Stunned at my ugliness!!

[Welcome to guest blogger Rachel!

Go and have a look at her lovely new blog. It even involves diaries so it’s a YES from me! (Soz, I’ve been watching too much X Factor recently.)

Feeling inspired by Rachel braving the cringe? Fancy sharing bits of a teenage diary that you’ve got squirrelled away? You can get in touch via the ‘Share your own diary‘ page.


Hi, I’m Rachel from Discovering Me.  I’ve gone through various phases of keeping a diary since I was a child.  In 1991, when I was sweet sixteen, I wrote in my diary almost every day charting all the boys I fancied, school sagas and general mundane life.  I came across Tess’s website when I was looking for inspiration on starting my own blog. I thought blogging her old diary entries was a great idea, they reminded me of my own and I thought it would be a good way of getting me warmed up for blogging!  So thanks for having me!  CRINGE!

Sunday 3rd March

Went for a walk this pm, saw Pete snogging with his new girlfriend on the beach huh!  Nice tea. Took Claire to evening service which wasn’t bad at all. Guess what Simon from St Davids asked me out!

Monday 4th March

I don’t know what to do I’ve been thinking about it all day I was going to write to him but I don’t know his surname. Went round to Rachel’s but no one was in.  What am I to do? I don’t know why he asked me wished he hadn’t, it wasn’t very romantic.

Tuesday 5th March

Parents evening today. Went well except I forgot to tell M&D I’d got a test in Science tomorrow so Dad was a bit off but he’s recovered now. BT was really nice about me so glad. NJ was yuk CH was nice & DAE said it was pleasure to have me. Thank you God.

Wednesday 6th Match

Yesterday I had a typing exam that was a bit tough. I made a lot of mistakes I’m afraid.  Today was ok.

Thursday 7th March

I went to youth group tonight it was ok.  Got my list of exam dates today, not long now & I leave school!

Friday 8th March

Hi! Not much happened today, glad it’s Friday. Ann’s birthday. Posted letter to Simon saying no, because I don’t know him very well.

Saturday 9th March

We went to Chester today, awesome! I picked a bargain pair of pumps for 99p from DP’s(Dorothy Perkins) I’d fancied a pair like that for ages. I also bought a pencil case and we went in a cafe for lunch, v.nice.

Friday 14th March

Comic relief red nose day, wear what you like. Nothing much happened at school. Geography was embarrassing got a question wrong and went bright red.

Watched comic relief until 11.30 it was good. STONK!

Sunday 17th March

Went out on my bike this afternoon. Saw Simon at church he gave me a letter, he was very sweet about it all.  We had to leave early so I didn’t get much chance to speak to him. Then 9.30 he rang me! Anyway I’ve written to him again just to make sure he knows I’m only interested in being just friends for know. Hope he’s ok.

Monday 18th March

Another boring day in school at least DA wasn’t there so had a free lesson. Meant to be studying tonight but somehow I didn’t.

Tuesday 19th March

Everyone at school thinks I fancy Matthew huh! BT wasn’t there today, so there.  At the moment I feel a bit fed up, I’m only sort of looking forward to hols cos I’ve got loads of art work to do.

Wednesday 20th March

Got a lovely letter of Simon, he says that from first time he saw me he was stunned!! Stunned at my ugliness!! Only joking. He should have got my letter today hopefully.

Watched a film until late tonight.

Thursday 21st March

We had cross country today, loads didn’t do it, 40! And out of those that did, most of them walked it.  So we got a lecture after about what a flop it was with so many bunking and nobody really trying!  I enjoyed it sort of, it was a laugh.

Friday 22nd March

Got another letter of Simon, he says he understands and was quite chatty.  I’m beginning to like him more now, he’s very sweet.

Well schools finished but I’ve got loads to do unfortunately. We did hockey in PE today.  Isn’t life exciting! (sarky)

Saturday 23rd March

I watched grease 2 tonight it was good I enjoyed it but wish I had someone like that….

As if I would be in a marathon!

G’day! I’m Hannah from Looking-Glass Mama. Like Tess, I kept a diary as a teen. Unlike Tess, I live in Australia. We worked out that we’re the same age, going through similar things – just on opposite sides of the world. Tess dared me to share some of my old diary entries, so here you go – challenge accepted! Some of these are excerpts – it’s still a bit scary sharing this stuff nearly two decades later.

Well, I almost don’t have a brother! Tom [he was four at the time] cut through a power cord with Mum’s new sectors [secateurs]. He’s alive though. They had rubber handles [and a big hole blown in them].

I feel so many emotions! Tell you more tomorrow! Stay tuned to ‘Diary TV’. [Melodramatic much??]

Recently, R had a dream that he was watching a marathon run, and I was coming third! I mean, as if I would be in a marathon! [I’m still not known for my athletic prowess]

I can’t believe how much I’ve been writing! Last Friday the bus took a small detour via Liverpool Rd! [Wow, that’s thrilling…] And in the morning I had messenger duty and I had to polish the school trophies. [Slave labour was all the rage back then]. Oh, guess what! I might be playing at the Opera House [with the school band…we didn’t]! I should go. I’ve got HOMEWORK.

Hi! It’s Friday, but I didn’t go to youth group. I was babysitting. I got $18! [RICH!] We also had cross country [at school], but I didn’t go in it, cause I had a filling put in. I had to have a needle, then and x-ray, then drilling! [I’m way too enthusiastic about this – sounds like I might have enjoyed it…] I couldn’t feel my left side of my mouth from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Last year I had chicken pox […which got me out of cross country as well. Really not sporty.] Camp is next week! We’re having a medieval dinner, and we have to dress up for it. I’m going as a fine lady, making a tapestry. Okay, they didn’t buy kids with the pattern marked on or pre-sorted threads. I better go. It’s 10:42pm [whoa, so late!]