Jen’s eaten some of his peas – 6th October 2002

Sunday 6th  We started back at uni properly this week with actual lectures. They all seem ok so far. Kevin’s still fucking annoying. Jen hates him too. He doesn’t do anything to help clean up or anything.

We went to Visage on Tuesday night. It was alright but I left before it shut. Jen and Kevin stayed and ended up yelling at each other when they got in. Apparently Kevin didn’t wait for Jen and she had no money to get a taxi on her own so she was a bit pissed off. She also shouted at Archie because he said she should’ve arranged to meet him somewhere.

I saw Jonas on Thursday and he had a call from a recruitment agency saying there was a job going for the night. So, while he was loading up lorries, I went out to Bar Non. I saw Jake in there. It was his 21st birthday so he was a bit pissed. His rich Knutsford mate, Hugo (a.k.a. SLURB – Silly Little Ugly Rich Boy) was also there, acting like a prat as usual. I got some champagne out of the meeting though! I also had my back pinched by some lad. I think his aim was a bit out!

Jen spent a long time on Friday slagging off Kevin but it was with good reason. He owes us all money from stuff we bought for the house but won’t pay us back. He said he’s got no money until his student load comes through but we know that’s a blatant lie because he told us his dad gives him £200 a month for no reason and he keeps going out and spending loads of money. Kevin also spends much of his time eating our food but now Jen’s eaten some of his peas, he’s incredibly pissed off. Wanker.

Jonas had a party at his house yesterday. There weren’t many people there but it was still quite good. Pierced Sam told me I’m not minging and kissed me on the head.

I spent most of today at Jonas’s. I didn’t want to leave but the job he did on Thursday is now permanent. It’s from 7pm to 5am!


I stuck a piece of ham to his window – 29th September 2002

Sunday 29th  My housemates and I went out to Camel Club on Monday night. It was really good because loads of people were out. Magic (I don’t know his real name) told me I looked sexy and I got a hug and a peck on the cheek from Jake. Jonas was with me so I could flaunt the fact that I couldn’t give a toss about Jake anymore.

[There I am, out in Camel. It’s still there apparently.]

Jonas’s flatmates were being nice to me as well. They used to be a bit funny and off with me sometimes but I think they’ve got used to me now. I got hugs off Dave and Paul and then one off Ben off my course.

Jonas left early but he went back to mine and was in bed waiting for me when I got back. He shaved his head and I can’t quite get used to it. It’s not too bad but I really liked his spiky hair.

Jonas stayed over at mine again on Tuesday because all my mates went out. We talked a lot and did stuff too. Kevin was very miserable when he got back. He was moaning that he wished he was 30 and stuff. Jen and Archie said he’d been depressing all night.

It was our first day back at uni on Wednesday. 3 new lads (Pete, Imran and David) have joined our course. They all seem okay. I’ve got modules which clash on my timetable so I might have to change Microbiology to Noise & Radioactivity. Ugh! It’s got physics in it and I’m not good at that.

It was kind of an introduction to Year 2 this week so we spent most of Thursday in a talk about our Supervised Work Experience (SWE) next year. We got a free lunch though. That night I went into town with Jen, Danny, Alexa and her housemate Gemma. It wasn’t a late night because it was a bit boring. When we got back to our house I was a bit drunk and had a quick dance on Kevin’s car bonnet.

Jen broke his wing mirror deliberately which I thought was a bit out of order. At least I didn’t damage his car. I stuck a piece of ham to his window and a sweet from the bottom of my shoe under his door handle.

This Thursday I’d been going out with Jonas for 10 months! Wow! 🙂

On Friday, we had presentations from the 4th years on their SWE placement they’ve just done. I’ve done a CV but I can’t do the bloody personal statement bit. We went to see that Van Wilder film on Friday night. It was quite good. Kevin didn’t came because he apparently had a date.

Kevin’s being such a dick. He TOLD (not asked) Jen and Archie that I broke his wing mirror. Jen should’ve put him straight. I bet he tells Ben and everyone too.

I talked to Jonas about the SWE when I went round to his. We don’t want to be split up. He sounded disappointed when I said I didn’t want to live with him until after uni. This could be the last chance I get to live with all my mates before we all get jobs though.

I left Jonas’s at about 3pm yesterday but I didn’t want to go. I ignored Kevin when I got back because he’s a knob. I collected some glass from Betty’s broken window for Jonas too.

I made Kevin mop the floor today. He’s done fuck all except lounge about since we moved in so I had a go at him for that.

Mum, Dad and Abby came to bring me some drawers. They brought Mollie with them too. Dad said someone’s wanting to build houses behind our house in the field. I don’t want that. I took them to see Jonas’s house and they were quite impressed.

Jonas had a bbq at his this evening but I didn’t stay long. He told me he was upset when I said I didn’t want to live with him. He said he would like to live with me and marry me. He said that quietly and looking away but grinning like he was embarrassed. Aww! He said he understands but it’s been very intense for the last 10 months so after a year and a half he’ll probably be ready for more. I would like all that eventually.