They can sod off – 1st September 2000

Friday 1st I’ve had a really boring day which just turned really bad this evening but only cos I had to go to work. They’ve put up the new rotas and I’m working every night next week except Wednesday. They can sod off cos I can’t and won’t do that. I do have a social life plus college work and there’s no way I can fit it all in. My A levels are much more important than a job at the moment and I told them I can’t work Friday nights. It’s probably going to be the only time I’ll get to see Jake from now on so I don’t really want to give that up. I got told in that interview that I’d only be working a couple of nights a week and then at weekends. Four night plus weekends is not on!

Sarah reckons that’s too much and when I told Jake tonight, he said the same. I’ll have to speak to that Sandra woman about it tomorrow. She wasn’t there tonight and she’s the one who does the rotas apparently. I’m not sure what I’m gonna say but something needs to be said.

I think I must have done something wrong today cos this Julie girl dragged me off to one side and told me that when I put the checks with orders on in the kitchen, I have to do something if they’ve got certain things one them. I didn’t have a clue what she was on about but she just repeated what she’d said so I just nodded and she assumed I understood and wandered off.

If nobody tells me how things run, how am I meant to know? I’d ask but if I think I’m doing it right then I assume I don’t need to. Somebody should’ve gone through everything with me on the first day but instead they just showed me the odd thing and left me to it. Sarah said that didn’t seem right either. I’m glad I’m not the only one with that opinion!

Anyway, Jake just phoned me at about 11:30pm, cos he’s reached British waters now so he’s got signal. He’s really not pleased at the idea of The Green Dragon people trying to make me work Friday nights. He didn’t have a lot to say really cos unfortunately his phone battery was going.


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Everybody jumping on everybody else – 31st August 2000

Thursday 31st This diary is getting way too full but I’ve got yet more e-mails to stick in now. →

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My mum’s just told me that Mrs Quinn’s died. She’s the mother of Megan Quinn who I was best friends with all the way through primary school and my parents have known her and her husband since I was born, I think. It’s really sad. It was caused by a blood clot in her brain everyone thinks but no-one’s sure. She’s been in hospital for a few weeks though.

I really want/need to see Jake! I can’t stand this much longer! It’s horrible now I know he’s on his way home but I’ve got to wait until Saturday to see him. The time’s going sooo slowly!

I’ve just checked my e-mail for one last time today to see if Jake’s replied to the one I sent him earlier but he hasn’t. I’m not pleased. I asked him to mail me lots today yesterday and he said he’d send me another if I replied to him tonight but he hasn’t. He shouldn’t have got my hopes up cos I’ve been wasting time checking if he’s sent me one all night.

I’m partly pissed off but I’m also worried cos he doesn’t usually say he’ll do something and then doesn’t. I hope nothing’s happened. If he’s okay then he’d better have a good excuse!

I’ll probably get an e-mail tomorrow telling me had had another all-nighter tonight and then going into more details about what fun he had etc. Yes, I am still jealous! I’m also more worried after what he told me on the phone yesterday about everybody jumping on everybody else on the last night. He’s probably not telling me everything anyway cos if the reaction he got to the 2nd mail he sent me when I was in Wick!

Hang on, I’ve just thought, he might well have fallen asleep if he was up all last night! I hope that’s his reason for not replying!


P.S. I’ve just sent Jake a 2nd mail anyway saying something like, “Did you get my last mail or are you just not bothering to reply?” I wish I hadn’t now cos he’ll think I’m all moody again!

It’s going sooo slowly – 30th August 2000

Wednesday 30th Nothing much has happened today. I’ve just been getting some coursework done and then had kickboxing tonight.

Jake phoned me this afternoon but we didn’t say much interesting. It cut out which means I won’t be able to actually speak to him or text him until he gets back on Saturday now. 😦 It’s going sooo slowly until then!


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One last desperate attempt to get a snog – 29th August 2000

Tuesday 29th I went round to Sarah’s again today to do some more coursework. Jake phoned again and we had another minor falling out cos he told me that he’d been informed that on the last night of cruises, everyone tends to throw themselves at everyone else in one last desperate attempt to get a snog or whatever out of the holiday. He made it sound like he intended on joining in!

