“There’s something inside that I need to release” – 25th August 2002

Sunday 25th  I didn’t go home from Jonas’s until Monday this week. After my leptospirosis scare, I still wasn’t feeling up to working so I rang in sick. I spoke to Kathleen and she said Darren was also off with something similar. Jonas had to go to Huddersfield for his exam resit so he took me with him and Mum picked me up so I didn’t have to get the train.

On the way home, Mum told me that Auntie S and Uncle G have split up. Weird. I didn’t know what to say because I was very, very shocked. I didn’t expect that at all. Apparently Uncle G was really unhappy for the last few years when Grandma L lived with them. When the internet broke, he was really funny about giving Auntie S his password so they could get it fixed. When she got it, she found emails and stuff from some woman. He promised her he’d stop speaking to the woman but more recently she found more. Apparently he’s also been spending money they haven’t really got, drinking lots and being really nasty to Rhian, e.g. threatening to check her out without much reason.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I left work early which was good. There wasn’t much for me to do and I still didn’t feel 100%. I did the quiz with my mates on Wednesday night and we came 2nd….. Again! I rang Jonas too. He’s in Reading because he’s working at the festival. He said the girls aren’t minging (when I asked) and that while he was playing cards, one of them “jokingly” said to move in closer so they could abuse him. Grrr!! I trust him but not them. I don’t like the thought of them trying anything. He said he loves me anyway and wished I was there and blew kisses down the phone. He said it’s cute that I don’t like hanging up first.

Thursday’s night out in Manchester was, well, different. We went to a school disco at The Ritz for Archie’s birthday. Quite a few of my mates came so we went to Isaac’s student house in Manchester to get changed. I felt really daft walking all the way to The Ritz and getting on a bus in my school uniform and we got some funny looks and dodgy comments.

[Isaac, Sarah, Michael, me and Archie looking pretty sober. Must’ve been early on…]

Cat and Jerry annoyed me quite a lot after about 10 minutes of getting into The Ritz. They went all snobby, saying it was a shithole and that they wanted to leave. I explained I had to wait for Archie and that it’d liven up later but they kept going on at me. I think Archie got it right when he said Jerry has misjudged the age he needs to act to fit in and had gone for 9 rather than 19. Gimp. Cat’s just become middle aged. They didn’t really socialise much either. They just stood at the edge, whispering and snogging.

I had a good night anyway, dancing with Lizzie, Archie, Denny and Isaac. All was well up until about 2am when the place closed and we couldn’t find Denny. Isaac went off to find him and we all waited outside. A while later, the bouncers carried someone out and dumped them on the pavement. It was Denny and he was totally unconscious and trying to be sick. A nurse guy said he’d found him in the toilers, choking on his own vomit and that he would’ve died had he not been found.

Isaac was also lying on the pavement making very loud throwing up noises. He was also drunk and the exhaustion after carrying Denny out took it all out of him. Denny was put into the recovery position and some large woman was trying to wake him up and had his head rested in her cleavage.

The ambulances turned up for Denny and Isaac so Lizzie and I went with Denny and Sarah and Michael went with Isaac. Some scary scally woman was yelling at me and Lizzie saying we should’ve done something to help and we weren’t very good friends so the paramedics shut the doors in her face. Hah! There was nothing else we really could do for him.

We were in hospital until 7am. During that time, Denny had had 3 saline drips (after the nurse said 1 should bring him round) and then eventually woke up, undoing his trousers, saying, “Explode..… I’m gonna explode….. There’s something inside that I need to release”, meaning he needed a wee. A doctor unhooked him from the drip which made him bleed everywhere, then he spent about half an hour in the loo!

[Sneaky picture for reminding him every birthday etc. Useful.]

Isaac was sick very, very loudly. He was making awful roaring noises and, after he threw up in a bin, the nurses chucked him out.

The whole night was totally surreal but funny at the same time (once we knew Denny wasn’t gonna die). However, I did feel really ashamed and guilty that one of my mates got that drunk and took up a bed and the hospital’s time (it was Manchester Royal Infirmary) when someone seriously ill might have needed it.

I finally got to bed at 8am after Lizzie’s dad picked up and we had to sit in the car with Denny stinking of sick!

Last night we all had a gathering at Cat’s house. Jerry’s laugh goes through me. He really annoyed me again. He tries way too hard to fit in and insults people as though he’s a mate. If he was a good friend he could get away with it but he isn’t so everyone just gets offended instead. They kept whispering and slagged off Lizzie loads. Jerry hardly knows her and is just going off what Cat says. It’s really mean. I like Lizzie.

Rocky said Cat told him Jerry is “the love of my life”. She’s only known him a few months. At least she’s happy anyway. He’s okay really.

Today was pretty boring. I made a paper Celtic pattern thing for Jonas like the one I did for my Art GCSE but that was it. I hope he likes it.

See you in diary number 26!

Bye! 🙂

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