It made me wanna puke! – 14th November 1997

Friday 14th There have been good parts and bad parts to today so I’ll start from the beginning.

1st thing this morning, I had a bleeding French test. We had to write an A4 letter about our school. I couldn’t remember anything.  My mind went completely blank! I managed to do quite a lot but I don’t know how much of it’s right!

At lunch, we had football and I was really nervous about it coz I thought we’d have loads of people coming to watch but hardly any did. Dougie and co had all gone out of school so that was good. Hardly anyone turned up to play. None of the silly bitches came. There were only 10 of us. It actually went quite quickly coz we just did some passing skills then a 5 a side match. Going back in the changing rooms was the worst part coz all Dougie and co had come back and were hanging round near there but I don’t think they saw us.

Last lesson, no sorry, second to last I had Science and we did an experiment using water. Cat shoved Emma out of the way and Emma completely drenched Cat on purpose. Cat went dripping wet to Miss K who just laughed until she saw that Cat was upset. They both had to go outside and sort it out and Emma got a 30 minute detention which got reduced to 10 mins. Cat and Emma won’t speak to each other now.

November 1997 - Wet Cat

Last lesson I had P.S.E. I was stood outside the room talking to Poppy and Dougie came and stood with us, listening. He asked me if I was going to the cinema and stuff and he was standing so close to me. I don’t like it when people do that. [Not even Dougie?] He had me pinned against the wall! [Surely that’s what I longed for?!]

After school we had orchestra. Dougie is right opposite me and I have a good view of him but every time I looked up he was looking at me. I didn’t know if I should smile or not so I took the easy option and looked away quickly. Whenever he had a solo bit, he looked at me and grinned and when the flutes had to play on our own, I shuffled my chair round so he couldn’t see me. He moved his and craned his neck round so he could!

At about 6:15pm, my mum took me and Emma to Ed’s house so we could get a lift to the cinema. We got there and he told us Dougie wasn’t coming coz he couldn’t get a lift. Now, either he genuinely couldn’t get a lift, he doesn’t like going out or he doesn’t like the people who went. Let’s hope it’s the 1st reason.

Lindsey Bullman etc came and Neil K came late. We went to see The Full Monty again then went to McDonald’s afterwards. Emma and Neil were permanently holding hands and she was mostly ignoring me. It made me wanna puke! Lizzie and Davis are bad enough! So, I went in a mood and used the excuse I wasn’t feeling well coz I wanted to go home and so did Ed but the others were pissing about. I got home eventually though.