See you tomorrow – 5th April 2001

Thursday 5th
0 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yey!!! The 12 weeks since Jake left is up! He’s due home tomorrow!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait to see him!

He told me that he’d phone at about 5pm today so when he hadn’t rung by 6:15pm, I decided to phone him instead cos I was bored of waiting round for a call. The bloke on the other end put me through to his room but then came back on the line saying that the phone in that room was being used. I decided to leave it cos Jake might have been on to his Dad or something. It got to about 6:55pm and he still hadn’t phoned so I rang his hotel again. This time, a woman put me through to his room, let it ring for a while then told me all the rooms were empty so they could be cleaned. She asked if I wanted to leave a message just in case Jake walked by but I didn’t.

Jake finally phoned me at about 7:10pm. He said he’d had to rush about and get out of the room so it could be cleaned. He doesn’t know why the phone was engaged though. I asked if we could go to Alton Towers at some point in the summer and he said I could go when he meets up with ski people if I want. That’s what I wanted him to say really! 🙂 He said he might go back to Banff after uni one day but not without me. He said I could get a job at the resort cos there’s loads of stuff to do. He said we’ll both have to do something when we finish uni. I hope we’re still together then! He told me he wasn’t interested in the cowgirls he mentioned in his email! I’m very glad to head that!

He kept getting all squeaky and excited when we talked about him coming home. He said he really wants a hug. So do I!

He said he can’t remember what he’s said to Rob about me. He said they just talked when they were reading emails and stuff. Rob sounds really sweet! Jake said he puts his girlfriend’s perfume on his pillow every night and that she’s sent him a bottle of homemade bubblebath but Jake broke it accidentally. Ahh!

Jake also said that his mate Dan would be a good match for Cat cos he’s sort of quiet and intelligent. That’s handy cos I intended to matchmake then if they were ever together anyway! He said he will teach me and Cat to improve our skiing if we want. We’ll see!

He said he’ll be sitting with Tom, James and Rob on the plane if he gets a choice and they’re going to play drinking games with water to pass the time!

Ahh, he said he’s actually missed Gethin! He reckons it’s cos there was nobody even a bit like him in Banff. They were all too masculine! Gethin just isn’t!

We both said, “See you tomorrow” like we’ve been wanting to do for ages! That sounds really good!

Jake said he’d text me when his phone worked at the airport but he hasn’t done yet. I hope he gets back home alright. I really can’t wait to see him!


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Please not sandals! Nooooo! Yuk! – 26th March 2001

Monday 26th
1 week + 3 days to go!

Sarah told us today that she no longer thinks it’s a myth! It took us a while to get her to tell us whether she’d tried anything since Saturday but eventually she nodded that she had! Cat said Mr L was willing to help prove that it’s no myth to Sarah but I don’t think Sarah would really want her to let him!

The others said they weren’t sure what to believe from what I said on Saturday! I did embellish the night at the Trafford Centre a bit by saying it all happened in the management suite opposite Starbucks and stuff like that though! I think I’d rather just leave them guessing actually!

Jake phoned at about 7:50pm. He said he tried to ring about 30 minutes before but got the BT answer service thing. I think Mum might have been on the phone then though so that’s probably what happens when it’s engaged. He phoned earlier cos there weren’t enough instructors to go round everyone who wanted to shadow a lesson.

He said he did some shopping yesterday and bought 4 pairs of shorts, shoes for the beach (please not sandals! Nooooo! Yuk!), a shirt and some presents for people. He got clothes for Robbie and Clara and surprise(s) for me. Yay!

He likes the sound of “See you next week!” and so do I! We can actually say that now cos he really is coming back next week!! That sounds good! 🙂

He said (when I asked) that he’s never discussed anything like I did on Saturday with anyone and that he probably won’t either.

The phone cut off twice again today. It’s so annoying! Actually, the 1st time was my fault cos I put the phone down in the hall to get the one upstairs instead. He said he’ll ring at about 8:30pm tomorrow.


