The aim was to pop her water bra – 5th May

Saturday 5th Before Denny’s party, Lizzie, Sarah, Cat, Karen, Jake and I all went to Brett Massey’s party. He lives near Ikea and is an ex-boyfriend of Lizzie’s but she recently got back in touch with him and he invited her to his part with the instruction to bring as many girls as possible! Desperate!!

It was pretty weird actually cos there were mostly people who I didn’t know, some that I used to talk to when Lizzie was with Brett and my ex-sort-of-boyfriend, Leon Farrell. I have to say, he has improved a bit but his girlfriend was a bit ming! That pleased me cos Jake is pretty damn gorgeous if you ask me! 🙂

I don’t want to sound full of myself or anything but Leon did keep looking at me! I felt kind of smug though cos I had Jake cuddling me all the time and he had his girlfriend this who wasn’t. Anyway, we didn’t stay at Brett’s long. We just drank all his alcohol, said goodbye/thanks and left!

Denny’s was a top party!! There was everybody there, no Hayley or Lena or any other bitchy people, loads of nice food, music and his lovely big house!

Denny's birthday

Nothing really major happened, everybody just stood/danced around and chatted drunkenly at each other. Emma and Freda were searching for Karen with a corkscrew and the aim was to pop her water bra but she wasn’t wearing it!

Suzie told me that I’m one of those “sickening people that always looks good”! I don’t agree but I like Suzie even more now! 🙂

Gethin got really pissed on absinthe and took Jake out to the stables for a chat. He apologised for feeling him up once and told him that I’m a really good friend cos I’m so honest and stuff! 🙂

A few of us got into a discussion about whether hand size indicates penis length and Jake reckons it’s about right cos we measured across his palm from wherever you do it from (can’t remember!) and it was about 6 inches. He reckons his is about 6.5 inches.

Tess & Jake

While Gethin was pissed, he said he was imagining me naked. Yuck!

Freda said I remind her of Holly out of Casualty!

Jake and I stayed at Cat’s house and as the night progressed, some stuff happened.

I’d better go! I’ve run out of room. See you in the my next diary….. it’s a red one this time.

Byeeee!!! 🙂

Fireworks between the sheets – 2nd to 4th May

Wednesday 2nd Cat told me that Mr L’s been suspended. It serves him right! She said there’s also the possibility of police involvement because of Ellie.

I saw Jake after college. We just talked, mainly about the future actually and me maybe being Tessa Taylor one day! I’m not too sure about that!

He did a face reading thing on me out of FHM which tells you what your features say about your personality. Mine went something like:

  • Full lips = Pleasure orientated and have exciting sex life
  • Small ears = Sensitive about own health and unlikely to have unprotected sex
  • Winder nose = More fireworks between the sheets and more emotional
  • Larger eyes = Open-minded in bedroom and willing to break taboos
  • Overall = More imaginative and likes mental stimulation as well as physical. Ideal partner would be very caring. Sex has to be emotionally satisfying and prefer to take things slowly at first but perfect techniques in the long run.

Apparently that’s a mixture between Sarah Michelle Geller and Reese Witherspoon.

Hmmm. Most of that revolved around sex but then it is in a bloke magazine! Some of it is true though!


Thursday 3rd Mr L’s been suspended pending inquiry but teachers and pupils are being told he’s got food poisoning!

Jake phoned me today cos he was bored. So was I!


Friday 4th Nobody was doing anything tonight because we’re all going to Denny’s party tomorrow. However, Jake and I didn’t want to stay in so we went to the Trafford Centre and saw The Mexican at the cinema. It was really good actually.


So much for not even wanting to snog him!! – 1st May

Tuesday 1st I found out today the reason as to why Floyd has been grinning so much every time last Friday gets mentioned….. Cat apparently ended up giving him a hand job in the back of the minibus on the way home! So much for not even wanting to snog him!!

Speaking of Cat, she went to her form tutor (and English teacher), Mrs D, today about Mr L. She decided to do something about it because of how upset Ellie had been and she didn’t want him to pick out any more victims. Sick bastard! Ellie agreed to give her story and Cat was pretty upset cos she felt guilty about doing it. Me and the rest of her friends had to constantly reassure her that she had no reason to feel guilty cos he knew the consequences and tell her she was definitely doing the right thing.

