I quite like Jez now – 16th February 1998

Monday 16th P. [Period.]

Skiing and tea and stuff were all at the same times again and nowt had really changed.


After the afternoon session, I came back and Jez and Graham Baxter kept asking me to ask Emma to go with Freddie. I did and she went all moody and embarrassed. They also said that Ferny wanted to go with her too but I heard them tell someone that they were just pissing about.

Then they started asking me if I fancied Ralph and if I was going to cop off with him at the disco. Er… no!

That got forgotten about though and all the attention went back to Emma and Freddie. They chucked a condom in our room so Rachael H chucked it back again. They wanted Emma to go and meet Freddie in their room but she wouldn’t so he marched into our room and and said to Emma, “You’re a stupid, fat, smelly cow.” Then said to his mate, “There, I’ve done it.” They must’ve told him to. They all ended up falling out with Emma after that.

I quite like Jez now. [Oh bloody hell, not another one. I’m losing track!] Georgia did already.

Tobogganing int evening – brilliant!



High aims and crap like that – 17th September 1997

Wednesday 17th I don’t think Emma’s speaking to me at the moment because of some stupid thing she thinks l said. [I probably had said it.]

In Geography, Lizzie and I were talking to Dougie and Neil quite a bit. We started on the subject of Lucy and how she fancies Dougie and we asked him what he’d been doing to her on Saturday. She’d been going on and on about him at lunch about when they were doing their D of E Awards.

Anyway, I said to Dougie, “Lucy still fancies you” then turned to Neil and said, “Emma fancies you too”. [There we go. I had said something.] They didn’t take it very seriously and Neil said (very sarcastically) […but he probably completely meant it.], “Oh good, she’s a babe!” Then Dougie joined in and told me to tell her that he liked her hair. (She was wearing it down and it looked a bit scarecrowish!)

So, Lizzie and I told her all this at break and she had a right go at us in Science. She was on at me more coz I was the one that told Neil she still fancied him. She then started talking bollocks. She said she was starting something where everyone has 3 lives. If you do something nasty to her, you lose a life.

So far she reckons I’ve lost all mine so she’s going to get revenge but, oh no, she can’t do it by herself so she says she’s going to get Freda to say something to someone! What a load of shit! Isn’t it?! [Ha! I was worried. Freda would do or say anything if it meant horribly humiliating one of her friends.]

We had a fire alarm practice today. [Always exciting. The fit boys had to leave their classrooms and stand on the all-weather pitch, all at the same time. Prime perving opportunity.] On the way back, Lizzie and I were walking with Davis. He’s such a big-headed wanker! He kept going on about how he had high aims and crap like that. He makes me wanna puke! He sucks up to the teachers so badly too, telling them what’s been happening. I mean, who gives a toss?! [Me, clearly.]

Emma ripped Cat’s coat today. HA HA HA! She’ll probably get knackered by Cat’s mum. She did when she drew on the back of Cat’s shirt once. It was so funny coz Emma goes into her ‘I’m-so-sorry’ mode and sucks up and begs to be forgiven. (SPEW!) She’s such a silly cow sometimes.

Jez was watching me again in basketball today. I ended up working with Shauna Adams and some prat of a teacher. Our ball got stuck in the basket and Jez came rushing over to get it out!

There was something else (that’s good) that happened this evening. 3-0!!! Man Utd won 3-0 in the Champions League against FC Kosica or something. Irwin scored the first, then Henning Berg, then our brilliant Andy Cole! YES!