A-Level Art isn’t about boosting egos or fulfilling sexual desires – 12th May 1999

Wednesday 12th Went up to start my Art exhibition at lunch. Ewan was there. I spoke to him but nothing interesting was said. Hayley showed him some photos of me when I was about 3 yrs old and I think summit along the lines of ‘cute’ was said.

Some of his work is really good but, as with everyone’s, some is crap! It’s all really big though. One thing he hung up was 2 A4 pictures he’d done. One was a naked man and one was a naked woman. They were quite good actually.

When we went to the Art talk for the 6th Form College open afternoon, they’d been taken down and Mrs S started going on about how A-Level Art isn’t about boosting egos or fulfilling sexual desires and she said that someone doing GCSE (Ewan) had been doing that. Poor lad! He went so red. He laughed it off at first but told everyone just to leave him alone after a while. I felt so sorry for him.

The afternoon was okay. I went to talks for Art, Geography, Biology, English Lit. and Sports Studies. Ewan was saying that he either wants to be an architect or a doctor and he’s not sure which A-Levels to take out of Art, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology,

I had 2 nice surprises tonight. One was a letter from Adam which was sat on the drawers when I got in. I think the hole through it is off the dog!

10th May 1999


Hi ya! How are you?? Eventually I’ve managed to find some time to write to ya!! So, what’s new?? Any hot gossip I should hear about?!

I’m currently listening to ABBA Gold, have you got it? It’s mint! OK, it may be a bit cheesy but you must agree that ABBA are perhaps THE gods of music… ok, maybe not, but they’re in that catagory!!

I’ve just been to the hospital for an X-ray. It’s amazing how many millions of bones there are in your foot!! I’ve got to go and see the specialist, he’ll be able to make more of the X-ray than I can!

Sorry… I haven’t been able to find any photos, no doubt there’ll be some taken around school during the next few weeks – I’ll try and nick some for you. I did send you that one via email remember?!

I’ve made myself some postcards and put them in the newsagents…. BABYSITTER AVAILABLE!! I need the money! I’ve got a never ending list of things I want and the money is rapidly running out. Never mind eh?!

Not much else to say really… we need photos of people you are coming to the Towers with. Ronan needs to prepare himself, unlike me, I’m already sorted!! J xx

What do you thing to Bryan Adams’ new song? Cloud no. 9. I think it’s ace. (Cheesy word!) I’m gonna buy it I think, I’ll find the funds from somewhere!!

Did I ever give you my mobile no.? If not it’s 07xxx xxxxxx.

What else to say… apart from I’d best dash, try and get some revision done – yeah right!

I sit in anticipation of meeting you, I have so many plans in my mind! – Have you?!

Be good, take care, stay safe and most of all remember… I LOVE YOU


The other thing was an unexpected phone call from Adam at about 9:00pm. As usual we talked about school and exams and stuff. I can’t always make out what he’s saying properly coz he slurs his words a bit but he’s still got a nice voice. He was telling me about a teacher getting punched, Barney being weird and how Ronan was shy and didn’t talk much unless he knows you.

Surprise, surprise… Hayley’s interested in Ronan now I’ve told her he’s sent me a photo. Typical!

French oral at 3:00pm tomorrow. Dreading it! The next time I’ll write in here, it’ll be all over with….. unless I have a panic attack or summit and die!

However weird that Barney is, he’s a good little info source. I printed off an e-mail he sent. P.T.O.


[Barney’s email…]

Subj: Adam!
Date: 12/05/99 19:09:26 GMT Daylight Time
From: barney@the-greers.freeserve.co.uk (Barney Greer)
To: TJSimps@aol.com (Tessa (Ad’s bird))

Hi Tessa, its Barney, the bloke you spoke to last night. I writing to tell you what you want to know!!!!!!

Ad, a good mate of mine, is happy – to say the least! In fact, I think he’s besotted. We were playing “squares” in biology today – like you do, and it got taken off us by dopey Owen – wanker. Owen (the teacher) was in a right mard so we didn’t get chance to talk about you then. But, in games this afternoon, he told me some stuff about you and him. Stuff like how you met over the net about 2 years ago, went through a year of silence and then he found you again.

He can’t speak highly enough of you. He seems to think you’re intelligent even though you deny it! He reckons you are very good looking – you’ve got to be better than his last woman – dog! (don’t tell him I said that) That’s all there is really apart from how much he is looking forward to seducing you in an Alton Towers bush. Have you ever been to the Towers?

Ad said, I think, that you were from somewhere around Manchester. Correct me if I’m wrong! I once fancied a girl from Manchester. In fact last Christmas/new year, when I went to Israel. I never actually spoke to her, she was on the same plane as me both there and back. We exchanged a few nice glances but thats it.

If its alright with you I think I’ll come along to the Towers after the exams. I’ll bring my girlfriends, you’ll like her! However Ad seems to think we wont see much of you! Are you bring a friend down for Ronan? If so whats her name and whats she like?

Can I ask you a question? Why the fuck are you with AOL where you have to pay for the service when you could be with someone like Tesco or Freeserve where you only have to pay for calls? Also can you download the AOL messenger so you can join a chatroom for a communal talk with us lot!

