz Freddie doesn’t want to tell his mates until Monday coz they’ll think he’s gone mad considering how much he was slagging her off yesterday. So he’s using today to control the skitting, I think.


Sunday 6th I went round to Emma’s today. Suzanna was there too coz her parents are away and they don’t trust her to stay at home on her own. They told me that Davis and Ed turned up yesterday and Davis and Suzanna hit it off (but she said she doesn’t like him much) and they all ended up playing strip poker. I think I’m glad I wasn’t there!

Then today, Suzanna wasn’t feeling very well coz she’s got a bad cold and Davis and Freddie turned up. We all walked in the direction of Ed’s house. Emma and Freddie couldn’t make it obvious that they were going out again coz Suzanna doesn’t know and if she did she’d only tell Connor [Oh aye, I forgot Emma was going out with Connor. Did that even last 48 hours?!] and everyone in town thinks she’s a bitch for dumping Connor like that anyway.

So, Freddie talked to me quite a bit and was walking with me a lot of the time and told me that I had to go to the garage with him and Suzanna We all ended up going.

Just as we were getting close to Ed’s, we met Ned Arncliffe and Az Hart and they stopped to talk to Freddie. They were talking about stuff that Ed and Si Grimmer had got up to in the past and it was pretty sick so we ended up phoning Ed to say we weren’t coming.

So, instead, we all ended up wandering round the village. We kept meeting Si and Ned and at one point they were talking about Jim Brackenhurst (who I think they’re mates with) and they were saying about how much he fancied Roxanna. Never mind. I’m pretty used to the fact now that everyone I like fancies someone else.


I said mine was Ralph – 5th November 1997

Wednesday 5th
October 1997 - Fireworks

Football first. Man Utd – 3, Feyenoord – 1. YES! Andy Cole got a hat-trick, brilliant man! Luv him! The Feyenoord blokes are a right bunch of bastards. You should’ve seen the tackle the ref let ’em get away with on Denis Irwin. He’s gunna be out for a while.

The other soccer thing is that Jade Hancock asked why there wasn’t a Year 10 girls team and she was told that if she could get enough girls to play then we could so I put my name down. Loads of my friends have. It could be good

Dougie and Freddie were both off today so I’ve had a pretty boring day. I went hyper this afternoon though and I did something really stupid. I went and told Emma, Hayley, Abby and Sarah that I fancied Ralph. [Because I did.] I don’t know why [Because I did.] but they knew I was only joking. [No I wasn’t.]

Then, in The Game of Life, I told Hayley and Emma that they had to name their husband when they got to that bit on the board. So, Hayley got there 1st and had Dougie, then Emma who said hers was Freddie, so coz I was last, I said mine was Ralph. Again, I was only joking [Again, no I wasn’t.] and so were they but my two favourite lads at the moment were taken. So I said Ralph.

[Nothing says true love like naming a tiny peg after your sweetheart. Original image via Etsy]

October 1997 - Bonfire bye

He was acting like a bit of a knob – 18th October 1997

Saturday 18th It was so good today. I really enjoyed it. It helped that Man U drew 2-2 against Derby County after being 2-0 down.

October 1997 - MUFC rule

Mum took me to Emma’s then her mum took us and Lizzie to Hayley’s house. We went in and had to wait a few minutes for Georgia but when she arrived we went round the corner to the bus stop. The bus came and nobody knew what to say so we were arguing about who was going on first. Hayley gave in eventually.

It didn’t take long to get to LA Bowl. We got there at about 2:20pm and only Davis was there. The 6 of us decided to go on the dodgems. I went in with Hayley coz they were £1 each so we split it. She drove but it was still good. You only got about 5 minutes though so we just hung round the pool tables and video games.

About 20 minutes later, Hayley and I went to the entrance to the phone and she rang Dougie twice to see if they were on their way. Nobody answered so we went and stood with the others.

Not long after, Dougie, Freddie and Ralph walked in. They didn’t see us so we went over and said hi. We went on the dodgems again 1st and Hayley went with Dougie so I went with Georgia and drove. It’s really hard to control them at first and I kept going backwards but I got used to it after a while. Dougie kept making comments to Hayley about women drivers and got a slap from her!

We all messed about with the racing and ski games then went on the bowling alleys. Sam Allsop and Brian Short (a pair of complete wankers) decided they would join us, even though we didn’t want them to. We had 2 lanes and boys v. girls. There were 6 of them and 5 of us but we still won in the end!

It was quite good that part coz we were all sort of stood in a group so we could talk. Hayley and I kept running off to check the footy results on the TV. (Liverpool lost to Everton 2-0. Ha ha, never mind, Hayley!) The rest of the time I was stood by the  bowling controls with Dougie and Freddie mostly and I discovered the button to make the clearing thing come down early so I pressed it whenever the lads were going to knock any down but Dougie did it back so it didn’t make much difference on the scores overall.

October 1997 - Bowling

After bowling we went back on the dodgems once, I think. I went on with Georgia again and let her drive. I think after that Dougie asked me if I was coming to get a drink. I said yes and everyone else came too. I didn’t actually get one though.

There was this group of little lads skitting Hayley about her LFC shirt and saying how I had the right idea with my MUFC one. [Spellcheck doesn’t like the word ‘skitting’ so I’m assuming it’s not commonly used. It meant ribbing/making fun of/taking the piss out of.] One lad ended up spitting at Hayley through a straw but it missed. Ralph then went and stuffed an ice cube down his back which set Freddie off. He did it to everyone except me. I didn’t say, “Don’t you dare!” but then so did everyone else.

We went on the dodgems again and I went in on my own. Freddie had it in for me! I got him back though.

We all went to the bus stops across the road from each other to get home. They kept waving to us until their bus went. It was quite a good day really.

I’ve gone off Dougie a bit but not completely. [WHAT?! How can this be?!] I still like him but he was acting like a bit of a knob today. I actually quite like Freddie too. I don’t know why though. [Because he was a boy.]