Living off Kit Kats and bananas – 18th April 2000

Tuesday 18th I’ve had a fairly boring day today. Hayley was bored too so we met up in her village for a while this afternoon and were bored together.

I went to see my Grandma S tonight. She’s living off Kit Kats and bananas at the moment. Mum’s really worried about her and now I’m really worried about Mum cos she’s not getting much sleep now.

Jake’s out in Warrington tonight. I could’ve gone but he didn’t really give me much notice and a loads of my sister’s mates were going too. I’ve had some nice messages off him though, such as when I offered to leave him alone so he could get drunk. He said, “NO! DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE BEING WITHOUT YOU!! LOVE YOU LOADS xxxxx”. Then later I got, “HONESTLY I’M NOT DRUNK! OTHERWISE I WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO TEXT YOU!! I NEVER WANT ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU! : ) LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! xxxxx”. Aaahh, sweet!


Dad’s in the next room muttering, “Suits you, Sir” – 29th & 30th January 2000

Saturday 29th What a night!! Over the last hour I’ve had to try and control my family, basically because I’m the only sober one tonight.

Abby went round to her mate Alice’s house this evening and told Mum she’d be getting a lift back with someone else but, after Mum’d had a few glasses of wine, she phoned up and said she couldn’t get home. Mum got really, really mad with her so Abby got really, really upset and I was handed to phone to try and calm her down.

As I was explaining to Abby how to order a taxi, my mum decided to walk to Alice’s village to collect her. I talked her out of it so instead she decided she’d drive. I was about to try and stop her when Dad staggered through the front door. He’d been to this ‘Bent + Bongs’* beer festival around Atherton way and was totally and utterly pissed!

While I was trying to explain to Dad what was going on (which took a while because of the state he was in!), Mum managed to slip out of the front door and drove off to collect Abby. This meant I had to ring Alice’s to try to tell Abby to cancel the taxi. She was still crying and pissed off with Mum for making her come home because her mates might have been going to a party.

Within the space of that 10 minute phone call, Dad had put the same cup of coffee in the microwave about 5 times. When I came off the phone, he’d lost it somewhere between the toilet and kitchen!

Mum was taking quite a while to get home so I was getting a bit worried that she’d been stopped by the police or had driven into a field or something. Eventually she got back. Abby stormed upstairs and Mum stormed into the kitchen to be welcomed by Dad telling her she was gorgeous and his best mate and kissing her. I had to go out of the room! Yuk!!

Everyone seems to have calmed down a bit. Dad’s in the next room muttering, “Suits you, Sir” and stuff. I don’t think he’ll be feeling at his best tomorrow morning!


*[I probably need to explain Bent and Bongs…

Bents – A local name for the town of Atherton. Once upon a time, part (or maybe all) of the town was called Chow’s Bent and the Bent bit stuck locally.

Bongs – A local name for the town of Tyldesley. Once upon a time it was called Tildsley Banks. Banks became bongs because of the way people pronounced it there. Or something like that.]

Sunday 30th Nothing much has happened today. I’m just noting down that I’ve come off the Minocycline tablets [to treat my 50 million spotsfrom today.


I’m worried that she might be in a mood with me – 25th December 1999

Saturday 25th (Christmas Day! Duh!)

I woke up at 8:30am, forgot what day it is and went back to sleep. I woke up again at about 10am and went downstairs to open my presents but Abby was still fast asleep so I couldn’t. By 10:30am I was sick of waiting so I woke her up. My presents were just pyjamas, chocolates, hair stuff, make up, the usual stuff. As always, I got bored once I’d opened all my presents but the time went quickly before Auntie G and Grandma S arrived.

Grandma S has not stopped eating all day. Mum and Auntie G are pleased because they’ve been worried that she’s not eating as well as she should. We had all the turkey and stuff and then Grandma went through about 3 bowlfuls of ice cream.

I’ve spent all evening in front of the TV. There’s been loads of good stuff on and I didn’t really have much else to do.

Rhian’s a bit fed up stuck on the Orkneys still. I spoke to her on the phone and she sounded very unimpressed. She wants us to go up for the Millennium celebrations in Wick because her mum’d let her go out and party if she was with someone older but we’ve got to stay here. We probably won’t see everyone in Scotland until the summer now. I really miss them all. Auntie S said she sent our Christmas presents 2 weeks ago but we haven’t got them.

