It’s about time someone lamped her one – 18th May 2001

Thursday 18th



Well, for study leave anyway but it means no more lessons! Unfortunately, however, exams take over from next Wednesday onwards. Oh joy.


Our head of college, Mr H, is also leaving that post and is just going to teach instead so before he arrive this morning, we filled his office with balloons, tied his car up with string and stuck posters of him up round college which Gethin had made by adapting a photo of him on the computer by, for example, giving him hair!

Mr H

We had one last assembly by which time many people were pretty pissed, before all leaving and going to The Coach & Horses.


[Being pissed in assembly possibly had something to do with the bottle of absinthe we’d got hold of.]

We didn’t stay there long though cos Rob S said he would “do” Sarah if she was up for it and she got scared (I don’t blame her!) so we went to The Beech Tree instead.

I found out from Rachael Hollins today some news which I was quite pleased to hear. Recently, Hayley Pearson’s been being a complete bitch towards her for no particular reason (she’s just like that) and last night Rach was at McDonald’s while Hayley was there. Hayley started yelling at Rach, saying she had no right to be there and stuff cos they’ve got this ‘Medway Crew’ thing (a group of them sit on Medway Road where Carly Jennings lives who Freda fancies – SAD!!) which Rach isn’t involved with.

Rach was taking it from Hayley but Georgia Dean was telling Hayley to shut up. Hayley didn’t so Georgia turned round and punched her!! Nice one! Apparently Hayley unsuccessfully tried to hit her back but ended up running and hiding in the car instead!

Rach, Georgia and Georgia’s dad then went round to Hayley’s to apologise but her mum wouldn’t let Rach in for some reason so who knows what lies Hayley told her parents about what happened cos Rach didn’t do anything. I feel really sorry for Rach actually cos she was making an effort to speak to Hayley today but Hayley shoved her out of the way.I mean, there might well be another side to it all that I haven’t heard but if Hayley’s involved, I very much doubt it. I know exactly how pathetic she can be which is why I am no longer friends with her. It’s about time someone lamped her one actually! Well done, Georgia!! 🙂 Most people from college ended up in The Beech and Jake came to join us too eventually.


This evening we went into Warrington to continue our celebrations! We started off in Edison’s then moved to Churchill’s and then Tiger Too before ending up in Mr Smith’s.I painted Denny’s face and when I got my mirror out to show him, I noticed it was broken. Oh no! I don’t want any bad luck! Jake didn’t exactly make me feel better by telling me his mum broke a big mirror in France and then each year someone in the family died and then on the 7th year she did.

That’s awful but surely it would’ve happened anyway? I suppose people never know. If a bad thing happens after you break a mirror/walk under a ladder etc., anything bad that happens you relate back to that but if it happened anyway, you wouldn’t think anything about why it happened, I suppose. Well, not as much anyway.

During the time we were in Smith’s I spent more of it sat on the chairs with everyone’s bags and Jake because he won’t even dance. At one point, this girl with longish red hair scraped back into a ponytail with huge loop earrings came and sat down by us. Her mate was dancing next to her.

I thought it was a bit off so I took in what she looked like. She put her drink on the table and started fiddling about with her hands behind her back. I thought she must just have been trying to sort her knickers out by when she stood up, I noticed a rectangular lump on her side.When I looked back at the seat, Emma Thornley’s bag was where the girl had been sat. I checked it and, as suspected, it was open. All that was in it was her phone and camera. I went to get Emma from the dancefloor, just to check if she had her purse with her. She didn’t and came and checked her bag. There was nothing else gone.

Emma wandered off and dragged me with her. She told me to point out the girl and I spotted her at the bar. Emma stupidly (but also drunkenly!) went up to her and actually asked if she’d nicked her purse! However, her mate got all threatening so we both legged it to one of the bouncers.

We told him what had happened and he made me walk in front of him and point the girl out if I saw her. She’d gone from the bar so I told him what she looked like and he saw her going into the toilets. He went in and got her and I ran back to Emma. The woman bouncer searched the girl but didn’t find the purse on her. She must’ve given it to her mate.Unfortunately they couldn’t chuck the ginger bitch out so Emma and I started wetting ourselves that we were going to get battered. The bouncer said that at the 1st sign of trouble to get him and he’d make sure she was thrown out straight away. We weren’t totally convinced that we’d survive the night though so we did what he said and checked the toilets and office for an empty purse before getting Jake and leaving.

The next problem we had was that the ticket for Emma’s coat was in her purse. The bouncer went and got the manager who got the cloakroom lady to find Emma’s coat. Luckily she did.Emma did said that she’d rather her purse had been stolen than her phone because it only had £15 in it and her debit card and she said she’s only got about £2 in her account!

When Jake and I got back to my house, I suddenly discovered that he was really quite pissed! I went upstairs to tell Mum I was home and by the time I went back in the kitchen, he’d managed to spill a glass of water and spread butter EVERYWHERE in an attempt at making toast! When I asked what he’s been doing he just swayed and giggled at me!

Hugo rang Jake at one point but because he was incapable of answering his phone, I ended up speaking to Hugo. I’ve not done that for a while but he was actually quite nice to me! However, I’m sure he took pleasure in telling me that Jake’s brother said he’s glad I’ve left college so he doesn’t have to look at my ugly face anymore. Charming! Twat.

Ha ha!! Hugo said he wants me and Jake to go out one day with him and his girlfriend thing, Katie. I think not! I might be able to cope with talking on the phone but actually seeing him in the flesh again might be a bit too much!

Ahh, during the time Jake spent coating the kitchen in butter and lying flat out on the dining room floor, he told me that I’m beautiful and that he loves me. 🙂 That makes up nicely for his brother’s statement to Hugo.


