A 17 year old fuckwit like Hugo – 7th April 2001

Saturday 7th Jake came round at about 2pm today. We didn’t really do much, we just lay about on my bed pretty much all day. We were looking at holiday brochures and stuff and he said we’ve got to go to loads of nice places together. He was constantly telling me he loves me again 🙂 (I don’t mind!) and he couldn’t stop touching me and kissing me which was really nice.

Tess & Jake reunited

[Reunion selfie in my room.]

His mate, Hugo, rang at one point. He really is a pain in the arse! He never shuts up and drones on about really boring things like the plug sockets in his room! He slagged me off really badly before Jake went away so I’ve taken quite a dislike to the sad twat! Hugo’s obviously madly obsessed with Jake cos he just won’t leave him alone and we reckon it’s a jealousy thing that made him not like me cos they used to see quite a lot of each other before I came along, I think.

Anyway, I don’t know whether he’s had a bang on the head or what but Hugo suggested to Jake that he and I go out for dinner with him and his girlfriend, Katie. She must be a desperate cow cos she’s in her 20s and is going out with a 17 year old fuckwit like Hugo. He met her on a cruise last summer and they’re both loaded but both a bit thick, I think. He had to go to some special boarding school and she’s a beauty therapist or something.

When Jake told me what Hugo suggested, my first reaction was to yell, “Yeh right!!” and laugh hysterically but then when I thought about it, I realised that dinner with Hugo and his girlfriend would be the perfect opportunity to give Hugo his present. Ha ha!! (Evil laughter!) The present is a book entitled, “How Did I Begin?” and it all starts with a “special cuddle” between a mummy and daddy… blah blah… etc.! I’m sure you get the picture! Sarah and bought Hugo that cos he once asked Jake, “Where d’you put it, Jake?” when they were talking about “stuff” one night! Jake’s refused to even go to dinner, never mind let me present Hugo with his book!

Jake told me that in Canada, he and his mates were talking about people sleeping with each other and he jokingly used the term “special cuddle”. All the others found it really funny and apparently it got used quite a lot afterwards!

He gave me my present today. It’s a necklace thing with a few beads on it. He says you can only get them in Banff. It’s quite nice actually.

I did 3 to him and he kept undoing my bra and kissing me everywhere. He says I’ve got a really nice back! He brushed my hair too which nearly sent me to sleep! He kept saying I was cute and calling me ‘Miss Tessa Jane Simpson’! I don’t know why but it makes me smile cos it’s sweet!

He wants me to get my tummy button pierced. He said he really likes it cos it looks nice and even said he’ll pay for me to do it. I do want to, I have done for a while, but I don’t like pain or infection so I’m not too sure if I actually will!

Every time the phone rang today I expected it to be Jake for a split second, even when I was with him! It was weird!


We had a bit of a passionate session! – 6th April 2001

Friday 6th

HE’S BACK!!!!! 🙂

I woke up to a message on my phone from Jake this morning. He sent it at 11:49pm last night (just after I’d gone to bed) from Calgary airport saying that he’d missed his phone, that he’s missed me more and that he loves me. 🙂

I accidentally left my phone at home when I went to college but I needed it cos Mum was going to ring to tell me when she could pick me up so I skived 2nd lesson (Maths General Studies) and walked home to get it. I got a bit of Biology coursework done and then checked Teletext for Jake’s flight. It was meant to land at 10:35am but Teletext said it had landed at 10:47am. I was just pleased to see it had landed!

I went back to college, went to Biology and then helped Cat sort out people’s passports for the History trip to Russia. I saw Mr P-K’s and he looked so different but still quite fit! I saw Miss P’s too. She looked a bit more female than she does now cos she had longer hair!

Jake texted me again at about 2:30pm to say he was on his way home in the car. I was pleased to read that too.

All day I’d been getting little waves of excitement when I’d remembered I could see him tonight. The day really dragged though. He said he’d come to my house at about 6:30pm so I went home from college early cos I had a free period last thing and started to get ready cos I didn’t want to still be in the shower or anything when he arrived!

I was just in the middle of watching The Simpsons on TV when I saw his dad’s car pull up at the end of our drive. I saw Jake in the passenger seat and couldn’t stop grinning! I wasn’t sure whether I should rush to the front door or wait until he knocked.