So I “accidentally” cut my phone off (i.e. hung up) and then didn’t answer when he rang back and then wished I had once I’d calmed down and ended up sending him an apology for over reacting! He sent me an apology back too. 🙂

I got this postcard off him this morning. →


It’s slightly more impressive than the one I sent him from Wick!

It was Hayley’s birthday so tonight. She got some free tickets from Mr Smith’s in Warrington so Sarah, Hayley (obviously!), Georgia, Chloe and I went. Maz also came cos Hayley said Sarah could invite him.

We started off in Edison’s which was absolutely packed but Hayley still managed to spot Andy (her ex type thing – I was never sure what went on in the 1st place!) who she’s totally obsessed with. So, she dragged Chloe off to find him with her. That pissed Georgia off cos as soon as Chloe was there, Georgia got totally dropped by Hayley. I know how Georgia feels sort of cos Hayley did exactly the same with me and Sarah for Georgia, the difference bring that Sarah and I weren’t that bothered cos we don’t like Hayley all that much anymore!

Hayley had told us that she’d meet us outside at 10:30pm but when we went out, she didn’t turn up for a good 10 minutes so we all got pissed off cos Hayley had the tickets and if we weren’t in Smith’s by 11pm then we had to pay.

Eventually, Hayley and Chloe turned up and I had to put up with Hayley going on and on about what Andy did when he saw her, which wasn’t much! She also decided she smoked too but we all reckoned it was an attempt to impress Chloe as well as look old. Silly cow! She didn’t impress the rest of us cos it was disgusting!

We got into Smith’s easily enough. Abby and Connor were in there but I’ve been told Mum doesn’t know so I’ve got to keep quiet. Ha ha!! Blackmail material!

It was quite busy in Smith’s too but it was really good! Georgia had quite a bit to drink and felt sick (but wasn’t) and got quite a bit of attention from us asking if she was okay. Then suddenly, Hayley also felt sick and announced she’d had too much to drink (she’d had a Taboo and lemonade and a Breezer or something!) and ran into a toilet cubicle and made some coughing noises and came out with watery eyes. I don’t think she’d really been sick, she’d just picked up on the fact Georgia got attention.

We had a dance and then Hayley spotted Andy again. Georgia and I got fed up of waiting for her to see him again so we wandered off to where it was a bit more lively. I kept getting my arse felt and blokes putting their hands on my waist but, other than that, it was better than being with misery guts Hayley!

When Georgia and I went to sit down again, Hayley was already there, very obviously interrupting Sarah and Maz from their snogging! Georgia and I just talked and had a giggle over some bloke’s dancing and pulling techniques and Hayley must have noticed. The next thing I knew, Hayley was dragging me off to the toilets telling me she was going to be sick again. There were more coughing noises, even though all she’d been drinking was water!

Later on, Sarah and I worked out that Hayley had probably dragged me away from Georgia (mid-conversation, may I add) cos she won’t want me and Georgia getting too friendly, just in case she gets left out and therefore less attention!

When we left and booked a taxi, Georgia and I saw Andy rolling round on the grass with some lad in a fight and then getting restrained by a policeman! It was really funny!

Then Hayley announced that it’s not fair cos she’s got no-one to “care” for her! I pointed out that most people haven’t right now and she turned round and said that I’ve got Jake and Sarah’s got Maz and that it isn’t fair. Why shouldn’t we have them? She was trying to make us feel guilty! Bitch!

I asked her why shouldn’t we have anyone and she promptly went off to be “sick” in the bushes. I turned round and I could see her looking at us. As soon as she saw me, she bent over and made throwing up noises. She did the same again when she saw me turn round a few minutes later.

All she needs to care for her is a hospital full of qualified people who know how to take care of headcases properly! She really does need help and I’m not the only one who thinks that. I know for a fact that Jake, Gethin and Sarah (at least) agree with me. Cat Elliot thinks she needs professional help too! Maz has only seen her a couple of times and Sarah said he reckons there’s something wrong with Hayley’s mind!

But, overall (minus Hayley!) it was a really good night and I really enjoyed myself!


