Emma told us what Davis told her – 24th February 1999

Wednesday 24th I told Emma about Ralph. She didn’t seem to care. Rachael was being really nice in P.E. too. Weird!

I went to see this film premier thing with Freda tonight. Sarah and Karen Brent came too. Fun. (NOT!) It was free so we thought it’d be crap. It was called ‘The Big Tease’ and it was actually quite good. It was about this gay Scottish hairdresser called Crawford Mackenzie who thought he’d got a place in the Platinum Scissor Awards but he’d only got a seat watching it really. Eventually he got in the competition and won. It was funny and had a happy ending and I really liked it too.

[Via Wikipedia]

[Via Wikipedia]

It was showing at the cinema at the Trafford Centre which is really big (20 screens) and comfy. I left my bag with Freda’s mobile in it which was actually a good thing coz the cinema managed to phone her mum on it somehow. I didn’t even realise I’d left it until we got picked up. Shows how alert I am!


P.S. Emma told us what Davis told her that Ewan and Adrian Ford think Georgia Dean is fit. But Hayley told me that Jade asked Adrian and he said he didn’t. I dunno if I believe him and I don’t really care. It’s the fact the Ewan does that I’m more bothered about and I didn’t think I really liked him anymore.

I do like Ferny though. I saw him heading off towards the village after school after he’d been standing on the road. I dunno where he was going.

You could virtually see her knickers – 29th & 30th May 1998

Friday 29th Ralph was being really nice to me tonight and I was making an effort not to be my usual sarcastic self. I think I managed quite well actually.

We got the bus to the cinema and we were both feeling travel sick. He was asking loads of questions about Pembrokeshire but I think it was just to make conversation. We gave them their pressies (a can of Welsh ale) at Emma’s house. He was dead pleased I’d got him something I think.

We went into the film almost straight away. We went to see Sliding Doors which I thought was quite good. There were these 2 women sat next to Ralph and they kept telling us to be quiet and stop popping chuddy [chewing gum]. Old hags! [I would totally side with the hags now. Bloody selfish 90s teenagers!]

[Via Wikipedia]

[Via Wikipedia]

At one point in the film, Gwyneth Paltrow has her hair shorter and stuck up in flowers on top of her head. Ralph started saying, “That looks really nice. I reckon you should have yours done like that with flowers.” [Flowers and sportswear – a winning look, I’m sure.] I couldn’t stop smiling. I dunno what made him say that but I thought it was sweet for some reason.

On the bus my wallet had fallen out of my pocket and I was panicking because I didn’t notice until I was off it. Ralph was being really sympathetic and kept asking me if I was alright and telling me not to worry. I think he was probably just trying to get on the right side of me but, I have to say, it worked a bit.

At McDonald’s, Ralph was messing about with the umbrella on the table and it dropped down and smacked me on the head. He kept apologising and asking if I was okay. Usually he’d have laughed probably.

When we were walking back to the bus stop, he asked me where I was going from Warrington Bus Station. I said I was staying on and going him. He sounded dead disappointed and Emma didn’t really want to be left with the lads so I said I’d get off and stay at Emma’s for a bit.

Then Emma and Freddie dropped back so I started telling him what I could die of (like food poisoning from eating a mouldy Crème Egg) then he asked me what I thought about when I stared into space. I told him I was worrying about where my money was but he asked me what other things. I think he wanted me to say him but I didn’t. Either that or he wanted me to ask him the same question.

We got the bus back from Warrington and then Freddie rang his mum for a lift. We had to meet her by the station so we all went and sat on the wall. Emma and Freddie sat with each other so I went and sat by Ralph. We started talking about pubs and which ones were near us and which ones he could get served in.

Then this girl walked by with a long skirt on with big slits up either side. Ralph said, “That’s a really nice skirt. I think you should get one like that.” Hmmm, I wonder why. I wouldn’t be the fact that you could virtually see her knickers, would it?!

When Freddie’s mum arrived I was a bit stuck as it was a high wall and I didn’t want to damage my knees even more by jumping off it. Just as I did, Ralph tutted and said, “I was gonna catch you then.” Damn it, I should have waited!

As we were getting in the car, Emma decided to push her way into the middle so she was between me and Ralph. He did ask her why she’d done that. Then he started talking about this 10 year old girl who wanted to marry him and I went, “She’d better keep her hands off!” He said, “What did you say?” I know he heard coz he was smiling too much. I meant it too!

At some point he started saying to Emma, “Ferny never did fancy Tess, I mean, Hayley, he just wanted a girlfriend. You see, I’ve got Tess on the brain. I wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night just thinking about her.” Aaah, sweet. [Urgh, gross. Also, isn’t a cold sweat a bad thing?] If he keeps all this up, he’s definitely going to get somewhere!


Saturday 30th I got my wallet back. Some woman found it and contacted us though BT which was from my Chargecard. I collected it from her house today.

