Stripping off and prancing round – 26th May 2001

Saturday 26th Jake and I went to Ronan Keating’s concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester tonight. It was really, really good! Jake was definitely in the minority as most people there were female and the few blokes there were either gay or looked like they’d been dragged there by their girlfriends. It was the other way round with us though cos he was the one who suggested it first. I did want to go though.


There was some boyband on called Fixate first who were okay but obviously miming and just like every other boyband under the sun!

Ronan was REALLY good though! He can actually sing really well live and he added some Boyzone songs and one by Blur at the end. When Rollercoaster was sung [I regret including the video as I don’t like the song and it’s now well and truly stuck in my head], he flew (on ropes of course!) over to a little stage in the middle. He kept doing little jigs and stuff. So cute! I’m glad Jake likes him! 🙂 That’s sweet cos most lads wouldn’t admit it!

After the concert, Jake and I met up with Connor and Abby cos they wanted us to show them round Manchester at night. We went in a few places but stayed mainly in Bar 38 cos we could sit outside. There were loads of people that kept stripping off and prancing round on the grassy bit which was quite amusing too!

Connor and Abby wanted to go into Infinity but Jake and I were pretty knackered so we went to get a taxi home. We wanted a black cab cos most others looked really dodgy but we eventually got bored of waiting and so just got in the next one that came along. The driver was really funny (he didn’t mean to be!) and started going on about how he’d had 15 points on his licence and stuff! He did stop though when Jake was about to wet himself! It only cost us £20 as well. It cost the other two £29 in a black cab.

Jake ended up staying in our spare room cos he had no more money to get home. I couldn’t sleep so I sneaked into the spare room. He woke up and said I could get in with him but must have gone straight back to sleep again cos he woke up again about 5 mins later and asked how long I’d been there! He was quite pleased to see me. 🙂 We just snuggled up all night and eventually started kissing and stuff.


I don’t want him to want me to look like a doll! – 2nd March 2001

Friday 2nd
4 weeks + 6 days to go!

I think my friends and I may have finally managed to put Sarah off Maz. We told her the “Bluebell” story about him! The story goes that Maz took his first girlfriend up the arse and he trapped a nerve or something in his knob which caused it to go blue, therefore he gained the nickname Bluebell!! Ha ha!! Sarah’s pretty disgusted by the whole thing and we intend to keep reminding her of it every time she mentions him!

Jake phoned at about 4:30pm. He said the first aid course is really good and they’re learning how to do all sorts of stuff. He kept saying how he wants to come home though. I really want him to come home too. I miss him sooooooo much!! I was saying how I want some new pyjamas and he sort of laughed at me and told me that I was really cute! He told me he wants me to get some jeans like Jessie the Cowgirl! That worries me slightly! I don’t want him to want me to look like a doll!

I discovered that my right hand still tingled after I held my arm above my head in the shower. I hope it all gets back to normal soon. 😦 It’s not very nice.

I went to Manchester tonight for Freda’s birthday. It was really good and surprisingly cheap! There were 8 of us that went altogether:

Gethin (those 3 are gay)

We went on the train to Oxford Road, I think. The 3 gay ones were the only ones that knew where they were going so the rest of us just followed. Of course, that meant we were heading straight for Canal Street!

We went in 3 places around there but after the 3rd one where there was a bloke in drag playing constant Steps songs, the rest of us decided to find somewhere straight. I mean, we don’t have a problem with gay people, it’s just that it was kind of pointless for us to be there seeing as we wanted to pull blokes! Well, I didn’t of course cos I’ve got Jake 🙂 but I’m the matchmaker when we go out so I was needed with the girls!

We didn’t really know where we were going so we just wandered the streets of Manchester, collecting leaflets from people from clubs and stuff for free drinks and things. The first place we found was called Elemental because we picked up loads of these and decided we might as well use them →


It was a bit dead in there though and had a look of college about it so we left after a free drink or two!

The next place we went to was Soft, I think, cos we got free entry and £1 drinks, just for being girls! It was a bit more lively in there so we stayed for a while. Sarah and Lizzie pulled a bloke each in there but that was it for the night. Nobody else had any success.

