Emma said he’d have to get me really pissed – 29th & 30th June 1998

Monday 29th I love this pen so much. I bought it from Paperchase yesterday. It just writes so nicely. For future reference, it’s an Edding 2182 Crystalliner.

Anyway, I’ve not had such a bad day considering it’s a Monday. Although, I don’t know what I want Ralph-wise. When I think he doesn’t like me, I really regret not going out with him and I think of all his advantages but when I think he does like me then I really don’t want him to ask me out and I think of all his disadvantages. I’m a very confused girl at the moment.

Emma was telling me this morning that Ralph and Freddie rang her last night and she was telling me that Ralph would have gone with [snogged] me on Friday night but I got up and went to the toilet. Ralph was also making her go through a list of people he could possibly fancy and she said he could just stick to me.

Today he was being quite nice again. Not as nice as when he actually fancied me (oh yeah, he said that why should he like me after what I did to him and Freddie said that he didn’t like me much anymore but he would if I’d have gone with him at the Sports Club) but nicer than when he was being normal. I don’t understand him.

He was there after school with Ferny by the bike stands. We went over to find out what time he wants us to go to watch England v Argentina tomorrow at his house. Whilst Emma was talking to him, Ferny and I started up a bit of a conversation about how big-headed Freddie is coz he thinks loads of girls fancy him. To make matters worse, Gina Black asked Freddie out again today and there’s now a rumour going round that Emma’s going to twat Gina (yeah right, she’s too soft!) so we were talking about that too.

As I was talking to Ferny, Emma and Ralph started going off so I went to catch up with them. Ferny’s bike was knackered so I think he got a lift so Ralph stayed with us two for a bit. We went and sat on the bench outside school on the main road and talked about stuff.

Ralph started going on about how my hair looked really nice down and he kept trying to persuade me to go and watch the footy at his house tomorrow. He also kept muttering things about me having no emotions and also said about how Emma said he’d have to get me really pissed to get anywhere with me. Cheers Emma! He also kept saying that he didn’t want us to go on holiday over the summer hols coz he’d be left on his own.

When it was time for our flute lesson, he wouldn’t let us past by blocking the path with his bike. Emma got past and eventually I did too. He rode off then turned round and came back and wanted to come in and listen. No way was I going to let him do that so I walked off and left him with Emma. She told me later that he asked her why I was being so horrible to him if I still liked him. She told him that I wasn’t and I was always like that (charming!) and that I’d probably say yes if he asked me out again.

Oh heck!


Tuesday 30th Yet again, SHIT! That’s it. I’m in a severely depressed state so I’ll give the full story another time but basically:-

Penalties: England – 3, Argentina – 4