Oasis got their sidies drawn on with eyeliner – 19th November 1997

Wednesday 19th What a day! [I predict that I’m about to make a mountain out of a molehill.] I’ll start from the beginning.

I woke up this morning and remembered I had an assembly. It was the 1st time for a while I have actually felt awake in the morning. It was a horrible feeling, the thought of everyone in my year looking at me. I really felt sick. I tried not to think about it and kept reminding myself that we had a practice 1st but it didn’t work. I still felt absolutely awful! I was going to ask Mum if I could have a day off but I knew it wouldn’t work coz I’d already asked her the night before.

I got to school and forgot about the assembly for a while coz I was trying to make Emma break her sponsored silence. That was until the bell went and it was panic time again. We went into our tutor room and had a sort of run through and everyone got changed and Oasis got their sidies drawn on with eyeliner.

Mr M then came in and told us the Drama Studio was free so we (Aarghhh!!! ‘You Sexy Thing’ has just come on the radio! That’s the song Ralph keeps singing!) could go in there and rehearse. I felt slightly better after that until we had to go behind the curtain and the rest of the year walked in. Mr M took ages giving notices and stuff and we were all getting really nervous.

Eventually we started and our turn to go on came pretty quickly. I wanted to see where Dougie was but I didn’t want to look coz I knew he’d be looking at me!

My turn to speak came and I bloody well forgot what I had to say. I think I managed something along the lines of what I was meant to say. I just wanted to get off stage!

It seemed to be over pretty quickly, you know, once it was done with! I stood by the edge of the curtain so I could see who was sitting where. I saw Ralph, Freddie and Dougie all sitting together and at one point they were all looking over and grinning at me.

It wasn’t all over coz at the end we had to go on and wave our arms about at the Oasis song (‘Supersonic’) so then the three of ‘em just laughed at me!

Nothing else happened until Geography. We were just discussing the cinema and stuff then Dougie sort of put his hand to his mouth and said to Neil K (whilst looking at me), “Guess who Ralph fancies”. I immediately tuned in and then I knew what was about to come. Neil went, “Who, Emma?” Dougie told him no and pointed discretely at me. Neil guessed and went, “What, Tess?” I turned round and went, “WHAT?” Dougie said, “Ralph really fancies you”.

I wanted to ask him what Ralph had been saying but I had to turn around coz I couldn’t stop smiling to myself!

I actually thought that, now the assembly was done with, I didn’t have much else to worry about. Then I got this from Poppy (after Dougie and Neil read it):

November 1997 - Note

Well, I think that’s it for today and for this diary except Dougie sarcastically (I think) said I was “stunning” in assembly this morning! [That was most definitely sarcasm.]


[Who are these fans? I never wanted anyone to read this, EVER!]

I nearly called him a liar – 21st October 1997

Tuesday 21st Dougie’s started talking a bit more notice of me and my mates and so have his mates since Saturday. [Since I decided I’d gone off him a bit. TYPICAL!] They probably won’t from now on, now I’ve said that!

Outside English, at last break, Dougie walked past and when he was quite a way off he turned round and smiled at me. I had to have a reason to be looking at him so he wouldn’t think I was looking for no reasons coz he was so far off, so I grabbed Hayley and said to her, “Look, there’s Dougie”. That made him grin and turn away.

The after school I was walking down the school drive and I saw Hayley going into a block. I said to Olivia and Poppy, “I bet she’s looking for Dougie”. I didn’t see him catching up with us and I thought he might have heard so I turned round and said, “Hayley’s looking for you”. Then he asked me why, which I was hoping he wouldn’t do and I ended up saying, “I dunno” which means he’ll probably go and ask her tomorrow and it’ll all get traced back to me.

After I said that, he started walking with us and out of the school gates. He usually gets the bus so I thought he must have a piano lesson. I knew he had them last year coz Poppy said they have the same teacher but I hadn’t noticed him going the way recently [If anyone was going to notice him going a piano lesson, it was me.] so I thought I’d try and make him admit it. I asked him where he was going and he just said, “The village”. He didn’t say why so I asked him. He just said, “My mum’s picking me up”. It was like he didn’t want to tell us and I nearly called him a liar but I thought that was tight and I would wait to see where he was going. [Poor lad.]

I was right! [Stalker-sense affirmed!] We got to a road and he stopped to tie his lace and we just carried on. I turned round and so did he and he smiled at me again as he went up the road. I don’t know why he didn’t just tell us, I bet he thought we’d take the piss or something but then Poppy and Olivia both play the piano. Oh, I don’t know!

I went on the internet this evening. I sent Adam my photo. Just after I sent it, the whole computer went weird so we turned it off and switched it back on again.

I’m being assessed in basketball tomorrow on the skills we’ve done and the game and then Mr B is gonna ask us questions about it. They mark is out of 25 and he says we should get 15 or over, I think. I’ve got no chance!

Anyway, today I got this but then so did quite a few P.E. students:-

October 1997 - PE letter


I’m scared of getting pervy letters – 12th July 1997

Saturday 12th Talked to more people on The Internet [It had earned itself capital letters because that’s where I lived now.]

One was called Luke and was 13, screen name Montague.
One was Tom (BMX something).
One was Jamie who I talked to for a while, screen name Jam1011 which is his birthday numbers.

I’m not too trusting with Jamie after he asked for my home address. [SO SENSIBLE! Well done, me.]

Inpaler came on again but he’s changed his name to BarmyBazza now. [I’m not sure which name I hate more.] It was embarrassing with him coz he kept writing “hi lover” and stuff when my mum was on.

I didn’t talk to Pete again and I’m not sure I want to talk to the rest. BMX was boring, I didn’t really trust Jamie and Barry’s just getting embarrassing. Oh yeah, there was another one called Chris B but I didn’t talk to him for long. They’re all lads too. No girls our age really want to talk to us.

I’m not sure about the internet now. I mean, it’s good but I’m scared of getting pervy letters or letting people know too much about myself. They could all be genuine and perfectly harmless but I’m not taking any risks. [I know Mum and Dad will have worried about us talking to boys on the internet but not as much as I worried about it. I was going to be fine.]

It was the village gala today. Emma came too. It wasn’t very good really. A few floats and that was about it.

Mum, Abby and I also went into town to get a pair of shorts each. I got some Umbro ones and a football coz we don’t know what happened to the last one.


Letter from my cousin, Rhian, in Caithness! →

July 1997 - Auntie S

July 1997 - Fi's letter end