Sticking the poppers on our coats together – 9th April 1998

Thursday 9th I hate it when you get days like today where there’s nothing much to do and you’re bored coz it just seems like a waste of holiday.

Emma was fed up too so I went round to her house and we mostly just watched TV and talked about Camelot. She and Freddie reckon that Ralph fancies me and I can’t really say that I couldn’t possibly agree with them because, judging from yesterday, I could.

It was just little things he did or said that they and I noticed:

  • the end of the Tower of Terror when I banged my head
  • the top of the Pendragon thing when he didn’t make any fuss about sitting with me when normally he would
  • the hands on my shoulders at the log flume
  • trying to get me to go on the dark ride again
  • sticking the poppers on our coats together in the queue for Venom
  • sticking up for me with the log flume thing when Dougie and Ed were taking the piss

I found out the full story of the log flume today coz Emma brought it up saying that he liked me. We were trying to get all 6 of us on one so Dougie said to try and make the group look smaller. He told Ralph to do to me when Freddie was doing to Emma. I couldn’t see what that was but Dougie put Ralph’s hands on my shoulders. That was the point when I started paying attention and thought, “Oh heck, that’s happening?!”

Emma said that Ralph looked round at everyone with a what’s-he-up-to look on his face. Emma thought he’d pull away from me but he surprised them all and didn’t. Then Ed and Dougie started saying, “Let’s all hold on to Tess!” and were grabbing hold of me. I was telling them to geroff and Ralph started going, “Stop it, you’re scaring her.” AS IF! It was nice of him to stick up for me though.

Emma keeps saying that I should go out with him but I don’t know what I’d say if he asked me.

I wasn’t sure how to react so I didn’t – 8th April 1998

Wednesday 8th At about 7:30 this morning, my mum came to wake me up and she told me that Hayley had just phoned saying that she couldn’t come to Camelot coz she was ill. That woke me up coz I started panicking, thinking that I was going to get stuck with Dougie, Ed and Ralph while Emma and Freddie went off together. The only advantage of Hayley not coming was that there was an even number of us.

I got to Emma’s for 8:30am (still worrying) and Dougie was already there, sat at the computer. He didn’t seem at all bothered that Hayley wasn’t coming just because she’d be hanging off him all day. Ed arrived and we set off for Ralph’s, picking Freddie up on the way through his village.

It’s a good job Freddie was there really coz no-one else knew where abouts Ralph lived. (It’s 1 Royston Lane by the way.) We weren’t sure which house he was in coz he’s in one further up the street a lot for some reason. He was in his house though. There was a grey dog there, one of the Weimaraner things I think. It looked a bit vicious but it was nice enough when we went in the house.

Ralph’s always talking about his twin brothers and how he has to babysit for them but I thought they were about 7, not 2. They are so cute. They’re called Richie and Henry and Ralph’s really good with them both. They came in the minibus with us when his mum took us to Camelot. She seemed okay too, called Dee I think. I was sat with Dougie who spread himself out and he was really annoying me. [Once upon a time I’d have killed to sit next to Dougie, manspreading or no manspreading.]

It was absolutely pouring down as we arrived and kept hailing as well. We got into Camelot and headed straight for the big rides. I gave the impression that I’d been on them before but I hadn’t. I sat with Ralph on everything but I didn’t mind and I don’t think he was all that bothered.

On the Tower of Terror, I banged my head on the seat when the ride jerked to a halt. He was being dead nice and was rubbing it and saying, “You alright, Tess?” I thought that was really sweet.

We went on just about everything and watched the jousting at 12:30. Ralph gave one of the knights his umbrella and just after he managed to get it back, he lost it again.

Overall, I went on Excalibur 10 or 11 times. The staff just let us stay on coz there were hardly any queues because of the shite weather. Everyone else except me and Ralph only went on it about 7 times but they wanted to go on the T.O.T. so we stayed on.

He can be really nice when he’s on his own with me. The bar things on Excalibur were really tight and he kept saying that he wouldn’t ever get the chance to be a father if he went on much more! There was this girl who was about 10 and she was sat behind us and started saying she was going to be sick. Horrible visions were rushing through my mind but Ralph was being really sympathetic and kept asking her if she was going to be okay and offered to sit next to her at one point.