I want Lizzie to send me a text message. I sent her one to see if she had a good day but I’ve not got one back. I’m worried that she might be in a mood with me for being horrible to Gethin and hinting to him that she wasn’t telling him everything about the last party just to make him paranoid. Sarah and Lizzie are meant to be staying here at New Year because they can’t get home too easily so if she still wants to stay, she’ll have to get in contact with me soon.


Some grotesque teenage beast of a boy – 6th & 7th August 1999

Friday 6th Rhian, Abby and I went swimming today. The main reason behind it was not to swim but to see Ben McFarlane. We did but only briefly. He wasn’t actually doing his pool attending like we’d hoped but he was in the shop part.

I saw Rhian’s friend Laura Morgan’s brother, Duncan, today. The rest of his family are in Florida but he’s stayed here with his auntie who’s having a barbeque tomorrow to which we’re invited. Duncan was working in his parent’s café today and Rhian was ordered by Auntie S to introduce us to him, seeing as he’ll be at this barbeque as well, but she didn’t.

Instead, Rhian got food and I got a good look at Duncan. I’ve never seen him before but Abby saw him at Christmas and Rhian sees him all the time and they both told me he was minging. So, I went in there expecting him to be some grotesque teenage beast of a boy but in fact I was pleasantly surprised! I mean, he’s not drop-dead-gorgeous but he’s not half as bad as I expected. Abby did actually say he’d improved though.

We went for another walk around the town tonight and saw Greg Thompson again. This time he was stood on a street corner with 3 other lads. I gave Hayley a ring from the phonebox (I’m not missing anything apparently) and these 3 lads (different ones) started whistling and waving. Then they came over and went in the phonebox next to us but they were only pretending to use the phone. Unfortunately, none of them were nice looking!

We were also getting attention off some builders working on Woolies, one of which was quite young and quite nice but they were up high on scaffolding. At one point the nice one came down and we thought he was following us but he turned down some other street.

I got the full registration plate of Ben’s car. It’s OLL 3415. [Jesus.]

Greg’s car, well, the one he was in last night is K24 JPT. Rhian left a message on the back of a sweet wrapper in the windscreen wipers saying:

I ♥ G. Thompson 4 ever. ♥ me! xxx

She wrote another tonight saying:

Greg Thompson is a BABE! ♥ from me! xxx
P.S. If you wanna know who “me” is, keep watchin’ those wipers!

She says she’ll stick it on the car tomorrow.

She is now in the process of writing a wind-up letter to James Douglas (for me to give to him when I get home) which implies she rather fancies him. In fact she does because she’s seen his photo but this letter isn’t exactly a serious one.


Saturday 7th Rhian, Abby and I went to Thurso this afternoon but it was more boring that Wick so we came back again.

Greg Thompson was stood on his usual corner so we had to walk past him about 5 times for Rhian’s benefit. I made sure we walked past the café too so I could catch a quick glimpse of Duncan. I saw him but I don’t think he saw me.

I went to the barbeque tonight. It was quite good because there were quite a few young people there. As well as me, Rhian, Abby, Tom and Minnie, there was Duncan and his soon-to-be step-cousins Kate and Amelia.

Amelia’s only 11 but Kate’s 14 I think so we four older girls went for a walk in the dark and saw the K24 JPT car drive past loads with Greg in the back yelling things like, “You’re looking cracking tonight, girls!” Kate’s got a boyfriend back in Brighton but she says she’ll come with us to stalk Greg and co. another day.

As for Duncan, well, to start with he was being a bit quiet but as the evening went on he made me hold Tom still while he squirted him with a water pistol then threatened to get me with it. Later on, he began to sit with us in the kitchen and stuff and spoke a bit more and laughed at us when we were doing Steps ‘5, 6, 7, 8’ in the talent show until he fell asleep. [The bottle of Whyte & Mackay he had in his possession might have had something to do with all of that.]


Nothing really interesting happened but we caught each other’s eye the odd time and he usually came in the room I was in. I don’t really think he’s interested in me. Same old story!

He fell asleep again later so I was given his fleece by someone when we went outside again. It smelled nice.

Anyway, I’m going to bed.


They drove past us about 15 times – 4th & 5th August 1999

Wednesday 4th I’m in a Travelodge thing just outside Stirling for the night. We’ve completed the first leg of our journey up to Wick. I’ve not actually got a lot to write down because not a lot has actually happened.

