I really, really, really, really like him now!! – 14th February 2000

Monday 14th Wow!! Jake bought me so much stuff! It made me feel extremely stingey!

I was absolutely wetting myself about giving him my present and how he’d react. I think he was a bit disappointed actually but he didn’t say so. It was quite embarrassing when he gave me mine because a small crowd had gathered!

He came in the room with a massive plastic bag from The Discovery Store and presented me with a big red rose. Then he began to empty the contents of the bag. The first thing he got out and give me was a gorgeous white teddy bear holding a heart.

Bhakti told me later on that he and Hugo hadn’t shut up about Sarah and me when she was shopping with them and that Jake had been cuddling all the bears in the shop to see which one was the nicest! He was sat there going extremely pink in the cheeks as she was telling me this.

The bear he bought me looks something like this:-


I love it! It’s so sweet! I just feel really guilty for not getting him something more.

The next thing he got out was a red bag covered in gold hearts. Inside it was a glass jar containing a strawberry scented candle with wax in the shape of strawberries making it up and two soaps, one in the shape of a heart and another like the candle.

The gift tag on the bag was this one:


It’s a bit soppy but really, really nice what it says inside.

That gift tag was nothing compared to what it said inside the Valentine’s card he gave me.

His writing’s so nice inside that, at first, I thought it was printed in!

I bet he was really disappointed with my card because all I put inside was “Love Tessa xxx”. I did it in a rush this morning and I would have written more if I’d had time but even then I wasn’t expecting a poem off him. I get that nice feeling in my stomach every time I read it! I hope he realises how much I like him.

Later on, Sarah found a receipt in her bag from Hugo so she looked in mine and was successful in finding one: 

To be honest, I was relieved to find out that he only spent £6 on the bear!

Hugo’s beginning to scare Sarah now. He keeps phoning her and sending her messages saying he’s falling in love with her and that he wants to go further with her. He’s only ever seen the girl once!

Jake also had a call from Hugo after college and, as I was speaking to him, he asked why Jake was still at college so I asked him for Hugo and he said, “Because you’re here”. Aaaahh, so sweet! I really, really, really, really like him now!!

According to Emma, Sinead Holt in my year said that I got the biggest and best Valentine’s present in the whole college. Cool! [It more than made up for the previous Valentine’s Day.] 

I ended up getting a lift home off Mum so I had to tell her who the presents were off. She just kept smiling and says he must think a lot of me and keeps asking if he’s nice. I say yes, of course! I don’t think she realises I’m actually going out with him though.


P.S. I’ve just remembered: Jake told me that his whole Geography class was calling him stingey because Sian Dell had told them all he didn’t come to watch me in the RNCM concert yesterday. I’m bloody well glad he didn’t!

“I don’t do geeks!” – 31st August & 1st September 1999

Tuesday 31st I went to Warrington with Hayley today just to get a few more bits for school. I bought a Bang on the Door pencil tin with ‘Students’ on the front and load of other little pictures inside, some of which I’ve labelled. I also got a notepad with a flowery hologram thing for the cover, more pens, rubbers and a blue cardigan thing from Topshop.

My pencil tin and it’s drawings inside is likely to get scratched and scribbled on so I’ll just write down what I put by some pictures.



That’s it for now. I’ve actually scratched in the 1st 5 but the other 3 I’m only considering so I just pencilled them in. There are loads of other ones I could put names to but I’ve not got round to doing it yet. The little pictures are so cool and I could be really insulting to people with some of them!

  • I put me and Duncan with the ‘kiss’ picture for obvious reasons.
  • Greg to the ‘cutie’ one because he’s small and Rhian says he’s cute (I can see what she means).
  • Abby and Ashley are ‘love’ but only because she made me put that and she says she doesn’t care that he has a small ponytail. (I added the sparkle to the shoes to make them look more like his shining white trainers!)
  • I put Stitch to ‘away with the fairies’ because he’s a bit like that. I think his real name is Stephen McDonald but I could be wrong and getting him confused with the Coronation Street character!
  • I put Ben McFarlane as the ‘fit’ picture because, well, he’s fit!
  • I’ll probably put David T with ‘anorak’ because the picture has ears that stick out like his and he’s a bit sad, I reckon.
  • Hayley with ‘stressed out’ because that’s what she usually is about something.
  • My cousin Tom with ‘rascal’ because he can be one but a sweet one!


Wednesday 1st Mum went back to work today and we go back to school/college tomorrow.

Auntie G called round briefly on her way to Grandma S’s from London. She’s staying for about a week I think.

Rhian phoned tonight. She had no news from Duncan and when I asked her if she’d even spoken to him, she replied, “I don’t do geeks!” I commented on Greg being a geek and she hung up! I think she was joking and expected me to ring back but I couldn’t be bothered. She did say she’d asked Duncan if he was going to write to me and he said no but she could just be saying that to shut me up, he could’ve just been saying that to shut her up or he could’ve said it and meant it.

Abby got loads of info about Ashley though because Rhian’s mate is a friend of his family and used to fancy him too.

  • His full name is Ashley Hugh Ewart.
  • He’s 15 (born in 1984).
  • He lives at on Wells Street in Wick.
  • He buys his trainers from Sports Connection.
  • He likes footy and fighting films.
  • He uses Imperial Leather and Adidas deodorant.
  • He wears Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger.
  • He’s got a Playstation.
  • He plays for Wick Groats.
  • He trains with Aberdeen and Ross County.
  • He’s got blue wallpaper in his room.
  • He supports Rangers.
  • He hangs round with Tartan Hat Boy, 2 Davids, Dunny and Pip (a.k.a. Greg! Ha, ha, ha!!!)
  • He wears all the big names e.g. Nike, Adidas, Reebok.
  • His mum has a red Mercedes with registration B18 EWT.
  • He’s got a sister who’s 11 and likes footy too.
  • He coaches the Wick High School footy team.
  • He used to go to the Baptist church when he was little.

That’s about it. [Not really sure why I would write all that down unless a) my sister asked me to or b) I actually fancied him a bit myself. Probably b).) Why can’t somebody tell me that much about bloody Duncan and then reassure me that he still likes me?!


P.S. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.

P.P.S. P.T.O. to see 2 more cards that I got. →