We then headed for Infinity but we discovered it cost £6 just to get in so we sacked that idea and wandered the streets for a bit longer. I was the most sober so I had Cat linking one arm and Sarah linking the other so they could stay on their feet but the problem was that they kept staggering in different directions so it was really hard controlling them both!

We went in Bar 38 for all of 2 minutes (it looked crap!) so we went back to Soft. It’d quietened down a bit thought so we went in search of food before meeting up with the other 3 to go home.

02-03-01 Manchester - Bar 38 drunkards

[The state in Bar 38.]

We found a chippy with some very fit man serving food so we went in! He told us off for messing with the light switch so we got a good look at him!

Freda’s parents picked up all up and then dropped us all off at home which was really nice of them. That meant I didn’t have to pay for a taxi so I don’t think I even spent £15 all night! 🙂


My emails to Jake. He couldn’t send me one cos of his 1st aid thing →

02-03-01 Tess email 102-03-01 Tess email 2

Emma told us what Davis told her – 24th February 1999

Wednesday 24th I told Emma about Ralph. She didn’t seem to care. Rachael was being really nice in P.E. too. Weird!

I went to see this film premier thing with Freda tonight. Sarah and Karen Brent came too. Fun. (NOT!) It was free so we thought it’d be crap. It was called ‘The Big Tease’ and it was actually quite good. It was about this gay Scottish hairdresser called Crawford Mackenzie who thought he’d got a place in the Platinum Scissor Awards but he’d only got a seat watching it really. Eventually he got in the competition and won. It was funny and had a happy ending and I really liked it too.

[Via Wikipedia]

[Via Wikipedia]

It was showing at the cinema at the Trafford Centre which is really big (20 screens) and comfy. I left my bag with Freda’s mobile in it which was actually a good thing coz the cinema managed to phone her mum on it somehow. I didn’t even realise I’d left it until we got picked up. Shows how alert I am!


P.S. Emma told us what Davis told her that Ewan and Adrian Ford think Georgia Dean is fit. But Hayley told me that Jade asked Adrian and he said he didn’t. I dunno if I believe him and I don’t really care. It’s the fact the Ewan does that I’m more bothered about and I didn’t think I really liked him anymore.

I do like Ferny though. I saw him heading off towards the village after school after he’d been standing on the road. I dunno where he was going.

WOW! – 1st February 1999

Monday 1st WOW! I saw all the Man Utd players today. I went to The Cliff training ground with Freda, her mum and Bronwen Groves. It was so cool.

Just as we got there, they were all finishing training. I was actually convinced that they wouldn’t be there but they all were and there weren’t many people watching. I got most of their autographs and some of the fit youth players’ autographs too.

I can’t believe my camera battery ran out though! I got some photos and got really close to the players. Most stopped as they were going out of the car park in their big, flash Mercs, BMWs, 4x4s, Ferraris, Jags etc. and signed through open windows but some, including David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and Jaap Stam, came over to us. It was so good!

[Here I am in my Man Utd-filled room.]

The autographs I got were from:-

Peter Schmeichel
Jaap Stam
Ryan Giggs
David Beckham
Roy Keane
Denis Irwin
Dwight Yorke
David May
Andy Cole
Phil Mulryne
Michael Clegg
Wes Brown
Phil Neville
Alex Ferguson
Teddy Sheringham
Ronny Johnsen
Henning Berg
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


[Crap photos of (clockwise from top left) Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Jaap Stam, Peter Schmeichel and David Beckham.]

And about 5 of the youth players. They’re all in a little, clear Paperchase book thingy. [I must still have it somewhere what with my hoarding habits. I’ll have to try and find it.] WOW! I still can’t quite believe it. Certain people in school are going to be so jealous!

Well, I was brought back down to Earth as soon as I came home by Abby telling me that Paul Nutt phoned while I wasn’t in and he said he was going to phone back later. Jacqueline had given him my number and she and Abby said he was going to ask me out or summit so I had to phone him to set him straight about me not liking him.

Well, I’m sure you can imagine my reaction. Basically, I didn’t want to. Not because I like him but because it’d have been embarrassing and, knowing me from past experiences (e.g. Ralph), I’d only have ended up panicking and hurting his feelings or summit.