Ralph and Freddie are round at Emma’s house. I could probably be too but I didn’t really want to coz they’ll probably be getting pissed and go all stupid.


Go buy the video! – 3rd October 1997

Friday 3rd When I got to school this morning, Emma started begging me to go to a party with her. It’s one of Charlie W’s and he’d asked her through her friend Vanessa. I would probably go if it wasn’t going to be full of Year 11s and if Mum wouldn’t care. Plus, well, it’s Charlie Wilson, innit. Would you wanna go to a party of his? [I think I wanted to go.]

Davis asked Lena out in English yesterday. He asked her by writing it in the back of his book. She gave him her answer this afternoon which was basically NO.

I went to see The Full Monty with Lizzie, Freda and Emma this evening. It was brilliant! It was so funny I would take ages writing about it so if you wanna know, go buy the video!

Dougie and Ed were menna [‘Meant to’ for those of you that speak and write properly.] be going with Lucy and Poppy again but we didn’t see them.

Emma and I might ride into Dougie’s village on our bikes tomorrow.

The cat from next door, Sheba, was just run over outside a few minutes ago. We heard people outside and Abby saw 2 police bikes and a dead cat in the road. We though it could’ve been Cleo but it wasn’t so Mum went next door to tell them.


It was really scary! – 19th September 1997

Saturday 20th Ok, 1st thing to mention – football. [Uuugh. Why did I care?] It’s not fair!!! Dad got to see Man Utd play in Bolton. I wanted to go. It was 0-0 and Pallister and Blake got sent off in the 34th minute after a bad tackle from Blake down Pally’s [Pally?! No. Less of that.] calf muscle which caused him to turn around and look threatening. At least both teams were only 10 players.

I went to the cinema this evening with Cat, Lizzie, Freda and Emma to see ‘Romy + Michele’s High School Reunion’. It was a good, funny film but I can’t be bothered explaining it.

Afterwards, we were going to get a pizza at the cinema but there was a really long queue so we walked to McDonald’s. Emma and I were way ahead of the others and it was really scary! It was dark and quiet roads with gangs of lads and men. We had to keep running. We were almost at McD’s when a car stopped by us, full of men. They asked us where a pub was but it was really scary coz they could have pulled us in.

After a McChicken sandwich meal (yum) we tried to phone Freda’s mum but the phone in McD’s was knackered. We went to a BP petrol station but that phone was broken too. We walked all the way back to the cinema and Freda’s dad came to get us eventually.


He is nice. Really, REALLY nice! – 24th-31st July 1997

July 1997 - Fit list

Thursday 24th I spent most of today at Grandma S’s but this evening my cousin Rhian came with ther dad down to stay for a bit. She’ll go back up to Caithness with us when we go.


Saturday 26th We’ve not really done much today but I dumped Chris B on the computer. I emailed him and said it was pointless!

We were on it a bit today and I’ve been talking to another Chris in Lincolnshire.

Rhian, Abby and I have been making loads of cards this evening. They’re dead good we think and we’re gonna try and sell them in Caithness.


Sunday 27th Rhian, Abby and I went to see The Lost World at the cinema. It was nowhere near as good as Jurassic Park.

On the way home, we saw 3 people riding their bikes. The last one was Dougie’s middle sister and I turned round and Dougie and his mum were with her too!


Tuesday 29th We went to WaterWorld today. Hayley was going to come but she couldn’t coz it’s her period.

It was a long journey [An hour and a half at the most. I’m not sure that even warrants the use of ‘journey’.] but it was dead good when we got there. There were all sorts of flumes and stuff and there was a wave machine.

I’ve been packing all afternoon ready to go to Caithness so I’d better get on with it and pack this diary. [Quite a risk to take it when I was going to be surrounded by little cousins.]


Wednesday 30th I’m in the Atholl Palace Hotel now. Rhian, Abby and I are in a room of our own and Mum, Dad and the dog are in another. We have just travelled from 11:30am to about 5:00pm to Pitlochry where we are stopping overnight. [THAT counts as a journey.]

There is this gorgeous boy in the hotel. I’ve only seen him from a distance but I can just tell. [I’d developed a bat-like ability to detect fit boy prey that I couldn’t even see clearly.]


Thursday 31st Our journey has ended and we’re in Wick now at Auntie S’s house.

I saw that boy this morning in the hotel at breakfast. He is nice. Really, REALLY nice! He has blonde hair and a good tan. I was going out of the dining room and I glanced up at him and he was staring at me! […In disbelief at my head-to-toe sportswear in the dining room of a nice hotel, perhaps.] There is no “I’m sure” coz he definitely was!

I could hear music (pop) coming from across the road to Auntie S’s where this lad Alex used to live. He’s moved to Shetland now but his dad’s still there coz he can’t get a transfer so I thought Alex might be visiting.