A pair of jeans and a yellow space hopper – 15th July 2002 – Part 1

Monday 15th  I got offered a job at Tor Environmental Consultancy last Tuesday. It’s the job of Office Assistant. The main boss guy, Malcolm Michaels, used to live next door but one (he still lives in the village), knows Dad and helped me with my A-level Geography project. He must’ve remembered what I’m doing at uni and offered me the job before he handed it over to the Job Centre. Cool! It’s £5 an hour and 4 days a week.

I went shopping with Denny to Cheshire Oaks last week too. He wanted to get himself some “sexy-ass summer shit” and wanted the opinion of someone else. I got a pair of jeans and a yellow space hopper while I was there.

I phoned Jonas when I got back and he said he’d spoken to his mate Ross in Forres about T in the Park. Apparently there are 3 minibuses going from Forres. EEK!! That’s a lot of Jonas’s mates to meet. My cousin Rhian’s going too but won’t get there until Saturday. I’m a bit nervous of going now. They know all the bands and I don’t really. Judging by the amount of girls Jonas pointed out in his yearbook who fancied him, I’m worried they may get a bit bitchy too. He said they’re mainly skaters so I might not fit in. Jonas said he won’t leave me out though.

They might think I’m too quiet as well if I don’t say much for fear of embarrassing myself. I can’t help being worried and I don’t want Jonas to think less of me for doing it. He doesn’t seem to worry very much but I do all the time. I think he thinks I’m a bit stupid for worrying.

I’m also not convinced that he likes me as much as I like him at the moment. I’m probably just being paranoid though. He said he’s looking forward to seeing me and loves me and we did have a laugh about me worrying on the phone.

I went to The Green Dragon pub quiz after speaking to Jonas with Denny, Rocky and Floyd.  We won a bottle of red wine. Yay!

Ooh, I’ve just remembered something Jonas said. I told him if his mates don’t like me then I don’t have to see them again. He then said it depends on us because he might be going to see them at Christmas and I could go too. 🙂

On Thursday I went to the Trafford Centre and did The Run [pub crawl]. Jonas told me his dad’s house has been burgled. All his camera equipment’s gone along with Jonas’s CDs. Poor them.

On Friday I set off for T in the Park with Jonas. It was at Balado near Kinross and it was a good drive up there. When we arrived we got our sparkly green wristbands, found Jonas’s mates and set up the tent. It turns out his mates are all really nice and kind of reminded me of my lot.

However, Jonas was kind of forcing me to speak to people, like the one girl (Fiona) and I didn’t know what to say. It was ok though. We did stuff in the tent when we went to bed but Jonas was really stoned. We didn’t really get all that much sleep cos we were near the fairground and it had crappy dance music going on all night. There were lots of drunk people staggering past out tent too which made me a bit more nervous as I had visions of one falling on us.

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