So, I begged and pleaded with Jacqueline to do it and eventually she said she would. The wimp’s way out, I know, but hopefully it’s worked. Abby went round to Jac’s house today so they could plan what to say. They did phone and ended up telling him that I really liked someone else in school but I wouldn’t tell them who.

Oh yes, I’ve got school to look forward to tomorrow. NOT! Hayley’s on the field trip with Geography so I’m stuck with the bitchy lot. Oh well, I guess I’ll either have to go and talk to someone else or just put up with it.


She dumped him on the bus – 24th January 1999

Sunday 24th Emma, Suzanna, Gavin Bilson, GeordieChris and I all went into Manchester today. I didn’t have time to describe the lads last night so I’ll do it now.

GeordieChris – Fairly tall and slightly hunched over. He’s got sort of smiley blue eyes which disappear if he grins and longish, floppy, blonde hair which is parted in the middle. He’s got a gap in his front two teeth and I agree with the fact that he does look a bit like the blonde one with glasses out of Stand By Me. He’s a real Geordie but supports Man City (Hmm… no comment!) and he seems fairly nice. I don’t fancy him.

[Via IMDB]

[Via IMDB]

Gavin – Also quite tall and also quite borderline chubby. He’s got curlyish, short, dark hair which he sort of gels forward. He has a sort of innocent but lost look about him and he talks like us. He is also quite nice. I don’t fancy him either. Neither does Emma coz she dumped him on the bus going home today.

Today was okay actually coz I didn’t really end up on my bill coz Emma was keeping a fair distance from Gavin and, even though Suzanna and GeordieChris were getting on pretty well, nowt happened coz he’s got a girlfriend called Lisa. She fancies some lad called Nathan Leigh and GeordieChris just isn’t him. Anyway, he’s going back to Newcastle tonight.

Man Utd beat Liverpool 2-1. I am so unbelievably pleased coz Man U were losing 1-0 up until about 90 mins when Yorke and Solksjaer scored. WOOHOO! No skitting from Hayley. The Scousers are going to get it tomorrow.


Ralph is quite funny in his own sad little way – 27th October 1997

Monday 27th Well, that was another good day. I couldn’t sleep last night coz I was excited coz it was Emma, me, Dougie, Freddie and Ralph all going to Manchester today. Hayley was meant to be coming but couldn’t so there were just us two girls with them.

I went to Emma’s at about 10:30 am and she told me that we didn’t have to bother with the train coz her dad was going into Manchester to work so he’d drop us off. She’d told her parents who was going but I daren’t coz I know how mine would react.

We really wanted to go but it was too early for her dad so we had to wait half an hour before we could go. In that time, Emma managed to scrub [borrow] £8 off her parents.

Eventually we got going and arrived in Manchester at about 11:30. Her dad just parked at the college so we had to walk from there. It’s a good job I know where I’m going coz Emma doesn’t have a clue! We got to The Arndale Centre then I showed her the fountain outside the Warner Bros. shop where we had to wait for them at 1:00 pm.

October 1997 - Fountain

[The Cotton Bud fountain in St Ann’s Square. Via BBC]

We were far too early so we wandered round the shops for a bit and ended up in the toilets in Debenhams. When we came out of them we worked our way to the ground floor to try and get out. [Still easier said than done in that place.] When we got to the bottom of the escalator, I spotted Dougie with his mum in the women’s clothes section so I waved to him. He smiled and gave me a look like he wanted us to go. Poor lad, stuck shopping with his mum. How boring can you get?!

So, Emma and I went to get some sandwiches from Tesco and had another walk round. We kept going back to the Arndale. We were just going back out onto Market Street when somebody came up behind me and put their hands on my shoulders. It didn’t half scare me and I yelled, “Oh shit!” and turned round to see Dougie grinning at me.

He was hungry and it wasn’t 1:00 so we had time for him to get summit to eat. We went in McDonald’s but the queues were really long and he ended up getting an ice cream.

Every time we walked past the Arndale, we went back in in case Freddie and Ralph were there. Between times we ended up walking up to the Town Hall and having to get a tram back to the Arndale. Then we went back in the Arndale.

They still hadn’t come so we got Dougie to phone Ralph and his sister said he’d come. We walked back to the fountain and Dougie saw his mum and sisters ad they said they’d seem ‘em and Dougie spotted them so we ended up legging it after them.