The room here is quite nice and fairly big and Abby and I have a good view of the car park where there are quite a few lads. Earlier, there was a coach load coming back from a Rangers match, we think, and there was another nice one who seems to be staying here. He gave me a second glance when I was at the window but probably only because I was in my nightie with a towel on my head!

We stopped at Westmorland for lunch and there was another Scottie dog there. We were quite a distance away but we could easily tell what breed it was.

We went into Stirling for some tea and to give Mollie a walk. We only ended up in McDonald’s though where I discovered a member of staff who didn’t fit the stereotype. He was nice looking, not greasy and not spotty. I think he was called Graham.

There was a right saddo tourist in there too who was whipping out his video camera and filming the inside of the McDonald’s. One question… Why??!

Dad decided to stick Union Jack flags (left over from the Prom concert at school) up at the windows in the car. His excuse was so that people would think Grandma L was the Queen Mum! Yeah right!!


Thursday 5th I’m in Wick now. Yeah!!! It seemed to take ages to get here even though I did sleep a bit before we stopped for lunch. We stopped at the Tomatin Little Chef where there were nice lads working there [God, I was fully on the holiday prowl for boys, wasn’t I?!] with not-so-nice names such as Jeff and Donald. The girl who served us wasn’t much better, being Martha!

We arrived here at Auntie S’s house and were greeted by Auntie S, Rhian, Tom and Minnie. Oh, and Mollie was reunited with Penguin the spaniel (black and white) from across the road where the McLean family used to live. I think they’re in love. Mollie wouldn’t even leave him when we shouted “walkies” at her. There won’t be any puppies though because he’s been ‘done’!

Abby, Rhian and I went for a walk around the town earlier in search of people [boys]. We saw Rhian’s latest obsession, Greg Thompson, in the back of a red Ford Fiesta with 2 of his mates. They drove past us about 15 times and did wave sometimes. They were all okay looking. Apparently Greg lives a few doors down from Rhian’s old house and she used to play with him when she was little. His address is 19 Meadowbank Road, Wick and his phone number is 01955 ******.

Abby found some lad in a tartan Oasis-style hat who she quite likes and I saw Ben McFarlane. He’s lovely. I think he’s 17 and he’s driving now but only his mum’s car which is white with OLL and then 4 numbers for the registration plate. First time I saw him this year (which was today), he was driving up Scalesburn and he kind of grinned and shrugged at Rhian. I don’t know why. I then ran up Port Dunbar so I could see him again coming down Sandigo Drive and it worked. He just smiled. He probably saw me jumping about and grinning a lot in the mirror though. Not good!


If it’s good enough for Brandy, it must be good enough for me! – 1st June 1999

Tuesday 1st I’m back from London now. I didn’t take this with me for fear of somebody finding it and reading it, if they haven’t done already! So, I’ll fill you in on the last couple of days.

We only went down on Sunday (not much can have happened on Fri and Sat coz I’ve not written in) but it didn’t take too long to get there. We took Mollie [the dog] for a walk along the canal when we arrived at Auntie G’s in Hanwell and we saw some canal boats in the locks. I’ve never actually seen it done before. Mollie was walking right along the edge of the canal, I think just to scare us!

We went to Covent Garden on Sunday evening for a meal at a place called Belgo which is a weird Belgian restaurant where there are unisex loos and the waiters are dressed like monks. Mum, Dad and Auntie G had a big pot full of mussels which I didn’t want (so I had chicken) but I tried one and it was actually quite nice once I’d blanked the image of it out of my mind!

I didn’t get a lot of sleep on Sunday night coz Dad was snoring really loudly and my eye was throbbing from when a mobile phone dropped on my face from the table above me while I was settling down on a pile of cushions on the floor. I improvised and tied a pillow round my head with a belt from a dressing gown to block out the noise!

Yesterday was the big day for Watford v Bolton. I, of course, was siding with Bolton. Mum and Auntie G dropped me, Dad and Abby near Wembley Stadium and we had to walk there amongst a lot of Watford fans. It was brilliant inside the stadium! I managed to join in with all the songs but I kept quiet and seated when everyone else was singing, “Stand up if you hate Man U!” Bolton chants aren’t half as inventive as Man Utd ones. Songs in the Premiership have verses whereas you’re lucky to get 5 words in any other division. [This is untrue. I was just bitter about the Man U song.]

