Living off Kit Kats and bananas – 18th April 2000

Tuesday 18th I’ve had a fairly boring day today. Hayley was bored too so we met up in her village for a while this afternoon and were bored together.

I went to see my Grandma S tonight. She’s living off Kit Kats and bananas at the moment. Mum’s really worried about her and now I’m really worried about Mum cos she’s not getting much sleep now.

Jake’s out in Warrington tonight. I could’ve gone but he didn’t really give me much notice and a loads of my sister’s mates were going too. I’ve had some nice messages off him though, such as when I offered to leave him alone so he could get drunk. He said, “NO! DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE BEING WITHOUT YOU!! LOVE YOU LOADS xxxxx”. Then later I got, “HONESTLY I’M NOT DRUNK! OTHERWISE I WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO TEXT YOU!! I NEVER WANT ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU! : ) LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! xxxxx”. Aaahh, sweet!


“Do you want a cold?” – 18th December 1999

Saturday 18th The party last night was yet again quite eventful. I think I’ll begin with me. I could’ve snogged 3 lads but I managed to keep a certain amount of self-control.


[My Christmas party attire.]

First of all, there was Ollie Bramwell. He kept asking me, “Where did you get those legs?!” and saying how I should show them off around college more. I was quite flattered but I kept avoiding him. I’ve already met [snogged] him before anyway at another of Freda’s parties. Keira and I were telling him how we were going to do an Xmas strip but Davis was the one who wanted us to do it and he didn’t turn up (we wouldn’t have done anyway though!) and Ollie was trying to convince us to do it anyway.

Then there was Charlie Wilson. I’d been getting on quite well with him all night and he asked me twice to meet [snog] him. He asked indirectly by saying, “Do you want a cold?” I told him I already had one and he asked, “Do you want another one?” I refused him quite simply by saying no. After that he kept giving me hugs and later when we were sat on a sofa he said, “You can snog me if you like.” I started going on about how Cat wouldn’t be too pleased and then luckily he went home. I couldn’t have done anything with him after the amount of piss taking I did out of Cat in Belgium. I’d have been laughed at anyway.

As most people were leaving the party, Adrian Ford turned up. He kept talking to me and putting his hands on my waist as he was doing so. To start with I did my best to avoid him too but then I got bored and found out that most other people had got a snog out of the party so I thought, “Sod it” and took the next opportunity. This was when Adrian went to see if Nigel Groves was okay and he dragged me with him outside, only to find Nigel being sick around the corner.

We left him to it and headed back to the house but Adrian stopped me and we ended up meeting [snogging] each other twice. He wasn’t bad but kept hitching my skirt up and trying to get in my top so I went inside before somebody saw me.

A while later he followed me into Freda’s room and I snogged him again. This time his hand ventured but stayed on the outside of my clothes so I didn’t care! He asked if I was alright, I said yes but took the opportunity to mention that Cat (who was on Freda’s bed) might wake up so we went and he went home pretty soon after.

While I was trying to get some sleep last night, I was putting all the lads I’ve kissed into a list from best to worst! This may seem cruel but, unless they’re psychic, they won’t know. It goes:-


Now I get onto what happed with other people. This could take a while. The expected happened between Lizzie and Gethin, and Gethin made me take a photo of them mid-snog! Gethin also met [snogged] Hayley and Rachael but that was for part of a bet. To complete the bet, he also had to snog Cat and Julian Olsen which he didn’t do. He went back to Lizzie for the rest of the night and kept thanking me for pushing them together with my superb match-making skills!

He really likes her but after he’d left she snogged Anton Roper. He was creeping on to me a bit too, I forgot about that. I was stood next to him and he was rubbing his hand further and further down my back until I moved then he kept feeling my leg when I was trying to sleep on the floor.

My match-making also worked with Karen and Floyd Miller. Before they arrived I’d said I was going to do it and I kept making her sit on his knee and stuff and they ended up meeting [snogging] each other.

Emma was having stalker trouble with Neil Kennedy. He cornered her and was saying how much he loved her and gave her a diamond heart-shaped pendant. I rescued her because I came round the corner to find a drink and saw her trying to get rid of him so I started up a conversation with Emma and told him someone was looking for him. She is now seeing Orson Platt but doesn’t want to be now she’s sobered up!


[Orson & Emma]

Maisie Jones snogged Tunde S and then Adrian. I don’t care coz I don’t like Adrian like that. I was just drunk and bored!

Big Paul upset Cat by meeting [snogging] her and then buggering off with Keira.


[Big Paul & Keira]

There’s more stuff but I can’t quite remember what it is just yet!

Zoe rang me before to see if I’d go to the cinema with her, Reevesy, Brett and Ste because Hayley wasn’t going but I couldn’t because I had to go and see Grandma S.

It’s not good at Grandma’s. She’s had a bit of a fire but must have managed to put it out, her sink in the kitchen was blocked, the basin upstairs was blocked and it looks like there’s been a flood upstairs in the bathroom at one point coz all the paper on the ceilings is coming off. I got a bit upset actually because Mum’s really worried but Grandma’s being stubborn and won’t come and stay with us for a few nights until everything’s sorted.

The other thing was there was a mini explosion when Dad tried to switch the TV on. Grandma had wiped it down with water because it’d been smoke damaged. I hope she’ll be alright.


5 tubs of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter – 29th & 30th March 1999

Monday 29th P. [Period]

I’ve only been on holiday 3 days and I’m already bored out of my mind. That’s not good coz when I get bored I usually start thinking and when I start thinking I usually find something to worry about. [Still true.]

Today it was, “Am I the only one (other than Hayley) not having fun?”

The answer is probably not but I feel as though everyone else is out partying or at least with their mates. The only thing I’ve got coming up is a date at the opticians. Ooh, fun!


Tuesday 30th My mum, Abby and I went to see my Grandma S today. We took her to Hollingworth Lake for her lunch at some chippy called Mr Thomas’s. It was quite nice and would have been better if I wasn’t feeling travel sick.

Grandma keeps giving us all money. She gave us £10 each today for no reason. I don’t know where it’s all coming from coz she keeps pulling big wads of cash out from her bag, drawers, cupboards – everywhere! Well, I’m not complaining!

We went round Rochdale with her because, even though she’s got money, she still insists on searching for bargains in the markets. We then went back to her house for tea only to discover she had 5 tubs of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter in her fridge (one of which had a use by date during 1996) along with a mouldy onion.

She was also telling us about how she was going shopping with her friend (Marjorie I think it was) but another lady (Jean, I think) who my Grandma doesn’t like has invited herself along so she’s not going to answer the phone or she’s going to say she’s ill if Jean comes coz she doesn’t want her to go with them. You’d have expected people of my age (e.g. Lindsey, Lena etc.) to do that but you would have thought by the age of 70-odd, people would’ve grown out of it!!!

Aah, she makes me laugh, Grandma.