We caught up and went back in McDonald’s. As we were queuing up, Dougie and I had chance to tell Ralph and Freddie about Emma falling in the stream which sent him off laughing again and Emma went really red. I got a choccy milkshake and we all set off walking again.

Ralph wanted to go in some cooking shop (don’t ask me why) which was on Deansgate but we ended up walking miles round the back streets of Manchester trying to find it. He swore to us he knew where it was! We also had to put up with him singing, “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy, come on baby let me know”. They’re the only words he knew too!

We were just outside Kendals, trying to cross the road, when we heard all this yelling and “fucking” going out. At first we thought it was a fight coz there were a few men running about grabbing this other one, until we saw blood everywhere. We thought he’d been stabbed but then we saw the broken glass door which we think he’d been shoved through. We didn’t stay to see what happened coz a crowd was forming and we didn’t want to get in the middle of it all.

We eventually found this shop of Ralph’s (after he nearly got himself run over by a bike) that he worships and it was full of old women (Ralph included! Soz, that’s tight.) but it didn’t have what he wanted so we went in the music shop with Dougie to get a drum book but they wouldn’t sell it him without some CD so she came back to the Arndale (again) with the rest of us.

Dougie had to meet his mum there coz of a dentist appointment so he said bye and ran ahead.

Ralph is quite funny in his own sad little way [Heh. I was totally starting to fancy him…] and so’s Freddie so it was actually better than I expected after Dougie went. We went round their shops and stuff and they wanted to go in the lingerie shops but we wouldn’t let them!

Emma then complained that she wanted to go in one of her shops after stopping off in the toy shop where Emma and Ralph had a pretend fight with the plastic guns. Ralph asked for sparklers but got told he was too young. We also stopped in the outdoor sorta shop to look at the skiing gear and Emma was going in all the tents. We decided to get out of there before we got chucked out after getting funny looks from the staff! [God, I bet we were so annoying!]

We went in the shop she wanted to go in after going in the sports shop to get Ralph a tennis ball. Oh yeah, Freddie supports Man Utd too which is good. Emma’s shop was full of weird stuff including this gorilla which sang Macarena when you clapped at it. Freddie bought one of those keyrings tht beeps when you whistle at it. So, on the way back to the station, we had Ralph bounding his ball and Freddie whistling and beeping. We were going to take it in a library or summit but we couldn’t find one. [Good. Don’t be twats, kids.]

On the way to the station, we found a big slippy marble rock so we were climbing all over it until Freddie started panicking coz he had a paper round at 4:30 pm.

October 1997 - Touchstone

[Big slippy marble rock or, if we’re going for it’s official name, The Ishinki Touchstone. Via Our Manchester]

We passed these esculators too on the way with no-one on so me, Ralph and Emma all went down on the up one and up the down one, pretending we were on the travellator on Gladiators. Then we raced each other to Freddie. The ground felt like it was moving under my feet. It was really weird.

When we got to the station we were on the wrong platform and a train was coming so we legged it all the way down the steps, under the track and up to the other platform and it didn’t bloody well stop!

Our train did come and we got it to Freddie and Ralph’s stop. Ralph was doing sit-ups on his seat and signing again and we all got some funny looks from passengers. When we got to their stop, we got a bus to Freddie’s village and then walked across a field to Freddie’s house so they could both get their bikes for the paper round.


We went round the back and Ralph yelled to Freddie’s mum, “Look, Mrs Bevan, Freddie’s brought his girlfriend home!” and he dragged Emma to the window. His little bro came to have a look. We could tell when Freddie was coming back out coz you could hear him beeping!

They took us to the phone and I phoned my mum. Freddie went off to do his papers but said he’d be back in about 15 mins if we were still there. Ralph waited with is. My mum came and asked me who Ralph was so I had to tell her who same with us and what we did. It was embarrassing but she didn’t seem to mind.

I wanna do that again sometime.


P.S. Freddie’s birthday is November 8th. And Dougie said that, other than school shoes, he was looking for some Kappa pants. I’ve got some of them. [SO MUCH IN COMMON! Shame it was all sportswear.]