Dressed as robbers with bras on their heads! – 25th July 2000

Tuesday 25th P. [Period.]

Before we set off for the swimming place called Mosaqua at Gulpen, some girl from another school had asked Gethin if Jake and I are going out. He asked how she’d guessed and she told him that it was cos he hadn’t reacted to anyone other than me!

I didn’t go swimming so I just sat by the café at the side of the pool with Jake and the others who weren’t swimming.

We had our last concert in Aachen in Germany today. It was pointless cos we had an audience of about 3 people cos it was rainy, one being this little old woman who was jigging about in her seat and making us all smile!


[Bet I was miming.]


Jake and I went to the Queen Vic for a while and then I went with him to his hotel so he could get his bags to dump at ours ready for the coach in the morning. We just sat in my room for a while and decided it’d been a really good few days cos we’d seen so much of each other and that we didn’t want to go home. He said he thinks we should just run away together!


[Jake helping us to pack.]

Later, we were joined by Gethin. He was pissed and said something about Jake being able to sleep in his room if he wanted (but we’d already decided he could sleep in my bed then it’s not such a rush in the morning) and Gethin was being a bit perverted so Jake told him that he wanted straight sex not gay sex! Well, he didn’t get either but I was glad to hear that!

Some of the girls whose last trip it is with the band, Rina H and Greta Allen, came into our room before, very pissed and dressed as robbers with bras on their heads! Strange!


I heard sniffling noises coming from Jake – 24th July 2000

Monday 24th We spent all day at De Efteling theme park which was a bit of a strange place really. We did 2 concerts there. I got totally soaked on one of the water rides so I was cold all day!


This evening, Jake and I decided to go to the Queen Vic with everyone else before we got accused of being antisocial or something! Mrs P mentioned Canada to Jake and it depressed me so I went all quiet. He noticed and thought I was sulking and said he’d get upset. We talked about it for a bit and how bad it’s gonna be, and a few minutes after we’d stopped, I heard sniffling noises coming from Jake and he had his head down and I noticed tears rolling down his nose.

I asked if he wanted to leave and he nodded so we walked down the street for a bit and hugged for a while. I apologised for upsetting him and gave him a ‘Smile’ tissue like this one →


which did make him smile and then hug me and then cry again! Only this time he said it was cos he’s so happy! He kept stressing the fact that he never cries so I was flattered in a way that he didn’t mind showing his emotions in front of me like that. We decided it was cos he’s tired.

I felt so guilty but he said it wasn’t my fault, he just can’t bear the thought of going away again. He said that’s how he was feeling on that night he tried to ring me really late when he was travelling.

We walked back to the hotel and went in my room again. We sat in the window for a while before moving to my bed and then 3 happened (again). We just lay on my bed and cuddled for ages after that until Maeve came in the room.

We moved and went and sat on the steps together. He told me that he loves me and that I’m beautiful (hah!) and that he loves my nose and smile and everything else about me and that he can’t believe this is all happening. He also kept telling me that he’s really happy 🙂 So am I! I really do love him!


There were nudists in some bushes – 23rd July 2000

Sunday 23rd Last night, Cat went off to sleep in Archie Quinn’s (a Year 9!) bed and Emma was in Alan Hanlon’s (another Year 9!) so when Francesca Canning was brought to our room in a very drunken state, it was Maeve Ackerley and I that had to clean up after her! She’d managed to be sick down the toilet but dribbled everywhere else! Surprisingly, she seemed okay this morning!


[Cat, pre-Year 9 bed.]

Today we went to visit the Vaals Maze in the morning. I hadn’t been able to sit on the coach next to Jake on the way there cos we’d got on it a bit late so when we eventually found our way out of the maze (in which we got wet cos there were fountain things in it!) he went all quiet cos I’d asked Cat if she’d let me sit next to Jake but she flatly refused to sit next to Charlie who he’d been sat with (and fair enough!).

He was sulking really badly and eating one of the Rocket ice lollies wearing his dad’s coat which is a bit big for him so he looked like a little kid! It was dead cute and made me laugh but he said it wasn’t funny that we couldn’t sit with each other.


Gethin noticed eventually and said he’d sit next to Cat and Charlie could sit where he had so we could sit together. Jake then cheered up pretty quickly.

This afternoon we went to the chocolate museum in Cologne. The smell was sooo nice! After that we were allowed to wander round Cologne but most of us ended up sitting on the steps of the museum cos we’re all knackered!

Maisie Jones and Keira Osborne then decided that Jake and I are a really sweet couple and don’t get on anyone’s nerves. That was nice to hear cos I worry about that sometimes.