I saw him run up the drive (it was raining) so I ran to the front door. He knocked twice just as I got there and I let him in. I’d been running through in my head all day what I’d do when I first saw him but anything I came up with I forgot when I was actually with him.

We just stood in the hall and hugged each other really hard. He said he loved me so I said I loved him too and we carried on hugging. It was weird (but nice!) kissing him for the first time too cos I couldn’t stop smiling!

It was all really weird actually! I kept having to poke him and stuff to check he was really here! He looks pretty much exactly the same as he did before he went. He was even wearing his jeans and sheep fleece like he did before.

Any daft little worries I’d had before completely disappeared once I was actually with him. He kept saying, “I love you” and I believe him cos of the way he kept touching me everywhere and kept kissing me and stuff cos I was exactly the same with him and I do love him.

We eventually moved from the hall into the front room cos he wanted to see Mollie. She seemed pleased to see him but I still got more attention from him that she did. I was sat on the sofa and he was behind it, still hugging and kissing me so I moved Mollie so he could sit down. We sat cuddling on the sofa for a bit before we went into my room so I could sort my bag out and stuff. It’s sooo good having him back! 🙂

Connor gave us a lift to The Dog, stopping off at the Chinese for Jake to get chips and then we sat in the car eating them. We saw Cat and everyone going out of The Dog so we got out of the car. Jake gave Cat a big hug and then they went on to The Woodman. Jake wanted to go in The Dog so we went in for one drink before catching the others up.

We didn’t stay there long cos all the College 1s were being annoying so we moved to The Cosy Jack. I don’t think Jake let go of me once in there! He was talking to the other people but hugging me. 🙂 He was telling Cat about skiing Dan and how he always smiles and he was known as Radiant Dan cos once someone asked how he was and he said he was “radiant”! Cat likes the sound of him! So do I actually but not in a fanciable way cos I’ve got Jake back now! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We moved to The Grey Hen when we finished out drinks and Jake and I stopped off for a nice long kiss on the way. Mmm! We had to sit on the floor in there cos there weren’t enough chairs but I didn’t mind cos we were sort of hidden. By then, Jake had told me I was beautiful and was constantly whispering or mouthing “I love you” at me so I said it back cos it’s true. It’s nice to keep hearing it from him. 🙂


Tess & Jake

[Here we are, reunited on the floor of the pub.]

He told me that everyone had been asking if I’d be at Heathrow airport cos they wanted to see me, and Charlie and Abbi wanted to say hi. He said me and Cat can go to Alton Towers with them all so we can see them cos I kind of want to and she definitely does!

We went in The Mossland next but went when they stopped serving so we weren’t there long. Everyone else headed into the next village but Jake and I went back to my house instead. We were just sat in the kitchen and I was asking if there was anything he hadn’t told me about Canada (jokingly!) and he went all quiet.

I eventually got it out of him that there was some Canadian instructor called Sarah who took a liking to him. He said he didn’t know about it until Rob (who’d warned her off him) told him the next day that she’s been asking after him. He said it upset him and scared him at the time cos he didn’t like the thought of it all happening behind his back cos he though he’s made it clear to everyone that he wasn’t available.

He said he wanted to tell me but didn’t know how to say it and didn’t want to worry me. He’s right, I would’ve been worried and he said it happened recently so I’ll forgive him for not saying anything. He said nothing happened but I was annoyed and active like I didn’t believe him and he ended up getting upset about it. I had to calm down cos I felt really guilty for not believing him (I sort of did really) and getting him upset.

We made up and he made me lie on the floor in the dining room where we had a bit of a passionate session! We didn’t really do much other than kiss though.

He told me that it’s not just one thing that he likes about me and he said I’m just sexy! Hah!! He also said we’ll have to have a whole night together during these holidays. I agree!

I’m really, really glad he’s back now! 🙂 No more waiting for phone calls or worrying about cougars and stuff! 🙂


See you tomorrow – 5th April 2001

Thursday 5th
0 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yey!!! The 12 weeks since Jake left is up! He’s due home tomorrow!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait to see him!

He told me that he’d phone at about 5pm today so when he hadn’t rung by 6:15pm, I decided to phone him instead cos I was bored of waiting round for a call. The bloke on the other end put me through to his room but then came back on the line saying that the phone in that room was being used. I decided to leave it cos Jake might have been on to his Dad or something. It got to about 6:55pm and he still hadn’t phoned so I rang his hotel again. This time, a woman put me through to his room, let it ring for a while then told me all the rooms were empty so they could be cleaned. She asked if I wanted to leave a message just in case Jake walked by but I didn’t.

