Twisted little twat! – 12th & 14th April 2000

Wednesday 12th Today was much more normal. Jake came to see me at various intervals throughout the day. Gethin was being his usual bitchy self. Hayley was in floods of tears cos her boyfriend-type-thing, Andy, has sort of dumped her (again!). I’ve had loads of work which I couldn’t be bothered doing and now I’ve discovered it all has to be done by Friday! Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen!

Kickboxing was good tonight. We were doing nasty stretches but we were kicking at head height later. Could be handy!!

I sent Jake a message afterwards telling him what I’d been doing and giving my opinion on Andy which is that he’s a twisted little twat! I threatened a while back that I’d break Jake’s legs so he can’t leave me and go and be a skiing instructor in Canada for 3 months later this year, which is why he said, “DAMN! SO YOU WON’T JUST BE BREAKING MY LEGS THEN? I AGREE ABOUT ANDY – AND I’VE NEVER SEEN HIM (WHILST I’M SOBER). THAT WILL HAVE GOT HER HOPES UP! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

What will have got Hayley’s hopes up is when he answered her call earlier on and he told her just to leave it a few days. She’s so stupid staying with him cos he’s just making her thoroughly miserable.

I sent Jake another text saying I won’t break his legs and that he’d better not ever be like Andy (which I said a while back too) and he said, “YOU’VE SAID THAT BEFORE – I WOULD NEVER PURPOSELY HURT YOU! NIGHT NIGHT : ) SEE YOU TOMORROW! LOADS OF LOVE JAKE xxxxx”.

I like him soooo much!!!


Friday 14th The whole school had an assembly for Mr S (the IT teacher who recently died) this morning. I never really knew him that well so I didn’t cry but I was pretty close to it.

Tonight, Hayley, Gethin, Sarah, Jake, Cat and I all went round to Floyd’s cos his parents weren’t in and none of us can afford to go out! We just sat about and watched TV and ate Ben + Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream (it’s soooo gorgeous!!!) but it was still alright.

I got a lot of long snogs off Jake when it got quite late but better late than never. When we did have to leave, we booked a taxi but the earliest it could pick us up was 1:30 am so we went back to Hayley’s for an hour or so. As we were walking, Jake slowed right down and stopped me and we just kissed again for ages. It’s so nice! It always seems to be me who has to pull away and he tries to carry on, which is nice too! I think we’d go on forever if I didn’t!!

I really, really like him!