He just has to add something slightly pervy – 11th August 2002

Sunday 11th  I got paid £262.50 for working at Tor on Monday. That was nice because I was bored again for most of the week. Last week I was asked to post brochures to the people who are being interviewed this week. I’d had trouble getting them in the post box cos they were too big so I kind of bent them and shoved them in. I’d been worried they’d got stuck at the top of the post box and nobody would get them.

Well, on Tuesday, Malcolm told me they had arrived but everyone had had to pay £1.50 because they were too heavy for a 1st class stamp. Oops! Nobody told me and I had asked Janet and she said to send them 1st class so I though that’s what she meant!

Some bloke told Malcolm I was a “nice young lady” too because I’d been helpful on the phone. That made me feel less stupid and thick!

Jonas has made me some CD racks at work. I thought I’d better get him stuff from my work so I filled up an envelope full of paperclips and elastic bands and stuff. 🙂

I texted loads of people from uni while I was bored at work but not many people replied. I’d been in touch with Katy already but other than her, only Violet and Sally replied. Vi said she’s passed all her exams and wants to go back to uni and stop working. Sally said, “Helloooo” at the start of hers (maybe she’s not heard from many people!) and told me she’s in Cornwall at the moment. Kevin also replied later on and told me he’s working for his mum and trying to lose his beer belly. Yuck! He repulses me sooo much!!

I missed Jonas all this week really badly and couldn’t wait to see him. He keeps telling me he loves me 🙂 mmm! I went to Gainsborough on Friday but missed my connection in Sheffield by seconds. That meant I had to wait an hour but it was very, very, very nice seeing Jonas when I eventually arrived. We went to bed quite early and did stuff.

Yesterday, Jonas drive us to Huddersfield. We saw our houses again. My room looks so bloody small! When we got back to Jonas’s, we watched Lord of the Rings then went downstairs and sat in the dimmed light and cuddled, listening to Lene Marlin’s album Playing My Game. It was very nice. It was all perfect and lovely and was one of those times I didn’t want to end.

Jonas said he was trying to be romantic and wanted to dance with me. We basically just cuddled standing up instead. He said he wishes he could come home to me after work. 🙂 He then said he wanted to lie naked in a big silky bed. Typical Jonas! He just has to add something slightly pervy! 🙂 I didn’t want to leave and he didn’t want me to go.

Today, Jonas mentioned going up to Forres (and maybe Wick for a bit) in September. I really want to go but I’m worried about it clashing with moving into our house in Huddersfield.

We went to Meadowhall in Sheffield for a bit and Laura was sick. Nice. It’s not as good as the Trafford Centre.

I really hate leaving Jonas and he really didn’t want me to go. I got him to a text from him with “Love u” at the end. 🙂


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