A dog called Ballsniffer – 28th July 2002

Sunday 28th  I didn’t have a great time at work at the beginning of this week. For a start it was boring and then Malcolm said I should’ve asked about work I had to do the next day earlier on. I couldn’t because they were all busy. Then on Tuesday, I actually cried (not in front of anyone) because Malcolm was using me as a skivvy to make cups of tea and stuff while I was trying to get loads of more important work done for Janet.

Jonas and my friends made me feel better though. I spoke to Jonas on the phone and we were talking about maybe going on holiday together somewhere. I really miss him lots.

On Tuesday, my friends and I went to Heath Farm pub in Congleton for tea because it’s a 2 for 1 pub which is what The Green Dragon is going to be soon. Everyone who works there wanted to see what they were like. We went to Floyd’s afterwards. The lads are really funny sometimes and they make me laugh.

Work improved on Wednesday. I was shown how to draw plans on Corel Draw 8 then I had to do one myself for Janet. I enjoyed it actually, plus I got to sit upstairs on my own so I had no-one watching me if I felt like texting Jonas or something!

I couldn’t get hold of Jonas that evening but I had a missed call while I was doing The Green Dragon pub quiz. I rang Jonas back and he told me he’s had his phone nicked. It was on the kitchen worktop at his dad’s while they were out at the front and someone went in the back door and took it. He said he wants a cuddle and a kiss and a cry. Aww, poor Jonas! He said he loves me and misses me and wants to go back to uni. He told me he’s unhappy when he’s not with me cos I make him happy. 🙂 He said he thinks about me all the time and does try to text me but his phone deletes stuff while he’s thinking about what to say.

Work wasn’t too bad again on Thursday. Janet sent me and Darren out to find hoover bags on our lunch break which Darren was not amused by. He had a bit of a moan about Malcolm and Janet and said he used to go out for hot meals at lunch but nobody does anymore. He said if I ever fancied it then to say so. That was nice and I hope and think it was totally innocent. Just in case it wasn’t, I dropped Jonas and the fact he’s my boyfriend into a conversation.

It was the opening ceremony for the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games. It made me feel proud to live near Manchester and I wish I couldn’t been a volunteer.

Jonas phoned me and said his phone was found in a car park so he’s got it back. He told me he loves me. 🙂

On Friday, I went into town with Lizzie and Karen. It was good but pretty uneventful. We played Suck & Blow with beer mats, much to the delight of the lads and bouncers stood near us, Karen fell over and Karen pulled some lad. That was it.

Jonas came to my house yesterday. We did The Run pub crawl with a few people which was funny, e.g. Isaac said he wants a dog called Ballsniffer which will be his own breed called a crotch hound. Ok, it was funny at the time anyway. Neil Kennedy analysed mine and Jonas’s relationship saying (from what he saw that night) Jonas is the daft one and I’m more sensible. I think it alternates to be honest!

Jonas said he likes my mates and we seem to have similar friends to each other. He slept in my bed until 5am ish. I liked having him in there but I didn’t want Mum seeing. He talks in his sleep which is cute!

Before Jonas went home today, we watched the Formula 1 and I drove us (not very well – I got Jonas to park for me!) to the Trafford Centre to see Austin Powers 3 at the cinema. It was very good and very funny. My driving home wasn’t too bad but I could tell Jonas was lying when he said he was impressed and felt relaxed!

I got a bit upset when he was leaving today. I hate not seeing him during the week. He said he loves me and will text and ring me cos he shouldn’t be too busy.

Over the last few nights I’ve been getting a funny feeling when I’ve been falling asleep. I’ve had it before about a year and a half ago when I lost the sensation in my legs. It’s horrible. I get a funny rushing feeling, kind of like when something makes you jump but I don’t actually jump. It stopped me sleeping the other night and I had extra weird dreamy things when I was half asleep. I don’t like it. I hope there’s nothing wrong with me like my heart stops or something.


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