Jake finally phoned me at about 7:10pm. He said he’d had to rush about and get out of the room so it could be cleaned. He doesn’t know why the phone was engaged though. I asked if we could go to Alton Towers at some point in the summer and he said I could go when he meets up with ski people if I want. That’s what I wanted him to say really! 🙂 He said he might go back to Banff after uni one day but not without me. He said I could get a job at the resort cos there’s loads of stuff to do. He said we’ll both have to do something when we finish uni. I hope we’re still together then! He told me he wasn’t interested in the cowgirls he mentioned in his email! I’m very glad to head that!

He kept getting all squeaky and excited when we talked about him coming home. He said he really wants a hug. So do I!

He said he can’t remember what he’s said to Rob about me. He said they just talked when they were reading emails and stuff. Rob sounds really sweet! Jake said he puts his girlfriend’s perfume on his pillow every night and that she’s sent him a bottle of homemade bubblebath but Jake broke it accidentally. Ahh!

Jake also said that his mate Dan would be a good match for Cat cos he’s sort of quiet and intelligent. That’s handy cos I intended to matchmake then if they were ever together anyway! He said he will teach me and Cat to improve our skiing if we want. We’ll see!

He said he’ll be sitting with Tom, James and Rob on the plane if he gets a choice and they’re going to play drinking games with water to pass the time!

Ahh, he said he’s actually missed Gethin! He reckons it’s cos there was nobody even a bit like him in Banff. They were all too masculine! Gethin just isn’t!

We both said, “See you tomorrow” like we’ve been wanting to do for ages! That sounds really good!

Jake said he’d text me when his phone worked at the airport but he hasn’t done yet. I hope he gets back home alright. I really can’t wait to see him!


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Good boyfriend material – 4th April 2001

Wednesday 4th
1 day to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

P. [Period]

Sarah sent Michael Amhurst an email this morning to tell him not to get his hopes up basically about anything happening between them cos she’s still not got over Maz and is hoping to see him over Easter. Not only had she wasted a good lad opportunity but the silly cow says that the Maz bit is true! I don’t believe her sometimes!

Jake rang at about 5:20 pm. He said he’ll be skiing for the last time today cos he’s not going to have time to ski tomorrow. Even though it’s their last day, Jake says they’ll all decided not to get too pissed tonight cos they don’t want to be travelling with hangovers. I wonder how many of them’ll manage to stick to that!

He told me he’s bought another pair of skis while he’s been there but said I can’t have his others very seriously when I jokingly asked. Fine!

Rob (his roommate) wanted to speak to me and so Jake put him on. He sounded nice and cheerful and said he’d heard a lot about me and seen all the photos. I pointed out that I wasn’t exactly pleased when I found out my photos were on the wall but he said they aren’t awful and that I really look like someone he knows at home. He said he’s got loads of pictures of his girlfriend too, told me it was nice speaking to me then put Jake back on.

He got excited about coming home and I told him I was still a bit worried but he said that’s probably normal cos he was worried a bit about seeing me in Valkenburg. He said he’ll understand that I’ll want to see my friends and stuff, and said that he can always see his mates who are back from uni. He said that some Dan lad from Canada lives around here so he’ll probably meet up with him too. Apparently he’s single and probably good boyfriend material so maybe some of my mates would quite like him!


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Swearing and dancing on the tables – 3rd April 2001

Tuesday 3rd
2 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I didn’t have an email from Jake when I checked this morning but I was quite proud of myself when I didn’t worry too much! He’s said that he probably would send me one to tell me whether he’d passed or not but he didn’t.

I did begin to worry about Jake when he hadn’t phoned at 5:20 pm but he rang about 5 minutes later than that. He said he passed his assessment (and so did everyone except 2 of the older guys) and has now got a Ski Pro passport or something so he can get jobs as an instructor if he wants. He said he doesn’t intend to use it though cos he doesn’t want to leave me again.

He said they all got chucked out of a bar thing for swearing and dancing on the tables (he didn’t do that!) and then got bollocked for messing about after doing their torchlight descent in the daylight! He explained that he didn’t email me cos he went back to his room and fell asleep! He didn’t end up going out last night, even though most people did.