Miss C was the next teacher who got involved because it’s her who’s in charge of sorting problems like Cat’s out. She went to Mr C (headteacher) and told him about Cat and Ellie. Surely there’s no way Mr L can get away with it with more than one person involved and the evidence of emails and texts.

I saw Jake after college today. I spoke to him at lunch and saw him briefly ride past college on his bike. He phoned me to see if I could meet him but I had a lesson so I couldn’t. We then decided that we REALLY wanted to see each other so he came on his bike to my house.

We took Mollie for a walk and came back and cuddled and stuff! He kept saying I’m beautiful and smiley and pretty and cute and said he likes the expressions I have sometimes cos he thinks they’re cute. He told me he really started liking me after he had a dream about me! It was something along the lines of me lying in a field which was spinning round! Hmm. He also thought I was a nice smiley person too. 🙂

Ahh, he said that in Austria when Emma (who he had his first kiss with on the ski trip there when he was in Year 11) snogged Freddie Bevan on the coach, he cried! Poor thing!


Wearing black balaclavas and pretending to be tadpoles – 28th & 29th April 2001

Saturday 28th I was with Jake all day today. 3 happened this morning but I’m still confused about last night and it was probably the real reason behind me getting upset so easily when my sister went a bit bitchy about going in the shower first.

It’s Sarah’s actual birthday today so me, her, Michael and Jake all went to see Bridget Jones’s Diary (again!) at the Trafford Centre cinema.



Sunday 29th Jake came to Mum’s school with me, Mum and Abby today to help make a pond in the corner of Mum’s classroom for the children to go underneath and play in wearing black balaclavas and pretending to be tadpoles! It looks really good!

This evening my state of confusion disappeared after the exchange of texts with Jake. 🙂 They weren’t very nice to start with but got better. Here goes:

  1. “Well I enjoyed it! Sorry I won’t bother in future! : ( Let’s face it – there’s not much chance of us having fun with them! x”
    (Last part was referring to Manchester and my mates.)
  2. “I’m so sorry! I just seem to be upsetting you all the time at the moment! : ( I always say something horrible or manage to upset you even more when you need cheering up! I’m a crap boyfriend! + I don’t know how you put up with me! I love you more than anything in the world + I’m so sorry! Please text me when you get credit. x”
    (I did have credit! Ha ha!!)
  3. “You said it continued to be a bad night! How do you think that made me feel? It put me off too!”
  4. “Noooo! : ) I wasn’t disappointed at all! I didn’t know what to do?! Don’t think that! Love you! : ) xJx”
  5. “ : ) I want to be with you now! : ) Anyway, I’m really sorry if I gave you the wrong impression – I certainly wasn’t disappointed! I love you! : ) xJx”

Finally! That’s what I needed to hear! He’s actually pretty considerate! I bet most lads wouldn’t think twice about upsetting me! Ooh, I love him!! 🙂


There weren’t enough men – 27th April 2001

Friday 27th A fairly big group of us went with Sarah’s family to a Chinese restaurant in Manchester tonight. It’s for her 18th birthday tomorrow so that was the excuse! The food was very nice! After we’d eaten, we all got let loose in Manchester. We started off in Soft. We knew it was quite good fun from last time so that’s where the serious drinking commenced!


After that we went to some cocktail bar in the Printworks. That’s when Sarah, Lizzie, Karen and Gethin decided they wanted lads so they split up from us and went to Infinity. Me, Jake, Floyd and Cat weren’t too keen on going cos we knew we’d end up looking after bags and trying to keep everyone else from going home with strangers!

The 4 of us went to Norwegian Blue which was really cool and Jake bought me a big blue cocktail! Most of us liked it in there but Cat said there weren’t enough men and convinced us to leave. That was when the night became crap!

We spent ages wandering round in the cold and rain trying to find somewhere we all wanted to go in but we couldn’t agree. I didn’t like wandering round Manchester at night, I didn’t feel safe so we all ended up back in Soft.

We were all pissed off with the others for leaving us behind and were in no way drunk and so got very bored. Actually, Cat was pissed and started crying cos she wanted Mr L and said Radiant Dan looked like a monkey on the photos we showed her. She then started making me feel guilty for being happy with Jake. She was also crying cos she didn’t want to snog Floyd but felt like she had to cos he bought her a drink! She was talking crap and snogged him anyway!