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Cleaning menus and folding napkins – 28th August 2000

Monday 28th Grandma S and Auntie G came today but I didn’t see much of them cos I had to work from 5pm until finish (which was about 9:30pm tonight). I spent all day worrying and getting upset cos I really didn’t want to work there again but I decided I’d be stupid to give it up after just one day.

Then I got even more upset cos Jake texted me and said he couldn’t ring me today and I realised how much I am actually missing him! He sent me my horoscope though to try and make me feel better cos it said something about getting noticed at work and that luck’s on my side. That was sweet of him!

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I did actually speak to him at about 1am this morning cos he still had a signal. That was really nice but I had to whisper so I didn’t wake anyone up!

Work wasn’t half as bad as I thought it’d be! I don’t think I’ll quit just yet! I got paired up with Gethin and got the exciting job of cleaning menus and folding napkins again!


Customers kept whinging at me – 27th August 2000

Sunday 27th I started work at 2pm today. I was absolutely wetting myself about it all morning! I went in and Gethin spotted me and took me to a manager type person called Sandra. She took me upstairs and gave me a shirt that’s about 5 sizes too big which she found on the floor in a cupboard-style room.

I then had to follow some woman round so I could get the hang of it. I did quite quickly but once she left me to it, I couldn’t get the cutlery right! The children’s knives and forks are almost exactly the same as the adult ones! I don’t think any customers would’ve noticed though. Some food doesn’t need any but she didn’t tell me that.

I spent most of the day either folding napkins (I think that was the best bit!) or cleaning away people’s mess. Then there was ages when I had nothing to do (cos I wasn’t serving food) so I was wandering round feeling like a spare part really cos I had no idea what to do with myself!

The main problem I had though was when customers asked me questions and I couldn’t answer them cos I had no idea of the answer! Luckily there was usually another member of staff about at the time. Customers kept whinging at me that the food took ages or asking when it’d be ready. I know it’s part of that job but I didn’t like it!

Gethin was working today too. He was a right pain! He thinks he knows everything already and kept trying to help but it either confused me or made me feel stupid. Everyone also kept telling me how quickly Gethin’s picked it up and how well he fits in. I think they’re expecting me to be the same but I’m not half as forward as he is so I don’t think it’s going to happen somehow.

The only thing that made me feel a bit better was when one of the girls told me she hated her first day! Let’s hope it gets better!

I was sooo glad to finish and I really don’t want to go back tomorrow. I’m on from 5pm ‘til it closes but I’m not sure what time that is.

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Jake and dolls

He still had a signal cos he was still near land. He’s asked me to ask if there are still any jobs going at the pub cos he wants another one to fill the time between now and Canada.



One grotty chippy – 26th August 2000

Saturday 26th There was thunder and lightning during the night so I made Sarah come and sleep on the camp bed in my room cos I was scared! I don’t know why but it’s much less scary when I’m not on my own! I couldn’t actually see the lightning cos it was behind next door’s house. The sky just lit up a bit.

Went into town and then the Trafford Centre in search of black shoes for work tomorrow. I got some Pods in the end. I’m not actually that nervous about starting work….. yet!

I sent Jake a message apologising for the daft e-mail I sent him but he texted me back saying, “DON’T APOLOGISE – IT WAS REALLY FUNNY AND MADE ME SMILE! I COULD STEAL A LIFEBOAT AND COME HOME BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET HOME! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE U! I’M MISSIN U AND I LOVE YOU TOO!”

I actually don’t seem to be missing him as much as I did when he went round Europe. I suppose it could be cos I know it’s not for as long this time, plus I saw him loads before he went and we were starting to fall out a but I think it’s mostly cos I’ve had other stuff to take my mind off him e.g. starting at The Green Dragon, Grandma L being ill and coursework. I still want him back though!

I went with Mum and Dad to pick Abby and Connor up from Holyhead tonight cos they’ve been to Dublin for the day. We were there for sooo long and there’s nothing of interest in Holyhead. I wasn’t even nice and there was one grotty chippy open.

We got back really late and I’ve just read this e-mail from Jake. →


I sent this one back to him. →