I think I worried him by talking about the email I sent him last night and not sounding very happy when he chirpily mentioned coming home. I don’t know why I didn’t get all excited really, I just wasn’t in the mood and I’ve got all these niggling little worries in the back of my mind. He told me he loves me 3 times after I didn’t sound happy which cheered me up a bit! 🙂

He said he’s waited 3 months to see me and so he does want to come home. He said he would never have arranged it all in the first place if he’d been with me before I did anything about it and would’ve got a job or something instead. He says he won’t get bored when he gets home cos he’s getting bored of it there anyway. We’ll see!

I got really pissed off (and then upset out of annoyance!) before cos I’d just typed out a really long email to Jake and then I somehow managed to delete it just as I was about to send it! I sent him another one once I’d calmed down!


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She’s considering getting a pregnancy test – 2nd April 2001

Monday 2nd
3 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m sort of getting a bit worried about Jake coming home now. It was triggered by his email this morning. I mean, I really want him to come home but I’m scared that him being away for so long will have changed things between us.

In his email, he said how he prefers the bars and clubs there, and in other mails he’s gone on about how great everyone is there. I’m just worried that we’re all going to be too boring for him when he gets back after he’s met all these different people.

I feel sort of left out in a way cos I don’t know the people he’s spent the past 3 months with. Plus he’s been doing something he enjoys so coming back here is probably going to be crap in comparison. He also said in his email that the next few days are going to be good, basically cos he’ll be out getting pissed and I don’t like the thought of that! Surely if they’re as good as he thinks they’ll be then he’s going to not want to leave.

Oh, I don’t know what’s up with me really. I want everything to be like it was before he went (only without having to worry about him leaving) but I’m not sure it will be. I can just see him getting bored really easily but I don’t want him to get bored with me.

The other thing is that I don’t know whether I can handle him going on about it all cos I hate to admit it but I am really jealous cos I’ve not really got anything that even nearly matches that to say that I’ve done.

Oh dear, I very nearly got upset then but I’m okay now. I hope all that is just be being daft and I hope it’s even better when he gets back than it was before he went. We’ve got things like Barcelona to look forward to as well. The thing is that I really don’t know what’s going to happen so I’m just going to have to take things as they come.

It’s Denny’s birthday today so he bought a big meal think for a group of us at The Coach at lunch which I thought was really nice of him. Hardly anyone realised it was his birthday cos he’s having a party for it in May so we all just assumed that it was nearer the end of April!

Karen was back in college today. She says she spent a lot of last week worrying cos she was sick in the mornings with the bug she had. She says that she’s okay no but is still a bit worried about what she did with Big Paul cos it was only about 2 months ago at the end of January. She says she keeps checking her weight and she’s not gained any but she’s considering getting a pregnancy test just to put her mind at rest!

After college today there was me, Emma and a few of the College 1 lads hanging about so Emma took the opportunity to ask them if Robbie had mentioned the message she sent him on Friday. They said that he’d mentioned getting a message from her but he said it only said that she was bored and in a pub in town! Emma said it definitely sent so it’s a bit of a mystery as to where it went! Someone’s going to try and get hold of his phone tomorrow to see if he did get it or not. He could’ve thought it was one of his mates messing about and so didn’t want to react to it. Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow.

Jake rang at about 9:45pm. He said the assessment thing went okay for him but some people messed up. He says that he really does want to come home but the bars and stuff there are better than Warrington and other places round here. He says he’ll miss Banff and the people there a bit but he does want to come back.  He asked why I don’t believe him but I couldn’t answer cos I sort of do but I’m a bit unsure. He said he’ll try and email me tonight and will ring at about 5pm tomorrow.


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He went all squeaky and excited – 1st April 2001

Sunday 1st
4 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Not a lot happened today. I spent most of the day being so bored that I actually did some of my homework!

Jake phoned at about 7:45pm today. He said in his email that the clocks go forward for him today (I thought it was only Britain that did that!) which is why he phoned a bit earlier. He didn’t have very long to talk to me though. He said his skiing’s still going okay. He went all squeaky and excited when we were talking about him coming home which was nice to hear, and he says he can’t wait!

He also told me that he saw the northern lights. He said he and whoever he was with didn’t know what it was so they asked someone. He said it doesn’t happen there very often. It’s not fair! I’ve always wanted to see that and I haven’t! He’s not that bothered about it and he gets to!

Oh well, maybe one day.


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