Riley said he might ask me out – 5th October 1998

Monday 5th At last break, Abby and her mate Alice both ran up to me saying they’d got summit to tell me that I’d like. I was ready to kill them coz I thought they might have been bugging either William or Ewan. It wasn’t that though.

They said that they’d been talking to Keith Cox in English and they’d been asking who Riley Howarth fancied. Riley is the lad who I thought was really fit while I was watching the World Cup in the Sports Club until I recognised him as the lad who was in my sister’s year at primary school and went to some other school. He’s gorgeous and I was saying so in front of Keith (who’s his mate) last Friday.

Anyway, Keith said it was someone they knew who he fancied and after a lot of guessing, they found out it was me. Keith had told Riley what I’d said and Riley said he might ask me out. I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone coz, according to Abby, Riley told Keith in confidence. I told Hayley though coz she half heard Abby and Alice tell me and had me gripped tightly round my arm so I had to tell her really or my hand might have dropped off.

Then Emma found out coz Chris Lewis (Riley’s mate) came up to me and said, “Do you like Riley?” I asked why and he said he’d tell me why if I told him if I liked Riley. Then Abby started shouting at me coz she thought I’d told loads of people. All the time Emma was stood next to me so I just filled her in on the details on the way home.

I want to believe it all coz Riley’s a babe but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high coz, knowing my luck, I’ll only get disappointed. I can’t see it being true really coz he’s not seen me for ages I don’t think. It’s probably either Riley joking or Keith getting the wrong idea. I s’pose it could be true but I very much doubt it.

I went to this Careers Live exhibition thing at the G-Mex today with school. I got tons of info on universities and stuff.


I went really hot and red – 16th October 1997

Thursday 16th


Dougie just phoned me and Dad answered!

I’ll tell you why he phoned.

Once upon a time in Geography this morning, Dougie told me he was going to get Emma back by the prank phone call he had planned and I had to keep it quiet. [Something I usually struggled with.] He told me he was going to pretend to be the Scottish bloke from Key 103 off the radio and say she’d won a competition to go to a Boyzone concert at the Nynex Arena. I kept telling him she wouldn’t fall for it but he said he’d try anyway.

So, at about 8:00 pm, Emma phoned me up and said he’d done it. She said her sister had answered and couldn’t tell who it was so Emma took it off her and said there was someone on the other end doing a really crap Scottish accent! She guessed who it was but didn’t say she knew.

Then he changed and said he was Adam the receptionist who also went by the name John in a really camp voice. Emma said she wasn’t sure if it was him or not.

I don’t know how it ended but she said she gave him my number then said she hadn’t really. I said bye and hung up and went and told Mum that someone had played a prank on Emma but she didn’t know who it was. I don’t know what made me tell Mum that.

[Our phones looked like this. via All Mod Cons]

[I was about to go as red as this telephone which is just like the one I was using in 1997.
via All Mod Cons]

Anyway, about 15 minutes later, the phone rang again. For a split second, I thought it could be Dougie as I have done every time the phone rang this evening. Then I decided it was probably Emma or for Dad so I left it for somebody else to answer.

Mum came in the front room and said, “It’s someone called James for Tess.” If I could have chosen a moment for a plane to crash into our house, it could well have been then!!! [Jesus. Bit extreme just for a phone call from a boy. And one I lurved at that!] I was so embarrassed I went really hot and red and my stomach was doing somersaults as I walked past Mum. [Exactly how you make something totally innocent seem like something well dodge.]

I picked up the phone and yelled, “I’ve got it!” to Dad. The conversation went summit like this:-

(T = me / D = Dougie)

T: Hello (shaking like mad!)
D: Hi, it’s me. Er… I phoned her.
T: I know, she just phoned and told me.
D: She didn’t fall for it except the Adam bit.
T: Oh right. (Laugh)
D: You told her I was going to.
T: I didn’t.
D: She said you did.
T: No. I told her you’d got her number.
D: Oh right. She told me to do it back to you but I didn’t think there was much point seeing as you were in on it.
T: Yeh, I s’pose.
(Long silence) [Awks!]
D: Well… er… see ya.
T: Yeh. Bye.

I put the phone down and prepared myself for the questioning I was bound to get when I went back to Mum. I could hear her asking Abby who James was. I went in and this is how it went:-

(T = me / M = Mum)

M: Who was it? (Very suspiciously.)
T: James Douglas.
M:Is he a friend from school then? (I could tell by what she said that she meant BOYfriend!)
T: Er… no not really. He just sits behind me in Geography. (I suddenly thought how to explain it and said…) It was him who did the prank phone call on Emma. (I was so glad I mentioned that!)
M: Hmmm. I suppose he was feeling guilty then.
T: Yeh probably. He wants me to tell Emma but I’ll tell her tomorrow. (I know I made the last bit up but who cares?!)

I slumped down on the sofa so Mum couldn’t see my face and tried to go back to a normal colour but the more I thought about it, the more I kept smiling. I had to go upstairs and shove my head in my pillow to stop myself from laughing.

Why did he phone me? There was no reason. He could have just told me in school.

That is the 1st time a lad has ever phoned me and it was Dougie. YES!

Not long after, the phone rang again. I panicked for a minute until I was told it was Emma. I told her everything. She said she hadn’t told him to do the prank on me but she had given him my number. She had actually phoned about French homework but that was not talked about for long.

The rest of today has not been so good. (Neither was that actually. Very embarrassing!)

In the Music rooms at lunch, Josie ‘Bitch’ Nichol told Dougie that a girl from orchestra called Amy fancied him. Olivia fancies him too and she asked him which one out of us lot did he like most and he said none. That’s probably true but it put me in a bad mood all afternoon. The phone call has put me on a high now though.

Oh yeh, the other bad thing is that Davis is coming bowling. Damn it! It’s going to be awful now!


P.S. I still can’t believe he phoned!