After sitting in complete boredom for 2 hours or so, we were very glad when the taxi arrived! It dropped me and Jake off at my house first so we were very relieved cos he was a dodgy driver! We sat in the kitchen for a bit and moaned about how crap it’d been before getting ready for bed.

Jake got in my bed and ended up staying there until about 5:30am! We kissed and cuddled a lot and some other stuff happened. I felt slightly under pressure to do things, although I know he wouldn’t force me. He did keep sort of hinting but I didn’t quite have the nerve to go for it! Then he was just about to go to the spare room but I stopped him. I felt like I was in a now or never situation but then he went in the spare room anyway. I’m confused! What did I do wrong?!

He then kept saying he loved me more than usual as if he said it to make me feel better but it didn’t work. Ugh! I’m confused! I wanted to ask what was wrong but felt stupid cos maybe I should know!


I feel unfit! – 24th to 26th April 2001

Monday 24th Sarah, Lizzie, Karen and I all went for a drive in Karen’s car during our frees today. We went all over the place, saw a pub called Fiddle I’th Bag and Mesnes Park and The Blue Bell which we all found amusing! We got lost and ended up in Wigan! We skived Geography/Maths too.

I felt a bit miserable before cos everyone seems to be going to the gym and I feel unfit! I really want to go kickboxing again but I’m scared that weird numb thing will come back or get worse again. I’ve decided to try a few exercises myself to see how it goes then I can choose how much I do rather than a bossy bloke at the front of a hall. I did warm ups (jogging on spot etc.), 50 sit ups and 30 leg lifts. Ouch!


Tuesday 25th I’ve decided to go back to kickboxing, maybe in a couple of weeks so I can build up to it properly myself. I did warm ups again, 50 sit ups and 30 leg lifts.

I saw Jake this evening. We just lay about and I found he’s got a ticklish neck if I do it gently! 3 happened and my arm went pretty tingly.

Connor and Abby didn’t get to kickboxing cos as they were driving over the speed bumps, that twat scally, Jav, kicked the side of the car and left a big scratch down it and then ran after the car. They stopped at Evie’s to ring the police. They probably won’t do anything though unfortunately.


Wednesday 26th I had to go to a Sports Studies revision conference at Salford Uni today. There were lots of lads there which kept Lizzie happy but it was sooo boring!

I finally finished my bacteria coursework for Biology this evening! I’m very proud cos it’s taken me weeks to get my head round it and I finally have done. Yey! 🙂

I didn’t do any exercises tonight. That was partly cos I couldn’t be bothered but mainly cos my legs went quite tingly after the short walk to the minibus. It hasn’t been doing it as much on short walks until now. I’m worried again!


“Biology sessions” – 22nd & 23rd April 2001

Sunday 22nd I still keep getting those dizzy, rushing, weird feelings at night. 😦 It’s kind of like when something makes you jump and the rushing feeling you get. I don’t like it! I remembered today that Sarah said she gets weird hallucination-y dreamy things when she’s half asleep too! I get them all the time so I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Jake came round again today. We were talking about uni and he says he’s really looking forward to it. He was also talking about the house we could have one day and stuff too! 🙂 He sent me some messages last night about “special cuddles” and said “practice makes perfect” so we’ve got to practice lots! 🙂


Monday 23rd Last night’s messages consisted of stuff about “biology sessions” and how he’ll have to help me with certain parts of my revision! Somehow I don’t think much work would get done… not of the school kind anyway! Jake says he wants to do stuff on Friday night if we can. I want to but not really in my house with my family around.

I didn’t see Jake at all today cos I was at college and he was at home or at the gym in town. He did phone at about 6pm though which was nice of him.

Cat told me today that Mr L has a new victim. It’s Ellie Linton in Year 10… she’s only 15! He is such a pervert!

Cat said she’d spoken to Ellie about it. Ellie said he rang her about passports for the Russia trip and ended up telling her she was beautiful and what he was doing to himself (jerking off)! He’s sick!!

Ellie’s really upset by it cos he’s been her form tutor for years and she had confided in him about stuff and he used to play with her hair and stuff. Creepy! She feels like he’s been sort of bringing her up as some little plaything. I feel so sorry for her!