Before we got back on the coach, we went on a boat ride on the Rhine. It was boring and there were nudists in some bushes along the banks of the river.


[Nudist spotting on the boat.]

On the coach back to Valkenburg, I had my fleece over me and Jake undid the zip on my pants but I stopped him doing anything cos there were way to many people around us.

This evening, Jake and I got my room to ourselves cos everyone else went to some Scottish pub called the Queen Victoria in Valkenburg. He persuaded me to get on my bed and we started off just kissing then some 3. We snogged more then nothing much happened cos Francesca came in (plus he’s not really got the hang of it yet!). He told me he loves me again before he had to leave. Ahh! 🙂


It was dark so I got to snog Jake – 22nd July 2000

Saturday 22nd There’s a spare seat on our coach so Jake gets to stay with us all week!! 🙂

We had quite a few trips, the first one being to the Municipal Grotto. They were just cave things with paintings and carvings and stuff but it was dark so I got to snog Jake without too many people noticing!


[I had the occasional break from snogging to take a few photos.]

Then we went on the toboggan run which was quite good but going on a chairlift doesn’t seem right without skis on!

I picked this →


up from the place cos I couldn’t be bothered getting my camera out. It was free, I think! Some people had a go on a death wire thing which came from the top of the tower on the postcard.


[Cat on the death wire thing. F that S.]

Jake and I didn’t bother so we could just stand and cuddle.

After that, we went bowling. That was alright except our lane kept not giving Jake his points and stuff. That was also the point what Cat told me she fancied the tour rep but then so does Gethin!

Jake came back to our hotel again this evening and I had a rather interesting conversation with him. We started talking again about how long we’ve liked each other and he said he’s liked me ages before the college bowling trip last year and has since I was in Year 11 but doesn’t quite know when or why. He said it might have been triggered by Emma who I’d been best mates with at the time.

The uni subject then came up. He said he doesn’t care about uni cos he doesn’t want to leave me.

Unfortunately, the hotel doors had to be locked so we had to say goodbye. We did try the fire escape so he could’ve left a bit later but there was a gate and a security camera so it didn’t work. He told me he loves me and then had to leave.

Ohhh, I want him so much! I can’t keep my hands off him!


P.S. First concert in open air theatre in Valkenburg. Went quite well. Shelly and Emma told me that Jake and I are a nice couple and not annoying like others!


I was pissed on tiredness – 21st July 2000

Friday 21st The coach journey was horrible! It was really uncomfortable so I only got one hour of sleep or so which made me feel really rough.

We stopped at a service station somewhere before Dover and I went in the shop and ended up buying some beanie toy cos it made me laugh when I saw it. It was like I was pissed on tiredness or something cos I couldn’t stop giggling! It’s a Jim Henson Bean Star or something and is a purply, ugly otter (apparently!) called Pop! It had a partner called Pip but that one wasn’t quite as funny! Everyone thought I was a bit weird for buying it but they then all decided it was quite cute. I sort of agree now!


[Pop then…]


[…and Pop now, thanks to those hoarding habits of mine.]

When we finally reached Valkenburg, I woke up a bit cos I was aware that I might see Jake and I did! My first sighting was him crossing a road wearing his pink shirt and shorts. I waved but he didn’t see me.

I saw him properly when I was at our hotel. I went to Gethin’s room and he was in there. I was so pleased to see him! We hugged but it didn’t really sink in that I was actually with him. I’m sooo happy that I’ve got him back!

He said he realised the coach was ours after we’d driven past and he saw Mr P-R on it. He’s staying in the Atlas Hotel which is about a 10 minute walk from my hotel.

This evening, our tour rep Andy took us round Valkenburg and Jake came too. Jake, Gethin, Charlie and I then went to some bar before going back to the hotel. We just sat and cuddled and couldn’t stop smiling! He mentioned me going and visiting him when he’s in Canada and he told me he loves me lots and lots and lots! The feeling’s returned!

I did get a few messages from Jake before I reached Dover while my phone still worked. I told him that someone was passing a sex position poster round the coach and he said, “STILL CAN’T WAIT! : ) P.S. I HOPE YOU’RE TAKING NOTES FROM THAT POSTER! : ) : ) : ) LOVE YOU! xJx”.


I told him that I was just shocked by it cos there were Year 7s on the coach and he said, “YEH RIGHT! BUT HEY I THOUGHT THAT’S WHAT MUSIC TRIPS WERE ALL ABOUT! – YOU KNOW ‘THIS ONE TIME AT BAND CAMP’!! AND GIRLS WITH FLUTES N STUFF! : ) xJx”.

He’s been taking too much notice of that American Pie film!