It sounds so much like he’s missing me….. NOT! – 20th & 21st August 2000

Sunday 20th We didn’t do much today cos Rhian was recovering from last night and Abby and I were tired. We just wandered round the town and then Auntie S forced Rhian to buy Maureen (Laura’s mum) some flowers and take them round and apologise for being sick on her walls and carpet!


P.S. Poor Milly the cat died today. 😦

Monday 21st I went online today and this e-mail had come for me. I was so pleased cos I can’t stand not having any contact with Jake!

Jake email 1.jpg

I sent him this one back. →

Reply to Jake email 1

I do realise that I’ve put the bit about Hugo twice!

I can’t find any sellotape or scissors in this house which is why those are stuck in so badly!

Rhian, Abby and I went to find out how much belly button piercing is today but it’s £35-40 and you have to be over 18 or have a parent’s permission which we aren’t and don’t, and Abby told the bloke she’s 16 when he asked so we can’t lie about our age either!

We also went to John o’ Groats for a bit this afternoon. We didn’t stay long but Mollie still got loads of attention from tourists. I suppose it’s cos she’s a Scottie dog in Scotland!



P.S. Just been back online and I got the e-mail that’s stuck on the next page off Jake. I am not impressed by that e-mail. And it sounds so much like he’s missing me….. NOT!

He sounds like he’s trying to make me jealous/worried or something. I’ve underlined the bits that give me that impression.

Jake email 2

He’s not reacted to anything I said in my last mail either or asked about me once. Charming! I bet he’s not told “all these girls” he’s got a girlfriend either!

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit over the top but this is my immediate reaction. I might have calmed down by the time he rings me in the morning or whenever, that’s if he’s not busy talking to all these new “friends” he’s made!

I have 3 choices of reaction to him tomorrow:-

  1. Act totally normal and pretend I don’t care.
  2. Try and make him jealous by going on about what a good time I’m having and exaggerate on anything that’s happened involving lads e.g. if I said hi to someone then I tell him I had a deep and meaningful heart to heart or something. And also tell him how many nights out I’ve got planned when I go home e.g. Hayley’s asking me to go to Mr Smith’s (which is true, by the way!) cos she’s got 8 free tickets for her birthday.
  3. Sulk.

I’ll decide which one when he actually rings after I’ve seen what he’s like.


She looked like a right tart – 22nd September 1997

Monday 22nd I’ve got hiccups. Just thought I’d mention it.

I was stuck on my own in Art today coz Bella Jameson wasn’t in. I hate it when that happens.

At lunch, Charlie Wilson was sat on a bench by me and my mates. I don’t know how anyone could fancy him. [Whatevs.] He’s such a weedy looking lad and he perches on the back of benches like some sort of bird! I was just looking in his direction and he smiled at me so I smiled back. I think when he smiles is the only time he has the potential to look alright!

[I wrote quite a lot about just how much I didn’t fancy Charlie (except when he smiled) for someone I didn’t fancy (except when he smiled) i.e. I TOTALLY fancied him. I was clearly just trying to convince myself otherwise. He was forbidden fruit because my sister loved him more than life itself.]

The German exchange students came today. Dougie’s not got one this year but Poppy has. She looked like a right tart on the photo. They all did. Even the lads!