It was great even if we lost 2-0 and I am a Utd fan but I’ve been wearing my Bolton shirt with pride for the last day or so. I like it. It’s too big and very yellow but I like it!

[HOARDER ALERT: Here is the shirt, still too big and still very yellow.]

We went to Monty’s, an Indian restaurant, last night. It was good but very filling. I had quite a good night’s sleep last night so I’m not too tired today. We travelled back from London this morning, Bolton flags and all with Mollie hanging out of the window down the motorway. Dad said she’s probably pretending that she’s running really fast!!

I found this article in the Express newspaper.


It makes me feel better as though I’m not quite so sad now! With this thing with Adam (although I very much doubt if I’ll ever meet him never mind marry the lad!), I’ve not wanted to tell my mates I met him in the internet but if it’s good enough for Brandy, it must be good enough for me!

We kept seeing signs while we were travelling for Stoke-on-Trent and Alton Towers and I just wanted to turn off and visit Adam but then I remembered he’s visiting his brother in Lancaster.

Well, not much has really happened today. This evening I went on the net to revise and I had a mail from Adam. It was very short and all it really said was, “Where’ve you been?” He sent it on Sunday and he’d answered none of my questions from the mail I’d sent him so he might be at his bro’s although it was his mail address and everything. He should know I was in London coz I told him about 5 times! He wanted me to meet him online last night but I wasn’t here which I did put in the mail I sent him. Never mind!

I was talking to this lad called Paul who’s at Lancaster University (screenname: PLD444) who my sister’s been talking to for a while. She’s not very pleased that I was getting on with him. He’s 19 and he’s coming home tomorrow. I think he lives nearer Warrington but I know he went to our high school and college. He was with Pete Brody’s brother tonight apparently who’s going out with Ceri Brownlee, the sister of Aled. Pete Brody is in his 1st year now at 6th Form College and a lot of my mates think he’s fit. Internet Paul mentioned Aled Brownlee and Pallav C and wanted to know if I know them. I do. He’ll know Aled through his mate and Pallav through Pete B coz Pete B gets to school with Pallav. Understand?!

Anyway, this internet Paul wants to meet me in the next village. I dunno what he looks like or anything so I probably won’t. If he says he’ll be around anyway, I might just go to Hayley’s and have a wander round the village coz she knows what Pete B’s bro looks like and he’ll probably be with him.

I had a wander with Hayley tonight and we went up Welford Road. Chris Lewis and a mate (either Riley Howarth, Keith Cox or Jav R all in my sis’s year) was with him and they were hiding in a bush watching us walk past. We saw Riley in his house (no. 10) after. He’s gorgeous so I hope it was him with Chris!

This is my proof that I went to Wembley:


[I’m not sure why it says Ipswich Town on it. It was definitely Watford.]


5 tubs of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter – 29th & 30th March 1999

Monday 29th P. [Period]

I’ve only been on holiday 3 days and I’m already bored out of my mind. That’s not good coz when I get bored I usually start thinking and when I start thinking I usually find something to worry about. [Still true.]

Today it was, “Am I the only one (other than Hayley) not having fun?”

The answer is probably not but I feel as though everyone else is out partying or at least with their mates. The only thing I’ve got coming up is a date at the opticians. Ooh, fun!


Tuesday 30th My mum, Abby and I went to see my Grandma S today. We took her to Hollingworth Lake for her lunch at some chippy called Mr Thomas’s. It was quite nice and would have been better if I wasn’t feeling travel sick.

Grandma keeps giving us all money. She gave us £10 each today for no reason. I don’t know where it’s all coming from coz she keeps pulling big wads of cash out from her bag, drawers, cupboards – everywhere! Well, I’m not complaining!

We went round Rochdale with her because, even though she’s got money, she still insists on searching for bargains in the markets. We then went back to her house for tea only to discover she had 5 tubs of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter in her fridge (one of which had a use by date during 1996) along with a mouldy onion.

She was also telling us about how she was going shopping with her friend (Marjorie I think it was) but another lady (Jean, I think) who my Grandma doesn’t like has invited herself along so she’s not going to answer the phone or she’s going to say she’s ill if Jean comes coz she doesn’t want her to go with them. You’d have expected people of my age (e.g. Lindsey, Lena etc.) to do that but you would have thought by the age of 70-odd, people would’ve grown out of it!!!

Aah, she makes me laugh, Grandma.