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He should so get sacked! – 22nd March 2001

Thursday 22nd
2 weeks to go!

Cat filled us in on what happened yesterday after college with Mr L. She went and helped him put up a wall display or something and then as things progressed, he locked them in the History store cupboard. She said he was just all cuddly towards her and gave her a massage and stuff. He should so get sacked! He’s already looking for another job and I bet it’s not really cos he wants a higher position. Somehow I think it’s more likely that he’s getting out before he gets found out, chucked out and ends up having to work in Tesco or something!

Jake phoned me at about 7:30pm. He said he didn’t shadow anyone this morning, he just skied on his own. He said his group’s being filmed for a promotional video this afternoon. They’ve been picked cos they’re the biggest group.

I told him I needed a hug to keep me going while I’m doing my Sports Studies coursework but he said he wouldn’t just want a quick hug so it wouldn’t help cos I’d get nothing done!

He sounded a bit more cheerful than he did yesterday. He wants to come home but he said he is going to miss certain people like Rob, James and Danny (whoever they are!) and the others he hangs round with. He did say he won’t miss the girls in the room next to him though cos one’s always with James and the other always goes on about that Hollywood lad.


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He is a complete and utter bastard! – 21st March 2001

Wednesday 21st
2 weeks + 1 days to go!

I went back to college today. I felt better but I was a bit tired cos my left leg and foot went a bit tingly for no apparent reason while I was trying to sleep so I lay awake worrying for a while!

Uhh, Cat’s been brainwashed by Mr L into thinking he’s God again. They were chatting on the internet last night and have decided to be “friends”. Silly cow! It’ll all end in tears again cos he is a complete and utter bastard! She arranged to meet him after college in the History department and the words “store” and “cupboard” were mentioned. That was the scene for the action last time. I suppose we’ll find out what happened tomorrow.

Jake phoned at about 7:20pm tonight. He phoned me later cos he wanted the morning to decide whether to do Level 2 or not. He is going to do it. He says he’ll only be able to phone me at his lunchtime for the rest of the week now cos he’s going to be shadowing some instructor which means getting up early. He says he’ll only be able to phone me later, if at all, sometime next week as well when he’s doing the Level 2 thing.

It was a really bad line tonight. I could hardly hear him most of the time cos he just sounded really quiet and muffled and kept breaking up.

Red phone

He gets home on Friday 6th April. That’s okay thought cos if he’d have come back on the 5th, I probably wouldn’t be haven able to see him anyway and it’d be frustrating knowing he was just down the road but I couldn’t see him. He said he definitely wants to see me on the day he gets back.


P.S. Lou in Neighbours has done something to a nerve in his back and he complained his legs were tingling (as well as pain though). I know it’s not really but still, it kind of reassures me in a way about my legs.

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I might skive college – 20th March 2001

Tuesday 20th
2 weeks + 2 days to go!

I stayed off college again today cos I still wasn’t feeling quite better this morning. Sarah texted me after she finished college and told me that I didn’t miss much.

I’ve had a few emails from Michael Amhurst recently. He seems interested in Jake’s Beetle and kept asking me stuff about it but I haven’t got a clue what the answers are!

Jake phoned me at about 4:35pm today. He told me it might be the 6th April that he arrives home on, not the 5th like we thought. He’s not sure but he says he’ll find out today. We’ve decided anyway that if he does get back on Thurs 5th, we don’t want to meet in front of our families or in a bus stop or anything so we’ll wait until the Friday and I might skive college to see him cos we’ve got more chance of being alone then. He said he doesn’t mind coming out on the Friday night as long as he gets to see me on my own first because he doesn’t know how he’ll react so doesn’t want loads of people being around us.

He doesn’t know if he’s going to do his Level 2 assessment thing cos it’ll cost him an extra £250 to do it and he’s not entirely sure that he’s good enough to pass.

