You just fall in love with him  – 1st & 2nd February 1998

Sunday 1st Sorry, it’s late. This will only be short.

The film I went to see, Titanic = brilliant, sad, moving music. Tell you more another time.

[Let my obsession with Titanic (well, Leo DiCaprio) commence!]


Monday 2nd Mr H, an I.T. teacher at school, died yesterday. He’s had stomach cancer since, well, a while but he found out in December. Mrs K was telling us how ill he was on the way to Runcorn so I was half expecting him to die but not so soon. All the teachers, especially Mrs N who was his mate, were really upset.

Titanic yesterday was absolutely brilliant. I can’t describe it. It was just so realistic which I think is why it was so sad because it makes you think about what all those people must have been going through. Plus Leo DiCaprio was in it and he is just so gorgeous.

Near the end, he dies and he sinks under the water coz the girl, Rose (Kate Winslet) lets go of him. It’s so sad. You just fall in love with him, especially as Jack in this film coz he was lovely.

Uh, you’ll have to see it, I just can’t find the words.

February 1998 - Titanic J&R

Also, when all the poorer people are partying, there’s a tune, like a jig, that my Uncle R plays with his band. I’m gonna have to borrow the soundtrack off Freda coz there’s this lovely but sad music that keeps playing.

According to Becky the Year 9, Dougie and his girlfriend might have fallen out. Becky even thought they might have split up. [Hallelujah!] Becky also said it was his birthday today but I’m not so sure.

Hold on, I’ll check in my previous diary. [Where I kept all my stalker notes.]

Oh, I can’t find it, never mind.

Dougie’s got a new coat. It’s bright red and I can’t get used to it!

I’m starting to like Ferny now. I wonder how long that’ll last.