Tongues and all! – 21st May 1999

[If you read this post, I demand you tell me about your first snog in return!]


[I’d got a new, relatively boring diary. No Garfield, Boyzone stickers or dolphins this time.]

Friday 21st It was my last day at high school today. I’ve officially left and the exams begin on Monday.

It’s been quite a good day actually. We didn’t have to wear uniform to school but we had to wear smart stuff and everyone kept telling me how nice I looked. [You can judge for yourselves…]

Ollie Bramwell looked me up and down a few times and all. (Little did I know what was going to happen later!)

We had to go to our 1st two lessons but didn’t do much and then we had an assembly and our buffet. Most people were crying (including Mr P!) and were going round hugging each other. Songs like ‘Simply The Best’, ‘As’ and ‘I’ll Be There For You’ were played. I got a bit upset at the end but more coz I remembered what a crap time I’ve had this year.

Emma and Olivia wanted me and Hayley to go into Warrington with them for a drink but we decided not to. We went back to Hayley’s for a while and then met up with Poppy and went in The Beech Tree pub. We got bored in there so we went to the café above the supermarket for coffee and chocolate cake before going to pick Hayley’s nieces up.

This evening, I went to a party at Freda Fernandez’s house. People were coming and going all night. One person who did turn up was Ollie Bramwell. He kept telling me I had such a nice body and was asking me when I’d got it. He also told me I looked nice with my hair down. He was pissed.

He kept hugging me and kissed me on the cheek twice. Then we were stood by the front door and [LIVE UPDATE: I’m cringing too much at this and making an involuntary ‘mnaarruuugghh’ noise as I type.] he had his arms round me and he asked me to go with [snog] him. I said no but a couple of minutes later I was snogging the lad! Tongues and all! It was alright but I wouldn’t do it with him again coz I don’t really like him that much.

He then laid me down on the stairs and asked me to have sex with him! I said no, of course! I just went with [snogged] him again instead. Apparently he’d also been with [snogged] loads of other people at another party as well as Freda, Jade Hancock and Lindsey Bullman. Oh, and Miranda, a Year 8 who fancies him.

It wouldn’t have happened if I’d been sober probably but I wasn’t! It’ll be embarrassing on Monday!

Ed also tried to go with me but I told him it’d be too weird coz I’ve known him all my life and he agreed. Aled Brownlee and Didier Lomas were being very nice to me as well but nothing much happened.

I’m tired so I’m going to bed. I can’t quite believe some of the stuff that’s happened today!


He didn’t write that on Zoe’s – 17th-19th May 1999

Monday 17th Last week of school now! It’d be even better if we didn’t have exams next Monday.

I’ve had a pretty crap time at high school really. I mean, yeah, some bits have been good but I think all that’s been happening recently with certain bitchy girls cancels a lot of it out.

Now, that lot are still going on about things like this holiday they reckon they’re going on to Ibiza in summer 2000. Today they’ve been talking about what they’re doing on the last day. They’re going to The Plough then the Italian then to town. The 2nd two things, maybe, but they’ll have trouble getting served int Plough. They’ll be on guard there. They’re not daft, they know school leavers’ll try and get in.

Just been talking to Adam on the net. Not for long though but he sent me a mail which he and Ronan are sending to Barney. It’s meant to be from some girl in their school who likes Barney and is asking him to make the 1st move and approach her. Someone’s gonna be embarrassed. It’s really snidey actually but what can I do? I really don’t think they like him! Seems okay to me but then I don’t really know him.


P.S. I sent Adam and Barney a picture of Nutter. I dunno if I should’ve done really but it’s too late now, innit?! They wanted to see.

Tuesday 18th Adam’s being very distant. Every time I go online he’s got to go and he’s not mailed me properly for a while either. He said he was online for about 2 and a half hours tonight (downloading some syllabus or summit). In all that time he didn’t reply to a mail I sent him last night. Maybe it’s just coincidence or genuine that he’s got his parents nagging him or maybe he’s got revision and stuff. I’ll have to see how it goes.

Cat’s mum won’t take us to the Towers so I’ll have to find another way of getting there.

Emma read my yearbook and Hayley’s entry which mentions Adam. I hope she can’t remember who he is. [I was scared people would find out I’d met a boy on the internet.]



Wednesday 19th Mr M had a photo of me as a shepherd when I was about 5 and he showed the year in assembly. He didn’t say my name though.

I took a shirt to school for people to sign today. Other people have brought them too, including Ewan who asked me to sign his. I put “Hi Ewan, Good luck, love Tessa x”. Kept it short. I got him to sign mine later. He put summit similar and his number.


Here we all are, shirts in hand. Left to right: Lucy, Sarah, Karen, Emma, Freda, Cat, Lizzie, me, Hayley, Poppy and Zoe (who didn’t get Ewan’s number on her shirt. HA!)

He didn’t write that on Zoe’s whose he did at the same time. [I considered this significant due to their New Year snogging incident.] He might be going to Freda’s party on Friday, although I doubt it seeing as I’m going!

I talked to Adam for a few mins tonight online. I think he really wanted to speak to Barney and Ronan coz he asked me if I’d seen them but I hadn’t. He wants me to write back to him though so I’ll have to find some time from somewhere.

I was talking to GeordieChris from Newcastle as well. His dad’s moved up there now so he won’t be coming back here except for Man City matches and Salford Uni in a couple of years. I think he was a bit drunk coz he wasn’t making much sense.


[That was the end of my dolphin diary. I’m seriously considering ending this blog here and now because the very first entry in my next diary recounts my first snog… “Tongues and all!” apparently. Eesh.

I may or may not post that tomorrow depending on whether or not I can schedule in a couple of pints first…]