God knows what it is! – 12th February 2001

Monday 12th
7 weeks + 3 days to go!

Not a lot happened in college today. We’ve been growing bacteria on agar plates in Biology and today we looked at the results. However, the bacteria growing should have been a harmless purple one but there was a clear slimy one growing instead! God knows what it is! If all our Biology class becomes ill then we know why! The plates must have got contaminated with another bacteria somehow. Yuk!

I took the film Jake sent me to the chemist today to get it developed. I can get it back tomorrow morning so I hope it doesn’t make me cry in college when I look at the photos!

I ended up crying on the phone to him again tonight but then so did he! I’d been joking about running off with Mr C the cute Maths teacher if Jake didn’t come back but he seemed to take me seriously, told me he didn’t like me anymore and that I annoy him. Not surprisingly, that upset me!

He said he was only joking too (and I think he was but it didn’t sound like that!) and then he ended up getting upset too cos he said he misses me and doesn’t like the thought of me with other men/lads and he’s really protective of me.

Well, I miss his too… lots! I just want a hug from him, right now!


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I’ll give you an update on who I fancy – 19th & 20th January 1998

Monday 19th I got a really nice smile off Freddie today. I didn’t think he was capable of it! It’s a very rare sight, that is. Maybe he was having a good day or summit.

I’m meant to be going to the cinema with Freddie, Ralph and Hayley on Friday night. Emma’s got swimming so probably won’t come. Then we’re going to Bolton again on Sunday. I think Ralph, Neil and Hayley are coming too but me and Emma’ll probably go whether they come or not.

I’ve gone off Dougie now. [WHAAAAT?] I don’t really care about Emma throwing straws at hardcores either, although he must have thought I did coz he told me enough times.


P.S. I’ll give you an update on who I fancy at the moment. (Not in order):- Freddie Bevan, Ralph Christopherson, Danny Barnes (fit lad in Year 11) and Ben McFarlane (going by looks with him).

January 1998 - Sheep

Sorry, I was practicing for biology! Wanna see more? Well, it’s in my Year 10 Biology book.


Tuesday 20th Today’s not gone very well really. To start with, I’m not going to Runcorn (skiing) with Ralph and Freddie and the week we’re meant to be going, Emma and Cat have got to help with Parents Evening so I could get left on my bill.

I’ve had these horrible creepy people that they call inspectors in some lessons which is annoying coz it has a weird effect on the teachers.

Lizzie and Poppy both weren’t in today which means they’re unlikely to be in school tomorrow or Thursday so I’ll be left on my bill in Geography for the next 2 days and we’re doing an investigation too which doesn’t help. I know that’s selfish but… well… okay, I can’t think of an excuse!