I was ready to punch the knobhead in the balls – 15th July 2002 – Part 2

Monday 15th continued  On Saturday morning we made our way to the arena and over to the NME Stage. We watched lots of bands such as:

  • Hundred Reasons
  • A
  • Idlewild
  • Less Than Jake
  • Hoobastank

They were all very good. We got pretty near to the front and there was a TV camera pointing at us loads. We wandered round all the stalls and over to the main stage to see The Hives.

We watched Athlete in King Tut’s Wah Wah tent too. They were cool.

Back at the NME Stage we saw a mini whirlwind come across us, pick up some litter and swirl it round really high up. I saw Rhian too. She didn’t take her phone so I couldn’t find her again after that.

I really, really hate portaloos now. I dread going to the toilet because they’re sooo disgusting. I’ve hardly drunk any alcohol so I don’t need to pee as much. It’s certainly a good incentive to remain sober!

The last band we saw was Oasis. I like them a lot but they definitely weren’t as entertaining to us as some of the less well known bands.

We sat around our group of tents after that and Jonas and his mates played guitars and sang. Ross, Fraser, Andrew and Neil are in a band called The Gloria Flaw and they want us to see them do a gig in Forres one day. Apparently Jonas is mentioned on their website cos he was in a band with some of them once.

When we went to bed, Jonas was saying that he wanted to go to Gretna Green to get married. 🙂 He was jokingly saying it but said he meant it.

Sunday was good but not brilliant. Jonas and I missed a band called Biffy Clyro that Jonas’s mates know and really like because we were stood in a queue for the cash machine for 2 and a half hours. It was ridiculous! Cheeky little bastards kept pushing in at the front so they rest of us who’d politely waited were stuck for bloody ages. The security guy at the front must’ve been blind!

I got very, very pissed off when a lanky guy pushed in right in front of me and Jonas. I asked him to get out of the queue and he started trying to deny he’d done it. The woman behind us saw him and was annoyed so he started on Jonas. He couldn’t have hit him very well because he was obviously pissed but I was ready to punch the knobhead in the balls if I’d needed to. I didn’t.

That afternoon we watched Foo Fighters then Green Day who were excellent. It was so good! We just missed out on getting in the mosh pit bit were as close as we could be otherwise. They got people up on stage to play their instruments and the lad with green hair who played the bass had a sister stood right by us.

That evening we sat around singing and stuff again. A couple of other people joined in too. I was a wee bit tipsy but not too bad. When we went to bed, Jonas asked me how long I thought we should’ve been going out before we did stuff without anything. I asked why and he said it’s more personal. I then asked how he knew and he told me he did it without anything the first time he ever had sex. I’m not impressed. He said he’d get checked out for diseases if I wanted. He then got all upset about it and said he’s worried about it before. We made up and he said he still wants to marry me. 🙂 I’m very cautious about it anyway. I’m not sure it’s worth the risks really.

This morning we packed up our tent and stuff, said goodbye to the Forres lot and left Kinross. I didn’t really want to go cos it’s been a good weekend. I had a small go at Jonas for his driving but then felt guilty and apologised. Jonas said it didn’t matter. He stopped at mine for tea and said he didn’t want to leave. I hope I can see him again at the weekend.

I’m a bit nervous about starting my job tomorrow. EEK!


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