I’m in London now! – 12th February 1997

My Wednesday 12th I’m in London now! I forgot to mention it before. Mum, Charlotte and I came to stay with Mum’s sister, Auntie G. She’s moved into a new flat so we’ve landed ourselves on her. We’ve left Dad at home with Mollie, our 1 year old Scottie. I’m going to miss them.

We set off this morning from Warrington Bank Quay and arrived 3 hours later. We came in at Euston station here in London.

I got really bored on the train and we had this man and woman talking really loudly sitting near us.

Auntie G met us and we went on the tube to Boston Manor then we drove to Hanwell where the flat is.

This evening we had a look round Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square then went to China Town and had a meal there.


[And here is a list of my hobbies and dislikes that I randomly included…]

Play flute
Go to school [Oh God! I must’ve been seriously struggling to think of hobbies.]
Love ice skating when I go (I don’t have lessons though)
Manchester United
Seeing my cousins in Caithness
Oasis (band)
James Douglas (Dougie)

Wasps, bees, daddy-long-legs etc. (Urggh!) [This hasn’t changed. I recently realised that I’m not keen on things that fly slowly when in an enclosed space. I like them from a distance and outdoors but, if they’re in the same room, they might go in my mouth. I don’t want them in my mouth.]
Green beans [This also hasn’t changed. I don’t want them in my mouth either.]
Scratchy blackboards [Thanks, young me. My teeth are now on edge just thinking about it.]
Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal etc.
Garbage (band)
Lindsey and Karen
Megan Quinn
Big dogs