When we met up with the others they were just purely taking the piss and teasing us. Emma said that Freddie reckons me and Ralph are together now and Ed kept telling me to just ask him out. No way! Far too embarrassing!

On Pendragon’s Plunge [I’m enjoying the names of these rides.] we were saying the pairs and Emma said to Ralph something about him not being bothered about going on with me. It’s true, he wasn’t complaining! Also on the Black Knight’s Revenge (it’s dark) Ralph was trying to get me to go on again with him, even though he said it was crap. And, in the queue for the log flume, someone mentioned about trying to sneak 6 people on (me being the 6th) and Ralph was stood there for ages with his hands on my shoulders for some reason. I wasn’t sure how to react so I didn’t. He let go when Dougie and Ed took the mick.

Ralph also knows where I live now and there’s a possibility that I could walk part way home from school with him after the hols.

I was winding Freddie up well badly about Davis today, telling him we were meeting him there instead of Hayley. He was getting really sick of me. It was so funny!


Gee, what a great time we’re gonna have, hey! NOT! – 4th March 1998

Wednesday 4th I was very embarrassed in P.E. today. We were doing orienteering around the school grounds and because there were the usual 6 girls and only 6 of the lads doing it, Mr B paired us up. I didn’t do too badly and ended up with Pallav who was okay.

The embarrassing bit was when we were running across the mud and I skidded miles and fell over. I was covered in mud all down my right side. It was quite funny at the time and Pallav just laughed, it was afterwards that it was embarrassing coz I realised that all the Year 11s had English and probably all saw me. Jez (who wasn’t doing it) and some of the teachers laughed too when I went back inside to look at the map.

I was really pissed off before coz me and Emma have been trying to sort out an ice skating trip on Friday coz we have an inset day and it should be quiet. The thing is, all the wrong people are coming like Lindsey (Stupid bitch!) Bullman and Jade Hancock have decided to come and we don’t really want them to. To add to that, Freddie and Dougie can’t come.

[Lindsey (Stupid bitch!) Bullman]

Gee, what a great time we’re gonna have, hey! NOT!

Mind you. Dougie cheered me and Emma up a bit tonight when he phoned Emma to tell her he could come to the cinema. He cheered Emma up by saying that Freddie had been looking forward to the cinema and ice skating so it was probably his mum that wouldn’t let him go. He cheered me up by saying he might ask Jez and Ferny to come tomorrow to the cinema. I bet they don’t but there’s hope yet!

He gave us both a good laugh when he told us why Freddie’s mum was so annoyed with him. Evidently, after the cinema on Friday, Freddie’s mum had waited for him at the bus station ‘til about 1:00am because he forgot to tell her he was getting a lift home with Dougie!


Freddie gave Emma his last Rolo – 2nd March 1998

Monday 2nd I got these photos off Rachael H today because she didn’t really want them. They’re not very good ones coz she was just finishing off the film. Actually, I’ll stick them on the next page coz there’s more room.

[This is what had to happen in the olden days. We couldn’t just hunt down and gaze at a photo of our beloved(s) on the internet, we had to beg, borrow and steal or finish a camera film then wait for a week to get it developed in Boots. Teenagers have it so easy nowadays!]

Ralph was funny at lunch. He was having an argument with Trevor Hooper who was calling Ralph a ginger tosser and stuff and Ralph reacted by calling him Where’s Wally. Okay, it’s not funny unless you know what Trevor looks like. [He was the spit of Wally.]

Jez has got stitches in his lip and tongue. He was showing me at break. He did it playing ice hockey because he wasn’t wearing a mouth or face guard. He can’t talk properly and sounds really weird.

Freddie gave Emma his last Rolo so that gave me and Rachael an excuse to give him a really bad photo of Emma. I told him it was in exchange for the Rolo.

Every time we go down to see the boys, Jez comes up to the fence. Nosey!

P.T.O. for the photos →




They seem to be joined at the mouth – 27th February 1998

Friday 27th Well, there were only 5 of us that went to the cinema, well, 4 really coz you may as well count Emma and Freddie as one coz they seem to be joined at the mouth at the moment!