Finally my opinion of Ad. Adam Cunliffe is a nice kinda guy. As I said he is tres intelligent and he works very hard. He has a great family, they are loaded!!!! His mum, Pat is sound – she makes perfect pizza. His dad Derek is a top bloke – he is a sixties king! His brother is only in year 8 but he is bigger than most of us. If you stay at his house you will be made to feel very welcome.

Look, got to go, I’ve got tennis training. Mail me back if you want.

Bye for now


Oh, can you tell Ad that I can’t IM tonight – sorry! If I can get on I’ll look for the both of you

Je suis tres worried! – 9th & 11th May 1999

Sunday 9th Well, I’m still alive! I don’t think I’ve got pneumonia or hypothermia but I’ve got possible whiplash. My neck feel like it’s bruised along with the rest of my spine and my thighs from when I was still travelling upwards on the Grand National as the rest of the ride was going down. I’m in so much pain and I’m not getting much sympathy! [Diddums.]

I went to someone’s wedding do in the big hall at the Sports Club with Hayley. I wore my knee-length boots, blue skirt, blue vest top and black thing with a furry collar. It was pretty crap. There was 1 fit lad there and that was it. The rest were all in their 20s.

Had my hair cut at the hairdressers. First time ever coz my mum usually does it. I’m quite pleased with it. It’s just been layered a bit at the bottom. Not too different but not the same.


P.S. Adam sent me another photo. Normal one this time and he’s quite nice on it too! Got a look of Freddie Bevan about him. He told me I was gorgeous. Hmmm!


[Wow. Orange.]

Tuesday 11th Je suis tres worried! French oral on Thursday and I’m crap at French! I’ll fail it, no problem!!!

After that, on Friday morning, I’ve got my P.E. moderation. People from the other group got told who was being moderated on what. Apparently I’m doing basketball and athletics. I’m the only girl out of 12 doing basketball. Why?! It’s one of my worst. Does Miss P want me to fail?

Actually, she probably does, just to prove a point. I dunno what point exactly but there’ll be one! Also, the 3 athletics events have been chosen for me by her coz I was in an Art exam when everyone else picked theirs. She’ll have me running the 1500m, 800m and doing the shotput or summit. Oh well, something else to add to my dread list!

Just heard on the news, Arsenal lost a match. That’s brill news!

Got a photo of Adam’s mate Ronan today. He’s alright actually which is probably why Adam never got round to sending it to me. I’ll see if Hayley’s really ‘not interested’ tomorrow.

I was talking 2 Adam and some mate of his called Barney who told me he never shuts up about me and it’s all compliments. That’s good to hear! He’s posted my letter now.


Emma phoned a slapperish mate of hers – 20th-23rd June 1998

Saturday 20th I went into town with Emma this morning and I got the Space album Tin Planet and Vindaloo.

[I knew I’d need them one day. I’m going to claim they were carefully archived for educational purposes. Consider this a history lesson.]

Ralph and Freddie came to her house later but I only walked to the end of her lane with them coz Mum booked us a meal tonight. Ralph was just being normal.

The meal was at some French restaurant in Lymm. It was nice but I got too hot and bored when Mum and Dad took ages drinking coffee at the end. I was really bothered about missing summit at Emma’s and I really wanted to ring her to see if I had.

Mum is really annoyed with me and Abby now coz we were being annoying tonight. Sorry Mum!

I did ring Emma and as I thought, she was pissed. We’d seen Ralph and Freddie on their bikes on the way home so I knew they’d gone. She told me she couldn’t really remember much but Ralph did keep saying he wanted me there and he tried to ring me at about 7:00 but Emma put the phone down for him after a couple of rings. We weren’t home anyway. He was going to get me to go back to Emma’s.

He also kept saying he really wanted to go with [snog] someone so Emma phoned a slapperish mate of hers, Suzanna. She didn’t turn up which I’m glad about. I don’t want anyone else to have Ralph. He’s mine… well… maybe one day.


Monday 22nd SHIT! That one word sums up the whole of this evening and how I’m feeling right now. I can’t be arsed explaining now coz it’ll get me so wound up. I’ll have you a clue:-

England – 1, Romania – 2


Tuesday 23rd Sorry for that little outburst yesterday but I had a reason. So did the rest of England. Bloody Romania! I watched it in the Sports Club with Hayley. We were the only girls in there. It was so bloody disappointing when we went 2-1 down after equalising like that.

I tell you, Glen Hoddle should’ve had Beckham and Owen from the start to speed up the tempo from the early stages. [Eesh. Where was I getting this shite from?!] I don’t want to go into any details about the chance Sheringham had with the ball by his feet, a couple of yards from an open goal coz it’s too depressing. They have to beat Colombia or they’re coming home.

Scotland have come home too soon. They’re out after tonight’s 3-0 defeat to Morocca. That’s really upset me too. Bugger! They did well up until now.

Ralph wants me, Emma and Freddie to go to a barbeque at his house on Sunday. We’ll see.