It was horrible saying bye to Mum just in case I died – 18th August 2002

Sunday 18th  Work was as boring as usual this week, although I did get to do a lot of plans. I got told I was good at doing them and it must be genetic cos my dad does good plans. Malcolm said I “draw mean plans” twice as fast as Dad but I doubt they’re as good cos he knows what he’s doing and I don’t really!

Rosie came back to work this week. She’s who I was replacing for a while. She’s going to do teacher training in Hull but had to come back for 3 weeks which she owes them. She seems nice. I got to go out on site this week too which was quite good. It was dye tracing in drains at a school in Harthill, Cheshire.

Jonas said he might be working at Reading Festival with Paul. He sounded really disappointed when I said I could only “probably” go to Scotland with him. He said I’ve got to go. I do want to but it depends on the house thing. I spoke to Jonas again on Wednesday and I was worrying about our student house, Reading and stuff. I then worried that he’s probably go off me for worrying.

My mates and I did the pub quiz on Wednesday as well. We won 2 bottles of wine.

On Friday, I woke up feeling very ill. I had a temperature and just felt generally rough. This worried me greatly because once we got back to the office after being out on site on Tuesday, Malcolm told me and Darren that he’s seen rats about. He said to be cautious if we felt fluey in about 3 days because we’d been around the drains and sewage works. Shiiiit!!

I went to Jonas’s anyway, hoping it was just a 24 hour bug. It was horrible saying bye to Mum just in case I died of Weil’s disease. I felt like I was going to pass out on the train. I’d taken some Panadol but it just made me feel numb.

Jonas was very worried about me when I explained. He wanted to take me to casualty but I refused because I would’ve felt stupid and wasted people’s time had it been nothing. Instead, I rang NHS Direct. The nurse who rang back said I could have leptospirosis and to see a doctor as soon as I could.

Jonas’s mum was very kind and let us have her bed. They were all being really nice to me and I felt guilty for being a burden. I hope they don’t catch anything!

I felt better yesterday. My temperature had gone but I had a sore throat with white bits on my tonsils to replace it. Jonas still wanted me to see a doctor but I didn’t. We went to Lincoln for the day and it was very hot. I had no energy so we didn’t stay long but it was a nice day. I bought Archie a horse posing pouch that neighs for his birthday from Ann Summers. He said he measures up to ‘stallion’ on a chart we have so I thought it was fitting!

I really wanted a snog from Jonas all day but due to me being ill, I didn’t get one.

I felt better still this morning. I’ve decided to go home tomorrow though. Jonas and I went for a walk along the river and then had a drive. We did some “stuff” when we got back to Jonas’s and I got lots of snogs. 🙂

Jonas is a bit worried about his resit tomorrow.


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