Jake had Floyd and I holding his hands – 27th October 2000

Friday 27th Our first day in London!

We stopped over at Cat Elliot’s last night but didn’t get much sleep cos Lizzie Bond talked all night. That’s not good when you have to be up at 4am!

The taxi arrived at Cat’s at 5am and took us to Liverpool Airport. Gethin Turner was his usual hyperactive self even that early but Floyd wasn’t so chirpy. He was totally wetting himself about having to go on a plane! I have to say, I was a bit nervous too so on the flight, Jake had Floyd and I holding his hands.

[Here are some weird doodles that we did on the plane…]


It went really quickly and we got a coach from Luton Airport to Victoria Station from where we used the underground to get to Earl’s Court where the Youth Hostel is.


[Here we are on our journey. Left to right: Lizzie, Floyd, Cat, me and Jake.]

The Youth Hostel wasn’t too bad actually. We were all in one room which was quite good. We dumped our stuff there and then got the tube to Harrods cos Jake and Floyd wanted to go in. It was all Christmassy which was nice. Jake dragged us into the ski bit (which depressed me and Cat cos we really need to ski!) and bought £110’s worth of ski gloves. Rip off!

We then went a bit down market and had a look in Gap. I got some cream flared pants from there. [Ew.]

Next we had a look round Covent Garden. I really like it there but I didn’t buy anything. We decided to go to Bond Street after that to get some shopping done. The lads got bored and we got tired so we decided to head back quite early.


We bought a bottle of Southern Comfort from some shop and drank it with lemonade in bed! I didn’t get pissed though and neither did Jake.

I ended up sleeping in Jake’s bed and it was quite a good night! We got to 3 a few times. Later on, we were just kissing and he stopped and I’m sure he said, “Shall we?” but when I asked, “What?” he changed it and said he thought there was someone outside. I wouldn’t really have wanted to go all the way with the others in the room anyway!


They drove past us about 15 times – 4th & 5th August 1999

Wednesday 4th I’m in a Travelodge thing just outside Stirling for the night. We’ve completed the first leg of our journey up to Wick. I’ve not actually got a lot to write down because not a lot has actually happened.

The room here is quite nice and fairly big and Abby and I have a good view of the car park where there are quite a few lads. Earlier, there was a coach load coming back from a Rangers match, we think, and there was another nice one who seems to be staying here. He gave me a second glance when I was at the window but probably only because I was in my nightie with a towel on my head!

We stopped at Westmorland for lunch and there was another Scottie dog there. We were quite a distance away but we could easily tell what breed it was.

We went into Stirling for some tea and to give Mollie a walk. We only ended up in McDonald’s though where I discovered a member of staff who didn’t fit the stereotype. He was nice looking, not greasy and not spotty. I think he was called Graham.

There was a right saddo tourist in there too who was whipping out his video camera and filming the inside of the McDonald’s. One question… Why??!

Dad decided to stick Union Jack flags (left over from the Prom concert at school) up at the windows in the car. His excuse was so that people would think Grandma L was the Queen Mum! Yeah right!!


Thursday 5th I’m in Wick now. Yeah!!! It seemed to take ages to get here even though I did sleep a bit before we stopped for lunch. We stopped at the Tomatin Little Chef where there were nice lads working there [God, I was fully on the holiday prowl for boys, wasn’t I?!] with not-so-nice names such as Jeff and Donald. The girl who served us wasn’t much better, being Martha!

We arrived here at Auntie S’s house and were greeted by Auntie S, Rhian, Tom and Minnie. Oh, and Mollie was reunited with Penguin the spaniel (black and white) from across the road where the McLean family used to live. I think they’re in love. Mollie wouldn’t even leave him when we shouted “walkies” at her. There won’t be any puppies though because he’s been ‘done’!

Abby, Rhian and I went for a walk around the town earlier in search of people [boys]. We saw Rhian’s latest obsession, Greg Thompson, in the back of a red Ford Fiesta with 2 of his mates. They drove past us about 15 times and did wave sometimes. They were all okay looking. Apparently Greg lives a few doors down from Rhian’s old house and she used to play with him when she was little. His address is 19 Meadowbank Road, Wick and his phone number is 01955 ******.

Abby found some lad in a tartan Oasis-style hat who she quite likes and I saw Ben McFarlane. He’s lovely. I think he’s 17 and he’s driving now but only his mum’s car which is white with OLL and then 4 numbers for the registration plate. First time I saw him this year (which was today), he was driving up Scalesburn and he kind of grinned and shrugged at Rhian. I don’t know why. I then ran up Port Dunbar so I could see him again coming down Sandigo Drive and it worked. He just smiled. He probably saw me jumping about and grinning a lot in the mirror though. Not good!


I found the courage to phone Ralph – 23rd – 27th May 1998

 [It was the school hols and I’d gone camping in Pembrokeshire with Emma and her family.]

Saturday 23rd I thought the journey would never end. The campsite, Lleithyr Meadow, is quite nice and it’s got decent showers and everything. [This is the equivalent of a 5 star review from teen me.]

I only had about 2 hours sleep and I’m knackered. The tent’s really cold and not comfy at all.

I’m so tired.


Sunday 24th Emma’s mum roped me and Emma into going on a 6 mile coastal walk with her. Never again! It went really hot and most of it was uphill. Emma was permanently moaning that she was too unfit and I was legging it ahead and my knees and left ankle suffered. I shouldn’t have run so much.

There’s this really weird lad called Duncan on the site. He’s collected a lot of female followers. He’s 13 and they’re all about 7. He swings about on the play area and he pretends to be a Teletubbie. FREAK!!!

I found the courage to phone Ralph. He sounded pleased and said he’d cheered up a bit. He said he still liked me when Emma asked.


Monday 25th We went to Whitesands Bay today. [But sod the scenery everyone…] There was this drop-dead gorgeous lad there and he was looking at me.

[Maybe he was admiring my oh-so-chic Adidas joggers.]

[Maybe he was admiring my oh-so-chic Adidas joggers.]

Emma found a dead dogfish in the sea and paraded around with it in her hand. Yuk!

We phoned Freddie tonight as well. Nowt interesting.


Tuesday 26th We didn’t do a lot today – too tired.

We went on this well good boat trip round Ramsey Island today. It’s been on Blue Peter. We went in caves and over rapids. It was so good.

Phoned Ralph again. Didn’t say much but he did give me a chance to wind Emma up about Gina Black (Freddie’s ex who still fancies him). He only said he walked home with her really.

The Freak wanted us to join his gang. As if!


Wednesday 27th I’m home. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.

We did a 4-way call. Ralph really wants me to come to the cinema and didn’t want me to hang up.

Night night.