Dougie and Hayley also came and we went to see ‘In and Out’ which was quite a good film.


[Via Wikipedia]

Dougie did give us a lift back in the end which was good coz my mum ended up taking everyone but Dougie. I got on quite well with Dougie actually. I can talk to him more now I don’t fancy him as much.

We were all gonna go ice skating tomorrow too but we’re not now. Jez quite fancied coming but Ferny couldn’t coz he’s gotta walk round Dartmoor for some reason and Ralph doesn’t want to.

Oh shit! I’ve just realised, I forgot to tell Dougie and Freddie I wasn’t being serious when I said I fancied Ralph. I hope they forgot.

I gave Dougie and Freddie love letters that Becky the Year 9 wrote after school. They were really daft. All stuff about sun cream and The Full Monty. Hayley told Dougie who it was off but I’m still keeping Freddie guessing.


He looks cute when he laughs – 10th February 1998

Tuesday 10th Quite a few bits of boy stuff has happened today. Only little things though which must have been very ickle coz I can’t remember what I was going to write about.

Erm… my brain’s working hard… hmmm… er… oh yeah, one thing was Nigel Groves in the library today. He’s never really paid me much attention before but twice in one lunch he came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders, trying to make me jump.

Oh yeah. It’s all flooding back to me now. There was a ski meeting at break (2 more days to go!) and us lot all ended up sitting behind them lot. Freddie kept turning round and looking at us every 5 minutes, he was really annoying.

[Practicing wearing all the ski gear we’d cobbled together from various people.]

Jez was sat separately from them (They’re all horrid to him and think he talks to sheep. I think I might’ve told you that before.) and he kept edging his was towards them. He ended up next to Ralph who must have told him to bog off coz he moved away again.

I was trying hard not to stare at Ferny but it was hard coz I wanted to see how he was reacting to stuff. He looks cute when he laughs coz he’s got really big dimples.

Mrs L said summit about there being snow in Austria at this time of year (Duh!) and not green fields and sheep. When the sheep part was mentioned, most people turned round and looked at Jez. It’s tight but it was funny!

The other funny thing was when Miss P said, “Where’s Freddie Bevan?” He owned up and she said, “I’ve still got your undies.” He looked so embarrassed and me and Emma just burst out laughing. I dunno why Miss P had Freddie’s undies. Ooh, could start some rumours that could!

The gorgeous Mr L’s coming skiing now instead of Mr S who’s on crutches at the moment. Mrs L was nattering on at one point and Mr L was stood behind her, imitating her. She must’ve wondered why people were paying attention!

I saw Dougie on a street corner (Hmmm!) on the way home from school. I was in the car and tried to hide but he saw me so I waved. Mum asked, “Is he one of your friends?” She knows he is sort of, she just wants to find out more.

Hayley said Dougie’s broken up with Anna Collins. I dunno if it’s true or not. I’ll have to find out.


Ferny spotted me looking at him – 4th & 5th February 1998

Wednesday 4th Lena Hall told Ferny I fancy him. I don’t think they were lying coz Hayley told me and Lena admitted it. They said he asked, “Which Tess?” and looked embarrassed. Ahh!

I told Dougie that he was going to blind someone with that coat of his outside Geography. He didn’t look very impressed! He kept asking me and Lizzie to go to the library with him but Miss wouldn’t let us.


Thursday 5th

February 1998 - Grease ticket

I went to see the school’s production of Grease tonight. Everyone said we had the crap cast but they were all really good. I’ve underlined the cast we had in the programme. →

Febrauary 1998 - Grease programme

It was really good and there were quite a few people I know in it.

I’ve never been down B Block stairs so fast before today after I saw Ralph and Ferny behind me. I think Ferny spotted me looking at him actually. I’m still not sure if he knows who I am.

I’ve got a new teacher for P.S.E. tomorrow and I dunno who or where. It also looks like I’m gonna be on my bill again coz Poppy has been off nearly all week.

Abby and I have got the Titanic soundtrack. It’s not as good without the film but it’s still brilliant.

I told Robert Osborne I fancied Ralph today. Well, I was actually being sarcastic but he took me seriously and said he was gonna tell him! Oh no!