He kept saying that he wanted a hug and that he’d still love me even if I was paranoid! He said that cos I’d read an email that he sent Cat saying I was paranoid about the photos he’d put on his wall of me. He admits that it wasn’t the right word to use though. ‘Annoyed’ would’ve been more like it!

He went on about how he was watching S Club 7 all day on TV with his mates so I told him about Ioan Gruffudd being on the Westlife video!

I jokingly asked him if he’d gone off me at all, seeing as he hasn’t seen me for nearly  weeks but he said that not seeing me for so long has had completely the opposite effect! 🙂 Good!


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They’re all really “close” – 19th March 2001

Monday 19th
2 weeks + 3 days to go!

I stayed off college today. Mum wouldn’t have let me go in even if I’d wanted to cos she says I might infect everyone and I need rest anyway. I don’t think I was really up to going in anyway. I still felt really light-headed and had no energy this morning. I couldn’t get to sleep last night though. I kept needing a wee and having to get drinks cos my mouth was really dry.

Jake phoned me at about 4:30pm today. He wasn’t going skiing cos he says he’s too tired. He said he had a good time at that place he went to yesterday cos they were the only people there pretty much. He told me that he was speaking to some bloke who’s been to Barcelona and he apparently said that the part where our hotel is is the nice area.

Jake said if he had to choose, he’d rather go to Barcelona with me then have me go and visit him in Canada. When I asked why, he said that he wouldn’t want me getting suspicious cos they’re all really “close”. After he said that, he kept apologising cos he realised it sounded really bad! He told me that he just meant that he does want to see me but wouldn’t want me to be disappointed or have a bad time like this other lad’s girlfriend did. He said she sort of got left out cos she didn’t know anyone else. He assured me that I have no reason to be suspicious at all! He then kept saying how much he wants to come home and that he loves me. I should hope so! 🙂


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I was so flustered and embarrassed – 15th March 2001

Thursday 15th
3 weeks to go!

I was a bit insulted today when I read the email Jake sent me today. It’s the way he kept saying how awful that photo was! I didn’t think it was that bad, you see, so I said Cat could scan it and send it to him if she really wanted to. It’s not the best picture ever but it’s not THAT bad. It’s just close up, that’s all!

Run - Tess, Suzie, Cat in field

I’ve seen worse photos of me than that one! Mind you, when I went into his Hotmail inbox and check out the email with the picture, it had turned out to be huge so I suppose that didn’t help!

I had a really crap Biology lesson today. I’d only done half the homework and what I had done was wrong because I’d been looking at the wrong page in the text book. We spent most of the lesson going through the homework so whenever Mr S asked me a question, I either didn’t know the answer or got it wrong.

He then told me that he wanted to see me after the lesson and everybody heard him so I was really embarrassed by that! I was already embarrassed by the fact I couldn’t answer anything and I could see everyone thinking I must be thick or something! Brainbox Cat then started trying to ‘help’ me by finding the right page and plonking it in front of me but that just showed me up even more! I just hate being the centre of attention in class!

At break, I stayed behind and blagged my way through a reason as to why I hadn’t done the homework properly. Mr S seemed to believe me but by then I was so flustered and embarrassed and annoyed at myself that I burst into tears as soon as I got out of the room. I managed to compose myself again pretty quickly though, ready to face the questions in the common room about what’d happened and stuff!

Jake rang at about 4:40pm today. We talked about uni mostly cos I sent off my final decision today. I put down the Environmental Science with Geography sandwich course at Huddersfield Uni as my firm choice and declined the rest. I asked Jake whether he’s going to put down mixed or single sex accommodation when he has to choose. He says he’s going to ask Matt Carrera (his mate that’s already there) what he thinks is best but is thinking he’s probably going to put all lads. I’m not sure. Lads could be a bit of a pain to live with (but so can girls!) but all girls could get bitchy! I’ll decide nearer the time.

We’re halfway down the hill now! Only a quarter of the time left to go until he comes home!



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