There was no point in asking Davis. Phew! – 30th October 1997

Thursday 30th

October 1997 - Ticket 1
Boring this morning just waiting to leave for London. Freda phoned too asking if I wanted to go to The Cliff. [Manchester United’s training ground at the time.] I said I couldn’t coz I had to catch a train so she said she’d try and get some autographs from the players for me.

Emma phoned too to say that Lizzie couldn’t come skating so there was no point in asking Davis. Phew! We still don’t know if Dougie’s going to be away or not. So far it’s just Emma, me, Freddie and Ralph.

I spent most of this afternoon watching the Louise Woodward trail on Sky TV. I don’t think she killed the baby. Most of the evidence proves that. The jury still haven’t reached a verdict.

Dad took us to the station and we arrived in London at about 6:00 pm. I want to go to bed now so…


On the internet for half an hour – 1st September 1997

Monday 1st [I’d started a new notebook that was covered in leopard print fur.] Hi! I love this diary. It’s so cool! It’s awful but good. You know what I mean?!

General - Diary cover

I’ve had a pretty boring day today so far. I didn’t wake up ‘til late and I went to Emma’s house this afternoon. We didn’t do much. We went to the garage [petrol station] to get some sweets and stuff then went back to her house and sat in the field with her horses. I used to be a bit nervous of them but I’m not so bad now.

Mum picked me up at about 4:10pm and we went straight to the doctors. I went coz of my skin. I have mild acne and the stuff I used to put on my skin wasn’t really helping very much so we went back to see what else I could use.

He’s a new doctor that none of our family has been to see before. The last one retired but we didn’t really like him much so no-one’s too bothered! The new doctor is Irish and he seems to be alright so far! We went to talk to him and he put me back on these tablets called Minocyn (or something). I’ve used them before and they seemed to work. They are a bit annoying though because you have to take them 12 hours apart.

This evening I had to scan a load of art for my Art homework and then I went on the chat-lines on the internet for half an hour. [God. Half an hour on the internet a day. I lived that.]

I’ve been talking to one particular boy called Adam who’s 14 and lives in Stoke. I phoned him on Saturday night which means we’ve been talking even more. I’m probably going to phone him again on Wednesday evening coz he goes back to school tomorrow and he’s playing football in the evening. He sounded quite nice last time.

I’ve also been watching the football on Sky since 8:00pm. It was Bolton v Everton at Bolton’s new Reebok Stadium. I don’t normally watch Bolton play coz I’m a big Manchester United fan but Dad supports them and their 1st game in their new stadium so I thought I’d cheer them on. Plus I hate Everton. It was 0-0 but it was confirmed that Bolton did actually score but it only just crossed the line and neither the ref nor the linesmen (sorry, assistant referees) saw it!

Anyway, even if it wasn’t a winning match, we know the home team scored the first goal in their new grounds.


I’m in London now! – 12th February 1997

My Wednesday 12th I’m in London now! I forgot to mention it before. Mum, Charlotte and I came to stay with Mum’s sister, Auntie G. She’s moved into a new flat so we’ve landed ourselves on her. We’ve left Dad at home with Mollie, our 1 year old Scottie. I’m going to miss them.

We set off this morning from Warrington Bank Quay and arrived 3 hours later. We came in at Euston station here in London.

I got really bored on the train and we had this man and woman talking really loudly sitting near us.

Auntie G met us and we went on the tube to Boston Manor then we drove to Hanwell where the flat is.

This evening we had a look round Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square then went to China Town and had a meal there.


[And here is a list of my hobbies and dislikes that I randomly included…]

Play flute
Go to school [Oh God! I must’ve been seriously struggling to think of hobbies.]
Love ice skating when I go (I don’t have lessons though)
Manchester United
Seeing my cousins in Caithness
Oasis (band)
James Douglas (Dougie)

Wasps, bees, daddy-long-legs etc. (Urggh!) [This hasn’t changed. I recently realised that I’m not keen on things that fly slowly when in an enclosed space. I like them from a distance and outdoors but, if they’re in the same room, they might go in my mouth. I don’t want them in my mouth.]
Green beans [This also hasn’t changed. I don’t want them in my mouth either.]
Scratchy blackboards [Thanks, young me. My teeth are now on edge just thinking about it.]
Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal etc.
Garbage (band)
Lindsey and Karen
Megan Quinn
Big dogs